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Leaving AdultFriendFinder
Posted:Oct 26, 2011 8:05 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2013 9:53 am

I think it is time for me to go.
I have been on this site for years.
First as a married swinger (if you can call it that).
Then I was single and loved the attention.

Now I am in a good relationship and I am trying hard to make myself a better person and I just want to be happy.

I said in my profile I truly want just one man to love me and care for me and treat me the way I think I deserve to be treated.
I want one man to want just me and all of me.

I dont want to be with someone who cheats on me in real life or in the cyber world.
So I feel it is only fair that I do the same.

It has been fun and I have met some nice people on here and a few assholes too!

Take care to all and good luck!
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Posted:Oct 3, 2011 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2013 9:55 am






37 year old Man
Fargo, North Dakota


Oct 3, 2011 12:39 AM CDT
Did you want to get together tonight and cuddle till morning?

37 year old Man
Fargo, North Dakota


Oct 3, 2011 12:43 AM CDT
Take a chance..

37 year old Man
Fargo, North Dakota


Oct 3, 2011 12:51 AM CDT
It is all good. Take a chance. Promise it will be worth it. Please....

37 year old Man
Fargo, North Dakota


Oct 3, 2011 1:04 AM CDT

Looking for a cuddled?

37 year old Man
Fargo, North Dakota


Oct 3, 2011 1:07 AM CDT

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Posted:Jul 24, 2011 8:47 am
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2011 11:47 pm

I thought I should take a moment to update the friends I have met on here and those who reply to my profile.

I am in the middle of a divorce, but I am also dating some new and wonderful. As I stated in my profile I am not looking to meet anyone new and I am not interested in Swinging anymore.

I still jump on to check my mail from time to time, but I am not on here everyday, which is no different than before.
Dirty Minds Riddle Answer
Posted:Jun 26, 2011 9:58 am
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2012 8:58 pm

The answer to the Previous Dirty Minds Riddle is


Only one person got the answer correct.
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Dirty Minds
Posted:May 31, 2011 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2011 9:55 am

My Slit is a Good Place to Point Your Gun!

When Soldiers Come in Me, There's Action!

Burying Yourself Inside of Me Could Save Your Life!

What Am I??
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Dirty Minds Riddle, Answer!
Posted:May 31, 2011 4:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2020 8:20 am

The answer to the Riddle below is Chewing Tabacco.

Congrats to All of you that got it right!
Dirty Minds
Posted:Apr 26, 2011 4:40 pm
Last Updated:May 31, 2011 4:12 pm

Most women do not like me in their mouth.

You pinch me with your fingers to get me in.

You have to spit, not swallow.

What am I?
Take Me!
Posted:Oct 31, 2010 10:45 am
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2011 5:19 pm

I would love to come home from a long days work to my honey running me a hot bath and with candles. Relax a bit and enjoy some soft music playing in the back ground. I shave and get ohh so smooth. My body wash smells so yummy. You bring me a delicious cocktail on ice to unwind. I love it. You bring me a towel and wrap it around me and tell me you love me. Take me to my room and there is every single toy I own laid around the perimeter of the bed. You dry me off and lay me down right in the middle of all of them.

You begin to stroke the tips up your fingers up and down the length of my body and I quiver at your touch. You lean into me and kiss me and then continue giving me little kisses and caressing my skin all the way down my body. As you reach my clit and labia, you spend a little time teasing me and making sure I get all hot and bothered, in anticipation. I reah my hand towards you and you tell me to put it back down. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

You then lean into me and run your tongue from one end of my flowering lips to the other, gentle hit my clit with the tip of your tongue as go get there. Over and over again until I am squirming on the bed. You reach for my favorite pink toy and press it in and out. Right against the spot you know makes me explode. Until I begin to gush all over your face. Oh it tastes so good. Then you reach over to grab my pocket rocket and run it in little circles around my clit as you continue to work me with my pink toy and nibble on my lips all at the sam time. I squirt so hard it is crazy, and again, and again.

