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My thoughts, secrets, experiences and desires. Including all the intricate and uninhibited opinions, fantasies and ramblings that fill this pretty blonde head.
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Twisted Tuesday
Posted:Aug 12, 2014 10:18 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2016 5:21 pm
Twisted Tuesday

Thinking about how far I have come sexually in the past couple of years. Amazing how closed minded or opinionated we can be about things we truly know nothing of or have never experienced. Granted, I have learned to never jump to conclusions and try to remain objective.

I have always been aware of my sexualness or sexuality. Porn, nude beaches, strip clubs, sex talk, toys, lingerie.. None of that every offended me. I think I was 20 when I got my first sex toys.. a vibrator, dildo, lingerie, flavored lubes and lickables. I can remember trying different positions, how taboo they were or fucking in random places. How naughty it felt to fuck on the kitchen table or hood of the car. I can remember buying crotchless panties and a bra with ties over the nipples and then wearing them home on a flight to surprise my husband. I felt so “slutty”.

Or OMG, I always kept my pussy shaved on the side and just a landing strip starting in my teens. Then went to shaving it totally in my early 20’s. Well when I had my babies I grew back some of the bush so the doctors wouldn’t think I was a sexual freak. LMAO Comparatively to now, I was sooo vanilla back then, it was hedging prudish.

What blows my mind is how does a typical all american mommy go from that mentality to opening up her sex world to the extent that I am at. I make no bones about it, I have been exposed to and experienced things that would make the devil hesitant to make eye contact with me. I am not ashamed, nor do I have regrets… I want more. I crave do overs. My toy and lingerie chests just keep expanding… Piece by piece.

I don’t think of any of that as twisted though, barely consider it kinky. To me it’s just sexualness, its variety. I don’t want the same old missionary sex every day. I’ve learned Confession 17- I love to be spanked. Not always hard, but not always soft either. I discovered I won’t break or get hurt from being fucked hard. My body seems to just take over at some point anyway, I just let go and enjoy the ride. wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. I learned its ok to get to a point where you say, “ok, that hurt” or “owie, thats to hard”. COMMUNICATION is the key to awesome sex. If you don't feel you can communicate with who you are fucking, then maybe you shouldn't be fucking them…

So how far has she come you are wondering.. My last “twisted” experience for me was a FFM. The man Dom. I had not licked pussy at this point, but been on the receiving end several times by other women. It was the other woman’s first time ever with another female. In order to bridge my “pussy licking stubbornness” he planned to use a crop and paddle on me while I devoured her, to make sure I was engaged and working hard at pleasuring her. The same was her fate of training as well. I was terrified of being “punished/trained” like this. I love kissing another woman, touching, tits, making her cum.. just did not want pussy on my face.

He punished me prior for being such a selfish slut and having never reciprocating the favor. The first time I had ever been properly spanked or a red ass in that manner. He then fucked me and I have to confess.. I had a phenomenal orgasm.. OMG. When she arrived he blindfolded me and left me naked on the bed. I listened to him undress her and them kiss. I knew exactly what he was doing to her as he just did the same to me. Laying there hearing it made me wetter and extremely aroused. I heard him instruct her to bend over the bed and lick my nipples. I felt the force of her body dig into mine before I heard the first hit of the paddle on her ass. OMG I was explosive myself. She reached down and started rubbing my pussy as she sucked on my nipples. I felt every swat she took as her body lurched into me. I pinched and rubbed her nipples feeling how aroused and heightened she had become. When he slid his cock in her and she gasped, begging to cum, I heard myself asking for permission too. I felt the crop on the inside of my thigh. Heard him asking who wanted to cum more. Who was going to take the punishment for the other in order to cum. Who was going to please the other first.

Before I could say a word she pleaded for the release. She had begged to lick me. He ordered her down to my pussy. Without question or a second thought she buried her face in my pussy… I was already so close. He briefly showed her where my gspot was and spread open my lips to expose my clit. Like a trooper she dug in. I felt him slide his cock back into her and the rhythm of the assault on her ass begin. It was more than I could handle… I started cumming without permission. I was snapped out of it by a swat to each nipple. He reminded me no cumming without asking. I realized it had only aroused me more. My biggest fear had been shattered.

Even the fear of knowing I was next was subdued. I was actually in a way looking forward to it. When it was my turn, I never once had any hesitation either. The swats forced my face deeper and deeper into her pussy.. His pounding cock made me lick her as if I were being licked myself. I wanted her to cum as much as i wanted to cum myself. It was so TWISTED and in that moment I knew exactly what that meant.

So, here I sit on this “Twisted Tuesday” wanting more than anything to be back in that moment.
Love in an Elevator
Posted:Jul 21, 2014 6:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2014 8:29 pm

Love in an Elevator

I saw Aerosmith Saturday night… Damn.. Can they still rock!! As much as I want to knock Steven Tyler for being such an attention .. the man still has it. To think he and Joe Perry have been rockin’ it for almost 45 years! I wasn’t even born yet when they played their first gig. Legends. If you haven’t made the effort to see them, I promise you won’t be let down.

In the midst of rockin’ out and having some adult beverages the band goes into “Love in an Elevator”. AND where does my mind go… to the thought of how I have never actually had sex in an elevator! Yes I have had some heavy petting in between floors, some making out and kissing of course. BUT NEVER FUCKED IN AN ELEVATOR.. I realize it is something I want to do.

Now my brain starts rolling.. I am visualizing different elevators and scenarios. I’m trying to decide if I want a dark private experience or a total glass, fully exposed to an atrium, body pressed up against it knowing people are watching romp. I begin thinking about what I would be wearing. All fantasies have me in a dress. The question is do I have panites on or not. Is it low cleavage, that in the heat of the moment exposes my tits. Does he have my back pushed up against the wall as he lifts my legs and drives into me. Or, am I bent over my skirt flipped up over my ass, him grabbing my hips as he buries his cock in me. My tits rocking back and forth to his rhythm. Am I smiling at the watchers or lost in the moment?

