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Tell me a fantasy  

BlondeWifeMom37 44F
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12/9/2015 10:52 am
Tell me a fantasy

Tell me a fantasy

I have clearly discovered that i am an exceptional listener and have a way of drawing out of people their deep dark secrets and kinkiest desires. Usually within minutes of meeting people, they open up to me on a multitude of levels. Yes.. I have phenomenal interpersonal skills. I also like to think that is part of what makes me such an intense lover.

What’s eating at me today is that it’s not about having a partner that matches me in those skills.. But who will at least listen. Maybe I talk to much. Hell, half of my mail on here is telling me my profile is way to long or a negative/condescending remark on how I wasted 5 minutes of their time which they are already clearly throwing away if they are perving AdultFriendFinder regardless.

I have chatted with a man for two years. We briefly have met once. We have had NO physical contact. He is obsessed with me domming him. He literally does everything I tell him and has not once questioned it. Plus, he has had to earn my attention back by doing certain tasks if there has been any periods of radio silence between us. A part of me has made these tasks extreme in hopes, I subconsciously think, so that he will end our relationship. No such luck.

To be fair, he is a very sexy man. I was very attracted to him initially and wanted more out of us than what it has evolved to. Now after all this time he is “ready” to meet in person again and experience all of these things we have talked about. I have told him over and over that I am not looking to be a Domme. Am I capable, absolutely. Does it turn me on, of course. Do I want only that kind of relationship with a man, no.

I suggested he find someone more specifically suited for the role. He only wants me… But what he doesn’t get, because he is not listening… is that this is all for him. Yes, I know we do things for our partners/lovers. But, we are neither. He is not giving me anything in return. No void of mine is being filled. Do I love that I know how to turn him on and get him off? fuck yea. Is it a turn on that he will do whatever I tell him… meh. Maybe if it were in person. But I don’t see him physically.

Basically it has become stale. He pounds me with messages and wants more, more, more. I am dreading when he pops up. I feel obligated now. Christ its like a marriage. lol I am giving him the mother-load and he’s giving me a ripple on the ocean. I have told him over and over that I want out. But he continues to suck me into his needy lust for domination.

Finally, after I decided to try ignoring him (which only seems to fuel his desire to please me more) he asks for me to share a fantasy of mine. Not related to “him”. AH-HA.. anyone notice the catch 22 there…. Do you really think he wants to hear about how I want to be kissed and touched and someone to sensually rock my world?

Reality is he wants me to tell him a fantasy that will get him off while assuming it is really what I want. He wants his face buried in my ass, while on his knees naked, cock laced, ass plugged and bound. He wants me to go into great detail. hmmmmm who is getting off here again??

So I have been thinking over the past few days… in two years. This man doesn’t know two bits about me to throw together any string of my likes. He does not know me. I am totally a figment of his imagination. I have given him the words.. thoughts, ideas, my sexually deviant mindset. But all related to what he is craving. Not once has it been about how he is going to please me. In his head he thinks that he would be pleasing me. But sadly, I would be doing nothing but going through the motions. I cannot be pleasured by a man I feel nothing for.

The fantasy… It is to have a man who cares. Now settle down boys, I know that big word scares the shit out of the majority of you. But lets put it into perspective here. Out of 100 women. This is at any given time. 90 of them you could care less about. 4-6 you respect, they are friends, you care out of kindness on that level and for their well being. The next 2-3 will actually move you. You have a closer relationship with them, they could be close co workers, friends, or a lover. They teeter between loving them subconsciously to knowing they are out of reach. But the fact is you care. You might hate that you do, but you do. Of course the last 1 or 2 you love. There is no hiding it.

My fantasy is to enjoy the man who you only get when you are in that top 5% of 100. I want that man. I melt when he looks at me, my panties are wet before he even touches me. I know that as soon as he kisses me all gloves are off. It is going to be an all out feeding frenzy.

Why does it matter? Because as a woman we need to know you care enough about our pleasures and needs, us. You want us uninhibited? You want us off the rails? Give us the security to be free. To know you care and we are safe. To know you care and want us to have as much pleasure as humanly possible. To know you care that when we walk a way, our legs are shaking, our clits are throbbing, our lips tingling, our nipples are sore and you are the reason for it.

Where did any fantasy ever end with “it doesn’t matter, noone cares”.

740snowman 49M

12/9/2015 11:26 am

quit the little story.. and different...................

boyhowdy53 66M
616 posts
12/9/2015 11:14 am

Interesting post. I'd be quite interested in engaging you in conversation.

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