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Deception VS Discretion
Posted:May 23, 2014 8:56 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2014 8:21 pm

Am I the only one out here that is NOT appalled when you are getting to know someone and they say "oh, btw, John is not my real name."; "Don't be mad at me, but I am married" or "actually I live in Minnetonka not Shoreview"???

What amazes me the most, I think, is that for as many people here in need of discretion, the unguarded flamboyant tendencies. Profiles contain full exposure face pics/or public pics, logistically accurate, list correct birth dates, jobs/occupations (some even with where), names, , and even job emails/phone/websites.

Where when I signed up for AdultFriendFinder did it say, you must with out sense or reason TRUST all who sign on to this website. And WHY would I trust anyone with the deepest darkest secrets in my life that I am not even able to share with my own husband, without having first EARNED their trust? Or WHY would I trust anyone with MY LIFE. Because lets be real here friends. That is what we are doing. Regardless of what facet you utilize this site. We are all sexual beings whether we come here with our spouse, partner, or as an individual. But we come here expecting DISCRETION in one form or another.

The majority of us truthfully don't want what we do behind closed doors to the be the topic of discussion in the lunch room or amongst our 's classmates parents. We don't want our coworkers whispering about out sexual tirades or kinky kwirks. I will admit I often look at my peers and even though I wonder how freaky they probably are (that is probably Confession 3). Confession 4 would then be, I fear what vanilla people would think of me if they knew. How destructive could it really be to my business, my , the boards I sit on or the committees I am so active in. Would the parents of the I coach run me out. This is MY LIFE. remind me again why I would trust some random stranger on the internet with it?

Deception in my opinion falls in line after you have built up a rapport with someone. To which we all have a different set of guidelines for that. If you're like me it is more of a set of floating parameters or basic intuition. Deception is also purposely hurting someone whether it be physically, socially, emotionally or just to be out right crass. I am bewildered by how many people toot the "need to be discreet, only want one lover" horn, but then they want to fuck bare. That to me has nothing to do with discretion, more like stupidity, and a whole topic to be covered in the future. Deception however is knowing you have been with multiple partners and lying to the one you are with at the moment about circumstances that could put them in jeopardy.

Let's be real here. We are on a sex site. Hoping to find people who are like us, that we can relate to, feel free and at ease with. Granted, if you are like me there is no way possible to ever have sex with everyone I talk to, nor is that my mission. But the bottom line is we are here to have sex. There are multiple scenarios for how this is going to happen. But to assume or stand in judgement over everyone here is out of line. To be offended when someone is truly just trying to be discreet is in it's own way disrespectful. But also keep in mind, if you have developed a relationship with someone, especially if you are fucking, deception happens when you continue to mislead or are unwilling to be open/share things with your partner that in turn could be harmful in some manner to them.

Confession 5, the details on my profile are not all accurate. They are close, but I will always protect my true identity and everyday life. Condemning people for being smart or cautious only makes the person standing in judgement look like an ass. Be sure to know the difference between deception and discretion before you ridicule the intention. If you are on the other side of the fence(the deceptor) and the one being conniving or misleading.... karma is a bitch and I have seen her in action.
Horny Mommy Theory... Exposed
Posted:May 22, 2014 9:29 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2018 9:43 pm

It blows my mind that our husbands, boyfriends, significant others think we are not horny. Hold up here, I am not talking about our lovers, they know better. They are the lucky ones who reap the reward. I am talking about the men we live with.

God knows this girl is horny all the time. Yes, my first confession on The Blonde Wife Mom Enigma Blog. Be prepared there are dozens of them to unfold as we go. It's just that life always seems to be getting in the way. With that said, it does not mean that we are any less horny, any less fantasizing, any less inquisitive or by any means shut our eyes off to what is all around us.

Truth be told I think it is even a curse to be so insanely horny and not get a fix. We all know if "you ain't gettin' it at home, you're gettin' it elsewhere". Granted that doesn't mean all women take the giant leap to seeking out a lover, but it does mean she sees men that surely could do the job and when she closes her bedroom door, the visual she sees when she shuts her eyes, alone in her bed, naked, touching herself is certainly of the man she saw that made her panties wet.

You also better believe that the innocent woman who would never admit to having fantasies, is engulfed in a visual image of what that man is doing to her, and I promise you, its everything she is not getting at home or from her "man".

Bottom line.... Us Mommies are just as horny as anyone else. We just dont have the luxury of "alone time". We have to often plan it or take a shower. Confession 2... we fake headaches, being tired, random excuse to go lay down, close our door and quietly give ourselves some self love. That's right men... you could be in the room right next to us, hell you could even be aching to fuck. But we choose to sneak away and oh yeah, remember that hot guy we saw earlier, the one with the great eyes, adorable smile, sexy compliment he paid us... He's the one who gets this orgasm...

Stage two of the horny mommy theory.. We go get us some. We seek out what it is that we are craving, desiring, or just plain missing in our world and we go get it. I heard this quote first when I was in high school and in my young naive mind I took it to be about love. Now as a mature experienced woman... I know better

When there is a will, there is a way!

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