Damn you Steven Tyler… you added another whole set of “to do’s” on my list!! I am dying to hear how many people have really done it and other elevator sex stories.. Please share!!!
Posted:Jul 19, 2014 8:14 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2015 10:07 pm

One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.
"I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay. I want someone who sometimes makes me go ouch due to their wit and evil sense of humor. I want someone that I can reach out and touch randomly. I want someone I can cuddle with.

I decided all that means that I am sapiosexual."
by Mr M. Ister May 26, 2004, UrbandictionaryI]

Well Mr M. Ister, I would have to agree with you in that I have decided I am sapiosexual as well. Not that this is a new revolution mind you… Just a tag I would ultimately associate with me. For those that are interested and wondering what kind of woman is she. What is really going on inside that pretty little head of hers.

Moreso now than ever I am reminded of what brought me to AdultFriendFinder, or initially on my quest to fill that barron void. Stimulation…. I had become a Zombie. My world void of stimulating conversation.. Someone giving a shit what I thought, my opinions, passions, preferences. Someone who wanted to kick back and just enjoy one another for awhile. I needed someone to provoke me again. Spark something in me that had gone dormant. There is nothing like an intense heated discussion to inspire sexual tension. Then the wicked need to just shut your counterpart up with your mouth and pussy or as a man shove your cock in.

All the while loving the sharpness of reality. The need for someone.. ONE person.. to truly KNOW you. Someone to feel the raw, unbridled intricate inner being. For me, as a sapiosexual, only through intellectual stimulation can I truly be sexually satied. I wrote previously about cold sex.. mechanical sex. I am not saying I can’t have a orgasm from self pleasure or fucking someone I find attractive or fun. Hell, I can own having an orgasm with someone I felt nothing for and had no intentions of ever seeing again. yep, chalk that up to crazy horny and in a mood to just rip one off. OH STOP you self righteous hypocrites out there. I promised to be open and honest in with all that I write.. Keep the judgement gasps to a minimum.. there is no room for them on this site. Women have sex with men who they don't find attractive at all for a multitude of reason, just like men.

My point is… as stated by another on Urbandictionary… PLEASE rub my clit with your mind. To have a conversation.. especially a “deep” one, makes my panties wetter than looking at cock pics or AdultFriendFinder porn. The only way to truly discovering what it is inside that you are to let go of, understand, or come to terms with, is to have someone who is capable of a listening.. processing.. and caring enough to engage in it to begin with.

Sarcasm, twisted humor, wit.. are only by products of an intelligent mind. The ability to “know” how to set a mood or say the appropriate remark without insulting someone or silencing a room. Its an attraction of confidence supported by the brain, a humor that overflows from an internal source of knowledge and opinions. The skill to set someone at ease or tear down their barriers. But capable of comforting and indulging when the need be.

When I look at men (people in general), I see the personality, mannerisms, laugh. When they talk, I hear what is inside their head. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous they are.. If crap is coming out of their mouth, they begin to look as they sound. I find myself distracted by all their imperfections. Why, because I have lost interest. My mind is off in lala land.. It has no reason to check in. It is then that I realize this person will never connect with me mentally. The last thing I am thinking about is him rubbing my clit with his mind. It’s a paramount moment because I know right then what the sum of my relationship with this person can ever amount to. Unfortunately one of my greatest attributes is my ability to compartmentalize people. But I have also learned the necessity of it in ones life.

AdultFriendFinder gives me a chance to see someone from the inside out. I think it is the sites greatest (unknown) tool. A profile tells you so much about a person. The fact that people hide behind not wanting to put effort into it or “someday” they will jazz it up.. Tells me exactly how they are going to be for a lover. I usually never check out a profile for someone who sends me a one liner email.. honestly just delete them, but when I have time and curiosity is driving my mood, I will browse. Unsurprisingly, they are the ones with no content. no pictures. Barely even answered 5 questions. The kicker is.. these are the ones that can’t understand why they are so unsuccessful here. Why no one replies or hits them up. Makes me wonder what they are like in their real world. Again, the paramount moment when you know where someone is going to fall on your spectrum… It’s an easy decision, no content = no stimulation.
Dirty Talk
Posted:Jul 17, 2014 9:11 am
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2014 11:45 am

In relation to the post I just put up about Talking Dirty. The curiosity about how much, how little, to what extreme people are into it, has inspired this poll.

Sorry if I have you singing "and baby... talk dirty to me", its in my head now too..

....you know I call you
I call you on the telephone
I'm only hoping that you're home
so I can hear you
when you say those words to me
and whisper so softly
I gotta hear you..
Yuck! who would talk like that!
I like just some casual sweet comments, but never during sex.
Sexting only
Phone sex only
Sexting and phone sex, but I could never say it out loud in person
Some dirty talk during sex, but not limited
I talk most of the time during sex
OH hell ya, FUCK ME HARDER BABY! (sext, phone, bed)
I like the twist, so please throw some degradation in
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Talk Dirty to Me
Posted:Jul 17, 2014 8:58 am
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2014 6:03 pm

Talk Dirty to Me

I am so fascinated by the impact talking has on me sexually. The actual sound of ones voice.

It adds a whole new dimension to the already growing paradox. Two people connect for whatever reason.. pictures, profile description, introductory email…. the dance begins, slow at first with either some passing emails or a chat conversation. As you get to know one another and find you read each other well you progress into a comfort zone of seeing if there is physical attraction.. you exchange pics.. The tempo now picks up. You discuss all the possibilities, discover compatibilities and begin to fantasize about what is to come.

