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My thoughts, secrets, experiences and desires. Including all the intricate and uninhibited opinions, fantasies and ramblings that fill this pretty blonde head.
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The Georgian 02
Posted:Feb 15, 2015 4:55 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2015 10:30 am

...... continuation The Georgian 01

Knowing there isn’t much time, I pulled my hair up on top of my head and stripped out of my clothes. Turning on the rain shower, the steam instantly started to fill the room. I could hear my lover’s ipad playing from the docking station. Stepping into the glass enclosed box, I let the water run down over me. As I went to pick up the body soap I realized I was shaking a bit. Wow, I was nervous, anxious, full of anticipation.

Feeling my lovers hands helping wash my body and his lips on my back, slowly they make their way up the back of my neck to my ear, “Tonight is for you baby,” he comforts me.

“I want us to pleasure you in ways you’ve only imagined.” I closed my eyes as I listened to him. His cock was so hard against me. Had this been any other night together we would fuck there in the shower. It is one of our favorite places. Leaning back into him I rest my head back on his shoulder. The water runs down over my hard nipples and jumps off my body. His long arms reach between my legs and wash my pussy clean. His palm sliding over my hip and around the bubble of my ass, down through my crevasse. “You’re squeeky clean sexy,” he mutters as he smacks my ass. Wrapping me up in a towel, he slides his thumb over my lip, “you really are beautiful baby.” Then kisses me again.

Startled by the knock on the door, he tucks a towel around his waist and answers it. In walks the Georgian, freshly shaved, showered as well and in a pair of jeans and long sleeve knit. Thank God my cheeks were still flushed and hot from the shower, because the temperature in the room went up by fifty degrees when he stepped in. Damn this man was handsome. I reached up and placed my palm on his strong jawline. “Thank you,” I cooed as I kissed his cheek.

Only hearing the door click behind him, he wasn’t content with just a peck. “You look even more wonderful with no make up,” before leaning down and kissing me deeply like in the elevator. My back thankfully secure against the cool door frame of the bathroom. My knees weak and my whole body coming alive. “I feel overdressed,” he chuckles.

Leading him into the main part of our room, it was very retro and sheek with funky lighting. There were glass blocks around the top of the bathroom, so the only white light was escaping through them. Not sure how to start with two men, I was thankful when my lover took the lead. Turning me back around to face our guest, he kissed my shoulders. His fingertips gliding down the outside of my arms stirring up my sensual demons.

The Georgian ever so gently touches the tops of my breasts. The cleavage was pulled tight from the towel and a majority of the globes shelved up. Knowing my weakest point for arousal is the back of my neck, my lovers tongue drags a trail up from my shoulder blade to behind my jaw just below my ear. From somewhere deep within me a moan escapes. My head tilting and back against him, his breath giving me goosebumps. Closing my eyes to savor the touch of these to men left me in a state of weightlessness.

Grounded only by the sense of the Georgian’s tongue making its way from one mound to the other before seeking out my lips. My hand having at some point finding his head and embedding my fingers through his dark mane. There was something completely erotic about feeling the strength of one man as I leaned back against him and being engulfed by the to others in front of me.

My head was an anchor holding me up as my lover reached his hand up my towel and began rubbing already wet pussy. As if untying a fragile package the Georgian undid the front of my towel, releasing it to the floor. His exquisite hands surrounding each breast as he kissed and sucked patiently on both nipples. Teasing them with his tanned long fingers and nibbling enough to get the sweet sounds of pleasure to escape my lips again. The two of them working in tandem as they continued to leave my body and mind floating.

At some point my fingers had found their way to his skin and were tugging at his shirt. Relinquishing contact only long enough to slip his masculine body, that he had hid so well earlier in his suit, out of its cover. Even in the cladly lit room I could see his bronze coloring. I was jealous as a northern of his sun kissed skin. I was porcelain in color compared to him. We were a Bennetton ad together.

Fidgeting with his pants I undid the button fly and reached in. He hadn’t bothered to put his boxer briefs back on after his shower and his cock was leaking precum. I love how when the fly laid open his cock was totally exposed. It was so inviting that I instantly dropped to my knees and began orally playing with his cock. First licking up the precum and smearing it down the shaft. Licking from the tip to the base, over his sack that had already shrunk up tight. Then sucking his cock down as deep as I could on my own without being forced. Long strokes in and out while I rubbed the back with my tongue. Both hands on his hips to steady us both.

Reaching back I found my lovers body with my hand. Searching for the fold on his towel I gave it a tug and released his raging hard cock. Rubbing it with my hand while he watched as I sucked on our guests cock. Then pulling him around closer so that I had both of them before me. Switching to give his cock the same overdue attention, I could feel the Georgian slip out of his pants. Oh God what a glorious site the two of these men were. Worshiping both of these incredible cocks, I continued to suck and stroke them both. Giving them equal amounts of attention.

Sitting back on the bed my lover leans back. “Come up here baby,” he coaxes me. The Georgian pulling me up from the floor, kisses me before I climb onto my lover. Taking his cock in actually makes me cum. He is so large and the Georgian is behind me kissing my neck and cupping my tits. My lovers hands are on my hips helping me set a slow grind. I can feel my wetness running down his cock. “Do you think you are ready for his cock too?” he asks. Looking back at him wide eyed I shake my head and say I’m not sure. I mean holy fuck, he barely fit in me, there was no way this other man with a huge cock was going to fit too.

“Lay down on me Babe,” he instructs. Just as I do the Georgian compliments my ass. He again tells me how beautiful I am and between the two of them I feel amazing. Kissing my lover I am a bit edgy as to how this is going to go down. Afraid he will go after my very inexperienced ass I tense up. As if a , the two of them comfort me. My lover by kissing and caressing me and the Georgian by his touch and lips on my body. Delicately he licks at my cock filled pussy. Using his tongue to play with my ass and add extra lube. Then feeling him stand behind he slowly directs the head of his cock into my already cock filled pussy, “That’s right Baby Girl, take this big dick in that tight little pussy of yours.”

I could feel every inch of his cock as he worked it into me. My legs were quivering. I am not sure if it was my bodies way of opening up for him or just my heightened level of slow burning orgasm. Literally as he buried the last bit of him in me I blew apart in the most spectacular sensation.

Up until this point the both men had been completely sensuous. The tone was not rushed or needy. They were patient with me and sure to have my mind and body wound as tight as a bow string. Every sense in my body was at a heightened level. I was full aware of every place they touched me, every drop of sweat, moan, movement, that transpired between us. At the moment the two of them were buried deep in me, I realized I was alive. I was living, breathing, feeling every fiber of physical and mental awareness in that second.

As I floated back to them, my lover began kissing me. Talking to me as I suddenly realized I was already being pulled back into the haze of ecstasy. Both men had their hands on my me.. My lover gripping my thighs and the Georgian grabbing my by the full curve of my hips. Together they started setting a rhythm… It was like the slow grind and sound of loaded freight train. My inner sexual goddes throwing coal in the engine by the buckets, aiding the men in building steam.

It was her coming out of me when I begged them to fuck me harder. When I moaned and the cries of pleasure escaped me. The two of them so ensync it was the truest definition of mind blowing. I came over and over, never really “ending” one orgasm before the other began building back into a large crescendo and exploding. Covering their cocks in more cum and keeping my train nicely oiled. The two of them keeping me on the rails as my body spasmed out of control over and over.

Then as if on cue, the two of them started hurdling me down this winding path. The Georgian pulls my hair up into a ponytail and wraps it in wrist with hand and secures my shoulder with his other. My lover wrapping his arms around my body and squeezing me tight to him, they descend rapidly and both lose control. I can feel both of their cocks sliding in and out of me like the pistons on our driving wheels. It was the most intense and captivating sensation I have ever felt. I was so mesmerized by the ride that when the men blew apart inside of me, I too shattered again and literally all of came to a screeching halt.

Panting and breathless we lay in heap on the bed. Both of them still in me to the hilt. I could feel them pulsing against one another. Both of their heartbeats pounding louder than the sound of the ipad. Gasping both ask if I am ok, how I am doing, how I feel. I just smiled and nodded… There was no need for words.

The Georgian kisses my shoulder. Then gently as if I am a fragile antique china doll, moves himself up and out of me. I sit up on my lover. “Thank you baby,” I say in a raspy dry voice. He looks at me and touches my cheek, “I told you he was a good fit for us.” Laughing I say “no pun intended.”

.....Continued in The Georgian 03
The Georgian 01
Posted:Feb 12, 2015 4:35 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2015 10:17 am

“Bella, the gentleman to your left, he would like to buy you a drink,” Antonio motions to him as he leans over the bar delivering his message. Looking down the rail I make eye contact with him. He is very good looking, tall I can tell, impeccably dressed and sharp haircut. I spot the onset of a 5 o’clock shadow, showing he’s had a long day and I can sense he’d like a bit of company.

Smiling innocently at him, I nod and tell Antonio “of course.” Quite frankly I had been waiting for my lover for almost an hour already. I, myself was looking for some company to buy the time. Not to mention I know what kind of a turn on it is for my lover to walk in and find me entertained by other men, giving him the opportunity to sail in and claim me. It has become an unspoken game between us. Often times his texts ask if I am alone waiting or “chatting it up” as he says.

