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Wanna Go for a Ride?  

BlueEyesInFND 45F
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6/22/2008 5:40 pm
Wanna Go for a Ride?

I want to go out to the club with my husband. I am dressed very sexy in a lacy top and a skirt with fishnet stockings and high heel boots. I get propositioned by several men to buy me a drink all of which i accept, looking for the man of the hour, but I need to feel the heat when we look into each others eyes. I need to feel my skin tingle at the mere touch of his finger on my hand. When all of a sudden you walk up and ask
"is this seat taken"? I say, "why no, go ahead". You sit and I immediately sweat just a bit in palms because you are so damn sexy when you walk that i can nearly stand my self. I know I look hot, so I lean over and ask you to dance. I tell you my hubby doesn't like to dance and I need a partner. You obligue happily and you grab my hand and me to the dance floor. I can feel the groove of the DJ and his mix is hot. You can definately groove on your own, but the music is hot and thumpin and I turn my
back to you and get close enough i can feel the heat from your body, but we are not actually touching. I pull my long red hair from one side to the other, so it is all resting across my left breast and my neck is exposed, you lean forward and whisper to me "are you having a good time"? I don't say a word, I just keep grinding, but i lean into your jeans and you know the answer to your question. You put both your hands around my hips so that i can feel your fingers pressing against my pelvis and Fuck it is getting
hot in here. You lean in towards my neck further are I feel your bulge against my ass and push into it even further. We continue like this til the club is winding down for close. I ask you If I can take you for a ride. You eyes have this look of confusion, as you saw me with my husband, but you want to see where this goes, so you say yes. My hubby pulls the car aound and i get into the back with you and immediately start to kiss your neck. you taste so good. Cologne is sexy, but i can smell a little musk from the sweat you broke on the dance floor. You immediately reach for my double d's, which is fucking hot, but be gentle cuz they are very sensitive. As soon as you reach in i can feel my clit tingling, you gently stroke my lil gumdrop nipples and i am soaking wet. At this point you know you can have whatever you want, so to push
me back in the seat and lift up my skirt. My fishnets are crotchless and I am not wearing panties. You unzip your jeans and pull
out all of your huge black love stick and I lunge forward to taste it. It is so delicious, but i want to feel it on my wet pussy lips. So I lean back in my seat and put both my legs
around your waste. You take the head and rub it all over my clit and flowering pink lips. I began to move all over the seat, aching for you to push it into me. You take just the
head and you push it in and pull it out, so that i can feel my soaking wet pussy grab the head and clench it as it exits.
you do this again and again, driving my fucking crazy. I can't wait any longer so i move forward and push you into the seat and crawl ontop of that huge cock and slide every fucking inch into my pussy. I rided it long and hard, but slow, so i can revel in its length and girth for a while.
You reach up and pull my hair, tilting my head back and start running your tongue up my neck then down between my breats as you flick my nipples between your fingers. I know that
my pussy has soaked the seat gushing pussy juice all over you. I can't take much more. I get up onto my feet and grab the back of the seat. My titties are slapping you in the face, up and down, you grab my hips and help me to fuck
that cock as hard as i can possibly get it. I milk every fucking drop of cum you have deep inside of my pussy. Listening to you moan while you are filling me up. Your back starts to
relax and legs loosen just a bit and you look up and say thanks for the ride. I was so distracted by the chemical attaction betwwen the 2 of us, that I didn't realize the Escalade never even left the parking lot of the club. lol If i asked you "Can I give you a ride"? What would you say?

nicco100 52M
164 posts
6/22/2008 6:25 pm

very nice

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