We could be done right here, but you want to use the rest of my toys too. You experiment with all of them one or two at a time, making my soak the entire bed, and just as I cant take anymore, you get up onto the bed yourself and take your hard fucking cock and ram it into me. All of it deep inside and fuck me like you have never fucked a woman before. I soak your cock cumming and cumming because I am so sensitive from all the play. You cant hold it back and longer and let a huge hot load of cum into me filling so full it is dripping out of my lips and down your balls. You fall to the side of me and we pass out in each others arms.
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Take me for a Ride !
Posted:Oct 19, 2010 11:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2010 6:25 am

I come home from work to find you dressed in Sexy ass Jeans and a button up shirt.. Freshly showered and Cologned. Damn you smell and look good enough to eat. You ask me " How was your day Honey?" and tell me to take a few minutes to freshen up, we are going for a ride. I do as you request and come down the stairs with a smile on my face Anticipation is wonderful isn't it? We leave the house and take me to my favorite restaurant. Dinner reservations already planned ahead. Beautifully set table and candles flickering in the dimly lit room You tell me how much you love me and how beautiful and sexy I am. Tell me how you are so glad we met and that you can't wait to see what happens for us in the future. I am a puddle from the compliments and terms of affection. I am loving every monute And this dinner and a few cocktails with amazing conversation is great enough for 1 evening right? Hell yeah, but wait one minute, there is more.

After we finish our meal and I am smiling cheek to cheek, you walk along side me out of the restaurant to the car, with your hand caressing my lower back Your touch just send quivers up my back. I love your touch and the electricity I feel every single time your fingers touch my skin. We get into the car and head back to the house. You help me with my coat and we head upstairs to the bedroom. When the door is opened there are candles lit and flickering away, it is so romantic. You undress me, one button at a time, gently kissing me through the entire process. First my lips, ohhh you taste so good. Then my neck and down to my shoulders as my blouse begins to open. You ever so softly run the tips of your fingers across the lace of my exposed black bra. My nipples immediately perk to your attention. You gently stroke your hands across my chest. I sigh a huge breath as I feel you against me. Your hands go back to my shoulders, graqbbing me firmly and pulling my flesh against you You kiss me deeply and ohh so passionately!

Then as your arms glide down my back you unhook my bra and push the straps of my bra off the sides of my shoulders and smile and my bra falls to the floor. You look into my eyes and gently kiss my neck and your lips begin to follow your hands down first slowly across my breasts then to my nipples. You stop to take your time nibbling on each of them equally. My thighs are quivering, my kness trembling! You push me towards the edge of the bed and lift my skirt. Running your hands up my stocking until you reach the tops of my black lace thigh highs. Taking a moment to tease the insides of my thighs Nibbling all the way around the edges of my panties, while very carefully making sure you completely miss all the vitals I squirm for you to taste. You come back to my eyes and lean my back onto the bed. Kiss me deeply and work your way slowly all the way back down to my panties. As your hands are noticing they are soaking wet already/

You slide the black lace across my lips, intentionally rubbing it across my clit on the way. Then take a minute to gently kiss all the way around my thighs and then my lips. Still managing to avoid my every movement and squirm towards your face You then take one long lick from the bottom of my lips all the way up to my clit, slowing and pressing your tongue firmly against my clit, flicking it acorss your tongue as you go by I almost explode from your first touch. Oh my god! It is so intense. I am so hot! I want you so badly!

You take your time savouring my sweet tasting juices. Smiling at every jerking motion I make. Learning each moan and groan and squirm I make with each new lick, kiss and rub you make against me.. Until, until, until I can't hold back any more. I feel myself about to explode. I clench up my muscles and try to close my thighs, but you force me to remain exposed. You want to feel me squirt all over your face. You want to taste me all over your lips. You have been waiting for this moment for so long.

I can't, I just can't, I want you so badly, I am so close, I want more, I don't want to cum yet! Oh my god, I can't stop it I am going to cum. I am cumming all over your face. Squirting all over your lips, you are loving it so much that your press harder againxt me trying to lick up every drop Licking my clit faster and faster not wanting to miss any of the sweet tasting wetness I am so sensitive, that I can't stand it I cum again immediately! squirting again, my thighs are shaking, I am clenching my fists around the sheets beneath me It feels like I am going to rip the sheets right off the bed While you love the shaking and trembling against you. The glorious satisfaction you feel knowing you turned me into this puddle, you can't wait to burry you thick rod into me Feel that soaking wet pussy just wrap around your shaft. Milking your cock until you fill me even fuller of the very juices you just worked so hard for me to release.

