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The Blonde Wife Mom Enigma
My thoughts, secrets, experiences and desires. Including all the intricate and uninhibited opinions, fantasies and ramblings that fill this pretty blonde head.
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The Blonde Wife Mom Enigma
Posted:May 22, 2014 8:46 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2017 12:24 pm

For the lucky few who actually take the time to read my blog, you will be privy to all my thoughts, secrets, experiences and desires. I will share with you all the intricate and uninhibited opinions, fantasies and ramblings that fill this bubbly blonde head.

Please comment, inquire, ask me or just send me a note. I am one of those very social people. I'm a lover, not a hater. That does not mean I am on the free for all train. Just that I like to know all people and appreciate them for who they are and what they bring to the table. I have learned in life that it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I don't have to love them all, or even like them for that matter, but until you have lost my respect, it is given to all as a manner of humanity.

I have come to realize that many of you can relate to me. Which in itself leads to so many topics of discussion. I also know that I am one of those intriguing enigmas that you cant help but feel pulled in to my magnetic field. Or, like me, you too are just a self diagnosed nymphomaniac that enjoys sharing their time with members of your kind. OH MY... again, so many topics of discussion....

Please take my open invitation to be involved with my blog. I want to know what you think, how it relates to what I am talking about and also if what I share with you makes any effect in your world. Whether its a feeling, question or fantasy you have had, a curiosity you have had, a notch on your "to do" or "bucket list", you want to fly the "bullshit" flag on me, or better yet the "oh hell yeah" flag, or you have to just admit it made you hard and/or you had to work it out.

Just keep in mind, I might be blonde, but I have a very twisted and wicked sense of humor. I can be very sarcastic and have no problem calling out what I am feeling or thinking. My personality is strong and very direct. But I am also very sweet, compassionate, just and love to laugh, so I hope that you can get a sense of the real me through my words, comments and what-nots.

All aboard... this crazy train is about to pull out of the station and I promise its a ride you do not want to miss.....
Who Doesn't Lick Pussy?
Posted:Mar 28, 2020 12:00 pm
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2020 6:25 am

Who doesn’t lick pussy? And why?

The bigger question was how could I have allowed myself to be in a casual relationship that carried on for an extended amount of time in which there was no oral sex.

How do I know this is fucked up you wonder. Because I am seeing someone now who devours my pussy every chance he gets. Not just in a casual, quick, it’s a chore task. This man licks my pussy like it is the last time he will ever have it again. Savoring every drop my pussy gives him. Inhaling my scent as he maps every fold, tracing his tongue along my core. Spreading my legs so he can have access to every inch laid before him. He not only licks the tip of my being, he submerges into my depth with his tongue and fingers. Trailing further as he takes ownership on my ass along with my pussy. Paying just as much attention to that as much as he devours every part of my essence.

What the fuck was I thinking when I allowed myself to be in a relationship with a man who could not stand to be buried in what makes a woman female. Makes her divine. Givers her the utmost freedom of expression. Allows her the luxury of absolute self indulgence. It is the most selfless gift a man can give a woman.

Is it not the ultimate gift a woman gives a man? Allowing him to close his eyes and succumb to the pleasure encasing his complete manhood. Not asking for anything in that very moment except for him to give you his absolute and unleashed link to his sexual being. Is oral sex not the give and take of power between two beings.

I learned long ago the only way to really gain control is in the act of giving it all up. Until this very moment, I have never related it to the simple act of oral sex. Recently I watched a comedian talking about porn and what makes a woman a champ at giving blow jobs. Granted he said it had to do with how deep and aggressive she was sucking along with gasping for air, running mascara and loud slurping sounds. Was she a champ at the actions? No doubt. Did she give that man a short period of time where I can guarantee you he had no control over what he was thinking or doing? Absofuckinglutely.

Right now, think of the best oral sex you have ever had? What made it so amazing? Memorable? What made the giver such a champ? Did you let go and succumb to the realm around you? Did you let that person take control? Was it someone you trust? Or just trusted in the moment.