The next step for me is to “talk”. I am not a big cammer, but will. I need voice as well as a visual confirmation. But often settle for a phone conversation. That is usually the make or break point for me. So much is disclosed in the simplest of actions. But that is what makes it so complex. We don’t “think” when we talk. It’s total reaction. When we send an email we have all kinds of tools at our fingertips. When on the phone, there is a flow. Much like the initial dance of meeting, the conversation takes on the same process. You start slow and get a feel for one another. You start reading the vibe, measure how much you are going to engage. As the pace picks up, you stop “thinking” about what to say or how you are conversing and totally submerge into the conversation. You find yourself enthralled in their voice, their orative mannerisms, their laugh.

What I love about a phone conversation is I can envision myself laying next to that person. I will close my eyes and make the decision of whether or not I would want this person talking dirty to me. What is the “after sex” pillow talk going to be. Can I unwind next to this voice, relax and giggle with them. Or, am I going to have to be the one carrying the conversation. Do I have to drag it out of them. Are they incapable of a casual conversation… Are they able to talk about sex. Things that cut like a knife or will it always only be superficial. A dry, dull laugh to fill the void.

The bottom line is if I have a phone conversation with someone and they cannot express themself over the wire.. I know they are NEVER going to be open or free flowing in person. I am someone that needs to be talked to. Talking dirty isn't just “fuck me harder”. Its all the little things leading in… It’s starts with simple compliments, the things that make you feel special or noticed. Every woman wants her man to tell her she is beautiful, looks amazing, that her man lovers her eyes or smile, laugh, body. I am no longer 20, I have a voice. It took me a long time to find it and I have to have a man who has one too. Talking dirty is telling me you love my tits, ass, pussy. I want to know you have missed it, crave it, are dying to be buried in it. Sex is awkward when silent.

Some men apparently have a rule that if they have told you something once, you don't need to hear it again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME…. You can tell me 25 times during sex that you love my pussy and how you are going to fuck me. Just talking to me makes me wet… I love it. Granted I love sexting, phone sex, just naughty talk all the time.. I am super playful in that regard.. What I am saying though is that I love the openness it involves. It is a dimension all to itself. What it brings to the equation is invaluable.

I always say I am not a mind reader… Frankly I don't want to be. I have way too many other things to think about than try to figure out what is in someone else’s head. I have discovered it to be a turn off. Why do we meet prior to adding sex into the equation?? So we know if we are compatible with each other… ding, ding, ding. Silence is a buzz kill. I can’t say I have ever met a man who shy, quiet, not talkative, who was a verbal animal in bed. The awkwardness was just as prevalent if not more in bed. It actually makes me giggle just thinking about it. Yes I know, we all have the fluke experience. I think it is more common for a female to turn into a verbal vixen in bed than a man. The more I think of it, I have not heard or experienced any man to be the opposite, but have had several men tell me tales of the quiet, innocent girl they took home and she turned into a demanding, verbal animal during sex.

This would make a great poll I think, I will work on it… the curiosity of what level of dirty talk everyone enjoys has me intrigued. Granted, yes I know I am probably on the outer cusp of verbal stimulation.. No, not into the degradation aspect. But love love love a man talking to me throughout sex… There is nothing hotter to me than him saying he is going to cum in me… I love how his voice is raspy or staggered…breathless... the sexual tension in it… the need, desire, lust pelting into my ears and mind… My voice begging and pleading to match his… The take and demand… The moans.. the sounds ricocheting around the room, trapped in my head.. The feeling of being lost in another with only there voice and body keeping you in reality… the fluid movement of the dance, the depth of the sounds, the bass matching your heartbeat.

My dance includes talking dirty… does yours?
Ride'm Cowgirl
Posted:Jul 8, 2014 8:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2014 9:12 am
Ride'm Cowgirl

A couple of years ago, while alone in my bed, late at night, I was watching porn. (imagine that I know). Granted, I prefer to watch real or ameature porn, as I posted on earlier. But there is a wealth of information to be found in either. I love seeing new things and of course seeing exactly how other things are done in different ways.

In this particular film, which had a story line, but I can’t seem to recall what it was about, . The woman was riding the guy. Then she spun around. But then switched it up in a way I had not known about. I had only ever rode myself or saw a woman ride so that she straddled the man. Her legs were on the outside of his body. But she had put her legs inside of his. Her feet back at his hips and their thighs basically touching.

Up until this point, riding reverse cowgirl was never a position of choice for me. I didn't like how it felt, the ride, any of it. But watching this clip made me want to try it. For whatever reason I understood the difference immediately. I also wonder if as we get older, more comfortable with our bodies that fully exposing our ass and leaving it open to play or being smacked is appealing.

As a tall woman, regardless of how we ride, with our long legs, we don't settle on a mans body the same way a woman with short legs do. We typically have a wider frame- hips and can literally spread over a man. I find my knees have to be out really wide, back or up facing their armpits to really feel that grind. We often even like to “squat”. Long legs have to be “situated”. Men have told me that with shorter woman they are literally “riding” them. They feel all their body resting on them. Us taller girls can actually use our bodies(legs) to ride with. Letting us set the depth, pace, stroke.

The other thing I have discovered with all positions, is it greatly depends on your partner, level of intimacy, trust, etc. There are several factors that weigh in to making it a favorite position. Confession 16-I don't have one favorite position.. I like them all for different reasons and based on my partner. I do however think that we find a “go to” position with each lover. It is one that both of us seem to get off together in fairly short order… Well maybe not always short order, but we love how it feels with that particular person. Our bodies align in a very individual way with each other. That is what makes the chemistry, intimacy, physical connection so intense when we find the right bond.

In this position with the riders legs inside, the cock is not only deeper, but hits different places. Plus you can ride in all kinds of angles.. From sitting straight up, leaning back, leaning forward and even laying flat on the bed chest down. Plus he can lay flat, inclined or sitting up. Both people have an enormous amount of pelvic control. Anywhere from just a grinding, rocking, rotating slow motion to and all out long stroke hard fuck.

