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Daddy took me to a hotel
Posted:Oct 7, 2021 7:03 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 3:23 pm

My had been planning a special day for me for awhile. He was going to take me to a hotel on the other side of hville and let me invite a fan to come and play with me. I talked to several of my could be Black Masters on here for the last couple of days. I picked a couple and found 1 Bull that could make it. So yesterday morning we headed over towards 65. made the arrangements for an early check in. He dolled me up in my polka dot dress thats a too tight, heels, no bra and no panties, my thick chain collar and my other chains. Not wearing a bra is a big deal for me. I have natural E cups and they look Xrated when I stuff them in that dress. We got to the hotel and he walked me in and we payed for the suite. Went in got comfortable had a few drinks and texted the man I was to be serving today. A few minutes later im standing in front of this tall beautiful dark skinned bull. Unbeknownst to me my invited a second Black man just in case. Well they both showed!! So between the 3 of them, I haven’t been used like that ever! I’m so sore this morning but I can’t stop touching my self thinking about it. It occurs to me that has fully brought out the slut I’m meant to be. I’m a happy !!
A white slut can never forget
Posted:Sep 2, 2021 11:18 am
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2021 6:09 am
I was younger and Mr Jackson was a coach at school. He was in his 50s, handsome very tall with a little belly big muscular arms and a salt and pepper beard.

I come from a very conservative wealthy southern family. I was raised not notice such things. I had a couple of friends that were black and when we were was no problem with us playing together. As we got older however my parents started getting weird about it. I can remember catching a ride home from school with my friend Randy once. My had a sit down with me and told me that could never happen again and my would be furious. When he got home that night he was beyond furious. I had never gotten a whipping like that before. So needless say that wasnt allowed.

At school though I wasnt gonna just not hang out with my friends so I just kept it on the DL. One day durring football season we all stayed late for the pep rally. I went into the school while everybody else went to the gym. I saw Mr Jackson in his room grading some papers. I stopped in to hang out. I really liked him. He had a deep voice and when he would put his massive hand on my shoulder in class I would start to tremble and melt into my desk. He asked me more than a few times if I was ok when he felt me turn to putty in the middle of class. Today was different though. He seemed angry and dismissive. Anytime Id try to ask him something he was very short with me. Finally he barked agressively. "Sandy if you want to sit in here with me you will sit quietly!" I was shocked a black man had never talked me like that. sounded like someone else talking when I heard my self obediently say "Yes Sir!" He snapped his head up looked me in the eye coldly and said "and sit up straight!" without even thinking I snapped into perfect posture. He smiled and said "good girl". my whole body trembled and I must have let out a squeak bc he barked "what was that!?" I couldnt even speak I felt a wave of heat roll from my belly to my ass. I couldnt even breathe as he quickly stood up and stepped to the classroom door with purpose. He closed the door and in a second he was standing right in front of me. My eyes locked on his crotch that was now inches from my face. I could see the swollen outline of my much older black teacher through his dress chinos. I was ready to be his wife right if he would just take me. He knew exactly what I was looking at and wasted no time unzipping his khakis, reaching in with his fist and pulling this beautiful massive forbidden penis out. He slowly started stroke while I sat in aww. He whispered softly "do you like this?" I diddnt even know how breathe at this point but the fact was, oh god did I like this. The next few mins was a blur but I remember him taking my hand and putting on his god like shaft and me exploring every inch of from the very of the purple head all the way his smooth balls and ass. I could feel his balls start draw up and then he took away from me and put back in his pants. He grabbed me by the back of the head and turned my face up his then stuffed 3 fingers in my mouth and told me "you filthy little white cunt, take your big ass home right now!" OOPs hubbys home........ To be continued.

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