Why did I allow it to continue? Because I didn’t want that level of intimacy with him. Without even a word, I knew he was not invested in me. His actions spoke louder and his inept ability to dive head first, literally, into even a casual sexual relationship, told me exactly what I needed to know about him as a person and lover. I was on a free ride with no strings attached.

What did I learn from it… Being able to let someone into the very core of our being takes a level of comfort and confidence all of its own.

The reward… a moment with a Champion
"Stuck up"
Posted:Feb 19, 2016 5:14 am
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2020 3:28 pm

"... to the generally well-intentioned men in my life, please consider this: no matter what I accomplish or how self assured I am feeling, the dickheads of the world will still believe they have a right to demand my time and attention, even when I want to be alone. They will still insist I be polite and cheerful, even while they make me uncomfortable and afraid. They will still comment about my body and allude to sexual violence, and then berate me for being “stuck up” if I don’t receive it with a sense of humor. They will still choose to reinforce their dominance with a reminder that they could hurt me if they wanted to, and that I should somehow be grateful if they don’t. This has made me defensive. It has put me more on my guard than I would like to be.
Decent male humans, this is not your fault, but it also does not have nothing to do with you. If a woman is frosty or standoffish or doesn’t laugh at your joke, consider the notion that maybe she is not an uptight, humorless bitch, but rather has had experiences that are outside your realm of understanding, and have adversely colored her perception of the world. Consider that while you’re just joking around, a woman might actually be doing some quick mental math to see if she’s going to have to hide in a fucking bathroom stall and call someone to come help her..."
Credit Laura Munoz
Three Month Theory
Posted:Dec 10, 2015 10:43 am
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2020 10:46 am

Three Month Theory

I had dinner and drinks with a guy the other night who I met from here. We actually initially chatted over a year ago, but we weren’t at the right places for what the other was looking for. He contacted me again a few weeks back and we started chatting like old friends. Thankfully he doesn’t read my blog, lol. Because this post is all about him. (giggle)

On an interesting note, I was my usual standoffish self, but he was more persistent this time. This time, he didn’t lead with his cock, he opened the door with a conversation and some insite into him. Which last time, I wasn’t sure he even was gainfully employed. Plus, in our prior brief chats, I knew he had several others on the line too. I don’t particularly like “collectors”. So he got cut short fast.

Fast forward several months and here we are again. Now he’s cleaned up his image, lol. I have softened over time. We somehow seemed to find some common ground. Right around the kinky area of the playground. lol How do you meet in the middle? You both give a little.

So, we meet the other night. First off… very very enticing man in person. I was surprised at how much I had shared about me in the 24 hours leading up to meeting, when I was with him as well. But we actually read one another easily in text, so one on one was natural. He opened up quite a bit in return to me. Our conversation was very free flowing and in depth. Plus, whenever you meet someone who isn’t afraid of their inner sexual desires, it's a kinship that bonds.

What he did say to me though that I haven’t gotten out of my mind is that he feels all of these “connections” have a lifespan of about three months. For him, at least, he then feels the edge is gone. The initial excitement, getting to know someone, sexual experiences….

I contradicted him and said, but don’t you think it depends on your partner? I mean I had a lover for over three years and it was fucking phenomenal even when we hooked up a year later.

He agreed that there are the rare situations that have the potential to outlive his “three month theory”. But, he isn’t looking for another wife, ex fiance, or ex girlfriend. He just wants to have a hell of a good time and enjoy his sexual side with someone who is after the same things.

Like a gentleman he walked me to my car, kissed me passionately, let me feel exactly how hard he was and we parted ways. Definitely leaving me wanting more...

The question I pose to any of you reading this… What are your thoughts on this “three month theory”?

Here is what I walked away thinking..
First of all… Am I willing to engage sexually with a man who has outright told me this will not last past 90 days.

How do I handle this as far as contact? Do I still give it my all and have a hell of a ride. Or do I go in reserved and stay a bit detached because he clearly doesn’t want the warm fuzzy stuff.

