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Another one bites the dust….  

BlondeWifeMom37 44F
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3/25/2015 10:25 am
Another one bites the dust….

Another one bites the dust….

I am totally frustrated. Is it me? Am I being difficult?

Last week I met a man that I actually really liked and thought there could be great potential. I found him very attractive, loved how tall he was, great personality, mannerisms and conversation. We had lunch and wine. He kissed me goodbye and it was hott!

We continued to email, chat, share pics, plan our next rendezvous. For a whole week we planned to meet today. Now the times have been shuffling do to both our work schedules, but still wednesday. I’m going to admit.. I’m hot, i’m excited, I am READY to get it on. I’ve been thinking about it for days.

He just sends me an email. “Get us a room in ****** (ladies choice). I will reimburse you for the full cost of the room in cash. If you want to bring any toys or accessories to play with, feel free. If not that's fine too. Otherwise be hot, sexy and ready to go by 230. I will be there between 230 and 3.”

Mind you we were going to meet the next town over from me. Now how the fuck am I supposed to justify getting a room there in my name? Secondly, I don’t have a master/visa gift card laying around with enough money on it to use. So not only would I need to go and get cash out, but then go pick up a card and then get the room.

Someone please turn off the cold water… I’m now freezing. I can tell you right now I have no interest in meeting this guy any more. Not once in the past week did he prepare me for what our procedure was going to be to meet. Nothing like springing it on me last minute. Literally!

Clearly he is such an important and busy man to be bothered with such minor details. (insert sarcastic snarl in my voice) Since I don’t run a business or anything myself, I just need to drag my lazy, porn watching, play with myself all day long ass up off the couch. Brush off the bon bon crumbs and hop to it.

Do any of you see why I am instantly turned off and annoyed? I mean come on.. If you are going to fly by the seat of your pants.. someone is going to crash and burn. It’s NOT going to be me. Let’s be a bit proactive and prepared here. I am still shocked. FML

sensualmaninmn 59M  
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1/19/2020 3:50 pm

I believe if he had been serious and focused on you, communication would have been more consistent, and he would have been sharing his thoughts regularly to get you excited and ready.

I realize this is an older blog post, but I am only beginning to rediscover the essence of you by reading.

Funtasy40 59M  
80 posts
7/19/2015 12:40 am

Wow, Maybe you should give a thoughtful man with common sense a chance...? I'm not the kind of man who treats a lover differently than a girl friend! I'm a married man, looking for an ongoing lover for mutual exploration, ( not only sexual!!!). I treat every woman with respect, ( not only the ones I want to sleep with...?!?!). I also know how to plan together! And I'd never order you to do something, Like get a room for us? We can work those things out together! Anyway, I'd Love to have a chance to meet you sometime just to see how we click, absolutely no expectations other than getting acquainted! I've tried so many times to chat with you and we are friends on here, ( I was kind of thinking that might help with an opportunity for at least some chatting?). I hope to hear from you!!! We can talk about the things which you've exposed about yourself that I find VERY interesting!!! Those things are who you are and I notice them!!!

BlondeWifeMom37 44F
35 posts
3/25/2015 11:30 am

OMG his reply when I said "No, I am not doing that".

"Can't or won't? Please explain further, because there are plenty of rooms available today."

now I'm flying the DOUCHEBAG flag. Like what kind of man even says that. So he went through the effort of checking. AND why could he then not reserve one???

(deleting and blocking him as I run for the door)

RideACowboy3021 59M
824 posts
3/25/2015 11:20 am

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I still think the man pays and makes the arrangements and if the woman wants to split the cost after the date, fine.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!

sehd07 53M  
859 posts
3/25/2015 11:13 am

That's a situation that needs more details. Is he coming from a long distance? Putting a hold on a room can show up on your credit card because mistakes can be made with the hotel receptionist. If you didn't want to use your card why not just wait outside for him? you seemed to get along with him. I can't speak for him or you but was time a factor?
It probably could have been handled better and maybe you should discuss that with him instead of giving up on him so quickly.

BlondeWifeMom37 replies on 3/25/2015 11:23 am:
We are coming from the same distance and both on a time crunch. The advantage to having a master/visa gift card is they are not traceable. So it is not going to show up on a card statement. Hence the point in using one of them. You can also just hold and still pay cash on them. My frustration is why not discuss this with me prior. If he knows every kink and desire of mine.. It's not for lack of communication. He chose to slide it in last minute. He was testing to see what he could get away with. That is what more than anything is a turn off.

cinnamon0133 28F

3/25/2015 10:47 am

I agree with you-why couldn't he have just reserved the room with his card over the phone? And he will be there between 2:30 and 3? What you are just supposed to be there ready willing and able? No I don't think so-I would not even waste my time. Im sorry this happened --if he is this lazy setting up a meeting I wonder what he is like in bed? Are you supposed to do everything there too?

Treat Me Like A Angel And I Will Show You What Heaven Is Really Like

BlondeWifeMom37 replies on 3/25/2015 11:15 am:
Agreed... He has been wasting my time. We both know he is coming with a lot of expectations. I have been going back over the past couple of weeks and looking for red flags.

GhostofH 61M
19781 posts
3/25/2015 10:33 am

Always a fine line between spontaneity and being a gentleman. He did a few things wrong. Firstly, he should have gotten the room and he can 'hold' it on his card but pay cash when he gets there, so no charges show up on the statement. He should not assumed the financial part was an easy task for you. I think he was just being lazy and in turn, taking you for granted. Just mho......

BlondeWifeMom37 replies on 3/25/2015 11:01 am:
I think a gentleman can be spontaneous. Honestly I like that in a man. But you nailed it with he took me for granted. Plus he didn't ask me, he told me. Had this been an established arrangement and we had some sexy play dates under out belt, I would have read that totally different. NOT a good first "hookup" impression.

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