Not to mention all the add on fun… My favorite is a toy on the clit. You can also reach back and play with his sac and/or use a toy on him if he likes. Your ass is on full display, which I have yet to hear a man say he doesn't like. Or that he isn't enjoying the view of watching his cock in your pussy when you lean forward!! If you’re like me and like a smack or two.. or anal play.. The options are totally limitless. In a lot of ways it reminds me of doggy, but the woman really has all the control in the riding dept....

I dont have a ton of anal sex experience, but I personally don’t really like it in this position unless I am laying back against the man. Which then makes this an awesome position if you are in a threesome… It totally opens up your pussy for entry of the other cock. Which you can do DVP this way as well, which I prefer ... Needless to say.. the sky's the limit in this position just as with missionary. Ok, well way more options in the missionary position.. giggling.

Well now that I have myself wound tight and in need of sex… Time to go back to work.
Happy Riding!
Toilet Paper Placement
Posted:Jul 6, 2014 7:44 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2014 5:10 am

This weekend we had a HUGE 4th of July debate. Someone put the TP in the holder upside down.

So the question is... What is the correct way to place the toilet paper roll on the dispenser.

Does it go OVER? or UNDER?

*If you live at my house, which is full of teenagers and male dominated.. It seldom, if ever, gets put on...
Who cares.. Just put it on the damn holder!
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The Tie (part 2)
Posted:Jul 3, 2014 1:40 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2014 10:59 am

I pull my hips back. I don't want his attention pulled away from what I am doing with my hands. I start stroking his cock with one hand while the other starts playing with his sac. He rolls his head back against mine. “Baby, please….” His breathing is broken, heavy. I kiss his shoulder. With my face pressed against his bare skin I talk into it. “Do you like this sweetie?”, “oh god yes baby!” with a catch in his voice as I tug down on his sac and rub his head. Thankful he cannot see the wicked smile on my face.

“Let me feel your pussy” he begs.
“No, you have to wait… Just like I wait for your cock.”
“I will never make you wait again, I promise!” “I’ll get up and leave, I promise. Just let me have your pussy”. I love the sound of desperation in his voice. I love this power I have never had before. My pussy is dripping wet. Part of why I don't want his fingers there is because I don't want him to know. I keep working his cock. I feel him edging closer and closer. I let him feel my pussy again to see if it will push him even further in.

Like a little boy he huffs, “omg, its sooo wet, its so hot” I NEED IT BABY”.
“shhhhh”... “focus on my hands” “where are my nipples?”
“omg, I can’t, I can’t think straight”. I bite his shoulder “feel me here lover” “zero in on my hands”.
This man who is 6’1 has shrunk down to almost my height in heels. His breathing labored. His body rigid but out of a sexual awareness, not tension.
“God baby, you’re making me want to cum, I don't want to cum like this. I want to cum in you!”
“Feel me sweetie, let go to me.”
“But I have love, you own all of me, let me be in you”. he is pulling back his hips now against me, but he cannot get away. My body is tall and strong behind him. There is no where to go. He has stopped with his fingers now, his focus is where I want it.

Slowly I make my way around his body. He lets out a heavy breath of relief. “Can I see you now?” In a more excited tone.
“No, I am not even close to being through with you like this” i giggle.
“But I cannot take much more. Please, fuck me, let me fuck you.”
“Hmmm you want to fuck me?” “I can accommodate that”. Really have no clue as to where this was going to go, I removed his briefs. His cock was swollen and leaking precum. As I had him step out I licked the head of his cock.
“No i’m not!” I say in a stern voice. Sucking his cock all the way in my mouth until my nose was pressed against his chest. I pull back making a sucking noise… “This would be killing you”. Again, sucking him all the way in. Swirling my tongue on the bottom side of his cock, tugging his sac with my hand and then dragging the suction until it breaks again…. “yes baby, yes, that will make me cum, you know it!”
and again.
Faster now. My hands holding his ass as I bury my face against him. His body now starting to fuck my face. I pull back. Break suction and contact.

“Baby, please” His body is in shock. I look at him standing there, naked, at my mercy. For me he has humored me. For me he has let go. “Yes sweetheart? Is there something you want?” I kiss him. “I want your pussy baby”. I take my fingers and encase them in my pussy… Bringing up my juice covered fingers to his lips I smear it over them. He starts breathing heavier, panting. “yes, please, i want to lick you, I want to make you cum on my face baby, please”...

In his darkness he cannot see that I have bent over in front of him now. With my hand on his cock I tell him if he wants to be in me all he has to do is push himself in. “But i’m so close baby” “please let me be in your pussy…” I again tell him “shove your cock back in me baby”. Knowing he cannot win in this situation he pushes his hips forward. I guide his cock into my soaking wet swollen pussy. “Holy fuck baby!!” He lets out an inhuman moan. Innately his body starts to stroke itself in and out of me. I assist with pressing my ass back into him. He moans and begs as I do. His cock feels amazing. I have missed him.. How he fits. How he feels. He keeps pushing forward into me. I am the one making the awkward motion that is fucking. “I need my hands!” “baby, I need my hands”. I tell him no. He whines… “but I cant fuck you without them”. I giggle, “you are fucking me”. He is NOT amused. Greed has now consumed him and he lost focus. I pull away.

“Stop fucking with me”. he demands in an exasperated voice.
Without a word I drop to my knees. Put my hands on his chest and before I take his cock back in my mouth I tell him to refocus on my touch. Just as he is about to argue I begin sucking his cock. It takes me a minute to get him recentered. I lick all of me off his cock and then stand up with the scent of my pussy all over my lips. “Taste me baby” “Can you smell me”.
“oh God” he whimpers. “that's my pussy, let me have it”. “have you missed your pussy” i ask him. Our breath heavy into one another. He nods. “well it’s my cock and I am not finished with it.” dropping back to my knees.

“Tell me what I have to do for you to let me fuck you?” he begs. I remind him… relax. focus.. center in on what I am doing to you. “i want you to keep doing this as much as I want to just have my way with you”. I smiled to myself. This was what I wanted. Him to find pleasure without having all the control. Of course I wanted him to suffer a bit.. But primarily try something new, different, fun. I want to see him outside his box. I wanted control.

