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A Bath...
Posted:Jun 15, 2014 9:23 am
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2015 9:35 am
I always let the tub fill up with water before I get in or put bath soap
in. Once there i slip in and lay back. I slide down to wet my hair. Then
I sit forward, turn on the jets and put in my bath soap. Can you smell it?
It is raspberry and vanilla. I like to just sit there with my arms wrapped
around my legs, usually I rest my face on my knees while I wait for the
bubbles to rise.

I was imagining you coming in and kneeling on the floor next to the tub.
running your fingers over my face, over my wet hair, down my neck and
back. Trailing them back up and then down my arm. You lean in and kiss
me. You tell me how much you liked me that way, wet and naked. I opened
my eyes then and smiled at you. I lifted my head and put my wet hands on
your face and neck while we kissed. Pulling you into me. Your kisses make
me moan and my body reacts to you instantly. My nipples become erect and
you notice right away. Kissing down my neck and sucking on them. Cupping
them in your hands you run your tongue over each and up the cleavage.
Licking your way back to my lips. I take your hands in mine and kiss the
insides of your palms. I love your hands and what they can do to me. You
slide your hands back over my breasts, rubbing your thumbs over my taunt
nipples. Then further down in the water, up my thigh into my core.
I spread my legs open for you to move inbetween my lips and caress me.
You love the sounds that escape me.. little whimpers and tingles of

I laid back in the tub while you continued to indulge me with your hands...
enticing me just a little to heighten my senses, cause my skin to perk up
and my nips to stand at attention. You take the wash cloth and soap it
up.. Then begin sliding it over my entire body. following with the other
hand and a trail of fresh water. pressing that hand into me so I feel
your strength. Letting me know that you appreciate me and want to make
me feel taken care of. Occasionally you kiss me along the way and often on
my lips. You talk to me, relaxing me further. It is a mix of things about
my body that you like, along with comments of what you are going to do to
me and how we are going to satisfy each other...

Now that you have washed me and rubbed down my body in a massaging manner,
you wash my hair. And then, as if your hand had never left, it has found
its way back to my core. Your fingers nestled in between the folds. The
pad of your center finger pressing just right against my clit. Your other hand
continuing its journey over my body, stopping to give my breasts special
attention and making sure my nipples where hard by pinching them and
swirling your finger around them. You begin just rubbing me very slow at
first. Moving up and down and then slowing around my clit. It was very
slick submerged in water and felt incredible. The more your fingers were
touching me, the more and more aroused I was becoming... You had brought me
into more of a cloudy state of arousal. You love watching my eyes flutter
and the smokey look in my them. The level of desire you can see in them
when they meet yours. My self conscious giggle has turn sultry and you
have learned it is a sound reserved just for you. It has turned into a
sweet moan that grips at your groin every time it escapes my lips. You are
now craving it, needing to hear it more and more. You begin to rub faster
and more aggressively. I have become engulfed in your touch, your
trance... you are mesmerized with the rise and fall of my chest. the
catches and gasps as you find and attack those little spots or pinch and
nibble on my protruding nipples...

Within a few minutes I could feel the slow burn start and my hips began to
pull away. You stay with me, persistent, crazed along with me for the need
to explode. You want to feel it along with me. As my body begins to
beg and resist all at the same time, you neither slow down or
stop. Instead you rub harder and faster. Even as my thighs squeeze your
hand tighter. I hear your voice clearer now.. your telling me to let go, to
cum for you. and just as you say that I begin to shutter, you can feel me
shattering into a million pieces.. it was the permission I needed to self
indulge completely.....
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White Socks
Posted:Jun 11, 2014 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2014 9:24 am
White Socks

As you all know I LOVE to surf AdultFriendFinder videos and perv all the pics. One thing I keep noticing over and over are all the men wearing white socks. It actually cracks me up. Even crashes the mood. I will be watching the hottest scene and then the guy puts his foot up on the bed or in a way that his WHITE sock covered foot is visible. Or notice click on a profile that has caught my eye only to be flashed by a naked man wearing only his white socks (I guess he just came back from the gym??). LOL

At this point, all I can focus on are the socks. I begin flipping through my mental porn library. It’s like a visual nightmare. Are these men just lazy? In a hurry to fuck? have horrendously ugly feet? think its sexy? or just cold? Wait! maybe they haven't trimmed their toenails in weeks and don't want to scratch the woman. Regardless of any of those options.. there is seriously no excuse worthy of (WHITE especially) socks during sex.

Yes, I know there are those heated moments when things are ripped off and the last thing on our mind is taking off the garments that aren't an obstruction. However, most of the people posting these videos are staging them to some degree. What totally makes me laugh is when its a mfm or more and all the men have on their socks. Come on men!!! You look ridiculous!! If you KNOW this is going to go live… remove the socks!

How about black men with a white woman? The socks are so bright they blind me from her soft milky white skin… And I am sorry, but there is nothing erotic about a super sexy black man in blazing white socks. They turn into beacons begging for attention and I feel like a deer in the headlights.

What I find even more interesting is that it is typically white socks, not dress or dark colored. Interesting observation isn’t it? Think about it…. You might think I am parting hairs here.. but I have to say, I notice a mans socks. It says a lot about him, his personality and how he wants to be perceived. Reality is, the fact he is paying attention to detail distinguishes him as a man I know doesn’t typically cut corners. Hence… likely to be a good lover.

Therefore men… Please take the two seconds to remove your socks.

Not to mention us women love to play footsie.
The LOVE of Toys (one)
Posted:Jun 8, 2014 11:21 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2014 3:16 pm
Since weekends are for fun and the first thing I did this morning was use mine.. I thought I'd share how I learned about one of my favorite toys. The Acuvibe.

About a year ago, I was on a sledding trip with my husband and some friends. It was the kind of group where anything goes and no one gets offended or excited over sketchy behavior that is less than vanilla. Not to mention the trips are laced with lots of liquor, card playing, porn and just out right rowdy obscene behavior. We make sure to leave every bar with the other patrons commenting on what a bunch of crazy fuckers. Plus, they want to be a part of our group. So, we not only entertain them, but they have a good time and laugh their asses off right along with us.

We shared a cabin with two other couples. Long time friends with no need for modesty or any propriety. The first night after we closed the bar, heavily intoxicated and stumbling pathetically we all make it back to our cabins. Peal off all our layers. Basically drop helmets, boots, snow pants, gloves, sled jackets, you name it on a pile. I always giggle because I am the kind of drinker that strips from the garage door to my bedroom after a night out. There is a trail, my can determine my level of intoxication by what was discarded on my way. Here it is not just me, but everyone, right down to long underwear, again, no modesty needed. Noone cares if you match, has holes in it, cost a lot.. Its about warmth.

As typically, we start in a fired up game of euchre. The three guys and me. One of the other wives passed out in her bed before she was even striped of all her gear. We had to help her out of it and then tuck her in. The other wife takes her time getting ready for bed and making drinks. She isn't a much of a card player. She just has big tits and likes to flaunt them about the room and tease the guys. Which she proceeded to do until she had herself worked up in quite a sexual frenzy.