What I can tell is that he is much like me. We are very hard working, dedicated ppl. I know that when he is with me, he will be with me completely. I know that his mission is to see me satisfied in every way possible. He is the kind of man who is aroused by pleasuring his partner and the more I cum, the harder he is going to get. He is the kind of lover that leaves no desire hinged.

Normally I would hate to place myself amongst the ranks of just another three monther. I have learned I really don’t play nice with others when I have to share a man’s attention. In this situation though, he isn’t looking to play with a collection of women, it’s just a brief span of time. He’s even not just looking for once, he likes getting to know a woman's body and what makes her tick. He wants more than once.

And I am not one of those foolish women who think they are going to be the one to change him. I don’t want him to change, I like him how he is. Plus, when you enter into any relationship expecting things to change or be different, you’ve already set it up for failure. He gave me the rules. I have the choice of playing by them or a nice memory of a fantastic kiss and wet panties.

Maybe I can get an extension on the three months since the holidays fall right in the middle? lol Hmm, I wonder what I might use as negotiation to add my holiday time on the backside….

Sitting here wondering how or if I am actually capable of making this “three month theory” a worthwhile endeavor.
Tell me a fantasy
Posted:Dec 9, 2015 10:52 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2018 9:38 pm

Tell me a fantasy

I have clearly discovered that i am an exceptional listener and have a way of drawing out of people their deep dark secrets and kinkiest desires. Usually within minutes of meeting people, they open up to me on a multitude of levels. Yes.. I have phenomenal interpersonal skills. I also like to think that is part of what makes me such an intense lover.

What’s eating at me today is that it’s not about having a partner that matches me in those skills.. But who will at least listen. Maybe I talk to much. Hell, half of my mail on here is telling me my profile is way to long or a negative/condescending remark on how I wasted 5 minutes of their time which they are already clearly throwing away if they are perving AdultFriendFinder regardless.

I have chatted with a man for two years. We briefly have met once. We have had NO physical contact. He is obsessed with me domming him. He literally does everything I tell him and has not once questioned it. Plus, he has had to earn my attention back by doing certain tasks if there has been any periods of radio silence between us. A part of me has made these tasks extreme in hopes, I subconsciously think, so that he will end our relationship. No such luck.

To be fair, he is a very sexy man. I was very attracted to him initially and wanted more out of us than what it has evolved to. Now after all this time he is “ready” to meet in person again and experience all of these things we have talked about. I have told him over and over that I am not looking to be a Domme. Am I capable, absolutely. Does it turn me on, of course. Do I want only that kind of relationship with a man, no.

I suggested he find someone more specifically suited for the role. He only wants me… But what he doesn’t get, because he is not listening… is that this is all for him. Yes, I know we do things for our partners/lovers. But, we are neither. He is not giving me anything in return. No void of mine is being filled. Do I love that I know how to turn him on and get him off? fuck yea. Is it a turn on that he will do whatever I tell him… meh. Maybe if it were in person. But I don’t see him physically.

Basically it has become stale. He pounds me with messages and wants more, more, more. I am dreading when he pops up. I feel obligated now. Christ its like a marriage. lol I am giving him the mother-load and he’s giving me a ripple on the ocean. I have told him over and over that I want out. But he continues to suck me into his needy lust for domination.

Finally, after I decided to try ignoring him (which only seems to fuel his desire to please me more) he asks for me to share a fantasy of mine. Not related to “him”. AH-HA.. anyone notice the catch 22 there…. Do you really think he wants to hear about how I want to be kissed and touched and someone to sensually rock my world?

Reality is he wants me to tell him a fantasy that will get him off while assuming it is really what I want. He wants his face buried in my ass, while on his knees naked, cock laced, ass plugged and bound. He wants me to go into great detail. hmmmmm who is getting off here again??

So I have been thinking over the past few days… in two years. This man doesn’t know two bits about me to throw together any string of my likes. He does not know me. I am totally a figment of his imagination. I have given him the words.. thoughts, ideas, my sexually deviant mindset. But all related to what he is craving. Not once has it been about how he is going to please me. In his head he thinks that he would be pleasing me. But sadly, I would be doing nothing but going through the motions. I cannot be pleasured by a man I feel nothing for.