Sliding onto the stool next to me, the man introduces himself. I thank him for the drink and welcome his opening for conversation. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was totally attracted to this man. We were both flirting and making physical contact. He was in town on business, from Georgia, with a wonderful southern drawl. His voice and accent alone were making me wet.

Out of no where I confessed I was married and meeting my lover. That we had been seeing each other for over a year. Looking up from his bourbon he nodded and with a hint of red to his cheeks, shared he too was married, and by far no saint. To that we drank and ordered another round. Antonio feeling protective for my lover smiled and said “Bella, he come soon, you see.” That made me giggle and my new friend asked if my lover would have a problem with us. “No, not at all,” I assured him with a smile, “Actually, he will be turned on.”

“He sounds like my kind of man,” he says, as he toasts my glass. “You two are quite similar,” I replied, not realizing to what extent, at that moment. After another couple of drinks and hour of time, my lover finally strolled in as if he were right on time.

“Hi Baby,” he says as he leans down to kiss me. “Who’s your friend?” he whispered in my ear. I just smiled back up at him as he took the seat on my right. Leaning back I introduce them. My lover cordial as ever, thanks him for entertaining me while his night ran late. The Georgian responds with “my pleasure, she is a fascinating woman.” Nodding, my lover raises his glass and says “I couldn’t agree more.” Now I’m blushing, the heat rising off my cheeks. My lover slides his hand up my thigh. Just having him next to me makes my body ache. Whenever he touches me I can feel the electricity between us.

Glancing in the mirror above the bar I notice how the man to my left has now squared himself up with the bar. Although still involved in our conversation he has willing given us our space. When I glance over to my right, my eyes are met with my lovers. He looks over at the Georgian and then back at me with a devilish look about him. I know he can sense I find this other man attractive. But I can also tell he is not threatened or annoyed by it. He seems delighted….

Leaning across me he addresses our new friend, “Would you like to join us for a nightcap?” Shocked, I look from him to the Georgian. Since I’d had a few drinks I actually had to think in my head if I had heard him right. Then try to figure out where that had come from. Yes, we had talked about mixing things up, playing with other people. But wasn’t that just all talk? Pipedreaming fantasies. Were we really going to take the leap into it being a reality.

I look back at the Georgian. He looks at me and says in that charming southern drawl “Well that depends on if the Lady wants me to.” I have melted into a pool of butter. I’m speechless. Unprepared. Unsure. As a matter of fact all I can get out is “umm, um.” Sounding more like a stammering fool, blushing, I smile into his deep chocolate brown eyes and say “yes, please do, I’d very much like you to.” With that I feel a squeeze on my thigh and my lovers fingers move up to my core. Leaning in to my neck he kisses me and proclaims “this is going to be a night you never forget baby, you will beg me for more of them!”

The heat now rising off my bare chest, the mounds of my cleavage blushing as well, I tuck my face in his neck and whisper my fear of not being able to please two men. Laughing, he kisses my forehead, “Nonsense you insatiable minx. Just be yourself.” “But..” I stammer. Kissing my lips to stop me from continuing on, I am silenced. His kiss would have made my knees buckle had I been standing up. It pulled from my loins and my need to have him in me was driving my desire to please him at any extent.

Suddenly the thought of four hands, two mouths and two cocks had me shifting on my seat. Reaching up to take another sip of my drink, I look over at the Georgian. A bit perplexed at the entire situation, I smile at him and put my hand on his thigh. I can tell he is nothing less than a real gentleman and is not going to cross any lines. I knew it was up to me to set the boundaries.

As soon as I touched him I could feel the sexual tension. I heard my inner goddess laughing. She jumped into action and started shouting demands, “Feel his cock!” “Come on girl, lets find out what this man is made of.” As if she were pulling my puppet strings my hand slides up to the growing bulge in his pants. I could tell he was wearing snug boxer briefs as my hand slid over his slacks. Looking down he watched my fingers. I could tell my lover was watching as well. OMG! he was huge… Like a hungry animal staring at fresh meat I licked my lips. Now pressing a bit harder I rubbed my palm down the backside of his cock and cupped it at the base. Leaning over to him I whispered in a very sultry alluring voice, “You feel amazing.”

I watched as the muscle along his jawline flexed. He wanted more just as much as I did. Looking up from his crotch his gorgeous brown eyes bore into me, “What are your rules, or hard limits?” “Ummm,” I stammer out again. I look back to my lover. My mind racing… Do we have rules? OMG what are my hard limits? I don’t know, I’ve never been in a situation like this.

I feel myself shrug and know my thoughts are all over. Realizing I am struggling he puts his hand over my fingers. Softly running his thumb over my skin he asks, “can I kiss you?”. I am stunned, “Absolutely, why would you not?” “Not all women want to or are allowed,” he concludes. Stunned, especially since I have never thought about these things, I tell him how ridiculous. I express to him how vital I think kissing is. How sensual I am and how much I crave being kissed. “May I touch you at will? freely?” he then asks. Again, appalled. “OMG, yes please,” I answer.

“And what about dirty talk? Any words or names off limits?” he asks as his eyes look for a deeper meaning. In a way it was as if I were on the stand, being questioned by the opposition. Like a woman possessed, my inner sexual goddess jumps for joy, “oh hell ya!” she screams, “talk dirty to me!” I can feel the naughty twinkle in my eye as I tell him I love dirty talk, and as long as he was respectful to me as a person, he could say whatever he wanted in the heat of the moment.

Looking at my lover he asks if there are any limits or rules he would like him to honor. My lover responds that as long as he is respectful to me, treats me like a princess and is willing to make me cum over and over, there would be no issues. He also informed him that we didn’t have rules. We were together to be open and accepting of the others desires. No judgements, hang ups or selfishness allowed. To that the Georgian raised his glass and said “Long live the Queen.”

As the two of them swallowed their drink, I proclaimed, “well men, I think the two of you need to take me upstairs and fuck me just shy of silly.” The Georgian squeezed my hand and they both smiled at me. My lover settles our tab and takes my coat. As we all stand up, I find myself looking up at two very tall, handsome men. Lucky me is all I can hear swirling around in my head. As our trio turns to leave the bar I look back and see Antonio watching with cockeyed grin as he dried a glass. I wondered if he had heard the conversation and knew what was about to unfold.

As we walked to the elevator bay, the Georgian asked if we didn’t mind, he would like to stop at his room first, he’d wanted to freshen up. My lover said not at all, we were in room 1221. For a moment I thought he had changed his mind. But then he put his hand on my low back, felt the curve of it as it rounded over my firm ass. Just then the doors open and my lover places his hand in the exact same spot on my back and together they both press ever so gently for me to enter. I am almost giddy at how crazy and wild this is going to be.

Once in, they each push a floor button. I take notice again of the Georgians long lean fingers. I was jealous earlier as they were wrapped around his tumbler, but admired the angles as he cupped his glass. I gave way to an uncontrolled smirk knowing soon I would get the pleasure of feeling them cup me, skin on skin.

Pulling me up into his space, he says, “give me twenty minutes gorgeous.” Sliding my tongue up his neck to his ear, I whispered, “not a minute more.” With my fingers laced in my lovers hand, the Georgian kisses me. It was deep, passionate, greedy. When the elevator dings and slows to a halt. He pulls away and looks at my lover, “save some for me.” Winking at me he steps out. As the doors close again, my lover devours me. His body pressed me against the sidewall. I could feel how hard he was. Kissing me he asks if I am ok with this. Nodding against his face as we kiss, his lips curl up in the devilish smile I am so familiar with and he mutters how hott this will be. “You like him don’t you?” he continues. I again nod without saying a word, “he’s perfect for you,” he says in between our kisses.

continued on "The Georgian 02"
Magic Fingers
Posted:Feb 9, 2015 11:06 am
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2018 5:19 pm

“Holy Fuck!” I have never squirted like that! My body still quivering and gasping for breath. “Good, I am going to make you do it again right now.” he said as he pushed open my legs and began licking and tonguing my pussy again. “OMG!” I immediately started to fight against him. “I don’t want to, that was crazy.” I pleaded him but got no sympathy. Leaning up to kiss me, he shoves his fingers back in my pussy and rubbing aggressively against my g-spot he orders me to squirt again.

“No!” I beg him again. I am still amazed at how quickly he made me squirt and how intense it was. I had squirted before, but only always with a wand and it pressed hard against my clit or after a long session of fucking. Lots of clitorial and vaginal stimulation. Never from someone just palpating my g-spot. Never this much or this fast. Never over and over, one right after the next.

Just like that a moan from deep within me followed by a shattering sound that leads way to me spraying all over and ending with him slapping my clit. “Ow!” I yell. With a wicked grin he smiles at me, “You love it, just like you love me making you squirt like this.” He leans in and kisses me again passionately. His face is covered in my wetness. I have literally squirted all over him. All over me and all over the bed, it is soaked. Thankfully, we are in a hotel and neither of us care.