After about 45 minutes, she announces to the four of us that if we don't mind, she is going to go take care of business. Now keep in mind, this is an open cabin. Two queen beds and a set up bunk beds. A small bathroom is the only "room" within the structure. Basically a square. The kitchen table sits just about center of the room.

My friend goes on about preparing for bed in front of us all now, totally changing her clothes. Again, this girl is stacked. So she undoes her bra and all eight eyeballs are glued to her chest. At after 3 in the morning with only a cheesy low floating globe light over our table, we have no problem seeing the full globes she had inserted and her dark areolas that have large button nipples. Now yes I know I am female, but let me confess (12), that I LOVE titties and nipples. I love to see them (the voyeur in me) but also touch, play with, lick, suck, you name it.. mmmm give me some boobie too!

Knowing she full well has all our attention, she now bends over to dig in her bag.. OH YEA! she has no panties on at this point either. She is standing there fully naked. Every man at the table is now hard. The focus on the game now lost. I am as enthralled as the men. Whinning and pouting she says "awwww, how am I going to plug my toy in and use it.. I didn't charge it before we left, I just assumed there'd be a plug." Like fireman called to a 5 alarm fire, the men scramble to assist. I the lone card player now sit at the table thoroughly entertained by how easily a men can be distracted by tits and ass. Not to mention a woman in distress over a pending orgasm.

Realizing an extension cord was needed to fix the issue, one of the guys pulls on his snow boots and runs out to his truck to grab one. Nevermind it is almost 4 in the morning and somewhere near -20 out. The shear blast of cold air that burst in as he opened the door had my friends nipples saluting us all. Frantically she jumps into the bed and covers up. Disappointed the show is over, the other two guys come back and sit down while waiting for our other friend to get the cord plugged in and our lady in waiting situated.

Now, lets realistically think about this. How long does it take for a woman to cum when doing it herself.? Granted I know from my own experience that I can typically make myself cum withing a couple of minutes when using a toy. But usually need some sort of stimulation, whether it was mentally from some previous visual or conversation or porn. Just by using my fingers takes longer... Much longer. I'd say at least 10 minutes with stimulation and longer if I am just laying there and my mental process is just initiating at the same time, basically starting cold.

I you not when I tell you this. Our friend plugs in the extension cord, then the toy and hands it to her. We hear her flip it on, a subtle buz now in the room. He no sooner walks four feet from her bed to our table, sits down, picks up his hand of cards, we call suit and she screams "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" as we look up to see her in the midst of a body spasming orgasm. We look at one another speechless. It took SECONDS for this toy to send her quaking into a squirting, screaming orgasm. The men hard as hell, shattered by the concept of what a toy did in milliseconds. Her husband shrugs his shoulders, "guess I'm not gonna get any again tonight", "And I have to sleep in a wet god damn bed too".

I him and say he probably has limp whisky dick anyway. Going back to our game, still fully aware of her not back to her senses over there on the bed yet. After a few minutes she engages back into our conversation. My husband asks hopefully if there is a round two from that corner of the room any time soon. She replies "oh hell no, I am good for the night now." Then begins coaxing and bantering me into trying her toy.

There is no denying I am impressed. Totally intending to get myself one of them. I mean seriously, after what I just witness, I'd have to be the biggest prude and neanderthal alive to not want one. Finally to pacify her I say I will try her toy when I go to bed. After we finish playing cards. Of course I was turned on, but there was no hurry and I am not as flamboyant as her, so I have no desire to be the side show. I am thinking when the room is dark and the other guys fade off, I'll try this thing magical toy of wonder out.

Just as that plan is unfolding, we all call it a night, turn out the lights, climb in bed, I lay there for a few minutes hoping the other husbands will crash. My husband very eager for me to give it a whirl, keeps insisting, now? Now? almost to the point of irritating me. So in an attempt to shut him up I slide the one tab to its lower of the two speeds. spread my legs and gently lay the head of the wand on my pussy. Immediately I feel my legs quiver, my clit has jumped out and wants to have all of this wonderful sensation to itself. Knowing just as my friend had, it was only going to be seconds before I will explode. My husband, mr. gotta go joe, wants to assist. He slides the level from low to high. There are no words for what happens in the next 5 seconds. My whole body is drawn into this toy. I feel the detonation as I burst literally, the gush as I let go and my whole being convulse. I too know I screamed and have no clue what other sounds of pleasure were escaping my body. It was a moment of no control, ultimate please.

Laying there trying to pull my wits together and make some sense of what the hell just happened. My buddy from across the rooms says to my husband... "Yep, she's hooked, you're fucked!" "Enjoy the wet bed!". My husband sighs.. I'm still in the fetal position, body spasming, mind spinning. "I suppose I am stuck with this raging hard on?" he remarks more to himself than as a question. Frankly I ignore him, after all he is the dumbass who switched it to high. giggling.

What is this toy you are asking.. Or many of you are saying to yourselves that you have hitachi's and they are awesome. Well I had that as well, but believe me when I tell you, there is something about how this wand functions. There is no need for variable speed. You quickly realize that the intense orgasms offered up by the two speeds you can choose from are more than enough.

I promise you all ladies that it is sooo worth it. Especially if you have a hard time squirting/gushing. It will blow your mind. If your woman enough, skip the "Holy fuck!" speed and go right for "OH My Fucking God!" with it directly on your clit. Seconds ladies, I promise you. Take my challenge, you will be glad you did.
Voyeur over Exhibitionist
Posted:Jun 6, 2014 8:18 am
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2014 8:43 am
Voyeur over Exhibitionist

I will confess(11) that I am a voyeur, not an exhibitionist. To clarify what I mean by this, in the simplest form- I love to watch. It took me a couple of years to move past the discomfort of being right there, but we all know our bodies are total sell outs and they leave us no choice but to own what really turns us on. I've admitted to LOVING porn. I have been to sex clubs/house parties and LOVE people fucking all around me. I find it hot when people are making out in public. Whether it just be a lustful kiss or an all out group fest. Bottom line.... It's super erotic to me. I love 4D (PERIOD).

Plus, I am a romantic and incredibly sensual being so I find PDA (public display of affection) to be wickedly sweet and also erotic. It kind of gives you a glimpse into their sex life. Think about all you can tell about how couples interact. Right down to who is more committed in the relationship or who wears the pants.. A kiss can tell you dozens of things.. Who loves the other more, who feels obligated, who is horny, who is mad, who is the lover... I better stop there, that is a whole different post

What I struggle with is that although I have been that person in a heated kiss or making out in public, fucked at house parties, sex clubs, back of a cab with another couple in the middle, a car with others around (and yes as an adult, not talking about when 17) Given blow jobs when driving down the road/rush hour with numerous people noticing. Giggling.. even sex in a park tied to a tree (Shhh we don't tell to many people about that one) Done a few things on cam. I really do not like to be the center of attention like that. I would really rather watch than be watched.

Part of what I have discovered is that a lot rides on who your partner is. If they are full blown exhibitionists, its hard to not find yourself in the center of the action. They feed off being seen, catching people watching them, knowing others are being turned on by them. For me that is not my fuel. I revert back to seeing and hearing others getting off, being pleasured, pleasuring themselves.