Your cock is hard as a rock and you firmly rub your head against my ever so sensitive clit Watching my jerk and shake on the bed. Knowing full well no matter how much I squirm I want more. You continue to press your head against my wet lips and across my clit and with each stroke your head goes a little deeper into me as you pass. Until you cant wait to press the entire head inside of me. Ohh my head tilts back and I let go of the sheets and wrap my hands around your lower back. Pulling you into me, until your rntire cock is burrid inside of me. You firmly press into me, holding me ther full of you while you kiss me so passionately. It feels as if we are 1 and then as you continue to kiss me, you begin to move back and forth. In and out, first it is slow and your gradually pick up the speed. As you go faster the intensity grows I can't help it I am cumming again. Oh shit, yes.. Please yes.. My juices are flowing all over your cock So wet and warm, you love the feeling just before I squirt when my muscles clench your cock so tightly you have to fight just to stay inside of me.

Feel the warmth as my cum soaks your shaft and then drips down your balls. It is so amazing and delicious You want to make me cum over and over again You don't want this ti stop. Not now, not ever. You grb my hips and roll me atop of you, without even missing a beat. I sit back a bit and you reach up and grab my breasts One in each hand, gently caressing each nipple. They are so hard and the more you rub my nipples the more sensitive my clit gets. I am moaning and rubbung agaunst you, Grinding atop of you sliding you in and out Milking your cock with my soaking wet lips. It only take a few minutes of this constant pressure against my g spot to make me release and scream again. This time my juices completely soak you as I am on top of you Flowong hotness down your cock and over your thighs.

I continue to take every moment I can devour for as long as I have stamina to do so Cumming repeatedly again and again. You grab me push me to my knees and burry your entire shaft into me. Grab my hips and pull me into you, Deeper and faster. Harder and harder until I am screaming in extasy. Not that I haven't been the entire time, lol! But you want to cum so badly and you want to feel my juices soak your cock as you fill my with your huge load of cum. So you push and push and push until you feel my pussy muscles gribbing you so tightly your caan't hold back another minute. Reach up and grab one of my nipples between 2 fingers and roll it until I squirm and scream so more. .Reach your other hand around to my clit and press firmly agaunst its sensitive little head until I blow. My juices flowing so hot and hard. You release both your hands as you begin to jerk and moan. I can feel you filling me ohhh so full. It is hot and throbbing inside of me. You fall onto me Trying to use the last little bit of strength you have left just to hold yourself up. Then when you can't do it anylonger, you fall to my side. Lay your head against me. and take a huge breath and sigh. I wrap my arms around you and tell you how much I love you and we fall asleep right there in each others arms.
Goodnight Honey!
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Posted:Sep 13, 2010 10:02 pm
Last Updated:Dec 18, 2010 7:13 am

I have this craving to just ravish a man. I want him to walk into the living room door and as he attempts to cross the threshold, I push him to the wall. Kiss him so passionately that he is stunned. It is amazing and passionate and delicious, but he is speechless nontheless. He can tell that I am hungry and he wouldnt dare refuse me.
He see me long coat and wonders if I just got home, but asks no questions. I push him harder, his body hits the wall firmly, you can hear a little thud, but he doesnt complain. I bit his lip gently and passionately and look into his eyes and tell him how badly I want hime. How badly I need him. I take his keys, still embraced in his hands and toss them to the coffee table.

I grab his hand and lead him to the couch. Push him off his feet and smile as he bounces on the cushion. I grab the belt from my jacket and unbuckle it. I unbutton it one button at a time. I open it slowly, exposing the mid length lace chemise. It clings to all ove my curves. It is sheer enough to see through and it is clear that he likes what he sees. His smile appears to reach from the corner of her right eye to the left. I grab his hand and rub it against my hip and down the lace. Exposing the garter on my right leg. He runs his fingers along the garter and I pull away. I have every intention of wearing this outfit for the duration of the evening. I glide his hand upwards, across my pelvis and up my stomach coming up very very slowly along the curbe of my breasts. I heave and let out a sigh as he reaches my breasts.