“No one has really never made you squirt like that?” he asks me with the cutest little boy twinkle in his eyes. Still winded I look at him wide eyed, “Seriously!” Racking my mind for all the instances I have gushed, none compare to what I have just experienced. I am still stunned he was able to make me do that with just his fingers. “I think you need to squirt again,” he says through his teeth as he nibbles on my nipple. Pinching the other he looks up at me, “what do you think babe?”

Part of me was excited at the thought of whether or not I was truly able to squirt yet again. What kind of magic fingers did this man have. Another part almost afraid. This was crazy. It was not me. I gush, not spray. I had never been splattered with my own wetness. I was in a state of unfamiliarity. Stuck in the shock and awe moment, I was relieved when he took the choice away from. Not that there ever really was one.

Kissing is way down my body, he drug his tongue down my pussy. I loved that I was able to suck his cock. Taking him deep in my throat he rolled my hips up and hooked my legs behind his shoulders. Sucking him, he continues to lick me. He, too, sucks on me. I feel my clit swelling under the suction in his mouth. Tugging it, he moves between my inner lips and the base of my clit just as it opens to my core.

It was then that I felt something cool and firm sliding in me. I can feel it filling me, just as his cock is filling my mouth. I no longer have to move my head, he is fucking my mouth on his own. With the glass dildo he begins fucking my pussy to the same rhythm. Still licking and sucking with his mouth. The closer I get to cumming, the deeper he is stuffing me with both his cock and the toy.
Fucking me harder and harder in both places. As my body starts tightening he plugs my mouth so I cannot breath. I am gagging on his cock. He assaults my pussy. I know I am going to explode, it is only a matter of seconds. Smacking my pussy with his fingers, I flinch and choke as I try to take in a gasp from being startled. “You like that don't you?” “You like sucking me off?” “You want me to make you squirt.” I can tell he wants to cum as much as me. “Fuck me!” I beg.

Still confused as to whether I want him to make me squirt all over again or slide his amazing hard cock in me. Knowing even if I do squirt he will fuck me long and hard later. Sliding my tongue over his sack, I suck in each of his balls and play with is sac a bit before I take his cock back in my mouth. I know I want him to make me squirt again. And I know I am not going to hold back or fight it at all.

This time, unlike the others, he edged me. No man has ever done that either. He’d bring me right to the edge and then back off. “Don’t you dare cum yet!” he ordered me. All that I could think was if I did he’d likely slap my clit again. The jury was still out on whether I liked that or not. For right now it was still startling and hurt. I kept sucking his cock and focusing on not cumming when he said not to.

Finally when I least expected the pace skyrocketed. It was totally out of my control. Instantly I knew I had no way to hold back. He drug me right to the edge and pushed me over. I started cumming and as I moaned around his cock he tried to seal off the sound with his cock. My entire body was convulsing as he fucked every last drop and spasm out of me. “Do Not swallow all my cum!” he instructed. “Take it, but keep it in your mouth.”

As he was filling my throat and mouth, I could feel my body shutter. Feel the splatters bouncing off him and back on my body. Feel his hand sliding over my drenched pussy. Slide up my slick stomach to my nipples. Coming up he kissed me. His face and chest covered in me and my mouth full of his cum.
Are You Naked?
Posted:Jan 29, 2015 3:15 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2015 2:28 pm

“Are you naked?” he asked immediately when I answered the phone. His voice was hushed, I could tell he was around people. “Yes,” I whispered back. “OMG!” he sighed into the phone, “Baby, I can’t get there for at least 20 minutes.” I could hear the disappointment in his voice. “That’s ok handsome.” I replied in a sultry voice. “I’m just going to lay here and play with myself while I wait for you,” giggling to myself as I taunted him. “I’m leaving the office, I’ll call you in a bit,” he almost barked back at me. A devilish smile crept across my lips as I hung up the phone.

I had pulled up to the hotel valet at exactly 5pm. Slipping out of my car in just a bright pink sundress with strappy brown Buckle heeled sandals. I smiled at the attendant when he looked up from cleavage to address me. For a second, sad, I was not going to be able to antagonize my lover with that same view over drinks. Walking up to the front desk, I couldn’t help but feel the valet attendant watching me. I smiled to myself as it occurred to me, maybe he could tell I wasn’t wearing any panties.

Greeting the clerk I gave her my name and she handed me an envelope. Inside was the room key and a note. “Rm 707, I’ll be back by 6, be naked and waiting! Txt me when you get in.”
The deal was, if his team won, we ate in… If it was by over fifteen points then he got to place a demand. Not only did my team lose… but by twenty points. I was to be naked, in his room, waiting for him. Pussy primed and swollen, toy in hand and ready to be fucked.

Once in the room I slipped out of my shoes and sundress. Pulling the bed apart I climbed in. Sliding my fingers down, I gently rubbed them over my freshly shaved pussy.. It feels soo smooth. My body shivers and goose bumps spread over me. It’s a mix of the cool sheets and my arousal being released. My index finger makes its way through the folds and traces over my clit. I love feeling my lips wrap around it. The other fingers taking in the softness. As I reach lower, feeling the wetness, I open my legs wider to allow all of my fingers access. Sliding the index finger in first and coating it with my pussy juices, I pull it back up and over my clit, smearing around my dampness. Then pressing in deeper again, along with more fingers. Being sure to rub my g spot as I soak up more of me to spread around.

With my pussy glistening from how aroused I was I held my lips open and snapped a pic with my phone. Sending it to my lover with an inviting note, “waiting…” I received his call immediately asking if I was naked. Knowing it would make him hard. Knowing it would distract him. Knowing he would be laser focused on getting back to the hotel so he could fuck me.

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the vibrator I brought with. After turning it on, I take my hand and rub my breast. My nipples already taunt and hard. Teasing the nipple I use my finger first and then my palm.. Rubbing and squeezing the whole globe before reaching across my body and doing the same to the other. My clit already begging for more attention. Pinching my nips is a direct line to it. As I rolled my button hard nipples, my clit twitched and ached.

With my nipple tightly between my thumb and forefinger I press the vibe directly on my clit. My back arches and I roll up on my hips… OOOOO There is no way I can make it until my lover gets here. My mind starts racing over it I dare cum now or wait for him. Would he be mad I didn’t or would he savor the taste of my cum filled pussy. Deciding I’d ask, I take another pic of the vibe in my pussy and send it to him, “OMG, I am so close already!” Again, as if on cue my phone rings. “Cum for me baby!” he demands. Just like that I explode. All I needed was his permission. My body shattered as I begged him to hurry and fuck me.

Before I even gathered my thoughts he burst in the door. Shed his jacket and threw his phone and key on the desk. Grabbing my ankles he jerks me to the foot of the bed, drops to his knees and buries his face in my dripping wet pussy. I reach down and spread open my sensitive throbbing lips. Hes nibbles and sucks on my clit and reaches his tongue deep in my core. He licks me from the tip of my V to the bottom of my ass. Tugging and slurping he devours me. All the while telling me how hard he is going to fuck me and how long he’s waited for this.

I can feel him unbuttoning his shirt and fighting his way out of it. As he’s using my pussy to brace himself he frees the shirt of his arms. Tonguing me, I slip my fingers over my clit and rub. I am so close again. Just as I rub he drives his fingers in me. Fucking me with them, he tongues my ass. I’m squeezing and pinching my nipple, not sure if i’m hanging on or forcing more pleasure. “That’s right baby, cum for me again. Let me hear you,” he orders. Edging closer and closer he starts rubbing my ass. “Oh my God, Oh my God” I stammer. My mind is a fog and I am falling. I feel the tremors and myself getting closer and closer. I take the vibe which was still on and rub my clit again. Just like that I scream and thrash on the bed.

“That’s right baby” he coaxes me as I ride the wave of pleasure in. He leans up over and kisses first my stomach and then each nipple. Lingers on them individually with his tongue and gently rocking his jaw with them between his teeth. My free hand on the back of his head, I nudge him up to kiss me. I love the taste of my pussy on him. I slide my tongue over his lips and nibble on the top one as I do. His tongue plunges into my mouth and I am again lost in this passionate kiss. My legs have now wrapped around his waist still clad in his pants. I feel his rock hard cock pressing into the vibe and grinding it into me. I start squirming under him.

“You like that don’t you baby?” He asks in my lips. I nod my head back to him and a deep raspy moan escapes back into his mouth. Kissing me harder and driving his cock against me as he encompasses me, just enables me to press my hips back against him and indulge the vibrations directly where I want them. Rocking back against him I feel my body start building back into another orgasm. He knows by my sounds and physical neediness how close I am getting. “That’s right baby, rub that on your clit.” he mutters to me. “I want you to cum again so I can slide my cock into that tight swollen pussy.”