The thing I find surprising is how willing us voyeurs are when our exhibitionist partners finagle us in situations we would never imagine or normally enter in on our own. Keep in mind here I am not talking about one on one rendezvous with a lover.. I once had a lover who deployed and the things I did on cam are down right obscene . But he is the one that unlocked my pandora's box and the things we had already done in person were beyond scandalous compared to our camming adventures. Granted for those of us that come from military lives or have spouses, BF/GF's, lovers, any gift we can give them that allows them to check out for a bit or mentally relaxed even if for a few minutes, we check all our inhibitions at the door.

As I write this I am thinking about some of the different situations I have been in and remembering the flamboyant double exhibitionist couples. Sadly my thoughts make me think of the people who are almost in a contest with each other. I didn't find those type of couples intriguing at all. In a way, almost a turn off. The devil himself -SELFISHNESS seemed to be the pawn of choice in their play. I suppose you could say only so many people can demand you "look at me" in a moment.

Yes of course there are just as many double exhibitionist teams that have it going on. They have learned a good balance of pleasure and show. They understand what the voyeur wants to see. Mediated between themselves who and what will be the "show" at that time. What I have found to be the best trait in an exhibitionist is when they showcase their voyeur partner. They take the ease they have at being center attention and focus on bringing out the best in their lover. They know what it is about you that people will fold to see, hear, watch. By your strongest attributes demanding attention, it makes them in turn look like rockstars.

Now don't be thinking a voyeur-voyeur team is boring. I happen to think they are the most intense of all. We as voyeurs aren't looking over our shoulders to see who is watching. We are one hundred percent caught up in the moment and our partners. If you happen to catch a v-v couple in action, to me it is the rawest form of sex. They are completely focused on each other and the pleasure they can bring them. Their state of euphoria is encompassed in itself. Kind of like a snow globe. They are in their own little world. From the outside you see perfection, sparkles, glitter... We all want to be in that fantasy land.
A Hike (part 1)
Posted:Jun 5, 2014 8:02 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2014 9:39 am
Taking a moment to double check my backpack, I wanted to make sure in my excitement I hadn't forgot anything. His call and invitation to go for a hike was very unexpected. He said he was bringing some sandwiches for lunch and hoped I'd show him the clearing by the creek over the ridge I had told him about. In my frenzy to get ready I threw some things in my bag- bug spray, sunblock,a sheet, ball cap, two bottles of water, trail mix, venison jerky and two apples. My mind wandering as to who this man was that out of now where would make a suggestion like this.

At first I felt awkward because at the time it seemed he viewed me as a silly farm girl. I rattled on about some piece of land like it was Oz. As if men care about the wild flowers, tall grass or huge trees with canopies so vast you can sit under them and catch some shade when the sun becomes to hot. The feeling of being tucked in with nature as you lay on your back watching the butterflies floating around, hearing the animals milling about or the trinkling sounds of water as it flows through the creek. In hindsight it does sound kind of "Little House on the Prairieish". I was almost surprised he remembered me describing this to him. In a way honored that a place I considered a refuge to me was of interest to him.

Quickly changing my clothes into something more suitable for the hike, I grabbed a pair of cargo shorts and put on a ribbed tank top. It was already almost 85 degrees out at 9am. I also threw on a short sleeve button down cotton shirt to keep the off the sun and protect me from minor scratches. Brushing my hair up into a couple of pony tails low on the back of my head, I took off all my jewelry and then dug out some mid calf socks. Sitting down on a bench by the back door I pulled on my boots. As I sat there lacing them up my mind began to wander to this man I was about to spend the day with. A sudden rush of panic came over me. I realized I didn't have a lick of make up on. Gently running my hands over my pigtails, I thought how childish that was. Then as I looked down at my boots, it seemed they were screaming back at me "farm girl".

As we entered the woods and started our way up the hill he commented to me about how wide the trail was. I told him it was made for four wheelers. Then asked if he'd rather we went on by that route. Earnestly looking at me he said "no, this we can talk and I actually like hiking", I was still taking in this look I had not seen him sporting before. Far from the suit and tie. His face even looked softer and less stressed. For the first time I thought he looked much younger than his age. It was a very attractive side of him I had not yet been privy too.. youthful, eager, relaxed.

About an hour into our climb up the north side of the hill, we could see the ridge. Even though we could feel the heat, both of us covered in sweat, it felt almost like walking into flames as we neared. I let him take the lead as I had seen this vision at least a hundred times. Pulling my hand we crested the hill. He stopped dead in his tracks. First looking out at the sky before us. It was a crystal clear blue, sporadic marshmallowy clouds floating lazily below the brilliant sun. Then as I watched his face look down the south side of the hill. Not nearly as dense as the north side, opening itself up to the rolling ravine before us. He looked to the left and saw it open into acres of pastureland. Then to the right where it weaved in and out of pockets of trees and knolls that over looked the creek before it started it way back up into another hill. I felt his body take in an enormous breath before he slowly exhaled. "promise me you wont ever let me forget today?"

This side of the hill the trail was much rougher, large ruts from the water drainage and then the sun beating down on the exposed face drying it out. It was almost more work going down than it had been coming up. But once we broke the tree line and started crossing the meadow the freshness of the water greeted us. Walking towards one of my favorites spots along the creek I asked him what he thought. "it's as beautiful as you described it." he answered with a look of amazement and awe.

Sitting down in a patch of meadow rue, knapwood, clover, thistles, goldenrod, brown eyed susans, I started unlacing my boots. He came over and sat beside me. Pointing to a plant he asked "what is that? The purple one there? a weed?" I smiled and said "well it is a weed I guess, its milk weed." He said he assumed by the rubbery looking leaves, but was unsure because of the flower. I asked if he liked Monarch butterflies. He shrugged his shoulders, "I have never thought about them", "but I would say yes, whats not to like about them". I had him lay down with me in the tall grass. Weaving our toes in the coolness. I ordered him, "just lay still. Don't think about work. Your life outside of right here, right now in this moment. Notice everything around you." We lay their quietly for a several minutes. The tall grass shading us from the sunlight, but not the heat. Just as I was about to get up the Queen of the pasture herself floated over us. Almost startled, he was fixated on her. As if on cue she landed on the plant he pointed out. "She is likely laying her eggs there" I informed him. He gave me a look, questioning if what I said could be true. "Seriously?"

"Yes, seriously" I replied. "Milk weed is the only plant the Monarch larvae will eat". "They literally strip the plant down to a stem." "Then the caterpillars affix themselves to the underside of a stick or leaf." His intense stare was boring into me. "cocoons?" I looked at him stunned... Maybe they don't teach this in the city... I start giggling, not meaning to laugh at him, but about the fact that I actually know something he doesn't. His smile now matching my laughing, he grabs my feet and pulls me over to him. Laying back in the grass again I realize I am beaming. I stumped the man with all the answers. He starts tickling me. "I'll give you something to laugh about missy". Not really resisting, I wanted to savor this moment. Feeling him encompass me. Wrapping his body around mine, he pulls me over so he can see my face. Leaning in he kisses me. "You are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for". I just smiled and kissed him back. "I'm serious. Why do you always down play your intelligence?" I ignored his interrogation, I was caught up in us, sad he was trying to wreck the moment. "Look at me!" he demanded.

