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Spring Cleaning  

BlondeWifeMom37 44F
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3/31/2015 7:14 am
Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

What is going on with people?? Is it a full moon, I swear. C-R-A-Z-Y!

I have to say, men are seriously more batshit crazy than women. I have been around the dark side long enough to have experienced just about every kind of situation, personality, expectation that is out here. I say just about, because it never fails to get blindsided by something I was least expecting.

The most recent request (yesterday) I got was from a man who asked if since I was not into him would I please introduce him to one of my hot friends. OK let’s be real here. WHO??? would do that? Is that a man thing? Like now I’m supposed to be his wingman. Does he know my husband? is there some conspiracy amongst men about using women to line up pussy for themselves??


This coming on the tails of another debacle over the weekend. A man I met and have talked to extensively. Yes, we have had wicked hot sex… I’ve even posted about him.. Mr. Magic Fingers. We are classic FWB. He lives like 4 hours from here, so not easy to meet up. He was coming to town and asked to meet Friday night, then Saturday night he was meeting friends. Unfortunately, I was out of town over the weekend. BUT, he was meeting up with another female (or I should say 2 females) on saturday night and then since he wasn’t going to be busy enough was hitting up a friend of mine, wanting to meet her.

OK, that’s too much game. Word to the wise boys.. many of us women know each other. Girls share things. If you can’t make any ONE of us feel special.. You will end up with none of us in the end. Plus.. don’t lie about what you are doing. I may be an anomaly (yes we know I am), but I want to know if you are meeting other chics. Granted I can’t say if it will bother me or if I will be turned on by it, depends on my mood and the time of the month, lol. But FUCKING TELL ME. Because when I find out you just lied to me and fed me bullshit, then lied to my girl, and fed her bullshit. You are history. Nothing but a memory.

Soo the kicker in all this. The girl he hooked up with saturday night, chats with my good friend (see how small a world it is out here, lol). She tells her that she’d love to have a 3some with my friend and her man. Looks to me like someone just lost out on 3 hot pussies. Because now Saturday night is bypassing him and going right to her own game now too. Like I said what a fucked up bunch of craziness.

Yesterday it all led me to doing some spring cleaning. I went through my YIM and KIK and did a clean sweep. Even did a full email delete. Cleaned up my contacts too. I mean it’s reality that we chat with a lot of people when trying to learn about each other prior to it evolving. Sometimes its hot and constant for a few days or even a couple weeks. But when it dies off or you don’t meet, I should just delete then. We all know that as soon as the contact hits the wall its not going anywhere. Plus none of us want to have to “work” at being enticed by someone. I do that home for godsake.

I think my delete button has cooled off enough now I can get back to work My dance card looks like a blizzard. Thank god spring is in the air.

sconie6789 48M
16 posts
3/31/2015 10:55 am

Transparency - gotta love it!

Notaname99 60M  
505 posts
3/31/2015 8:17 am

there are some gentlemen left. from all the complaints it would seem that there are more stupids than gents. keep looking, remember you have to kiss a few frogs before you find the prince.

aaron1978m 42M  
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3/31/2015 7:31 am

Wow. Sorry to hear all that. I can't even get one hook up. If I had one regular hook up I wouldn't look for more. Stupid guys.

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