My breasts are so sensitive that the sensations run through the core of my body. My lips begin to get wet and I ache for him to touch me more, but I am not ready for him to have control of me. I remove his hand and press it back to the couch as I step into him. Spreading his knees and thighs. I bend over and lean towards him and kiss him gently. Then run my tongue all the way from his lips across his neck and to his ear, nibbling gently there for a moment. Tell him how much I love him and miss him. How I cant wait to have all of him.

I am so horny, I want him so bad, but he smells and tastes so good, I want to savour and devour all of him. I come back to his lips and kiss him like it is the last kiss I will ever have. I run my tongue across the edge of his lips teasing him just before heading down his chin to his neck stopping to passionately drop little kissing betweeb tasting his skin. I begin to unbotton his shirt. Very slowly, one button at a time,as I kiss and nibble all the way down his chest as I make way way to his abs.
I press my hands against his chest as I knel down in from of him. Feeling the firm smooth pecks under my fingers. As I am kissing him his scent makes me purr. Ohhh he smells like more!

I reach his belt and his pants are bulging and I ache to see and taste him. I push his shirt wide open and run my hands up his chest and down as I continue to kiss him all over. As my hands reach his waist, I immediately unbuckle his belt as I need to feel all of him inside of me. I unbutton his pants and slide my hand into his Boxer Briefs feeling his hot firm rod just pulsing and throbbing from my touch. I pull back and down the waist of his pants and boxers/Lean my head into his chest and gently run my tongie all the way down. He is breathing so heavy. His chest is heaving, the anticipation of my tongue on his head is amazing. As I make my way back to his beautiful mushroom cap head, I very very slowly circle my tongue around the head and across then around again. Slowing as I begin to run it all the way down the shat, Ohh fuck he tastes so good. Up and down I go, a little faste and then deeper. He is aching for me to take it all, but it feels so fucking good. I pull back up and look up at him and he stares into my eyes, you can see right through him. The passion is so intense, the look in his eyes as he is being devoured is unquenchable. It turns me on even more and as I can see how much he is enjoying what I am doing I want to satify him even more. I want to hear him moan and go fucking nuts aching to burry his cock inside of me.

To be cont.....
Posted:Sep 13, 2010 9:48 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2012 4:09 am

I am curious about what a Nymphomaniac truly is. According to the Webster's Dictionary it simply states excessive sexual desire by a female". Well if that is a true depiction of what a Nymph is than I guess that would be an accurate description of me. I love sex. I love the touch of a man against me. The spark of the kiss and everything that preludes the actual action. I dont want to have just one orgasm a session, I want many. 6 or more to start and hopefull even more than that. Obviously the partner, mood of both partners and alcohol use call all play a factor in the total result, but it will always be more than one for sure, lol!

However, I must admit that I really thought that a Nymphomaniac was a person that was addicted to sex. Would put themselves into dangerous propositions in order to achieve the hightened senses you receive from have a sexual experience. And that even after the sexual act is over that they still desire to have sex again immediately after because that sense of satisfaction only lasted as long as the act did. Someone that would have sex with someone they were not attracted to in order to attempt to reach that high again. Maybe even have sex with someone that would be considered high risk, such as an iv drug user or to have unsafe sex.
Basically that there is no sense or care for the safetly on themselves, whatever it takes to get that high.

That is not me, so I thought it was impossible for me to even consider myself to be defined by that word.

My experience is that I have a much higher sex drive than any man I have ever met. And the better the partner, the more I want. I mean come on, if its good, who doesn't want seconds, right, lol! and third's. I am a multiple and I have come to expect that to be a normal expectation for any sexual experience I have. I would have sex every day of the week, maybe a couple times a day, if my partner would agree. However, I will go without sex completely, if the choice to have sex isn't responsible. I would never endanger myself or go outside of my relationship to get more.

I always 100% of the time prefer sex vs masturbation. Masturbation to me is just a release, it is not as enjoyable to me as the intimate and mental connection made with my partner, EVER! I will masturbate to get that release, but it is never satisfying. I still want to have sex after the orgasm. However, I have found that if my partner wants me to perform for him, that is very erotic, but I am still hoping for sex to finalize the event. I wouldnt be upset if it was just mutual masturbation, but I would love for it to turn into more.