I know at this point he wants to cum in my pussy. But why would I let him start to control the chain of events now. Taking his cock back in my mouth… I start sucking just the head. Stroking his shaft with my hand and playing with his sac. The harder I suck the more intense he gets. Within minutes his body is bound up with the sexual tension again. His hips begging for me to take him deeper. Suck him faster. As I feel him every so close I pull off… “Do you want to cum?” I ask. “omg!.. Yes but not this way, pls let me be in you.”. No I instruct him. And again begin assaulting his cock. “Cum in my mouth” if you want to cum. “No” he argues back.

I am going to keep sucking your cock until you cum I tell him. And if you keep holding off I will edge you until there comes a time you can’t hold back. “Please, baby, please” I can feel how torn he is. I have been there myself. But I know he needs to let go. As he is almost there again, I break suction… let him gasp and regain himself. Then start on his sac with my tongue. Dragging it up over each one, up the shaft. Teasing the head. He body twitches, gasps… The anticipation to be in my mouth his causing every fiber in him to ache. I keep licking this time. I love how he feels like a tight bow string. Just waiting to be plucked. Finally, in the softest voice… “please make me cum baby, please” “i ca, can't take it anymore” “I ca, can't hold back”.

With that I slid his cock back in my mouth. I reached back and found his hands. I undid the button on the cuff of the one hand and stripped it of both my thong and his shirt. Just as he breached the ridge he hands were free and he could bury himself in my mouth. He let out the longest, deepest moan I have ever heard. As he came I could feel him let go of so many pent up ideals. So much control. After his body spasms subsided he pulled me up to him. He kissed me in a way that was of a renewed respect in one another. I lead him over to the bed and way collapsed together.

After a few minutes as we lay intertwined with one another, just kissing, touching, savoring the moment. I said “oh, you can take the tie off now”, giggling.
He sighed… “I had forgot it was even on.”
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The Tie (part 1)
Posted:Jul 3, 2014 11:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2014 9:12 am
As usual, your text informing me the meeting is running over, you’ll be here shortly comes at exactly the time we are to be meeting. Why I get here early is beyond me. I order another drink and text you back. “It’s going to cost you BIGTIME tonight”.
Immediately you shoot back “Baby, you know I can’t wait to see you”. “i’ll be there in 15, order me a martini, one olive up”
“Order your own drink when you get here!” “Meanwhile start thinking about what I am going to do to you once we get to the room!” in a bit of an annoying tone as well as enticing. He is always running late to meet me, it’s not that. That’s just the circumstances of our relationship. I miss him. I can’t wait to see him. It’s been 5 weeks since he was last in town. The anticipation builds to a level that is almost unnerving.

My mind starts wandering now to how I can put a twist on the night. Our sex is always mindblowing. My body reacts to his presence immediately. It knows without a touch who he is. The reaction is electric as soon as we make eye contact. My clit twitches when he touches me. My nipples stand at attention as if instructed. He is very much always in control. It is his dance, he leads, I follow. Seldom do I even get to pick where we go or what we do. He usually has everything planned out. I have never complained. It is so different from my real world. I enjoy the feeling of just going along for the ride.

Interesting how we understand our roles in different relationships. When I am with him, he lets go, I can feel his layers of stress and the real world tension dissipate with every laugh I pull from him or sexual innuendo made. We both like being able to talk about anything, from our personal lives to sports, politics, business. We love the freedom we share, the need to protect one another, the comfort zone we share that you seldom find with people. To him I am his outlet. He can be himself, fun, free, unguarded. He is the same to me, but he is my strength, my support. We champion the other in our weaknesses.

The bartender knowing full well who I am meeting comes over with a smile and encouragement, “he come soon Bella”. I order his drink, the bartender nods and smiles “si, when he comes”. He then motions his hand to a spot on the rail and I can see he has the glass out, olive even laying across the top. He too knows not to make him wait. I just smiled back. It was almost an inside secret. Just then i see him jump into action. Out comes a shaker and I can feel the hair on my neck go up before I even see him in the mirror over the bar in front of me. As if on cue the glass is slid across the bar just as he approaches. I smell him as he kisses my cheek. “sorry baby, you know how business is”. When I turn to meet his eye I notice he has the tie I on bought him. I am thrilled. He likes it. He smiles back and then shows me he also has the socks I gave with it on as well. He slides his hand up my thigh. I blush, not from the action, but from desire. Why is it I want this man so intensely. We have mastered this game of dialing up the heat. How to toy with one another until it is no longer civil.

He leans in and kisses my lips. Then whispers in my ear “I want to fuck you right now”. I smile back. “you made me wait…. now I make you wait”. He lets out growl under his breath. I can feel it on my clit as if his face was there. I know now what my plan is. I am going to try every ounce of control he has. Tonight I find out how much he trusts me. How well he will play my game. How much control he will really give me.

I loosen his tie, lick his lips and tell him I think that will come in handy. He looks at me questioning.. I see a flash of excitement and hesitation cross his face. “what’s in that pretty head of yours baby?”. I kiss him and reach down to feel his already hard cock… “just wondering to what degree I can please you sexy”. I feel his lips curve up next to mine “what are you up to you little minx?” “Lets go to your room and I’ll show you” I say with in devilish tone.

Outside the elevator he presses me against the wall… devours my mouth. His hand claiming what is his.. “god! you’re so wet baby”. “I need to be in that pussy so bad”. I smile to myself.. I have him right where I want him, in my most inviting voice I say “sweetie, tonight I make the rules ok?” “promise me you will play along with me?” He pulls back, concern on his face. “Did you make plans? is it just us?”

“Lover, I told you… You are mine tonight. I am going to make you pay for being late, again”. I feel him tense up. “relax sweetie, I promise you, if you trust me, I will make it a night you never forget.” He smiles now and pushes me in the elevator, hikes up my thigh and presses into me “every time we are together it is the best night ever”. His hard cock and sweet tongue almost make me change my plan. I want him in me as bad as he wants to be there. I hope I can stand strong and pull off what I know will be the most erotic thing he has ever experienced.