The fantasy… It is to have a man who cares. Now settle down boys, I know that big word scares the shit out of the majority of you. But lets put it into perspective here. Out of 100 women. This is at any given time. 90 of them you could care less about. 4-6 you respect, they are friends, you care out of kindness on that level and for their well being. The next 2-3 will actually move you. You have a closer relationship with them, they could be close co workers, friends, or a lover. They teeter between loving them subconsciously to knowing they are out of reach. But the fact is you care. You might hate that you do, but you do. Of course the last 1 or 2 you love. There is no hiding it.

My fantasy is to enjoy the man who you only get when you are in that top 5% of 100. I want that man. I melt when he looks at me, my panties are wet before he even touches me. I know that as soon as he kisses me all gloves are off. It is going to be an all out feeding frenzy.

Why does it matter? Because as a woman we need to know you care enough about our pleasures and needs, us. You want us uninhibited? You want us off the rails? Give us the security to be free. To know you care and we are safe. To know you care and want us to have as much pleasure as humanly possible. To know you care that when we walk a way, our legs are shaking, our clits are throbbing, our lips tingling, our nipples are sore and you are the reason for it.

Where did any fantasy ever end with “it doesn’t matter, noone cares”.
Posted:Jun 30, 2014 3:19 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2020 3:40 pm
This is a running list of all of the confessions I let out as I write my blog. Look for the "confession" and number throughout my posts.

1. Horny all the time
2. Fake ailments or make up excuses to go play with myself
3. Look at peers/people and wonder how kinky they are
4. I am afraid what vanilla people would think of me if they knew the real me or what was in my head.
5. Details on my profile are not all accurate. Close, but discretion takes precedence
6. Enjoy being submissive
7. Love watching porn
8. I have faked more orgasms with my husband than have prob ever had.
9. Love being in the same room as people having sex
10. Sucking cock
11. I’m a voyeur
12. Love titties and nipples
13. Used items from nature as dildo’s. like cukes, banana, etc
14. I am a Doer >>!
15. I fucking love phone sex!
16. love all positions
17. Spank me
Smoke and Mirrors
Posted:Nov 10, 2015 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2017 8:11 pm
I have again been reminded how fast we become bewitched... and just as fast we discover it is all just smoke and mirrors…

...and when the haze clears and we wipe the mirrors clean again, the brilliance of reality can be stunning.

Part of what makes me such a passionate woman is that I am all or nothing. I run scalding hot or ice cold. Much of my self discovery over the past few years has been on what level can I really be me. I crossed over to find the things I am missing at home. Fill the voids that so desperately need as much consideration as all other aspects in my life.

What I found was to obtain a connection with any depth, you first have to crawl through a river of skin, cat calls and broken promises. Look past the facade of painted faces, hardened souls and hollow stone gazes. Dig for answers hidden deep and secrets kept behind locked doors.

The reward is in knowing when it's real and genuine, only then is it worthy of your time and self. To find someone to share yourself with is a pleasure all to itself. The true you. The one that is not afraid of where it has been and all the imperfect beauty marks that scar us all. Most invisible, only heard through the words and seen by actions displayed from the thousands of broken souls here.

Time can be such a twisted bitch can’t she. When we want to savor every last second, it has come on gone without so much as a pause. The will to slow it down so it lasts just a bit longer is ripped from out fingers with the ticking of the clock. But when we wait and need, those seconds become minutes, hours and grow into days. When we are searching for that someone to connect with, mercy is nowhere to be found.

We are all broken. The glass on our timepiece scratched or shattered. sometimes our fingers are broken and we find it so hard to keep ticking on. But those internal mechanisms just keep turning. Driven by the need to keep going. So we straighten ourselves and replace the outer shell once again so that we can carry on. Accepting that perfection is not in being pristine, but in having felt the discomfort of having to make adjustments along the way.
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Silent Movies
Posted:Sep 18, 2015 10:59 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2017 12:26 pm

Silent Movies

Today in my member activity section a video popped up of a man masturbating. I will confess it immediately caught my attention. He has a nice appearance, well groomed, excellent equipment. Admittedly I instantly clicked to view. I love real videos and home porn. Turns me on in a BIG way.

