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Smoke and Mirrors  

BlondeWifeMom37 44F
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11/10/2015 1:44 pm
Smoke and Mirrors

I have again been reminded how fast we become bewitched... and just as fast we discover it is all just smoke and mirrors…

...and when the haze clears and we wipe the mirrors clean again, the brilliance of reality can be stunning.

Part of what makes me such a passionate woman is that I am all or nothing. I run scalding hot or ice cold. Much of my self discovery over the past few years has been on what level can I really be me. I crossed over to find the things I am missing at home. Fill the voids that so desperately need as much consideration as all other aspects in my life.

What I found was to obtain a connection with any depth, you first have to crawl through a river of skin, cat calls and broken promises. Look past the facade of painted faces, hardened souls and hollow stone gazes. Dig for answers hidden deep and secrets kept behind locked doors.

The reward is in knowing when it's real and genuine, only then is it worthy of your time and self. To find someone to share yourself with is a pleasure all to itself. The true you. The one that is not afraid of where it has been and all the imperfect beauty marks that scar us all. Most invisible, only heard through the words and seen by actions displayed from the thousands of broken souls here.

Time can be such a twisted bitch can’t she. When we want to savor every last second, it has come on gone without so much as a pause. The will to slow it down so it lasts just a bit longer is ripped from out fingers with the ticking of the clock. But when we wait and need, those seconds become minutes, hours and grow into days. When we are searching for that someone to connect with, mercy is nowhere to be found.

We are all broken. The glass on our timepiece scratched or shattered. sometimes our fingers are broken and we find it so hard to keep ticking on. But those internal mechanisms just keep turning. Driven by the need to keep going. So we straighten ourselves and replace the outer shell once again so that we can carry on. Accepting that perfection is not in being pristine, but in having felt the discomfort of having to make adjustments along the way.

rickyspanish76 44M
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11/10/2015 3:20 pm


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