"I don't!" I got up, grabbed my backpack and started walking away from him. That clearly wasn't going in the direction I expected. Heading over to a huge maple tree with an umbrella canopy stretching out at least 15 feet from the trunk, I took out the sheet. As I was spreading it out he walked up carrying his pack and our boots. "I wasn't finished yet" he announced to me. This annoyed me further, clearly this boy is dense. I am not one of his employees. I don't wait to be excused or told what to do. Ignoring him I went about my task, thinking how he just ruined such a wonderful moment. Out of no where I feel ice cold water spraying me. "Let me cool you off a bit" he spews out at me.

"You're such an ass" I spat back as I continue on my hands and knees opening the sheet. "You know you look good in that position?" squirting me with more water. "Here, let me help". I don't even have to look to see his beaming smile.
"Knock it off, I am wet enough" I tell him in a less put out voice.
Then feeling his hands tug on my hips he has placed him self right behind me. "A man could live the rest of his life right here" nudging his hard cock against my ass. Sitting back on my feet I turn my upper body to look at him. He kisses me. Licks my lips. Reaches his hand up to my breast and pulls me tight into him. He smells of sweat, bug spray and sunblock. I twist my body more so. I want to feel his body up against mine. I love how he smells, tastes, feels. I kiss his neck and push up his shirt so I can feel his skin.

The amount of time we spent kissing, touching, licking goes unmarked. The heat of the day has gone unnoticed now as well. It has been surpassed by our own. He undresses me, each piece at a time. I feel as if I am a Christmas present. So eager to unwrap, but trying to hold on to the anticipation and wonderment. The entire time he was talking to me. Making me feel as if we are frozen in time. All there is, is right here and now. I opened up this world of mine and now he is in it. I knew I could never come back here without thinking of him. Remembering this day, this moment. As he laid me back like gently, as if I would shatter, he meticulously covered every inch of my body with his lips and tongue. Claiming what he wanted to be his. When his mouth sucked in my nipples, he nibbled on them and cupped them. Feeling them graze over his lips, around his mouth. Not just one, but both. Then making his way back to my clit. Ever so slowly at first, just barely licking with the tip of his tongue.

Only allowing me to lay back and enjoy. I looked up at the sky through the trees and for the second time today wondered who this man was I was with. Usually the one to take. Always leaving me satisfied and sated, but never indulging me in this way. It was deeper than just a fun happy hour or dinner. More than a night cap. He was touching me. When a man takes his time to know your entire body... What the response is to every nook, which gasp or moan comes from where and what.. When he wants to know all of those things. It transcends from just a good fuck to mind blowing. Taking my hands I knotted my fingers in his hair, ground my aching pussy back into his face. He was killing me a slow death. I knew how good he felt in me, but he was not giving himself to me yet. My hips were rocking forward begging him, the pleas coming out of my mouth went on deaf ears. Only after he made me cum again, did he bring himself up to kiss me. Dragging my tongue over his lips to taste myself, I could smell my scent on his breath, I loved me being all over him.. I loved how he dragged his body up over my wet pussy, cover his chest in the very core of my essences. Wanting to feel every inch of my body. Have as much of me all over him. He not only marked me, but he marked himself with me. It was in itself the definition of intimate.

Kissing me nice and deep, my head spinning, he without warning shoved his rock hard cock deep within me. Reaching his hands up and grasping my shoulders as if I were riding him, he pulled me deeper onto him. My hips grinding back into his rigid body, still begging and pleading. Sliding up on his knees he strokes his cock in and out of me. My body being compressed as if he is folding me into a little box. My legs now up and around him, he starts pumping into me. His hands now entangled in my hair, mouth devouring mine, chest tight to chest, he fucks me. I can feel his cock sliding in and out of my now greedy pussy. My clit still aching over his assault only moments ago is reaching for more stimulation. I'm trying to desperately rub my clit against his pelvic bone. My hands grip his ass and hips.. With every minute we become wetter and wetter with sweat. Our skin is now slick. Shimmers of the sun hitting us as the soft breeze ruffles the branches now glow on our bodies.

"Make me cum" I beg him. "Fuck me harder!" "OMG, Just like that, Deeper!" Lost in a panic and desire, my words become nonsensical. I am moaning and gasping. I was sooo hot. But in that moment, those seconds, I felt sheltered and cherished. The entire escapade left me whirling with an intoxication that was wired with lust and need.
"Tell me you are mine!" I heard him demand. "Tell me this is our place from now on".
Snapping out of my garbled euphoria, I look at him. I can she the youthful man that I had never saw before. For the first time wanting my approval, needing to hear me honor his requests. Realizing my coy she-devil smile was spreading on my face, I felt my body tense, tighten, edge him on. The look I gave him need no complimenting words. The intimacy between us had been established, the awareness and familiarity, clarified. In unison we both let go.. a release that had built to an explosive level.. Him filling me full of his seed. Claiming what he was never able to truly have.

Still panting and folded up tight, I push my legs to straighten out. He doesn't move. "You're going to cook me" I giggle. "or permanently disform me". I push on his chest, bite his shoulder, struggle to free myself of his weight and heat. "Just a moment longer" he pleads. "No, I'm hot!" I say with a playful but serious nudge. "You realize when you move, this! what we have right now, is gone." He burries his face back in my neck. Hiding his face so I cannot read it. I know what is says. He doesn't want this moment, this day to end yet. So I gingerly kiss his forehead. Tap his should and invite him in my sweetest vixon way. "Come swim with me baby". "We have hours to fill with moments like this." Like a his head pops up. There was that boy I saw, he hides in there. Rolls off of me, up on his elbow and with a grin to match mine he says "A swim?, really?". Standing I reach for his hand. He smacks my ass and says "Love, you know all you had to say was, "a swim", and I would have been up and running!".
Manscape Defined
Posted:Jun 1, 2014 6:52 pm
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2014 8:24 am
I received an email today that made mention of my term "manscaped". For those of you out there unsure of what it means, here are Urban Dictionaries two most popular definitions:

Manscape, manscapping, manscaped
1. to groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur.
2. A term used to define male grooming below the belt. A male can use both an electric razor or a regular razor. A Mach 3 is preferable with the ladies on the testicular area. No female likes to deal with hairy balls, so men must education themselves on proper manscaping and maintenance techniques

The comment made in an email was "I love your term "manscaped". It is so......correct in its definitive form. Yet it is meant for not only cleanliness, but presentation as well." He couldn't have said it more perfectly. NOT ONLY cleanliness.... but PRESENTATION as well. And this came from a man!! Now does he get it or does he get it?!?! Talk about bonus points.

Ladies we can attest to having gone down on a man and been like WHOA, I didn't know I needed to bring my machete with! I used to say i'm only taking that cock in until I reach hair. This girl is not burying her face in a rats nest. Now.. its like hitting the instant game over button. I'm not going there.. AND I love to suck cock. (Confession 10) So now you tell me... if you knew the woman you were with would not only suck your cock like it was her last meal, but also lick your balls and anywhere else you "manscaped", WHY would you not PRESENT yourself??

I have heard all of the excuses to by the way. The classic of course being "my wife would KNOW I was cheating". OK, seriously. MEN you are smarter than a 5th grader. First, I don't ask to shave my legs. Nor do I ask to shave my pussy. HYGIENE. It's that plain and simple. Regardless whether you are doing it for us, you should be doing for yourself. It is also personal preference. I have yet to hear a man who trims himself say it is better like chubakka.