Once in the room, he sets down his things. I put my purse on the desk and turn to him. He starts sliding off his jacket. “NO, let me” I tell him. “But first, your tie”. He smiles. “You going to undress me baby?” “I like where this is going already”. His face lite up. I kiss him, slide my hands up his chest. “yes sweetie, I intend too.” “But first I am going to blindfold you.”.. Instantly the temperature in the room changed. His raging cock has deflated. His eyes dart around the room as if looking for an escape. He tries to redirect. He starts kissing me, telling me how he just wants to be in me. I push his hands down to his sides and say he will be but later. “first, the blindfold”. Hesitantly he agrees. I am like a little girl. Getting this kind of permission is like xmas morning. Plus it is the tie I gave him.. All the more fitting.

I know at this point he is just humoring me. He has shut down. The walls are up. He stands with is chin almost cocked. It is now my challenge to prove myself to him. For him to trust me and to let go. I walk him to the center of the room. He is standing there stiff, i can almost hear the mental battle of voices in his head. I kiss him. Touch is hands and begin talking to him. I tell him to shut out everything else. To only listen to me. Only hear me. Feel everything I do. See only me behind his closes eyes. As I step away from him a bit he tenses.. his hands fist up. I am amazed at all of his physical mannerisms protecting him. I trail my fingers over his jacket… down his arms, over his shoulders. Walking behind him I reach up on my toes to whisper in his ear… “relax baby, trust me”. I lick up his neck to his ear. His hand reach back to feel me. I grab his wrist and push them down. “no sweetie, you only feel”. I felt the pout as it left his body

I grab the collar of this jacket and slid it off his slender long body. Then snuggling into him from behind I wrap my arms and body against his. I kiss his shoulders. All the while talking. Telling him how much I missed him and his incredible body. He again reaches his hands back to touch me… “tsk, tsk” I sound to him. I let go and slid off my thong. I then take his hands and bind them with my panties. Of course he can get out of it. But now he is also distracted by how wet they are “omg baby, you are torturing me”. I giggled.. “that's the point!”.

Circling back around to the front I kiss him again. This time long, hot intense. He has never kissed me without his hands before. Without being able to touch and engulf me. As I kiss him I start unbuttoning his shirt. Now kissing down his neck and over his chest. I tug the shirt out of his pants. reach my hands in his pockets to take out his phone and change. Teasing he is cock while there. He pulls back. Still trying to be in control. I bite his lip gently but out of nowhere. His hips give and he almost melts. I push his shirt back over his shoulder and down his arms. It helps to keep his hands restrained. I admire his rigid body in the night lights of downtown mpls.

I take off my shirt leaving me just in lacy push up bra and my skirt. Wrapping my arms around him so he can feel my chest against his, I kiss him again. Grab his ass and pull him against my body tightly. He lowers his head as if succumbing to me finally. I kiss my way down his chest. I am now on my knees before him. I unbuckle his belt. Then unbutton his pants. Slowly slide down the zipper. Then move my hands to the waistband and glide his pants down his lean body. He has on black boxer briefs that snug against his athletic frame. I feel his body start to react now to what it is I am doing to him. My breath on his cock, the thought of me kneeling in front of him. The first moan escapes his mouth. I ask if he wants me to take off his briefs. “god yes baby” he replies. “mmmm not yet” I whisper directly to his cock. I move his pants over his feet and take of the whimsical socks I bought him. I kiss my way back up his body which has now become complacent. It is begging for contact.

Covering his mouth with mine again I wrap myself around him. My fingers up through his hair, my thigh around his hip. My wetness pressing against his hard cock harnessed by his briefs. “I need to be in your pussy baby” he begs. “shhhh” I tell him… “Do you want to feel my hard nipples against your chest sweetie?” “OMG, yes! Yes, please baby”. in an almost breathless voice. I reach back and unclasp my bra. Then step back as I slide it off. With only a finger on his chest I drag it around to his back. I press on his shoulder blade.. “should I put my nipple here baby?”. His head nods “yes!”. I move my hand over to the other side, “and how about the other nipple here?” as I press into him. “Yes, yes, please”. I line my body up and and close the gap. My taunt nipples pressing into him. He lets out another unwarranted moan. His fingers are pressed up against the V in my body. I whisper in his ear “wouldn't it be better if I had my skirt off?... another moan escapes him. “God I want to feel your pussy”. I wiggle out of my skirt. Press up against him again. He finagles his fingers free of the shirt and finds my bare pussy just as I reach down from behind him into his briefs and grab his cock. His whole body shudders… He is like a man defeated. I have won my game. He is begging me, to let him, fuck me.
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Doers vs Talkers Icons
Posted:Jul 1, 2014 1:21 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2014 8:41 am

Doers>>! vs Talkers Icons

In a sexual world this becomes astonishingly prevalent. I think AdultFriendFinder needs to come up with more stringent little icons and personality banners for the top of profiles. Sort of like a warning system. Needed for both parties. Talk about a let down if you are under the impression that things are going to go one way and come to find out, the other person was just in a fantasy state of mine. Never in a million years would they act out what was discussed. It was merely just for their erotic stimulation or personally masturbation enjoyment.

Confession 14- I am clearly a “Doer”. >>! If I talk about it, it’s on the table unless noted otherwise. If I say it is a turn on… I have given my partner permission to engage in that activity. Even in a more vanilla aspect, if I say I am going to email, text, call, meet. You have my word. Granted, life always has a way of getting in the middle of things, but my word is my honor. Its part of my personality. I am here to meet people, find a lover, experience and grow, broaden my horizons. If I wanted to “pretend” I would have a flashing banner on the top of my profile claiming i’m in Mr. Rogers Make Believe Land and who wants to join me there.