Sadly… although everything he was doing and his visual was very pleasing to the eye.. It did NOTHING for me. Not even a little clitoral twitch. Panties still bone dry.

Now, unlike so many other videos, this one was long. The perfect length in fact should I start rubbing myself and would have likely shared climax with him. However, it was dead silent. I am not gonna lie, I was utterly disappointed. Why go through all that work of taping and visually displaying yourself as he did if there is to be NO sound.

I sit here thinking about whether I am more turned on by watching or listening. Or, do I need them both? My conclusion… It’s all about the sound. Probably why I love phone sex so much. I have an extremely creative mind. I can see it in my head like a video without having to watch. What I cannot do is “hear” it. I have to have the outside stimulation of sound. That is what does it for me.

There is a reason silent movies are a thing of the past… People please UNMUTE when you are recording! We want to HEAR you!
The Georgian 03
Posted:Apr 16, 2015 11:22 am
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2015 8:32 pm

….continued from The Georgian 02

Laying in between two gorgeous men has a way of making a women feel amazing all on it’s own. Being indulged by their kisses and roaming fingers adds an element of surrealness. Rubbing both of their cocks in my hands, I can feel their readiness along with driving eagerness.

Sliding his fingers down through my slit, the Georgian in his deep southern drawl mutters, “Ohhhh Baby Girl, you are sooo wet!” I can feel his fingertips seek out my clit and tease it with a circular rubbing motion. A deep primal moan escapes my lips. My lover kisses me and kneads my tits as he greedily grinds his body against mine.

I can feel his precum smearing against my hip. He is so aroused, my moaning and gasping causes his body to tighten and I can feel the sexual tension build. The Georgian shifts his body down and is again lapping at my core. Encouraging me to cum again and physically manipulating my body past the point of any control I may have. I am in a total state of reaction. Completely engulfed in pleasure and just “feeling” every spot of contact.

Still rubbing my lovers cock with one hand, the other is buried in the Georgians thick mop on his head. My hips arched back and rocking as he aggressively lips and sucks at my pussy. When he initially slides his fingers in, my inner goddess screams and pleads for more. It’s as if the two of them are having a conversation and I can hear it only in my head. She is instructing him and he is doing everything she demands and exactly how she wants.

I am gasping and moaning. My lover moves up and shoves his rock hard cock in my mouth. I lick him and suck in his shaft. Stuffing himself in deep he makes me gag and push back against the Georgian. He in turn just sucks my clit harder and pushes me back against my lover. I was truly in the middle of these two men and they were pushing me further and further over the edge.

Reaching up I grab hold of my lovers sac, he returns my favor by gripping my breast. He rolls my nipple inbetween his thumb and forefinger. Again it causes me to roll my hips back, I am rewarded with his cock stuffed deeper and the Georgians tongue drilling me. As he tugs and sucks on my clit I can feel myself spiraling again.

Unexpectedly I feel his cock slide in me. I am brought back to my senses and realize he has my thighs in his strong tanned arms. My body is being lifted and pulled into his. Both of these men are filling me... drilling me. Like a rag doll I am just taking it. But in a very pleasurable way.

Suddenly my lover pulls his cock out of my mouth. Bending down he kisses me and asks if I like being fucked by two men? My eyes just roll back in my head. It is amazing. I completely love it. Thanking him.. Thanking the Georgian.. “Oh but we are far from through with you.” My lover interjects. “I just pulled my cock out of your mouth so I don’t cum!” “I’m going to fuck that hot pussy of yours some more first.” He snarls in a raspy needy voice.

As if on cue the Georgian pulls out of me and flips me over. Just like that my lover smacks my ass, “Bring me that booty baby.” Turning my body around I am met by my lovers hands on my hips. At the same time the Georgian closes the gap between us. Still kneeling his cock is thrust into my face as my lover mounts me. Bending down he kisses me and gently situates my hair, tucking it behind my ear and neck. “You look beautiful Baby Girl.” he remarks to me.