I have heard some whining over using a blade.. Hey us girls feel the same way. We have intricate places to get into and around as well... But those of us that prefer to shave it all off, we do it because it's a preference. Yes, I've had landing strips too, but always, always, always keep the ditches clean and nothing higher or wider than a couple fingers. What was there, was always TRIMMED!

Second excuse, "what will the doctor think?"
I would say he thinks you are taking care of yourself and probably have a healthy sex life.

Third excuse, "I'm a man, who cares."
If you are reading this and this is your mindset. Tell me the last time you got a blowjob that made your eyes roll back in your head and your toes curl?

The bottom line is, us girls don't get much in the presentation dept. We are just as visual as you are. We don't like dirty, unkept, smelly things. We don't "man up" and dive in. We get appalled, disgusted and gagged out easily (no pun intended). We don't get lingerie, stockings, or heels to fire us up. Can you imagine us not caring to show off our cleavage or wearing thongs? All we ask is that you please do us this favor... Manscape!

Posted:May 31, 2014 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2015 8:33 pm

Still giggling over the fun banter and mutual sarcasm being shared in our conversation, I was startled when he looked at me with a serious face, dark eyes and began his intense inquisition.
"How do you make a slave bra?" he asked.
Feeling the heat rise in my face, swallowing my own breath, I looked up from my barely eaten spicy chicken penne. "Excuse me" I say in a soft voice, the shy, private person in me squeaks out. My heart rate is now beating as if I were running in the Boston marathon. OMG, I cannot believe he is choosing right here, right now to ask me something like this. I pick up my glass of Diseno malbec.

I glace around the restaurant.. The dial on my panic meter raises a few decimals. I look to see if anyone has heard this question. Scanning the faces, the room is uncannily quiet. I know its actually loud, between the music, conversations and waitstaff shuffling about. But I always feel everyone knows my private secrets. They are privy to my inner most desires. I'm trying to read their faces. Looking for a clue or that look. The one where you know.. they know..

Clearing his throat he reaches out, touches my hand "Tell me, I want to know how you make a slave bra." Now I can see the light sparkling in his eyes. The cocky smile turning up the outer corner of his lips. Setting down my glass, I lock into his gaze, with a devilish giggle and wanton look I answer him, "It's not something I can explain, I have to show you."

Startled by my reply he asks when I plan to give him a demonstration. Toying with my penne as I push it around the plate from side to side. I realize the repercussions of my comment now leave me in a position to either continue with the sexual banter or actually give that greedy sexual goddess in me a chance to revel in her occasional free pass. Sipping down the last of my rich bodied wine, I set my glass down and pull the sultry vixon from somewhere deep in my being to the forefront. Licking the chocolaty flavor the wine leaves off my lips every so slowly.. Trying to plan my next move... The reddness that covered my face only moments ago has faded and I have regained my composure. My shoulders pulled back as I sit up straight again, along with my voluptuous breasts beholding their demanding position of attention. Cocking my head this time to side I again in a quiet but stern voice reply "I guess that depends on fast you can drive."

Like any man provoked, he immediately pushed back his chair and rose to the challenge. Coming around to my side of that table he assists with mine. As he holds out his hand, he briefly leans into my ear, "My lady." Smiling to myself as I place mine in his, I know he has stepped into the game. The tingle I feel as we walk out of the restaurant is not only in our hands, but my clit as well.

Once back in his room he pours me another glass of wine. Raising his glass to me, he toasts my glass and in a musky heavy voice he proclaims "to my first lesson of many". There is no need to check, I was full aware at that moment that my panties were dripping wet. Thankfully for the car ride over, as I was able to prepare and plan my actions. Taking his glass from him I set both of ours down on the table. Turning back to him he is still just standing there, waiting. In my head I giggle. He is unsure of his next move. Immediately a voice in my head screams "POUNCE". There she is again, that sexual diva. Aching to get what she wants. Reaching up I grab his shirt, pull him in and and launch a full out assault on his mouth.. It is a kiss that sets us both reeling into a mad dash as to who can rid the other of their clothes the fastest. Pulling arms and tugging legs, rusting until we are on the bed and grouping every inch of the others now alert body.

Rolling me up on him, he slides his throbbing cock into me. Or maybe I settled myself onto him. Regardless, as my body accommodated his incredible shaft, I had already began frantically riding him. Sitting back on him he cups both my tits in his hands, pinching the nips and twisting them a bit driving deeper and deeper in me. I grind back down into him. Through his silence he now moans, it is the sound of pleasure a man makes as his body lets go. Calling out my name and encouraging me to ride hard, faster, take him deeper. He sets of my orgasm with his causing my pussy to start spasming around his shaft. My own voice has now matched his and I am no longer aware of what sounds are escaping my mouth. When the calm settles I realize I have come to rest laying on his chest. We are both winded, sweaty, our skin crawling in sexual awareness.

Turning his cheek into mine, I can feel the cocky half smile. "I still don't know how you make a slave bra". Giggling, I sprung off his body. Searching about the chaos, flipping up our clothes that are flung throughout the suite. From the bed he asks what I am searching for. "Ah HA!" I shout with an air of excitement. Climbing back on the bed and on top of him. I situate myself so the backside of his cock is against my clit. I want to feel when he becomes aroused again. He is trying to see what I have, but the room is just dark enough. Stammering out a makeshift sentence he unsure of what have. Shushing him with my fingers on his mouth I tell him to pay attention.

Taking the pantyhose that I had worn that evening, I positioned them around my neck. Pulling one leg down the front of me and crossing it over my body, I tuck it between my thigh and his body. Looking up to be sure I have his full attention, I take the other leg and cross it across my body to the other side. Lifting my breast I snuggly wrap it around, pulling it to be sure it is as tight as I want it. Feeling his cock twitch under my dripping pussy now, I continue to wrap it around the base closest to my body, all the way down accept for about eight inches. I take his hand and have him hold it.

As his body shifts a little to partake in my task, I realize he is rock hard again. MMMMM aching to feel him back in me, I rock forward enough to force his head to slip back in. I watch his eyes roll back. His pleasure is as profound as mine. I smile at him. I know he is enjoying every second of this. Taking the other leg of my pantyhose, I repeat with the other breast. When down to the last eight inches or so, I take the tail he is holding and slip it under the layers on the other breast. Hooking the other tail opposite as well, I now tug them together. He reaches up and pushes them from the outsides in, helping me. Now nice and tight, as well as pulled in snuggly, the globes are becoming engorged.

My nipples are beginning to tingle as I feel him twitching in me. Naturally I begin rocking on him. Stroking his cock in and out of me. I realize his hands are unsure if they should touch my now darkening tits. Reading the question in his eyes I tell him to "touch me." Then in a raspy voice beg him "Please suck on them". Without hesitation he stretches his long lean body up and follows my demand. His moans of sound of excitement resonate right to my core. He is tugging and nibbling with his teeth. My normal hard shrunk up nipples when aroused are now full and large.