So, my question is. Am I a Nymphomaniac? Really, is the Webster's Dictionary the true definition of a Nymph. And if it is, will I ever be truly satisfied or will I always want more than someone can give me. And if so, how do I satisfy that craving? Can it be satisfied?
You tell me.........
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Not My Usual Post
Posted:Aug 26, 2010 6:22 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2010 9:31 pm

Normally I write about a dirty riddle or a naughty story, but not tonight. I haven't been on here in almost a month. Going through a very rough patch in my life right now and not sure where or how anything is going to work out.
Divorce sucks and just as soon as I think I have a grasp on things, they seem, to make no sense at all, AGAIN. I had some friends here that I use to visit with on here and respected their friendships. However, with everything going on, I kind of shut everyone out. I am sorry for that and I hope you all understand. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, I don't know. I guess swinging was, or is just not something I am interested in anymore. I want just one man. To love me and hold me and tell me how much he loves me and appreciates me. One man that seems to want to make me a priority in his life. Of course I crave intimacy and passion, but the connection you have with the one is far more meaningful than the subtle, short lived satisfaction you get from multiple encounters.
I love for my mind to be stimulated as well, yes, intellectually, but sensually as well. If you can make me quiver just from talking to me, than there is surely going to be more than that when we meet, right?
As much as I love to have my mind stimulated, I am not really into cyber. There was only one gentlemen who ever got me there. A feat to feel priveliged to achieve I must admit.
I also must admit that I probably have never given anyone else a chance to take me there. I just know that it would take someone with an amazing connection to even remotely make me think twice about it.
So, I guess after all of that, I am still saying, I don't know why I am writing on here at this moment. I guess I am just lonely.
So, to the friends I referred to earlier. You are few and you know who you are. I am sorry for not replying to you or your messages. I just am not looking for anything on this site anymore. I will check my messages periodically and try to say hello, but for now. I think it is best I just work on me and figure out where I am going in this life and what I want from it.
I send you all nothing but my best wishes.
Good night,
An After Dinner Delight!
Posted:Jul 31, 2010 9:04 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2014 1:56 pm

I sit alone at a candle lit table at a nice restaurant. I just had dinner alone and the 2 cocktails I had taste a lot like more!
I know I should be responsible and pay my tab and leave, but I ask the waiter for one more cocktail. An after dinner treat, right? Not like I have anyone to go home to right now, so I wide as well enjoy myself here!

The waiter drops of my drink and it is so sweet and delicious on my lips. It is going down way to smooth and I decide that I will enjoy the evening and just take a cab home, lol! There is a sexy looking young man at the bar and from across the room right now, he looks edible! I leave the money at the table for my tab, grab my purse and my cocktail and walk over to the bar.

I ask the gentleman if the seat is taken and he smiles and says, " It is now!". I smile back and sit down next to him. I say, my name is Angela, What's yours?". He say's "Mark" and tells me, "it is a pleasure to meet me!" The conversation is amazing and I am so enjoying the company. In between the laughing and the flirting I can't believe how my evening has turned out!

As the bartender interrupts us to see if we want last call, we both look at each other and laugh. We are looking at each with these goofy looks, and say at the same time, `"Oh my gosh, where did the evening go?" What started out as a lonely dinner for each of us, has turned into a wonderfully delightful evening. We of course both asked the bartender for last call, so that we can exchange personal contact information. As we both exchange business cards, I am wondering how long it will be before I can see Mark again. We finish our drinks and thank each other for the delightful company.

We both get up to exit the bar and Mark offers to see me out. He gets my chair and my suit coat. Holds the door as we exit the building and is a complete gentlemen. As we stand on the patio just outside the restaurant doors, I can not resist. I reach in for his waist and lean into him for a kiss. I knew he would reciprocate and it was amazing! It must have been at least 15 minutes before one of the waitstaff interrupted as they exited the building.

I told Mark, that I had a lovely evening and asked if he would like to join me at my place for a nightcap. He said, "Of course" and pointed his car out to me and agreed to follow me. I am so nervous, but extremely excited. I have never done this before. I have never taken a man home with me, and on a first date. Is this even a date? What is this? What am I doing?

Having a great time and I deserve it. I pull up to my apartment and Mark parks in the spot next to me. Before we even get away from the cars we are kissing again. Kisses of passion. Deep seeded passion, I can feel all the way to my toes! I am tingling all over and did I mention that my panties are soaking wet....