If I am fantasizing or talking about things I have never tried or am interested in, I feel obligated to fly the warning banner. Heed with caution, no guarantee signs come out. Sadly, many of you get what I say when I tell you it can be a total buzz kill. I had a guy say he wanted to slap me in the face during sex. My reply was “oh hell no!”. He came back with saying it was a just in the moment remark and he never would, but he was disappointed I didn't play along. OK, ground rules people. I need to know that you fantasize your sex life up into all kinds of shit you have NO intentions of ever doing or being a part of. Cuz in my world if I say it! It’s gonna go down.

Talkers like to fantasize and talk about all kinds of things in a “safe” zone. They get all turned on lurking in the lives of us kinksters that actually walk the line. Fantasyland to them is seriously all that. They have NO intentions of EVER partaking in discussed activities. Many of them I have also discovered promise to talk, text, email, meet and NEVER follow through.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with being a “talker”. However, in the mind of us “doers”... It drives us crazy. Can really even piss us off. We are the kind of people that cast things in stone. If you say you are going to bend me over, grab me by the pony tail, shove your cock in me and slap my ass…. STEP UP. Don’t turn into the man who wants me to take the lead on everything and VANILLA is the way of play. You all know what I am talking about.

A friend of mine just told me he chatted up this women here and for weeks she got him off talking him through how she was going to suck is cock… She was graphic and detailed. She went into how she was going to suck his sac, lick his ass and finger it. Let’s just say he was stoked to meet her. Which he said was almost impossible getting a commitment out of her. Finally after several weeks he was able to make it happen. As his friend, he was super excited. Yes the sex factor, but he did like her. They had great discussions. The week leading up to the meet, she went on and on about what she was going to do to him in the car. They meet, have a great dinner, head out to the car and she turns into the virgin mary on him. She had zero intentions of sucking his cock, let alone touching it. He was deflated. Asked if it was the circumstances (being in a car) offered getting a room. She point blank told him she was not that kind of woman and would never do any of the things she said in “sexting”. He has to then tell her that all the things she said she would do were what turned him and why he wanted to meet. She was then devastated. Talk about one big miscommunication. I honestly don’t feel either party was at fault here, what is normal or a personal reality to each of us individually is not a fault. But had she been upfront about it all being talk, it would have saved them both a lot of wasted time.

I have found it becomes very hard to stay engaged with someone who doesn't follow through. I truly feel like they are just talking a big game. What I have found go hand in hand are the flamboyant fantasy talkers and the ones you damn near stand on your head to meet. Believe me men, it is not just you who get rescheduled on. Thankfully my mind has a built in stopper. It all on it’s own causes me to pull back out of a security mechanism. If someone I have invested a lot of time in, opened up to, (likely had phone sex with) (ok, confession 15- I fucking love phone sex).. When I cannot get them to nail down a meeting. I start to disengage. I feel something is not right. I start second guessing their intentions, circumstances, honestly. In the end, it is hard to come back from that place. Plus, it seems things start turning into a three ring circus.

What vexes me the most is they twist it all back on us. Talkers try to say its the doers dragging their feet. Blows my mind. I am the Queen of multitasking. Why is it I can totally reschedule my whole world- , work, husband, life… but a single man with no can’t find time to meet me. and when I go ding, ding, ding…. it is thrown back as my fault. I just stand there trying to remind myself why it is I want to meet that person in the first place. The red flag flying at that moment is they clearly can’t be all the interested. But if I want to have phone sex, they are a phone call away… WTF?!?!?!?!

Doers get things done. We are the ones constantly picking up the pieces. We are focused, intense, direct, hold others to higher standards. We typically don’t settle and we push ourselves. Part of why when we say something, we mean it. We don’t pipe dream. If we say it, we achieve it. Dreams are goals to us. Yes, we are mostly Type A. In my mind A = Alpha. Girls like me crave men who know how to handle women like us. We want the alpha male behind the voice and promises. Men, I know you want the woman who says she is gonna take you and you better hang on. I get that. The problem is.. how do we know who it is on the other end we are dealing with? Takes me back the to Doer >>!/Talker icons
Posted:Jun 30, 2014 9:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2014 8:22 am


This seems to be my reality lately. I am not sure if I am just so preoccupied with work and my that I am not as honed in as I normally am when it comes to “getting” people. Yes, I know many of you feel that this site is just full of bogus, unreal/unrealistic, narrow minded, shallow people. Maybe it’s the positive person in me that is always looking for the best in everyone. Maybe I don't want to acknowledge the insincere mannerisms in people. Likely it’s the middle in me trying to “fix” everything.

Frankly, I feel it is me that is the major misconception. I have found I am the one being mixed up in the misunderstanding. Some how being the one who is transparent has now come back to haunt me. It makes me think of the Jack Nicholson line in the movie “A Few Good Men”.

That’s honestly the reality here. Some of us are phenomenal at being us. We are open, willing to share, wanting to LIVE life and explore/enjoy all it has to offer. Many here toot the horn. They tell us one thing, ask us and want details on every minute experience, though, opinion. But the bottom line is “they can’t handle the truth”. They can’t walk the line. They are stuck behind opinionated, self absorbed beings. Many are damn good at putting up a front that is inviting, but when you take the time to look.. they lack depth.

I am exhausted with feeling like I am prying. I am spent analyzing if they are interested or just horny. I feel worn down by the constant feeling of “where do they really stand”. Is it so hard to just be honest with not only yourself, but me. Is the misconception really assuming there are others out here with my depth, my wants, my needs, my desires… OR do I just dummy down all of “me” here and resort to the constant pathetic booty call mentality and hope.. just hope that somewhere along the way a male who is really a man will present himself in a way that is stronger and wiser than the intensity displayed by the two year old little boy in his pants throwing a temper tantrum.