Like a with a new toy and full of amazement he worships them. The pleasure from riding him and my bound tits is driving me wild. I am riding him like a crazy woman. My inner goddess screaming and waling, thanking me for her freedom. As the pressure builds, so does my orgasm. Just as I begin to edge closer and closer, he takes my tits and cups them in each hand, pinching my nipples with his thumb and forefinger so he can pull me down on me as he trusts hard into my pussy. Over and over. Digging into his chest with my hands I feel my whole body tighten up and the feel of ecstasy spread over me. At that moment he explodes with me. His body rigid, quaking, filing me with more and more of him.

"Holy Fuck My Lady!" "Can I rest before lesson two?"
Giggling and short of breath I ask him what lesson two is. He replies eagerly "The response to nipple clamps."
The Joy of REAL Videos
Posted:May 30, 2014 7:34 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2014 3:51 pm
Isn't there something just deliciously hott about watching the videos here on AdultFriendFinder? Its like being in the bedroom with people. Which I have to confess 9, I love being right there. I am all over watching, hearing, love being on the bed next to a couple or in the mix. Porn live, up close and in 4D. phew.. it's getting hot in here... Oh yea, back to my topic.

What I especially love about the videos here is they are REAL. Yes, I know some of it staged. But who cares. The people are not actors. The orgasms are real. The categories are off the charts. There is seriously nothing hotter than watching a woman's eyes as she is getting penetrated for the first time anally or another woman who has never been tied up and you can feel her anticipation and hesitation through the screen.

I learned how to make my own slave bra from watching another woman on here. She was putting it on for her man as he sat across the room in a chair and then he instructed her to put some nipple clamps on. As her breasts were becoming engorged and the clamps causing tingling, he made her stand before him as he held a vibe to her clit, then he tugged on the chain connecting the clamps, it instantly sent her into a full body almost convulsion orgasm. I am not lying when I tell you I was so turned on by the time it was over I had to go cum myself. I loved hearing her sounds as she experienced this for the first time. It drove me to wanting to know for myself.

That is what I think is so fantastic about this. It's normal everyday people like us. They are not faking this. The sounds and actions are innate. I have learned so much sexually just by watching. Picked up so many little things sexually and about people. Primarily just took them for what they are and enjoyed them. I have to admit I turn to these videos more than any of the other media sites I previously went to. Ok, well there are a few kinks of mine you cant see on AdultFriendFinder, so I still go to get a fix on them elsewhere, lol. Damn censoring. hehehe Apparently we are not all kinky fucks here and need to be appropriate for the do gooders. Oops, did i say that out loud?? sorry friends. ok, not really. I respect everyone for who they are. So that should mean that I am respected for who I am then, including my likes, preferences and opinions.

Going back to the realness... I love that you see all the variety in people. Regardless of the demograph. Come on people, learn to go into things with an open mind. Enjoy what you are watching for what it is. Life in all its imperfections. I was watching some clips from a woman who is larger than most, ave looking, well maintained. What hooked me was her sexual mannerisms. How she sucked cock and loved to be fucked. Every which way and inside out. Now granted I was a bit intrigued, as I said she was a big woman. Lets keep in mind I am no petite tiny tot myself. But this girl was giving all the men she fucked a run for their money. I wanted to high five her. God knows she didnt need me to tag her out. I almost felt some pity on the men.

What I loved about it was I didn't care what her body was like, I didn't care she wasn't a perfect 10 or looked like a fashion model. In most clips she had no make up on. But this woman was a sexual machine. You could tell her personality was super cool and it made you feel like you were right there. IT WAS HOT.

Another video that comes to mind is of a gorgeous woman. She was in a small GB arranged by her husband for her. She came in immaculate. Hair perfect, makeup just right, sexy lingerie, thigh high stockings, heels. Her husband instructed her to kneel, the men stood circling her. She went on to devour each cock and all at once. With in minutes her hair was a mess, black eyeliner and mascara smudged, running down her face, lipstick smeared. Lingerie now tussled, half on and half undone, breasts out, the chemise twisted half sideways really on her. As I watched this, all extremely hot mind you, I sat there thinking how if this was real porn, we wouldn't get to see her like this, she would always look pristine. The even larger revaluation was that not one man was turned off by her now disheveled appearance.

Hopefully you all have had the chance to take in some videos on here, if not I strongly advise that you do. Yes, you may have to search around a bit, but I promise you, they are worth it. Hmmm Maybe I need to start a fav list here for you all to see. Some of the ones I like or are must sees? Let me know if its something you'd want to see.
Don't Stop Believin'
Posted:May 28, 2014 11:11 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2018 12:06 pm

"Don't Stop Believin'" is such a profound song. I've always related to it, but have never taken the time to actually consider the meaning behind what Journey was truly expressing. Granted all great artists or writers are able to reach a cord in all of us. We find something in what they are saying that resonates deep within and the connection to the author then makes us feel they "get us" or "understand" where we are coming from. Possible have even walked a mile in our shoes.

This song is like an AdultFriendFinder anthem.

Just a small town girl
Living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train
....goin' anywhere.

Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train
....goin' anywhere

It starts out setting up the classic scenario found here. Two people, from different worlds. Both seeking something, knowing its out there to be found. Both venturing out blindly.

A singer in a smokey room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

Two people meeting from across a smokey room (the vast world of the internet). But it also makes me think of a night out, meeting someone at a bar, having a date. Your senses heightened, aware of your surroundings. How we often feel everyone is watching, and they know. Maybe its the mindset that you are someplace shady, a place not often visited by you or the person you are meeting. Even though reality is, its symbolism. The strongest verse in this whole song is "for a smile they can share the night".... We all can attest to the strength in that simplest of physical acts. But the strongest unspoken cue in the mannerism of a human. The most subtle of gestures.

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching
In the night
streetlights, people
Livin' just to find emotion
Hidin' somewhere in the night

Talk about the perfect descriptions for so many here on this site... Strangers waiting.. (all of us looking for that person to contact us or to find them) up and down the boulevard (browsing profiles) Their shadows searching (the blind, invisible person behind the inconspicuous profile name) In the night... (no one in our real world knows we are here). Streetlights (computer screens) Livin' just to find emotion (so many looking for that connection, the need, desire) Hidin' somewhere in the night (when you do, so often its behind closed doors or someplace secluded or unfamiliar, out of your normal day to day travels).

Workin' hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin' anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

We put so much energy and effort into filling this void.. getting our fill. We crave it, we all want it. Think of what all we put on the line to get it. It's always a total crap shoot as to whether or not its going to be the one, or if it's another let down. Those that never figure it out, never have any luck. The cycle is never ending. Especially once you have experienced it.

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'
Streetlights, people
Don't stop believin'
Hold on
Streetlights, people
Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'
Streetlights, people

But as humans, we are so resilient.. We persevere. Don't stop believin'... We know if we just stay the course, we are forever optimist in our search. We hold on to that feeling that has now renewed our energy, our belief in the vision, the pleasure, the gratification of our quest. And the song edges us on by reminding us the Streetlights (computer screens), the people (they are all out there, like us, you are not alone). It goes on and on and on and on... There is no end. Just keep going. It is encouraging you to keep pursing what ever it is you are seeking.