We finally make it to my apartment and I pour both of us a drink and we sip on it as we pet and kiss more and more. It is getting hotter and heavier in the kitchen. I lean him into the counter and kiss him so deeply, it feels as if we are one. He puts his arms around me and pulls me right into him. He grabs my hair gently and pulls me back, taking a deep breath and then a sigh! His smile shines from cheek to cheek and his eyes seem to see right through me.

I grab his hand and lean him down the hallway to my room. He places his hands on my hips and kisses me again. This is the most passionate experience I think I have ever felt. As he kisses me and strokes my hair from my face, his hands run down my back and then, he slides his hands gently up my lower back. I am tingling all over from the touch of his skin against mine.

He feels so good, he smells even better! His warm hands move away from my back and he reached around to my face again and then down my shoulders. Across my 42 DD's and my nipples haven't been touched in so long, that they immediately stand to a full salute. I begin to moan and purr to his touch. He gently begins to unbutton my blouse and as he finishes the last one he runs his fingers all the way back up to my neck and shoulders. I quiver at the sensation of his skin against mine.

He slides both his hands across my shoulders and slides my blouse off me. It drops to the floor exposing my lacy black bra. He gently caresses my skin and feels the lace along the edge of my breasts, as I gasp a deep breath. I can not wait for him to take me, but I also love the anticipation of the seduction and intend to fully enjoy every moment. He reached around me and unhooks my bra and it drops to the floor.

He leans in to kiss me again and pulls my heaving breasts against his chest. My nipples are hard little rocks pressing against his shirt and tie. I begin to loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt, so I can feel his chest again mine. As I get his shirt off him, I immediately press against him, his slightly hairy chest almost tickles my skin. My nipples love the sensation of it rubbing against them. I reach down and unbutton my skirt and let it fall. And then undo his belt and slacks and as they fall to his knees, I see the bulge in his boxers. I can't wait, so I reach down and feel his cock is hard a a rock. I pull his pants off the rest of the way and rip off his boxers.

I push Mark on to the edge of the bed and as he stares at me in bewilderment, cause I have been so passive all evening, lol!
I slide my panties down and crawl over him. Straddling his throbbing cock. I lean in to kiss him again, it tastes so good. He grabs my hips and presses me down onto his cock. I work his head around my wet lips and he leans back in Ecstasy from the feel of it against his head.

I gently slide the head in and then ride up and down the head. Just deep enough you can feel the ridge of his head sliding in and out. As he begins to moan and groan and I slam the entire shaft deep into me. Taking every inch he has to offer! I like the look on Mark's face! His jaw has dropped and it is obvious he wasn't expecting me to do that. So I wait a moment for him to gather himself, before I begin to slide faster and faster, taking his cock into me, over and over again. Fucking him faster and harder and faster and harder.

My pussy clenches on his shaft and as I press firmly and deeper into him, as I get more and more tensed, I begin to squirt all over him. Soaking his pelvis, I am sure that I came hard enough it is surely dripping down his balls. I am so hot and horny I want to cum, again and again. As I ride him, I continuously cum, over and over again. He is loving the feeling of me soaking him so much, he has my hips in his hands, guiding me on him. Pushing me to take more and more of him.

As I get to the point I can't handle moving one more inch, I roll over and get onto my knees. I pull him up and asked him to fuck me, as hard and hot as he can. I push him behind me and press my ass up against him. He immediately responds and slides his cock all the way inside of me! I groan and beg for more! He grabs my ass and pulls me into him, harder and harder! That's it baby, Fuck me, Yes, Fuck me, please! Spank me, oh yes.

He takes one hand and grabs my hair and pulls me back into him and then takes the other hands and spanks my right ass cheek, while he drives his cock into me. Harder and harder. I can feel his thrusts getting tense as he gets closer. Yeah, that it baby, right there! Fuck me baby, please, oh yes!!!! Yes. Fill me full of your hot fucking cum. He immediately fills me, as I commanded him too. He grabs my hips as if he is holding onto me for balance so he doesn't tip over, lol!

As he relaxes enough to move, He slides to my side and I crawl into his arms. We cuddle as we cool down and catch our breaths.

What an amazing evening! I ask Mark to spend the rest of the evening with me and fall asleep in his arms.
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