Reaching down he cups both of my ass cheeks and gives my no way to escape the intensity. “CUM!” he demands. “Show me how bad you want my cock.” My body sells me out again as a I gasp and moan uncontrollably. “That’s my girl” he whispers in my ear. Panting, I ask if he want to fuck me yet. I try to reach down and undo his belt. He catches my wrists and pushes them over my head. “Getting greedy now are we?” he asks with a devilish smile. Nodding I rock my hips away from the vibe for relief. “Ohhh, is that to much for my princess?” he razzes me. “Roll over so I can see that hott as of yours” he demands as he climbs off of me. “MMMMM, I love that ass,” he mutters as he rubs his hands over it. Then with a pat he commands “up on your knees.”

With my chest down on the bed and my ass up for his pleasure, he first spreads my lips apart and takes a moment to adore my swollen red glazed pussy. Placing both hands on my ass he continues to hold open my pussy with his thumbs and kneed my cheeks. Then ever so gently I feel his tongue lapping at my core. Long strokes up to my star with the faintest swirl before breaking away and then softly teasing my clit again. Over and over he patiently glides his tongue over my exposed property.

My internal burn was dialed up just about as high as it could go without erupting over again. I was concentrating on not moving, afraid of him stopping. “Give me your fingers baby,” he coos in the sweetest voice. I reach back over my hip. No, he tongues my clit “right here.” Through my legs reach under my body and find my clit. “Good girl, now rub,” he instructs.

Ohhhhhh I am beginning to quiver. Thankfully in a position I cannot really move much. I am fading in and out of a sexual daze. “Please fuck me,” I hear myself beg. “I need to feel your cock in me!” I am pleading. I feel his mouth smile against my skin. “That was all you needed to do baby.” he soothes me with. And then, out of know where I feel the head of his cock, dripping in precum claiming what was his. When he had managed to undo his pants, I had not realized. “How do you want it?” his voice now more strained. “Hard? Should I shove my cock all the way in?” he asked as he squeezed my hips. “Or do you want me to take my time and make you feel every inch as I slowly work my way in?” with a snarl in his voice and pressure on my hole.

Unconsciously, I had started rolling my hips back towards him. Inviting him to take me. His hands just holding him to me. Me reacting to my fingers dragging me closer and closer. Like ice cracking I began feeling his cock make its way in me. A mix of me grinding back on him and he just holding his course. As the pressure grew greater and greater I heard myself succumbing out of pleasure. He had not ever pulled back to let my core feel his ridges or girth. Not once had he yet stroked inside of me and I was ready to shatter yet again. “FUCK ME!” I pleaded.

With that I felt the full depth of his cock. His balls against the back of my fingers. My hips burning from his palms digging into them. I can hear myself antagonizing him out loud. Both of us edging the other. What started as a slow constant stroke erupted into an intense driven pounding. Harder and harder he drove into me. My wetness dripping down on my fingers as I moved them to the pace he had set. I could hear the slamming of his body against mine and my tits jerky with each trust. My nipples hard and alert as they rubbed on the sheets.

“Oh.. fuck.. yes.. yes.. harder.. fuck me… yes.. OMG…. yes.. yes..” all garbled and belting from my lips. Finally, were met with the sounds of him moaning and shaking from somewhere deep in his core. As he started shooting cum in me my own orgasm blew apart and sucked every drop of his cum from him. Feeling my pussy convulsing on him sent shivers throughout my body. Reaching back I had grabbed his sac and kneaded it as he unloaded into me. My hand now drenched in a mix of our cum. Both of us collapse forward and lay breathlessly in a heap. Kissing my back he whispers “I like when you prime your pussy and wait for me naked like this.”
Be Careful What You Wish For
Posted:Jan 20, 2015 12:32 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2020 3:54 pm
All I wanted was to see him again.. To experience his touch, feel his cock buried deep in me, bury my face in his neck so I can inhale his scent, even if only for one more time. In a way it was the one thing I wanted for Christmas that only Santa knew. The present that could make me giddy and excited like a . But as an adult it made me wet and my body ache. The desire and need for one more fix of him is like a drug addict craving for another hit.

However, when he told me he was going to be in Chicago and asked if I could meet him. I was filled with hesitation, but at the same time over run with passion and excitement. The realization of how long it had actually been since we last saw one another set in. So many things had changed between us. We had changed. Not just emotionally, but physically. My mind was panicking. Would he even still be attracted to me. Would the chemistry still be as hot and uncontrollable as it had been previously… Had time changed the core essence of what was us.

The reality is.. jumping a plane unbeknownst to anyone and meeting a lover in a different city is not something you do lightly. Yes there is a thrill. A rush all to itself of being that women who walks a line. The line many never come close to or cross. But we all know... no guts, no glory and I wouldn't be able to write about these experiences if I hid behind the fear of living.

So regardless of my trepidations, I knew in my head that when those flight tickets showed up in my email, I would go. Even though this is actually a well planned out rendezvous on my end, when the day came I felt so unprepared. I went through the prior couple of days almost in a trance. Not sure how to prepare myself and unconsciously just submitting to the course that had been set. I didn’t want to think of all the “what if’s”. I also did not want to “plan” this out or rehearse conversations in my head. I wanted to go in real. Live. Totally in the moment. This was going to be my “let the cards fall as they may” foray.

Waking up that morning, or when I got out of bed, as I did not sleep much at all. I remember thinking to myself how I was walking through the motions of every other day. There was nothing special about what was happening around me. But inside me, it was like an all out rock concert. My heart was beating through my chest, my head was blaring a million thoughts, my body physically there, but already in a state of euphoria. I was hyper sensitive to everything around me. Even the things that were only in my mind.

I was aware of all the minute preparatory actions I was taking for later. Like running a blade over my legs and pussy… Making sure I was smooth as silk. All the scents and lotions we use to make our skin soft and our bodies smell so wonderful. The extra time I took doing my hair and makeup. Even dressing.

Thankful the weather was warmer than it had been in weeks. It allowed me to leave off my stockings, in hopes he would be impatient to touch me, as much as I needed to touch him. I slide the mid thigh black skirt over my hips with only a black satin lace thong underneath. A matching bra that pushed up my cleavage and let my nipples show their presence. Pulling on a fitted sleeveless top and then knee high boots. Perfect for slipping in and out of, especially when going through security. Then just in case we went out, I threw a simple black slip dress, corset, thigh high stockings and 4” strappy heels in a bag and headed for the airport.

I frankly don't remember much of my trip getting to Chicago, or even walking to our meeting place at the airport. I myself was in a state of auto pilot. His flight out was switched that morning and he was now getting in after to me. Which thankfully gave me a chance to knock back a couple of vodkas before he arrived.

Sitting at the bar, watching the Packers play Dallas, I looked up in the mirror in front of me. I stared into the eyes of this woman who was breaking every rule. There was a sparkle in her eye and an illumination smiling back at me. I was alive. I was sexually charged and although full of uncertainty regarding the outcome of my trip, I was “in” the moment.

Instantly when his text came that he had landed and was on his way to meet me, the panic overtook me. This was it. It was as if, as each heartbeat pounded in my head, it was the sound of his footsteps getting closer and closer. I had never been on edge like this before, at least not since our very first meeting over 4 years ago.

The bar erupted as the Packers scored and like on cue he walked in. Every hair left on my body stood at attention. Any doubts I had had about whether or not there was still going to be the same level of attraction, intensity, desire were blown to smithereens in that split second. “Is this chair taken” he asks with a wicked smile and devilish glint in his eye. When he sat next to me my body was begging me to just straddle him there.

He leaned in and kissed me. “Hi Baby” he mutters into my mouth.

Sliding my hand up his thigh, I was rewarded with the confirmation from his rock hard cock, that he too was still as turned on by me, as I was him. As my fingers rubbed his cock there was an electric shock that brought my eyes up to his. It was then that I saw the same sparkle of raw, intense vitality that was moments ago beaming back at me in the mirror. Although no words were spoken, everything had just been said.

The need to leave immediately was taking charge. He asked if he should get the car and before I even had a chance to nod or say yes, he clicked on Uber and let his prearranged driver know what door to pick us up at. Standing in the doorway waiting, I leaned into him, grabbed his cock and whispered into his neck how hard I was going to ride him. He let out a garbled moan.. I felt his body shudder as he closed his eyes. Kissing his neck, I slid my other hand inside his long jacket and cupped his ass. Pulling him into me I pressed my hard nipples to his chest. Barely audible in my raspy aroused sweet voice I said “God I need your cock in me”.

Literally as soon as the driver closed my door, his hand found it’s home. Prying my legs open and kissing me passionately. As if to make up for all the time lost, he made no apologies for his aggressive need to have me. Reclaiming what had never been lost. Rubbing my pussy to the point of my legs convulsing, he kisses my chest and nips at my flesh. “Your mine”, “I own you baby and you know it!”. My hand is on his bare skin smearing his precum down the shaft and stoking his throbbing cock. I rub harder and harder as his urgency to make me cum pushes me over the edge.

I realize I have buried my face in him to keep the sounds from escaping my lips. Turning his face so his lips are against my ear he brings his fingers up and licks them. His cock jerks with desire as he brings his slender fingers back down and over my hand. “I need to fuck you baby”. “I need to be in you”. And just like that he again buries his fingers back in my pussy. This time gently rubbing my clit and all of my pussy. Down to my ass and smearing my wetness all around my lips. Softly he pats my pussy. My clit begging for his caressing again. I reach down further in his pants and cup his sack. His hard cock seeping against my forearm. All I want in this moment his to feel him in me. Again I beg.. “I need your cock in me!”.

