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How I First Learned That I Was Bisexual  

BorderLinne 62M  
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4/23/2021 4:11 pm
How I First Learned That I Was Bisexual

Ok, so this is reveal time. Here is the tale of my first bisexual experience.

I was in my late thirties and going through my first divorce. I’d have the pleasure of a second, and infinitely more horrible, one some years later…but that’s another story.

This divorce was particularly hard on because after years of being together, my sweetheart and bride had ran off with a guy her work. This guy was twenty years older than we were, and he was ugly. I mean it man…ugly as hell. The whole thing threw me for a loop, and I found myself on the internet and in strip<b> clubs </font></b>trying to drown my sorrows. I tend to be far too verbose, so I’ll just skip hours of interesting stories ( least to ) and get to the point.

For the first time that I can recall, I had been looking at porn, drinking a bit, and began wondering if it’d be at all fun to play with someone’s dick. I mean, they all seemed to look so good in the movies and all, right? So, I thought to myself that it’d be best to try and find a gay guy to pursue this adventure with. After all, I knew that I’d be awkward as hell the first time . I saw no reason for both of us top be. I figured that with a gay guy I’d not have to worry about his attraction to . So off I went.

It was on this very site that I made my first profile. That’s right, thirty some years ago (give or take). A funny sidebar to that is that I saw some of the same photos up then as I am seeing now! (just in case any of you were wondering what/who you were dealing with here in these waters)

Any way, I found a gay guy who met my criteria. He was about my age, lived within a reasonable distance, had fairly good photos (of his dick, I mean), and best of all…he was a little bit shorter than I was. Not much, just a little bit. I don’t know why that mattered to me, but it did and still does to some extent. I generally find myself more comfortable (sexually) with a guy who is about my general size physically or smaller. I digress.

We chatted a bit online, and I agreed to meet him at his house. With his permission, I brought a bottle of merlot, as that seemed to be the best way of settling my nerves a little. Once at this guy’s house, I drank a glass or two and I was ready to give it a go. I mean I literally just came out of my damn clothes right there in his living room. I think he was surprised a little that I was that forward, given our conversations up to this point, but he greeted that move with a big smile and lost his clothes.

I was a damn sight hotter back then than I am at sixty-three, and things quickly moved to his bedroom where the two of us had a really hot time. No anal stuff, and I don’t recall any kissing, but we generally just “wallered” on each other and had the best time. There was, of course, a great deal of hot dick-sucking...

Modesty prevents me from going into further graphic details, but it was from that moment till now that I was no longer “curious.” I love women, and there is little that I wouldn’t/haven’t enjoyed doing with them sexually. Nevertheless, to this I remain totally interested in playing with the right cock the right time.

It may sound as though I’ve had a great of bisexual encounters, given that this meeting happened more than thirty years ago. To the contrary, the truth of the matter is that I’ve probably had no more than half a dozen over that long lapse of time.

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