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The Georgian 03  

BlondeWifeMom37 44F
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4/16/2015 11:22 am
The Georgian 03

….continued from The Georgian 02

Laying in between two gorgeous men has a way of making a women feel amazing all on it’s own. Being indulged by their kisses and roaming fingers adds an element of surrealness. Rubbing both of their cocks in my hands, I can feel their readiness along with driving eagerness.

Sliding his fingers down through my slit, the Georgian in his deep southern drawl mutters, “Ohhhh Baby Girl, you are sooo wet!” I can feel his fingertips seek out my clit and tease it with a circular rubbing motion. A deep primal moan escapes my lips. My lover kisses me and kneads my tits as he greedily grinds his body against mine.

I can feel his precum smearing against my hip. He is so aroused, my moaning and gasping causes his body to tighten and I can feel the sexual tension build. The Georgian shifts his body down and is again lapping at my core. Encouraging me to cum again and physically manipulating my body past the point of any control I may have. I am in a total state of reaction. Completely engulfed in pleasure and just “feeling” every spot of contact.

Still rubbing my lovers cock with one hand, the other is buried in the Georgians thick mop on his head. My hips arched back and rocking as he aggressively lips and sucks at my pussy. When he initially slides his fingers in, my inner goddess screams and pleads for more. It’s as if the two of them are having a conversation and I can hear it only in my head. She is instructing him and he is doing everything she demands and exactly how she wants.

I am gasping and moaning. My lover moves up and shoves his rock hard cock in my mouth. I lick him and suck in his shaft. Stuffing himself in deep he makes me gag and push back against the Georgian. He in turn just sucks my clit harder and pushes me back against my lover. I was truly in the middle of these two men and they were pushing me further and further over the edge.

Reaching up I grab hold of my lovers sac, he returns my favor by gripping my breast. He rolls my nipple inbetween his thumb and forefinger. Again it causes me to roll my hips back, I am rewarded with his cock stuffed deeper and the Georgians tongue drilling me. As he tugs and sucks on my clit I can feel myself spiraling again.

Unexpectedly I feel his cock slide in me. I am brought back to my senses and realize he has my thighs in his strong tanned arms. My body is being lifted and pulled into his. Both of these men are filling me... drilling me. Like a rag doll I am just taking it. But in a very pleasurable way.

Suddenly my lover pulls his cock out of my mouth. Bending down he kisses me and asks if I like being fucked by two men? My eyes just roll back in my head. It is amazing. I completely love it. Thanking him.. Thanking the Georgian.. “Oh but we are far from through with you.” My lover interjects. “I just pulled my cock out of your mouth so I don’t cum!” “I’m going to fuck that hot pussy of yours some more first.” He snarls in a raspy needy voice.

As if on cue the Georgian pulls out of me and flips me over. Just like that my lover smacks my ass, “Bring me that booty baby.” Turning my body around I am met by my lovers hands on my hips. At the same time the Georgian closes the gap between us. Still kneeling his cock is thrust into my face as my lover mounts me. Bending down he kisses me and gently situates my hair, tucking it behind my ear and neck. “You look beautiful Baby Girl.” he remarks to me.

Smiling up at him I slide my tongue up his shaft. I can taste me on this glorious man. “You want that big cock in your mouth Darling?” he asks. Nodding I wrap my lips around the head. From behind me I hear my lover tell him how I give amazing blow jobs. Gripping my hair in his hand he mutters how he has now doubt and has been waiting. “That’s right Baby Girl, wrap those beautiful lips around my dick.”

Purposely, I have no doubt, my lover slams me into him. Causing me to take his entire shaft down my throat. The Georgian lets out an animalistic moan. As my lover pounds me from behind I am automatically stroking his cock in and out of my mouth. Since both of my hands are on the bed holding me up, I have no control over how deep I take him in. With one hand wrapped up in my hair the other is dug into my shoulder. Over and over my face meets his body.

My lover reaches around and starts assaulting my clit. It is so aroused and sensitive I find myself squirming. Not intentionally trying to evade him, but remain controlled. Clearly my objective had no chance of maintaining. As soon as the Georgian reached down and started playing with my nipple I was folding. Every time he would pinch or squeeze it my knees buckled. I had lost focus on how to suck him and just let it happen. My mind was floating again. Blown up by the constant stimulation these men were giving me.

Grounded by the sudden intense grip the Georgian has on my hair, I realize both men are on the verge of cumming. Drawn into the sounds of pleasure coming from each man has me aching to feel their release. Each body becoming tighter and more rigid. The desire and persistence now focused.. Being driven by the need to let go. For an instance I am torn between an element of discomfort and extreme pleasure. Thankful my thoughts were drowned out by the sounds of my wet pussy being slapped by my lovers body and the gagging drooling noises escaping my mouth.

Like a bomb exploding they both shatter in me at the same time. Push between the two of them I am unable to breathe as I feel myself being stuffed with their loads. Somewhere from deep within I feel a shudder that simultaneously ripples through me. At some point the weight of my body had shifted to the two of them holding me up. It was the tingling in my hair the first clued me into realizing my arms had buckled and the Georgian was supporting me. My entire body was shaking as they gently lay me down on the bed. Both treating me like a delicate piece of glass. Never mind they had just both fucked the hell out of me.

Kissing my mouth and sliding his tongue over my cum covered lips, the Georgian again thanks me. “You Darling are exquisite.” and with that he pulled on his jeans and shirt, nodded to my lover and left. Snuggling up behind me, my lover kissed my shoulder and neck. “How are you doing baby?” he asked. Purring like a well satisfied and content kitten I smiled… “I am wonderful, Thank you baby!”

Sliding his hand down between my legs, he pushes them apart. His fingers clearly claiming what was his…. “Excellent! Cuz you have about 10 minutes and I am going to take you again.”

purtywildcountry 59M/60F
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7/31/2015 8:16 pm


RobK2006 53M
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4/16/2015 11:59 am

Well my cock is now literally aching that story was so hot. I was almost drooling when I read how the Georgian was sucking, licking and tongue fucking your pussy. And I imagined how it would be to have my cock sucked on while you were being fucked hard from behind.

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