“Soon baby, soon” he replies. Which was not enough to pacify me. I push myself up in the sit with the intention to straddle him. But he stops me and instead zips up his pants. Like a I pout. He kisses my lip and says “We’re here”. I look out to see we have pulled up in the turnabout under the W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive.

Walking through the doors he instructs me to go over and order us a drink while he checks in. Like a good girl I head into The Living Room Bar. Taking a seat at the bar I order his Martini, one olive up and another vodka/cran for me. Again I hear his footsteps bringing him closer to me, but this time its not in my head. Playfully he kisses and bites, all in one action, my neck. “Is this seat taken?” he again asks with a that same devilish glimmer. “Actually yes” I reply. “My lover is meeting me”.
“OH?” he toys back. “It appears to be his loss.” “Doesn’t he know better than to leave a sexy lady unattended?”
Reaching over I take hold of his hard dick. Licking my lips I reply “Apparently not!” The tone has been set, the heat has been dialed up and the gloves are off.

The next 45 minutes contained the most conversation of the entire trip. We caught up over a few drinks, knocked back some shots and enjoyed one another as if we were still that couple from the past. I, for the first time “heard” the man I had known all this time, but never really understood. There were no rose colored glasses or smoke filled rooms. He came across to me loud and clear. Whether it was me and where I am at in my life (and head). Or he with this lapse in time was displaced enough from me that his guard was down, but I realized in that moment how transparent our relationship truly was. I sat there listening to him and staring into the sparking teardrops all around me, in a state of extreme awareness.

Out of no where this devilish smile spreads across my lips. As if someone had shouted “talk is cheap” it was echoing around in my head. I had had enough. I came to chicago to fuck and sitting here listening to him talk was not accomplishing my mission. With the wantonness of a minx I leaned in and licked his neck. “Do you want to talk or fuck?” I purred.

Like a man summoned he paid the check and drug (yes drug) me from the bar. Once in the elevator he lead and all out assault on my lips and pussy. “Fuck did you say?” “You want to get fucked?” he asked while pushing me up against the elevator walls. “You have no idea how hard I am going to fuck you baby!”. As the elevator pauses he reaches his hand up into my hair and tugs my head back. Wedging his cock into me he asks “Did you miss me?”

I reacted like a lioness provoked. The fever spread as we made our way down the hall. It’s blue illuminating lights edging on our seductive behavior. It is all we can do to get in the room before our clothes are ripped from one another. Unlike all the encounters before we stripped every piece of clothing from our bodies. We wanted nothing in the way of our need to ravish the other.

Within seconds he was buried in me. We both came instantly. Our bodies knowing the other. Thier need to merge, their desire quenched. Over the next couple of hours nothing needed to be said. There were only demands. Impulses. A hunger fed. His need to look in my eyes everytime he made me cum was as inescapable as me craving to hear his moans every time I sucked his cock. The need to feel him let go to me, succomb to me.

In those minutes that turned into hours, we fucked everywhere that room allowed for. Up against the window, the couch, in front of the mirror and on the bed… Not once did I “think” during the entire time. Even inbetween sleeping, we woke one another for more. We could not get enough. The need to have what had been gone without and take enough to hold over, was an illogical quest. That need just continued to fire an insatiable desire.

Even after I had showered and dressed I wanted… needed to fuck him again. My mind was in a state of euphoria as I walked down that same blue lit hallway. I realized how far the room actually was from the elevator and how long the ride from the hotel to the airport took. As I got farther and farther from him the night became a memory. When I stepped off the plane back here at MSP I consoled myself with visions, words and thoughts of past experiences we’ve shared. And then reminded myself to be careful what I wish for.
The Invitation
Posted:Nov 13, 2014 6:14 am
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2015 2:07 pm

It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain!I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul; if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see beauty even when it's not pretty, every day,and if you can source your own life from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, “Yes!”

It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up, after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done to feed the .

It doesn't interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Valentine's 1
Posted:Oct 24, 2014 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2015 5:22 am
Just as I got off of I-494 on to hwy 5, my phone rang.
“Babe, are you close?” My clit instantly aches at the sound of his voice. My hips rock in my seat and I am made aware of how wet I am. Whether it is from anticipation of his arrival or the excitement of my surprise and his reaction.
“Just about to get off for the airport exit, less than 5”. This is our routine. He messages me just prior to takeoff or in the air. I always try to be here when he lands. Partly because I cannot wait to see him, and also so he isn’t waiting.
“OK, meet you outside Door 2, grabbing my bag now”.
Just as I merge left and get off I reply. “See you soon.” Smiling to myself as I think of the surprise awaiting him.

Pulling over to the right just before Door 2 I am looking for him, so full of heat and eagerness. I am startled by a knock on my window. It is security politely asking me to move. Telling me I cannot stop here. I soooo hate how things have changed. They dont even give you 5 minutes. Unbuckling, but not wanting to get out and act as if I see who I am picking up. Thankfully, my lover opens the back door and sets his bag in. Then slides into the front seat next to me.

God how I love his smell and how my body responds to his presence. He leans in and kisses me, “missed you baby” he breathes into my mouth as he fills his hand with my hair and pulls me hard to him. “I missed you too” I gasped as his hands squeezed my body. Another tap on my window brings us back to reality and where we are. I straighten back up in my seat and rebuckle. As i do he pulls open my jacket just enough to get a glimpse of what I am wearing.
“Oh My God Woman!” he smiles like a little boy. He too adjusts in his seat.

Just as I merge into the other exiting traffic and move over left to head to downtown St Paul, I feel his hand on my thigh. His hand slides down to see I have on knee high boots and then back up to find me pantyless. “Ohhh God” he lets out a garbled moan. leaning over he kisses me again. “I am soo going to fuck you baby” he whispers in my ear. “Long, Hard, Deep.. Just how like it”. Toying with my hair, his fingers make their way down the fold in my trench coat to find my breasts.

Realizing the last thing I want is to sit through happy hour with out having this mans cock in me I exit onto Sheppard Road. He clicks my seatbelt and opens my jacket so he can see exactly what i have on underneath. Finding me in just a red and black lace teddy, thigh high stockings and boots. I glance over to meet his approval. He takes my hand and puts it on his raging hard on. I know he is pleased. I want more than anything to feel it in my palm, feel his precum, rub it around the head and down the shaft. Ohhh how I love to press my palm down the backside of his shaft and grip his balls in my fingers.. Feel his body give in to my touch and beg for more.

“Put your hands on the wheel Babe, I want to get there safely” he orders.
Looking at him I see the glint in his eye. Looking back at the road my mind is racing as to where I could pull off. Oh how I want to fuck him.. No way can I make it back to the hotel later. Pushing his fingers down inside the top of my teddy he pinches my nipple. They are already hard. Begging for his mouth.
“I want you to cum for me” he gravels in my ear.
“While i’m driving?!?” I gasp back at him.
“Yes! Now! Cum for me”. As he begins rubbing my pussy. Forcing room for the full of hand and room to move. Immediately he is making my legs quiver. I am worried about how to drive and no end up in a crash. I am used to closing my eyes, being lost in the moment. Not now, I have stay focused on the road and pressure on the gas pedal.

I have never been so happy for a stoplight in my life. I slowly break as we approach.. He is rubbing harder and demanding me to cum. My pussy is wet and he brings up his fingers for me to lick. I lay my head back on the rest as his slender long fingers push in me. “oh god”... he begins fucking me like that. Slowly at first with two fingers. Then he forces in the third just as the light changes. I move my foot back to the gas pedal now and it opens me up more for him to fill me. His thumb pressed up against my clit and moving hard against it as he finger fucks me.

Another light, thankfully as I am soo close. Barely making it to a complete stop before my body lets go. I shudder and gasp as my body releases.
“That’s my girl” he whispers in my ear as he kisses my lips and check.
bored, intelligent, woman, mysterious, stranger AND collider, duopoly, mythological, sadomasochism,
Posted:Oct 12, 2014 3:05 pm
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2017 12:27 pm

bored, intelligent, woman, mysterious, stranger
AND collider, duopoly, mythological, sadomasochism, crave
(two sets of 5 words from my status request to use in a fantasy)

As I was finish washing my hands, I glance up in the mirror. Damn, without realizing it I tuck my long sweeping blonde bangs behind my ear. Ugh, now they were wet and I am feeling less than sexy as it is. This whole week has been a shit storm of meetings and critical deadlines. Ending tonight in a less than happening dinner party.

Looking back at myself in the mirror I wipe the smudged eye liner from below my eyes, add some lip gloss over my already Mac Russian Red stained lips. Scoop up my tits and make sure my nipples are even. The black dress I have on is very fitted. I chose to wear a lacy fitted teddy with adorable ruffles that rode my well rounded ass exquisitely. I love how it tugs on my nipples as the garters pull from my stockings. Hoping to bring out my playful side to shut away the bored business woman who has worked so hard this week and not had any time to have fun.