I am exasperated with the classic cop out here thrown around by men. “you are looking for a husband”. Sadly, I have one of those. Unfortunately I am not satisfied in all areas or I wouldn't be here. Clearly when a man says that to me I immediately check out. He has just said the key thing that tells me he hasn't heard a thing I have said up to that point. But if a woman isn't looking for a husband then it means she just wants quick random sex. Apparently there is no inbetween. What I can't comprehend is what kind of person in their right mind would come here looking for a spouse…. Of all the fucked up things here, that to me is the mother of all calamities.

There must be an “in the moment” misconception as well. I used to think it was only “beer goggles”, but I think it has something to do with the endorphin's in us. The excitement of meeting someone new. We lead them on and make them believe we are interested. Maybe we are in the moment. But later, after the haze clears we come back to our senses. Then one party is left to feel mislead… confused… It’s really the only explanation I have come up with for how there can be engaging email or chat conversations, but a dead end after meeting. This discussion is about after attraction has been established. Granted yes I have met people that I find sexy as hell and then their mannerisms or real time “brain” is a major turn off. My frustration has been out of the misconception that someone portrays interest and then flips a switch.

My conclusion… the misconception is nothing more than someone doing what they need to for the fix. To get the blow job. To get laid. To get the fill they want at that moment. Sometimes its to get the tit or kitty pic. Have the chat friend. The naughty flirty texts. Or to keep that live one on the line. If you feel there is a misconception in a situation you are involved in.. Take it seriously… stop wasting your time and own it as a lie it will unravel to be.
The LOVE of Toys (Two)
Posted:Jun 25, 2014 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2014 1:01 pm
The Love of Toys (two)

Whenever I think of toys, they have to “do” something. Buzz, purrrr, pulse, pinch, rotate, grind, stretch… In my younger years I was never interested in any sort of a dildo. I wanted that extra zip or fun. Nothing to hard, to plastic, or to unnatural. Admittedly I never stuck things (bottles, handles, utensils) in that weren’t supposed to be there. Even the thought of using food (bananas, cucumbers, zucchini) was too far fetched for me.

The first time I was aware of a glass toy I thought a woman had to been insane to stick anything glass up her vagina. The core of what brings us the ultimate pleasures and the essence of life itself, should not be damaged or possible cut to smithereens. Needless to say I steered clear of anything “glass” for several years. Confession 13… I did however learn that mother nature produces very friendly sexual items and I have enjoyed her handiwork on several occasions.

As in all things.. TIME… went on. The lid on my pandora’s box opened wider and wider. My sexualness and the ability to step outside my head, I gave myself permission to try something I considered sketchy. It might have been the wine… But one evening at a girlfriends toy party, I purchased my first glass toy. Not even sure if I ever would even use it. Hell to be frank not sure HOW to use it. (giggling). I think I even had it in my toy box for months before I did.

Obviously at some point I went outside of my comfort zone and got physical with this thing. To my surprise I really love the slick feel of it over my bare wet pussy. At room temperature it has a cool feel to it. The one end has the gspot hook so it is so pleasurable to rub over my clit and in my folds as I stimulate myself. Plus it in a natural way just slides right in and because of the glass effortlessly glides into my pussy. Never have I thought it felt to “hard” or “unnatural”. When buried deep it has a nubbed ball or “knot” that is absolutely amazing! For me just a gentle rock of my hips while rubbing my clit sends me into a spectacular orgasm. Fitting inside my body like it was made for me.

If I had to choose the best feature I would have to go with the fact you can heat or chill it. Enabling another dimension to body awareness, arousal, stimulation, and heightened senses. A friend told me she preferred glass toys for anal play. When I inquired as to why she said for two reasons… One, the glass is like stainless, there is no sensitivity to it. Plus the texture is poreless making it sleek, slippery, smooth. Add a couple drops of lubricant and viola! Just breathe, relax and it slides in easily.
Two, you can warm it up and (unscientifically mind you) your body just seems to be innately more accepting of the intruder. Plus it is a very pleasant feeling.

For the kinksters out there like me. It fucking rocks when you chill it. When you really want to walk the line and wake up the sexual goddess within you.. Just be sure to put it in the freezer for a day prior to using it (I usually just keep mine in there-wrapped in the velvet). Oh my, just had a mind wander to ice cubes, but that is for another day .

Like all toys it should come with a disclaimer… Best if used with a partner! Always!
The Viking Goddess In Me
Posted:Jun 17, 2014 7:10 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2014 1:01 pm
Like the original Viking women, I represent my true Scandinavian heritage. I am tall, strong, beautiful and intelligent. I was bred to be physically capable to endure the hand of any man, as well as skilled at adapting to the present domain and resilient to the endeavors. Preprogrammed to entrust my body, mind and soul to a man who has proven he is worthy of such a gift.

Accepting that he is able to see into my heart and destined to provide me with the fulfillment's in life I desire, crave and need. He cherish's my trust and respect in him as my gate keeper. He protects me as a knight clad in armor, always securing my safety and shielding my spirit so that it can be free to explore and indulge in the many universes undefined by civilized men. Always adoring the fragile little girl illuminated with life and happiness, abound with a sweet lighthearted playfulness, but ever so desperate for approval and freedom.

I stand proud and sure in my womanhood. But I submit to you out of my passion and raw femininity. You have listened to my words, looked into my eyes to see my needs and felt my emotions. My gift is the purist, most natural, but now rarest form of honor bestowed upon any man. Once I have proven my worth and value to you, your dominance allows me to flourish and grow. My alliance is your assurance and my commitment to you. You are proud of my eloquence and sophistication, you praise my success, you feed off my mind, have a voice through my ability to articulate and you thrive off my virtuous hunger for sexual pleasure and the need to please.

Your desire to dominate me is as instinctive as my innate sense of succumbing to you. I give not in a manner of defeat, but out of the strength of will and heart, which parallels your masculinity and mind. Your nature is to protect, possess, defend and provide for me. In return I give you the courage and direction to lead us. Your wisdom, integrity and honor disperse any doubt and give purpose to my existence.

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