Smiling up at him I slide my tongue up his shaft. I can taste me on this glorious man. “You want that big cock in your mouth Darling?” he asks. Nodding I wrap my lips around the head. From behind me I hear my lover tell him how I give amazing blow jobs. Gripping my hair in his hand he mutters how he has now doubt and has been waiting. “That’s right Baby Girl, wrap those beautiful lips around my dick.”

Purposely, I have no doubt, my lover slams me into him. Causing me to take his entire shaft down my throat. The Georgian lets out an animalistic moan. As my lover pounds me from behind I am automatically stroking his cock in and out of my mouth. Since both of my hands are on the bed holding me up, I have no control over how deep I take him in. With one hand wrapped up in my hair the other is dug into my shoulder. Over and over my face meets his body.

My lover reaches around and starts assaulting my clit. It is so aroused and sensitive I find myself squirming. Not intentionally trying to evade him, but remain controlled. Clearly my objective had no chance of maintaining. As soon as the Georgian reached down and started playing with my nipple I was folding. Every time he would pinch or squeeze it my knees buckled. I had lost focus on how to suck him and just let it happen. My mind was floating again. Blown up by the constant stimulation these men were giving me.

Grounded by the sudden intense grip the Georgian has on my hair, I realize both men are on the verge of cumming. Drawn into the sounds of pleasure coming from each man has me aching to feel their release. Each body becoming tighter and more rigid. The desire and persistence now focused.. Being driven by the need to let go. For an instance I am torn between an element of discomfort and extreme pleasure. Thankful my thoughts were drowned out by the sounds of my wet pussy being slapped by my lovers body and the gagging drooling noises escaping my mouth.

Like a bomb exploding they both shatter in me at the same time. Push between the two of them I am unable to breathe as I feel myself being stuffed with their loads. Somewhere from deep within I feel a shudder that simultaneously ripples through me. At some point the weight of my body had shifted to the two of them holding me up. It was the tingling in my hair the first clued me into realizing my arms had buckled and the Georgian was supporting me. My entire body was shaking as they gently lay me down on the bed. Both treating me like a delicate piece of glass. Never mind they had just both fucked the hell out of me.

Kissing my mouth and sliding his tongue over my cum covered lips, the Georgian again thanks me. “You Darling are exquisite.” and with that he pulled on his jeans and shirt, nodded to my lover and left. Snuggling up behind me, my lover kissed my shoulder and neck. “How are you doing baby?” he asked. Purring like a well satisfied and content kitten I smiled… “I am wonderful, Thank you baby!”

Sliding his hand down between my legs, he pushes them apart. His fingers clearly claiming what was his…. “Excellent! Cuz you have about 10 minutes and I am going to take you again.”
Spring Cleaning
Posted:Mar 31, 2015 7:14 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2015 12:26 pm
Spring Cleaning

What is going on with people?? Is it a full moon, I swear. C-R-A-Z-Y!

I have to say, men are seriously more batshit crazy than women. I have been around the dark side long enough to have experienced just about every kind of situation, personality, expectation that is out here. I say just about, because it never fails to get blindsided by something I was least expecting.

The most recent request (yesterday) I got was from a man who asked if since I was not into him would I please introduce him to one of my hot friends. OK let’s be real here. WHO??? would do that? Is that a man thing? Like now I’m supposed to be his wingman. Does he know my husband? is there some conspiracy amongst men about using women to line up pussy for themselves??


This coming on the tails of another debacle over the weekend. A man I met and have talked to extensively. Yes, we have had wicked hot sex… I’ve even posted about him.. Mr. Magic Fingers. We are classic FWB. He lives like 4 hours from here, so not easy to meet up. He was coming to town and asked to meet Friday night, then Saturday night he was meeting friends. Unfortunately, I was out of town over the weekend. BUT, he was meeting up with another female (or I should say 2 females) on saturday night and then since he wasn’t going to be busy enough was hitting up a friend of mine, wanting to meet her.