Skooching up my stockings, I adjusted the wide lace band and made sure the satin seam was centered up the back of each leg. Oh how I love the feel of the roaring 40’s.. what an era it must have been to experience. The classic dress and style alone has an air of eroticism. How mysterious every woman must have felt with a netted hat cocked on her head, partially covering her face and shadowing her eyes. It had to be nut busting for any man to catch a “look” or smile from under her shield.

Satisfied with my appearance I let out a deep breath and head back to dinner. What a table of duds I managed to find myself seated with. It was like a pack of hungry wolves and I was waiting, actually making bets in my head as to who would “attack” first. Admittedly it made me smile all the while I adjusted my lingerie just moments prior. As I round the table to the right of mine, I notice a rose placed on the table at my seat. I approach the table and look around it questioning. Returned were several shoulder shrugs and faces full of as much curiosity as me. The gentleman seated to my left gracefully stood and seated me. Smoothly pushing my chair in and staring long enough to try and read the note as I pulled it out of the envelope. Stopping just as the script became visible, I liked up and thanked him, my pause encouraging him to be sit back down.

My attention now back to the rose and note. “You have had my attention all week. I find an intelligent woman like you to be as piercing as the thorns on a rose. Your beauty as stunning as the petals. ~a Stranger”.
Looking back up around the table, I ask who left this. From across I am answered with “one of the servers”. “Oh, Thank You.” I smile and almost whisper back to him. I start looking around the banquet hall. My space feels silent. But everywhere there are conversations, laughs, silverware tinging and a parade of movement about from the servers and guests.
This certainly puts a spin on my recent boredom. Who is this mysterious stranger who has now captured all of my attention. I can feel the heat of the situation crawling over my skin. My mind is all over the place. Is this just a random thing or will this person disclose himself to me. When? I felt uneasy. Should I be alarmed or aroused. Is my admirer tall, dark and handsome or less than desirable. I now am looking about for men I want it to be. Ones I hope it is not. Wish I had a hat and netting to hide my wandering eyes and shelter me from unnecessary eye contact.

Containing my frustration, I try to remain as involved in the table conversations as I can. I also do not want to display any of my trepidation or give whomever the satisfaction of seeing me shaken. Enduring the last hour of this meal was painstaking. Not really having an exit plan or wanting to leave without knowing who the stranger was.. I consider my options. Settle on moving, along with others from my table to the bar. Deciding to continue socializing and possibly narrowing the field.

Two more hours have passed, leaving me starting to feel disappointed that there has been no more contact. Most of the guests have left and even the bar is now thinning out. Damn… so much for ending this nite on a fun note. Deciding to wallow in one more drink before I head back to my room, I make my way to the bar. Sliding on hip on the high boy stool, I hook my heel on the rung and as I lean forward, I again feel the tug on my nipples from the pull of my teddy. I smile at the bartender. I watch as he goes about pouring a glass of wine and consider what I am going to have. Thankful he is unaware of how turned on my nipples alone can make me.

Just as I settle on a Belvedere straight up, he sets the blush wine in front of me. I look inquisitively at him. He slides a note over to my fingers. I lift them to secure the secret. He smiles now like a school boy having done his task well. I opened my handbag to give him a tip and he waves his hand. “It’s all been taken care of”. “By who” I inquire desperately wanting to know. I look at his eyes hoping they will go to him. But nothing. He just shakes his head, he too shrugs his shoulders. ergh. This game has me now feeling toyed with.

Staring at the envelope I decide two can play at this game. I push up to an arm’s length on the bar. I do not know who they mysterious stranger is. And I as an intelligent woman am not going to submit to his beck and call. I am going to sit here and enjoy this wine, that I so need after this long week. Not even realizing my mind had wandered off to work and how bored I was with this whole event. Out of nowhere I am started by a deep raspy voice. “How is your wine?”. I turn to face the voice. Knowing full well this is my moment of reckoning. Finishing my sip, I lick the flavor from my lips before I reply with “fresh and light, perfect to end the evening with”. My God, this man is gorgeous, impeccably dressed, and I realize I can pick up his scent. Oh how I hope this is the stranger. All sense of now has passed and my mind is already undressing him and putting us in comparable positions. Thankfully wine makes my cheeks red because i know I blushed when I made eye contact. It was as if this mysterious man could read my thoughts.

“End?” he purrs like a lion about to devour its prey. Every fiber in my body is now on heightened alert. Turning my whole body to face him, I rephrase my previous sentence. “fresh and light, perfect to revitalize my evening with”. “To that I will toast” and with that we raise our glasses.

collider, duopoly, mythological, sadomasochism, crave

Conversation came very easy with this man I had never met and knew nothing of. I still was unsure if he was my mystery man or just another chance collider in an already enchanting moment. Realizing I had yet to look at the note slid to me with my glass of wine, I reached up and touched it again. Feeling the electricity it encompassed. I felt the tingle in my pussy and I knew regardless of the man behind the note, the excitement and anticipation he had provided me with tonight satied my aching loneliness for the evening.

Curiosity taking over my sense of awareness, I cautiously opened the envelope. So distracted by the hand writing, I was oblivious to the lean sexy fingers that were softly toying with my escaped garter hook and top of my stockings. How long he had been gently taking in the texture of the lace or the coolness of my clasp was unannounced to me. Although I knew he was talking, I am not sure what he is saying… Something about the duopoly the two of us could be and what was that.. in more than one aspect I believe he just said. Not just as professionals but as lovers. Had I heard that right? Oh my, is he touching me? My cheeks are flushed, my nipples hard and perked at attention. This right now was not the time to lose my sense. Wow, had I just read this note right?

I must compose myself. If this man is not the author.. then who is he… Turning back to face him, I breathe in slowly as I make my way back to his eyes. I need to prepare myself for the possibly that this may be the man I too have longed for. As soo as we make eye contact he drops his to where his fingers are so delicately learning my lingerie. A devilish smile spreads across he gorgeous lips. I find myself wanting to kiss them. Drag my tongue over them.. I need to know his taste. I almost snap myself out of it’s daze. Out of habit my hands go to adjust my skirt and cover the flirty top of my stockings. His hand covers mine “Please, it’s divine”. I look around the room and I sense he understands my need to be appropriate. “I am the only one who can see, you look very classy and stunning to all who see you”. I smile back and lower my face.

Again, the words of the note engulf me “I had lost hope of ever finding the woman, almost mythological, who has haunted my dreams. You are the woman I crave and I knew I had found you the moment my eyes saw you. ~No longer a Stranger”.

It has to be this man… I look up at him again, the questioning in my eyes. He is still smiling and slides his fingers up my skirt. Licking his lips, the smile becomes twisted to the side. “You little minx, where have you been all my life”. “Oh?” I whisper back at him. “Yes. I prefer my woman pantyless”. “Oh?” I again whisper back. This time almost confused. He is not giving himself up at all. I am going to be the fool soon if this is not my mystery man. Moreso… the mystery man is going to lose out, because this man is seducing every fiber of my being.

Probing now for answers “What else do you prefer?”
“Don’t ask questions you may not be prepared for the answers.” he quickly replies
“Ohhhh… your first mistake will ever be to underestimate me”. I almost snap back standing my ground.
With a sparkle in his eye he squeezes my thigh. “Pantyless gives me full access to your pussy and makes it easy to spank your ass.” and said as if to almost challenge me.
Sipping my wine, I take my time. Where is he going with this. Not sure if he is trying to entice me or declare his intentions. In a sweet coy voice I ask “What makes you think I want my ass spanked?”
“Your nipples told me when I felt you dripping wet pussy”.
“Is that so” as I swallow down another gulp of wine. Shifting on the stool and swirling my glass, I hadn't realized just how uneasy he had made me. Or was it just an absorbent amount of sexual tension…
“Absolutely, and as a matter of fact, they assured me, along with your pussy, that you shared my fetish”.

Trying to keep a grasp on my composure, I focused on breathing. The room was extremely hot. My skin crawling with a need to be touched. Yes my pussy was throbbing and wet. My nipples hard, craving this gentlemans mouth and inquisitive fingers. At this moment I had completely forgot about the notes. The core stimulation to my whole evening. Taking another sip of wine, I knock the stem on the bar as move to set it back down. Causing the slightest of splashes and a few drops of wine to land on my leg. As if on cue he pulls his handkerchief out of his pocket. Gently pats up the wine.