Don't stop believin'
A Perfect Ending
Posted:May 26, 2014 5:39 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2015 9:42 am

It's sunset, the evening air is warm and there is a light breeze. You can feel the steam off the water as a mist in the wind. Twinkle lights, some music and a bottle of Zinfandel . What a perfect way to end this wonderful day as we relax on a pair of white slat back adirondack chairs. I have an ottoman and am leaning back with my feet up. You across from me.

I am wearing a spaghetti strap sundress, sandals that I had slipped off awhile ago. You notice my painted toe nails and your eyes can't help but follow along to my ankles and then calves, past my knees and to the inside curve of my thigh... The dress is fairly low and a wrap around with a tie on the side. The skirt is very loose and flowy, the top panel of the skirt parted high and open across my thigh, the bottom covering more but yet still revealing enough to cause a twitch in your pants. The swimsuit I'd had on earlier in the day is now draped over the back of my chair. Making you realize I have nothing on underneath now. I am a bit sunburnt from being out in the sun all day, my skin has a hint of red to it. It makes you want to reach out and touch the mounds that are the top of my breasts. You want to see how far down them the redness goes as it gets lost in my cleavage. Feel the heat that is eminently there.... Wishing for a glimpse of my nipples before they tighten up or even better yet, to catch them as they do.

We are talking, laughing, sharing things with each other. it is uncanny how extremely comfortable we are together. You are enjoying how flushed the wine makes me and aroused by my slight blush when teased or enticed.. I start thinking of the feel of your breath on my skin, the warmth of it, how the vibrations from you voice tingle in the crook of my neck. what the tips of your fingers will feel like gliding over my skin and dress. How you would surely slide your hand up my thigh and under my skirt. How I want to feel what it does to you when my breath catches and the sounds of my inner self sell me out and escape from within. I play with the tips of my hair, twirl them and nibble on my the inside of my lower lip, not realizing my own sexy giveaways..... All the while knowing that if I got up, came over and kissed you, it would be a sweet bit of heaven..... and just a matter of seconds before things would escalate from a slow burn to an intense all out forest fire.

You however, still staring at my ankles and legs.. Lean forward and reach out to touch them.. run your fingers over my the top of my foot, slowly up my leg. Firmly lay your hand on my calf so we are connected. Finally,when I cannot hold out any longer I get up, take your wine glass from your hand and gently push you back in your chair. Then leaning over you to set down our wine glasses, you can see the full of my breasts, it makes you reach up and touch them, cup their fullness in your hands, kiss my warm skin, run your thumbs over my already erect nipples. You look up at me, I can see the desire in your eyes mirroring mine back at me. My hands are on the arms of the chair as I lower my head to yours, drag my tongue over your lips tasting you. Softly, I kiss your lips, both together, then the top one, down to the bottom one, I pull your lip into mine. I tease you with my tongue and then open my mouth to meet yours. Your hand reaches around to the small of my back and pulls me down into you. I am deeply kissing you, savoring every particle of skin we share. My fingers slide in between your collar and neck, up the back of your head. The inside of my palm pulls you into me, I am devouring you with my mouth. My tongue grazes your cheek and you turn your face into the heat of my palm, you kiss it, bite it...

I kiss your other cheek leaving a trail until I get to your ear lobe and suck it in. My breath, the sound, the feel cause you to close your eyes. I can feel you relax under me, sense you let go. You too are now savoring me, my touch, my taste. I move down your neck, prying open your shirt, kissing my way to your collar bone, licking the valley back up your shoulder. Dragging my tongue along the side to the back of your neck, kissing you, absorbing you.

Slowly.... I slide down your lap and in between you legs, I am kneeling on the floor now looking up at you. My palms following me down across your body, over your chest, down your stomach. When I get to your waist, you watch me undo your button, pry down the zipper, peel open your pants and gently remove your rock hard cock. I look up at you with a hint of mischief in my eyes and you return it with a smile. I grab the waist of your pants and you lift your body as I tug them down off your hips. Then with the tip of my tongue starting at the base of your sac, I make a trail up the backside of your shaft, all the way to the very tip and in an upward lick I take your precum. I run my tongue up and down your shaft, flicking the head and swirling around it teasingly. A blast of the cool air sends a chill down your spine. Your hand grip the arms of the chair as you lay your head back and succumb to me.

Watching me as I softy moisten my lips now, you see them glisten just as my mouth separates and encompasses your head. My fingers dig into the sides of your hips pulling you into me as I swallow your shaft, all the way down until you can feel my nose, then face meet your body. You can feel how your cock completely fills my mouth. It is now you whose breath catches as I stroke you in my mouth, ever so slowly initially. God awful long strokes that seem to take forever. My fingertips searing into you, moving you to meet me. as I move faster, sucking you harder, my tongue rubbing you inside my mouth... feeling the sound of my moans surrounding your cock. Demandingly you reach up and grasp my head, connecting more of me to you, but trying to take control.... your fingers laced into my hair, I am bringing you closer than you want and you are trying to stop me.

Getting to the point of needing to be in me, you move your hands to my face, pulling me to come up on you. Painstakingly slow it seems as I move across your body, until my face is back to meet yours. we kiss until there are no thoughts. It's just me, straddling you, there on the chair, only darkness, moonlight, the stars all around us now, the faint sound of the music somewhere in the distance. Its our breathing that we hear like a drum beating in our ears, our moans, our bodies doing the talking.

You can still taste wine on my breath mixed with your own spice. You can see my skin glisten from wanting you and it makes you run your fingers over me, feel my desire as it resonates through me. As I am standing over you again you slide your hand up my thigh.. knowing what you will find, but needing the confirmation for yourself of how wet I am. That I am wanting you as much as I am pleasing you. Kissing me you rub my swollen button.. Spreading open my lips so the pads of your fingers are all in contact with me. sliding over me to dip them in and bring more wetness up onto my clit.. you want to rub your head over it.. feel me grinding that sweet spot into you. knowing how you want to feel me, I lower myself onto you... My hands on the arms settling myself just right so I can rock my hips against your shaft.. its our bare skin on skin touching now as the backside of your head becomes engulfed in my layers of delicate flesh. How slick it becomes when my wetness mixes with your precum. The sensual stimulation is shooting through my body and it is so hard to hold myself there.

Finally, just wanting to be one with you and needing you to make me complete, I slide you in me. Shuddering from the incredible feel of your cock as my body accommodates you. You are sooo deep in me... But yet you reach up, grab my shoulders and pull me down onto you, somehow driving yourself even deeper. Slowly, I begin riding you.... grinding my pelvic mound on yours. My breasts now out of my sundress. Sitting back as I rock, you take them in your hands. Rubbing my nipples, rolling them in your fingers, pinching and sucking on them. I can feel them in your teeth. The closer I get, the rougher you become. both of us now begging the other..... wanting more, knowing what there is to get. Sitting up into me, you grab my hips to maintain the rhythm I have set. Gripping on to the back of the chair I am holding myself down on you. Making you drive yourself in me with every rock and thrust. My voice escapes me and all you hear are my sounds, intertwined with our sounds... My desperate pleading with you to take me there. Until finally..... we both explode....shattering into millions of pieces intermixing somewhere in the stars.... then slowly floating back to where we started from.
Land of the Free,
Posted:May 26, 2014 7:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2014 11:01 pm
Land of the Free, Because of the Brave, We Remember and Thank You!

