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The Best Head Ever...so far  

BlackMantisSTL 40M
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1/7/2020 7:18 am
The Best Head Ever...so far

Where are you ! I should give you a . Shit, years later, I haven't had an experience like I did night.

Storytime. I was in class a while back and someone I messed with back in the day started attending the same school. We would sometimes outside of the car after class. Obviously, we had messed around before. In parks, playgrounds etc. Wherever, whenever, whatever as Maxwell would say. (Great singer look him up).

This particular night our conversation took a different route from it's usual range of topics. I hopped in her car and we went to park in the apartment complex across the street. We got into the backseat and she unzipped jeans and got wor I remember this like it was thins morning. Vivid as fuc It was amazing, I came in her mouth and she took it like a champ.

Whew "So Amazing" (as pre bipolar Kanye West would say)

Why was this the best head ever? Because I can count on one hand the of times a woman has made me with oral sex. Its either the skills are lacking or it's a mental thing. Regardless, 's why this was the best head ever. It was the first time it had happened and I was in late 20's. The times after were great, don't get me wrong. But the timing, the feeling of first time was on point. It ruined me in a way. It's not the fault of those who have tired after point.

K knows this. We are older now, every now and then, mostly when I am single and have had a drink a time or two, I haven't attempted repeat the situation as main goal is "upgrade" and not stay stagnant. This goes everything in life though, not just women, filings, or relationsips. Regardless, I never forget remind her she have the best head I have ever had.

Shit, I love<b> stroke </font></b>lips and clits with tongue, feel legs quiver as the explosion of feelings wets and warms up the spot. I like being reminded of how good I was/am just like the next man or woman. It's only inappropriate if you let it be. We are all grown here.

If shit aligns right maybe we will make it happen again in the future. Or maybe someone else will take the throne. Stay tuned.

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