Like a beacon, I see a red rose stitched into this beautiful satin piece of cloth. I know now without a doubt that THIS IS my mystery man. I put my hand over his and the hankie. “It IS you”. I ask as much as state. Trying to contain my excitement and pleasure.
“Yes, it IS me”. his stoic face locks into mine. “Do you approve?” and for the first time I see his confidence waiver.
Without any hesitation I spout “Oh my god yes!” “ I soo wanted it to be you.” and the little girl in me came bounding out.
Clearing his throat he says “We shall see”.
Confused, I pry. “What makes you say that?”
“Are you sure you can handle a man with a dark side?”
Trying to read his face, completely unsure of where he was going with this. Before I can respond he continues.
“Do you respect the sharpness of the thorns on the roses stem as much as you enjoy it’s beauty?”
I feel my eyebrows crinkle as I contemplate what he has just asked me. “yes, of course”
“Good” he replies as he tucks my garter and lace under my skirt.
“Have you ever been properly spanked?” he asks as he fusses over my stockings.
“No, I would have to say”. “Only smacks during sex, sporadically”. Why I felt so compelled to be honest and in a full disclosure mode with him I have no clue.
“Well I intend to spank you properly over my lap, for not opening your note sooner.”
Almost snapping my head back to him, I can see the light in his eyes and playfulness that hadn't been there previously.
“OH?” I whisper again. Frankly unclear as to what I think about his proclamation.
Just as I am about to unleash a flurry of questions, he cuts me off.
“Right now you have two choices. One you acknowledged your inner desires for sadomasochism and wanting to explore them with me. Or two, you stand up and walk away from me immediately”.
Again… “Oh” I am stunned. This man has just given me the key to a mythical world I have only read and fantasized about. But is it me… Is it something I really want to partake in.
“Yes my Goddess, my mind has been running wild all week and now that it has your scent and knows your electricity, I am going to take you barbarically in a matter of moments if you remain here at my side.”

Looking around the room and for where the bartender is… I feel as if I should pinch myself. is this really happening? Is this man for real? And both choices leave me destined for a path I cannot return from.
Posted:Sep 24, 2014 8:20 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2014 1:26 pm

I went to bed last night frustrated and disappointed…. sad…. My friend, time, thankfully gave me the ability to think through some things that initially had my damper up.

First you need to realize that it takes a lot to make me react or get “mad”. I am the classic control freak and temper tantrums or emotional displays are a weakness or sign of immaturity to me. NO, it’s not the behavior of a passionate person.. for those of you who want to toot that horn. I am a very intense and passionate person. But I have taught myself how to be reserved and contained. Yes, my inner circle see the more flamboyant expressiveness in me, but again.. I always remain in control.

What I have been struggling with most lately is how many people lie to me. I am the most open, accepting, non-judgemental person. What I have realized is I take it personally. I am not talking about all the white little lies or secrets we keep upon initially meeting another. I am talking about the ones kept or unshared from a lover or deep confidante. I cannot grasp the need to HIDE things from me.

The other angle to this is.. and it is my greatest weakness. Men I apologize now.. But ALL men let me down. It is not a matter of if, but when. OHHH believe me I have analyzed the hell out of this. Initially I assumed my expectations were just too high. I had an ideology in my head of what a real man embodies and I just waited for every man out there to fall short. But with age and wisdom, as my social skills and understanding of how we function, think, act, react have all developed. I too matured in my vision of a man and realistic behaviors.

This achilles heel of mine had caused me to put up a fortress wall around my innerself. Initially as a way of protection. Then as a tool to see just how hard a man would work to break through. How bad did he want the real me. It was my unpronounced challenge. My stick to which I began measuring all men. When they fell short… I reveled in the satisfaction of having not given them enough of me to really matter in the end. They hadn’t truly earned it, I would console myself with.

Now if it wasn’t for the fact that I need a man. Realize I say that in a way that does not by any means state I am not complete without one. Because let me be the first to tell you that the only person in this world who will ever make you thoroughly happy and satisfied, is yourself. If you cannot find and figure that part of you out.. You are going about life ass backwards. Along with that you have to have faith. Hate to throw that in here of all places.. but it truly is the core. With that said… The icing on my cake is someone to share -me -with. That someone who I have no walls, no challenges, no expectations.. they know every transparent layer of me. Complete freedom.

Through all of this I have gained one hell of a sense of intuition. In part I have always had a sixth sense when it comes to people. Granted that skill often makes me “sort” them quickly as to where they will fall in my life. IE: friend, lover, acquaintance, or someone I care to not ever make contact with again. Is this someone I care to spend one afternoon or evening of my life with engaged in brilliant conversation, laughs and gaining an understanding of them, their passions, interest, experiences and company. Or in essence.. not worth my time.

What spurs me the most however are the ones that sneak through my grid. When I fall unsuspecting to a conniving, cunning, selfish man. If you want to see my temper flare.. make a fool of me, lie to me or take advantage of my generosity.. My gift of the real, unedited me. All wounded animals fight back, it’s nature. How they do it is unique to each one. I internalize. I seldom lash out. I coil up and hide in my shell.. the temperature will drop into the ice age.

I am a women with a sharp tongue I know, but I am also a women of strength. I have learned how to use my brain and not my emotion to process. I spent my evening thinking through all of these irritating things that had me frustrated and sad. Reminding myself that the freedom I have found in being open and expressive, is so much more rewarding than the cold dark shadows of my previous box. I reminded myself that no one has taken advantage of me, I gave freely. I did so without expecting in return. That was the deal I made with myself not so long ago. To live, enjoy, experience and let go.

My conclusion at some point in the past few hours came to be just that…. it is better to have lived and learned, than to have not at all.. the classic cliche’. I am not sure if we just live in a society that has become blind and accepting of the attitudes and behaviors of others. Frankly I am appalled at how most women let others treat them. I understand the multitude of reasons.. But what I cannot wrap my mind around right now is why people search and crave certain things, but when served up to them on a platter, they push it away. Have we become so oblivious to the simpleness of our desires that we cannot enjoy them now? Are we numb due the constant mental shut down we enable to be in these situations, but not allowed to feel or “know” the other.

That is my only reasoning. We choose to allow or accept the other persons behaviors/mannerisms/lies because as a society, as a slut, as a woman I have no real other options. I cannot experience if I am locked behind a closed door. Therefore, when outside I am afflicted by the elements. Damn.. that makes me like all the other women I want to shake for being so sedated and lifeless..

Maybe the other women actually know something I do not… Maybe they already have come to their senses and have resorted to defeat. But I won’t. I cannot. I am not programmed that way. I am forever an optimist, I smile and live, I laugh, I enjoy life and people… I will not succumb to the trap that seems to loom outside every door. I would not be here if I did.

So how in the end do we reroute this inevitable reality?… Forgiveness? oh.. but that is thrown about so damn easily. Yes it is a necessity. But way to easy to ask for forgiveness than permission. Honestly, I keep going back to I missed something in these people. That I, not them, let my own self down. I let my guard down freely, just to soon. I chose to live and enjoy without really knowing who I was getting in the pool with. Maybe it is ok to still live but with some life preservers… and not be afraid to throw the fuckers who are pissing us off out of the pool. That’s what we have lifeguards for right?
Height... Does it really matter?
Posted:Sep 13, 2014 11:22 am
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2020 12:27 pm

Height.. Does it really matter?

For me yes. I am a big girl. NOW when I say that, I don't mean a coke machine with a head on it. I am TALL! over 5’9. Heel me up a couple inches and I can easily be 6’. On top of that I am a farm girl, so thick, lots of muscle and now some padding from living life. So when you factor my height against my curves, which I carry very well, I am definitely HWP-height weight proportionate.

Now, if I am in heels and standing six foot tall, I do not feel sexy with a man who is 5’6 and barely 150 pounds soaking wet. The logistics of it all just don’t compute in my head. The concept of bending over to kiss my man (or the man I’m with), my arms being over his shoulders and wrapped around him like i'm a giant would without a doubt make me feel like an Amazon.

Many shorter men tell me how it doesn't matter when you’re in bed.. Ok, that's a fair statement. I would agree to some extent. But only in a few areas. The key ones that are important to me, way out weigh the “you can’t tell i’m shorter when we are laying next to each other” mentality.

For example. How can a man bend me over anything when I am barefoot, let alone with heels on and it logistically even line up. Is there going to be a step stool handy? Or a chair? What about shower sex?? not even an option.. seriously. Especially if the man does not have much of a build. How do small men even man handle women my size? If I squeeze my thighs i’d be afraid to hurt him.

That brings us back to my long legs again… I want a body to wrap them around. Something to ride. I want to feel what I am riding. I like a man who is physically tougher and capable of manipulating my body in a hands-on manner. I want a long body to lay up alongside my legs when they are stretched upward. Or a face that meets mine when I am riding, not lost down in my tits. I want to feel hands that match the man grabbing my hips as he pounds me from behind. I want to feel feminine and like a woman.

Those two are really the key words here. Tall women do not typically feel feminine or womanly when we overshadow the man we are with. We like to feel encompassed and protected. So in that instant when we look at a man or he tells us how tall he is, we have an innate sense that goes back from the beginning of time. Our primal instincts direct us towards the right mate. The appropriate fit for our body.

What about personalty, connection, interests, attraction… Yes, I am not denying that those factors can complicate what is typically a no brainer decision. But realistically long term… it makes it complicated. I will confess to wearing flats when I am with or meeting a man I know is likely not taller or lying about his height. I personally DO NOT like being taller than the man I am with. The problem being, is that I want to wear heels though.. they make me feel sexy.

The only double standard in this I have found for me is men who are physically built. At least my height or still taller, but maybe not over 6’. Their bodies still over power mine. I still feel safe and engulfed when wrapped up in them. But I don't want to be in the Popeye/Olive Oyl scenario either.