Having grown up smack dab in the middle of America's Heartland, I was surrounded by the realities of past wars and soldiers that never came home. We are born patriotic. Its bred into us from the generations who felt privileged to have immigrated to this country. Men who were honored to fight for our country and its freedoms. Lucky to have come home, home to the land they love, the privileges that so many take for granted....

For me, I have seen what war can do to a man. What the price is paid for many soldiers. As a the phrase "All gave some, some gave all" was never said without a sadness or gratitude that came from the core of your inner being. I would stand on the curb during parades and watch as our veterans, legion members, and current active duty carried the flag in salute to their fallen brothers and sisters. America's own blood shed to maintain her life. Hero's who paid the ultimate price.

I am the of a soldier, a granddaughter of soldiers, a niece, cousin and friend to numerous soldiers. I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance every morning in school and placing my hand over my heart. I have paused in front of monuments and given thanks to those that that symbolism is representing, the souls it is there to remind us gave their last breath so I would always have mine.

Please take time today to remember the legacies of so many soldiers who deserve our honor and respect this hallowed day. Yes it is about parades and picnics. Spending time with family. Remembering those that gave us the rights to have hand held flags on a stick, sparklers, parades, the freedom to assemble, to sing the songs we chose and the ability to freely speak about whatever we so choose.

Also, Thank the soldiers who came home. Some of them endured and witnessed the brutalities and monstrosities of the world to protect us. They stand tall, united and proud to have been a part of the brotherhood that protects our nation. Many wear the physical scars we can all see, but all carry within the scars that we will never see. Most to never heal. Just slow bleeds that over time weaken. Hug the ones you love and Thank the ones you know walked the line for you. Because reality is, someone always has your 6 whether you are aware of it or not.

Cold Sex
Posted:May 25, 2014 6:55 am
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Time and time again I am asked what it is that drove me to be a card holder in the Naughty Mommy Club. the question comes from everyone... men, couples, other women, the saints, the sinners, even the ones who truly don't give shit, but just want to know my story. The classic why.

Like all marriages, there are several reasons. It's a conglomeration of multiple issues. But set them all aside because I have to be cut throat honest here. I can live with all the stupid things and indifference's. But what I cannot live without is PASSIONATE SEX. Being touched, kissed, or even talked to. There comes a point in your life when you make a decision. Am I going to settle and go through the rest of my life being passive and accepting. Or am I going to grab the bull by the horns and hang the fuck on! It's a choice, not a life sentence.

First, I want to clear up that this is not something that changed over the years which I know is so often the case. I married my best friend. NOT my lover. In my defense I was just to young to know the difference between comfort and passion. I don't care what anyone says, you cant start a fire without a spark. -Bruce Springsteen knows what I am talking about It's sad to think if I had never taken the giant leap and ventured out, I would not know one of life's greatest gifts. Not to mention the freedom of exploring whats inside of each and every one of our very own Pandora's boxes.

You all know what I am talking about.... The kind of heat that could ignite an entire national forest in an instant Cause a flashover that incinerate's everything within its radius. The kind where just a look or graze of the skin sends your sexual arousal meter banging against the max bar. The temperature in the room just escalated to extreme degrees and the only way to put out this inferno is just to give in to the desire. There are no rules or boundaries.

Tell me how a woman like me, who is the most sensual of creatures; intense, creative and insatiable can survive without the most vital of natural pleasures? How I sustained for as many years as I did is beyond reason to me now. Thankfully, I am a very positive person and look forward... never back. I live with no regrets, life is about choices and I am full aware of all the ones I make. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. We learn from the past and grow into the future.

The term "COLD SEX" is the best way I can describe my sex life at home. There is no heat. There is no touching, kissing, playfulness. Preheat is only an option on my shimmering stainless oven in the kitchen. My bedroom has no clue what the word FUN is. Seriously, if there wasn't duct work venting into it, it would be the coldest room in the whole house! How many of you can honestly say you know what sex is like with no kissing and touching. To think it is actually possible. But reality is, you only need to insert tab A into slot B to make the technical function of sex happen. That little 3X2 triangle between my legs is the only section of skin that is desired or needed for the act to happen. The act itself is typically run like some Olympic sprint. Barely reason to break a sweat. Pathetically not enough time, energy or purpose to own any of those numerous orgasms I have each week. Confession 8... I have faked more orgasms with my husband than I have actually ever had.

I am certain most of the men may find that confession offensive. But it is my reality. Plus, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the deep freeze in my sex life. I also wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and been given the chance to see life with my eyes wide shut.
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As Instructed
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I sit here giggling as I type this. I really can't say if this is a result of my blondness or because I am excellent at following directions. I just went to a member profile and the very first line says to "watch my video". So like a good girl... I go right to his video and watch.

First of all.. kudos to him for suckering me right in. What a hook, line and sinker... I baited it. Second.. NICE video... it was worth the intrigue and made me read his profile (which was not nearly as spectacular as the first line). Basically a let down.

On the flip side... It lead me into the thought of how easily I slip into a submissive state. Without a doubt the little girl in me that loves to please. She is so willing to do as instructed and the desire to follow directions makes her eager to become totally engulfed in that moment or task/s at hand. Of course there is that strong, demanding, successful woman (control freak) that doesn't take shit from anyone, who has discovered the pleasure of letting go and letting control be handled by someone else. Confession 6.. I am that woman. I am the one who can own she enjoys being submissive. At times craves being with a partner who understands that need in her and how to satisfy it.

Yes, I know we can analyze this to death. Multiple angles that could be reasons for this, but do they really matter? It's like trying to justify why I like to suck cock or have my pussy licked. We sure don't spend a lot of time coming up with reasoning's for those. We just accept that it is what it is.

My rationale for this like is that as with all things related to sex, in my mind, I completely believe sex is a living breathing thing. It's forever interchanging. What we like at this moment in time, is honestly in my opinion, predominately based on our partner. Along with other contributing factors like health, work stress'es, blah, blah... time.. (the hindrance to all sexual activities, lol).

Have you noticed how there was something that at one point you were completely apposed to? There was no way in hell you would ever consider it. Or you possibly tried it and for whatever reason you decided once was enough. Then six months, two years, 5 years down the road you get exposed to it again. You engage in it. Viola! now you love it or really enjoy it. Was it the new partner? Your more experienced sexual mentality?

My perfect example for this is when I was younger I hated reverse cowgirl. Then one night while alone in my bed (hubs out of town on business) while watching porn on my tv, (Confession 7-I TOTALLY OWN watching porn, LOVE IT) I watched a woman ride reverse in a position I was unaware of. Instead of straddling him, she had her legs inside of his and his thighs basically were touching hers. This position gives the rider all sorts of options.. from depth, angle, pace, rock/grind vs stroke/bounce, ass play, toy on clit, rider can even lay with their body flat... It has definitely become one of my favorite positions.

Now where was the instruction on this... I would have preferred to have gotten it years earlier My point being.. it is ok to not always lead. Just because you enjoy letting your partner instruct you, does not make you fall on the extreme edge of the BDSM spectrum. I have found it is more than ok to give up the reigns and enjoy the ride. Often times the reward is worth suffering through the instructions.

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