OK, that’s too much game. Word to the wise boys.. many of us women know each other. Girls share things. If you can’t make any ONE of us feel special.. You will end up with none of us in the end. Plus.. don’t lie about what you are doing. I may be an anomaly (yes we know I am), but I want to know if you are meeting other chics. Granted I can’t say if it will bother me or if I will be turned on by it, depends on my mood and the time of the month, lol. But FUCKING TELL ME. Because when I find out you just lied to me and fed me bullshit, then lied to my girl, and fed her bullshit. You are history. Nothing but a memory.

Soo the kicker in all this. The girl he hooked up with saturday night, chats with my good friend (see how small a world it is out here, lol). She tells her that she’d love to have a 3some with my friend and her man. Looks to me like someone just lost out on 3 hot pussies. Because now Saturday night is bypassing him and going right to her own game now too. Like I said what a fucked up bunch of craziness.

Yesterday it all led me to doing some spring cleaning. I went through my YIM and KIK and did a clean sweep. Even did a full email delete. Cleaned up my contacts too. I mean it’s reality that we chat with a lot of people when trying to learn about each other prior to it evolving. Sometimes its hot and constant for a few days or even a couple weeks. But when it dies off or you don’t meet, I should just delete then. We all know that as soon as the contact hits the wall its not going anywhere. Plus none of us want to have to “work” at being enticed by someone. I do that home for godsake.

I think my delete button has cooled off enough now I can get back to work My dance card looks like a blizzard. Thank god spring is in the air.
Another one bites the dust….
Posted:Mar 25, 2015 10:25 am
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2020 11:44 pm

Another one bites the dust….

I am totally frustrated. Is it me? Am I being difficult?

Last week I met a man that I actually really liked and thought there could be great potential. I found him very attractive, loved how tall he was, great personality, mannerisms and conversation. We had lunch and wine. He kissed me goodbye and it was hott!

We continued to email, chat, share pics, plan our next rendezvous. For a whole week we planned to meet today. Now the times have been shuffling do to both our work schedules, but still wednesday. I’m going to admit.. I’m hot, i’m excited, I am READY to get it on. I’ve been thinking about it for days.

He just sends me an email. “Get us a room in ****** (ladies choice). I will reimburse you for the full cost of the room in cash. If you want to bring any toys or accessories to play with, feel free. If not that's fine too. Otherwise be hot, sexy and ready to go by 230. I will be there between 230 and 3.”

Mind you we were going to meet the next town over from me. Now how the fuck am I supposed to justify getting a room there in my name? Secondly, I don’t have a master/visa gift card laying around with enough money on it to use. So not only would I need to go and get cash out, but then go pick up a card and then get the room.

Someone please turn off the cold water… I’m now freezing. I can tell you right now I have no interest in meeting this guy any more. Not once in the past week did he prepare me for what our procedure was going to be to meet. Nothing like springing it on me last minute. Literally!

Clearly he is such an important and busy man to be bothered with such minor details. (insert sarcastic snarl in my voice) Since I don’t run a business or anything myself, I just need to drag my lazy, porn watching, play with myself all day long ass up off the couch. Brush off the bon bon crumbs and hop to it.

Do any of you see why I am instantly turned off and annoyed? I mean come on.. If you are going to fly by the seat of your pants.. someone is going to crash and burn. It’s NOT going to be me. Let’s be a bit proactive and prepared here. I am still shocked. FML
it's that simple
Posted:Jul 20, 2015 8:01 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2015 11:02 am

All a girl wants is for a man to fight for her... it's that simple
Art of Gift Giving
Posted:Mar 25, 2015 9:01 am
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2015 12:24 pm

I am curious as to how you give your spouse, partner, lover a gift.
It has to be earned and that determines the value as well
Randomly, you just love to surprise them
Major holidays only! Xmas, Bday, Anniversary
All the time, you are constantly finding a reason or making use of any holiday.
Seldom and sporatic, holidays & special occassions don't matter
A gift? whats that?
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