I find it bizarre that men are so turned on by being with taller women. Yes I know, to each their own.. That is not my point here. Just bringing up the age old debate of whether or not height really matters. In the end.. for me.. my personal preference if you are going to grant me my wish, I would ask for a man over 6’1. Because for me, YES height really does matter.
Toilet Cock Shots
Posted:Sep 12, 2014 9:50 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2015 6:59 am

Toilet Cock Shots

This coincides with my white socks blog. Men… I DO NOT want to see you or your cock in any of the following shots:
1. Sitting on the toilet
2. Standing over the toilet
3. Standing with the toilet behind you
4. Standing anywhere in the bathroom so I can see the toilet
5. Definitely completely disgusted when I see what you left in the toilet!

Laugh all you want.. But realize that half of all the cock pics I have seen and many of the body pics contain one of the above. It’s the BIGGEST turn off of all. You literally just flushed you chances right down the drain, no pun intended.

First of all because it’s gross. Like you can’t step out of the can and take a pic standing over your bed or even in front of the vanity?
Second.. really… you are stroking your cock and or watching porn while taking a shit?? I don't even want to think of the logistics of this.
Third.. you men underestimate how visual us women are. We see everything in the pics you send us. From wedding rings (which I love on a man who swears he isn’t married, LMA, to your lack of manscaping, how often you have maid service, right down to your GQ or preference of newspapers while have your “me” time. Yes, the reading materials are often visible.

All I can say is THINK before you snap some of these pics. You may not care about anything that is in the background. But I am telling you us women notice. and yes it matters. I can have a man who is a total “FUCK YES” and then he sends me a shot like that and it turns into an immediate “HELL NO”. So if you are struggling with what just happened, things were going so well and all of a sudden a chic has lost interest.. What was the last pic you sent her?

So I am very clear here too… It isn’t about a bathroom shot. Some of the hottest pics I have ever seen have come from that room, mostly the shower or a hot steamy mirror… I have also had some of the most amazing sex in there too. But NO woman wants to think about you on the shitter or jacking off in the toilet. BAD BAD VISUAL.

***ok, ok, "half" is an exaggeration out of frustration. I will drop it to the realistic 10% that it probably only is. But they are out there and so are men taking ass shots with rings from the seat still red and indented on their body...
The "FUCK YES" or "no" Rule
Posted:Sep 8, 2014 6:34 am
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2014 9:24 am

The Fuck yes or no rule.

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, they must inspire you to say “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” also states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, THEY must respond with a “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.

I started writing a post yesterday totally encompassing this subject when I came across this article. It was a moment of "well said" after I read it and I was compelled to share it here. In essence the core of it was why do people either A: continue pursuing others when they are basically just in a slide. B: other people seem so aggressive in “proving” themselves to us. C: the lack of clarity in where either party stands.

This article is spot on… It’s something I think is worthy of being read. It’s a rule I have always lived by, but never had a name for it. If someone does not make me or my inner goddess hop up and down screaming “fuck yes”. Then it’s an automatic no.

I have mentioned this in other posts as well. It’s just a basic simple tool. I utilize it with every email I get. Everytime I look at a profile. During a chat convo. Does this person make me say “fuck yes” or am I stuck in a mode of trying to figure out if I could see myself with this person. Basically, as soon as that mode of contemplation sets in I realize that it's already work. I don't want work. I want someone who is fun, stimulating (both mentally and sexaully) and I find attractive. If I have to sell myself on someone then I am already settling. If they have to sell themselves to me, it’s time to pull the plug.

This list of benefits is so profound. I hope you too find it to be enlightening. I also strongly suggest taking a minute to read the whole article (link at bottom).

This may sound a bit idealistic to some. But The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” has many tangible benefits on your dating life:
1. No longer be strung along by people who aren’t that into you. End all of the headaches. End the wishing and hoping. End the disappoint and anger that inevitably follows. Start practicing self-respect. Become the rejector, not the rejected.
2. No longer pursue people you are so-so on for ego purposes. We’ve all been there. We were so-so about somebody, but we went along with it because nothing better was around. And we all have a few we’d like to take back. No more.
3. Consent issues are instantly resolved. If someone is playing games with you, playing hard to get, or pressuring you into doing something you’re unsure about, your answer is now easy. Or as I often like to say in regards to dating, “If you have to ask, then that’s your answer.”
4. Establish strong personal boundaries and enforcing them. Maintaining strong boundaries not only makes one more confident and attractive, but also helps to preserve one’s sanity in the long-run.
5. Always know where you stand with the other person. Since you’re now freeing up so much time and energy from people you’re not that into, and people who are not that into you, you now find yourself perpetually in interactions where people’s intentions are clear and enthusiastic. Sweet!

credit/ full article: Mark Manson Fuck-yes
Live in the Moment
Posted:Sep 5, 2014 7:46 am
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2015 11:49 am

Live in the moment

I think too many people confuse the love that we have for one another in a FWB/lover situation with the fairies and rainbow kind of love or love that demands marriage, a spoken commitment that is demanding, full of pomp and circumstance. They set themselves up for an unrealistic relationship before they even enter in. Often I think for lack of knowing what they truly want.

For me, I have experienced the whole spectrum of relationships. I had the traditional love affair. Actually had that one right out of the gates. He and I are still great friends to this day, but we did go through our stages of adjustment in the aftermath. Our joke is the “same day, same place, next year.” He still makes my tummy do flip flops and clit tingle when we kiss. But we were meant to be lovers and its the kind of relationship that can't withstand reality.

My next fling was with a more dominant man. I was heartbroken and the last thing I wanted was anything emotional. Plus. now that I had this new found sexual freedom and curiosity I wanted to explore. It was a fluid relationship. He liked to teach, I liked learning I completely trusted him with my body and it gave me a safe space to sexually explore in. Although there never was a depth of feelings, we become close friends and someone who I trust immensely.

During this time I met a man who became my longest and most traditional of FWB’s. What started as a challenge of wills, ended in us both accepting the fact that somehow fate had connected us. The true meaning of a transparency and infinite had presented itself. Separated by thousands of miles, the will always found a way. Thankfully in part to his job and schedule. But when that changed, as all things do, we were forced with the reality of our circumstances.

One of the lessons I learned from him was that love is different to each of us. How we feel, express, envision, expect…. My first lover taught me to accept all people for who they are. Which was a major lesson and tool needed in my marriage. Since that revolution, the tension, animosity and even irritation is gone. My husband is who is. He is the man I chose to marry and father my . Shame on me for expecting or demanding him to change or be someone he isn’t. When in conjunction with the lesson learned about how we love one another. I have become a better person. I respect people in a different way than I did before. I have learned to appreciate them for who they and look past the things that get under my skin.

I realized that we expect others to feel, treat, love us in ways that are like our own. When they aren’t “behaving or saying” things that are first nature to us, we tend to jump to conclusions, over analyze or assume all sorts of things. Instead of just letting that person be who they are or respecting them as an individual, we immediately try to reform them to our way of thinking or behaviors.

Plus, we try to inflict our own personal boundaries on them. All of this happening before, if ever, we realize what we are doing. Which is totally contradictory to why we initially found ourselves attracted to this person in the first place. (or in life itself.. people that we work with or our family.. ). How easily we set aside their individualism, uniqueness, personality, and behaviors. What we fail to add to the equation is the effect that we, in turn have on one another. The natural, kinetic, innate chemistry shared by two people on any level is prevalent without any form or manipulation or influence. It just is.

I am so quick to always say “take me as I am”, “accept the real me”, but let me be the first to say that I, myself have to remind myself to put the brakes on and live in the moment. Let others be who they are and understand that their way of living and feeling does not have to be “my way”. That their cogs of self preservation do not have to make sense to me. Their levels of emotions do not have to color code with mine. Their mannerisms and actions are not like me, nor do they need to be. We are all individuals. Accept each and everyone for who they are and let them love us in their own ways.

By doing this my ability to live in the moment and enjoy people has drastically changed not only my quality of life, but my depth of friendships and even work/social relationships. Dropped my level of irritation, lol, by letting me just say.. “oh well, that’s their choice.” and leave it at that. Not over analyze or spend hours trying to justify what the real meaning was in that comment or conversation.

Hands down this has also made me a better lover. As I said earlier, we are all here to just be us. Be desired for being ourselves. The ability to share our wants, desires, fantasies. If we don’t give ourselves the freedom and understanding to live in the moment, the realm to truly let go is unobtainable. Having broke that barrier it makes the experiences so much more intense. The hunger even stronger. The need to have that uninhibited partner almost a necessity. To be loved by someone unconditionally is the greatest reward of all. As I said, it doesn't mean walking down the aisle, or committed relationship. It isn't coming with expectations or limits. Its just real raw respect and acceptance for being who you are and someone giving a shit about you.

At the end of the day.. isn’t that what truly matters? Knowing you LIVED that day. You experienced. You enjoyed it. You know someone else’s day was better because you were in it. Your day was better because someone else was in it.

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