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Paradise Valley - Our Escape  

BorderLinne 62M  
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4/27/2021 3:34 pm
Paradise Valley - Our Escape

For people in the Atlanta area, this may be the best kept secret of all.

My wife and I first learned of and visited this resort on May , maybe years ago (give or take). We've been back many times since during the months, and are gearing up to repeat that trend this summer.

When we go, I will ALWAYS post our plans to be there on the "Status" section of my profile. It is an awesome opportunity to meet us both and share some wild/funny stories while drinking Margaritas by one of several pools.

We met, and ultimately played with one incredible couple there, but I'll save that short story for another blog. Here I'll confine myself to briefly telling you about this upscale nudist resort that is simply crawling with swinging couples...about 80% in my best estimation. So, here it is in a nutshell:

This is technically a legitimate nudist resort (certified by some sort of entity) so physical toughing of a sexual nature is not allowed in any of the public areas. It will get you quickly kicked out of and barred from the resort. But, don't let that dissuade you. This resort is very swinger friendly, and there are regular events/gatherings held here specifically for swinging clubs, etc...

That aside, I'll tell you that the grounds are very nice, there are several pools, food is available, and there are a of full- bars open all the normal times of operation. If you like being naked, it's a place you'll love. If your a swinging couple looking for potential victims....emmm, partners, it's also a must see venue.

One of the greatest aspect for a swinging couple is the plausible deniability you have there...in more ways than one. If by chance you run across someone you know, you can just claim to be a vanilla nudist, and other than the embarrassment of seeing your coworker naked (and they you), your reputation remains in tack. Likewise, you can easily claim the same excuse if someone approaches you whom you aren't attracted to. No hurt feelings involved, it's just that you're a nudist . It's much easier than having to tell them (to their ) that you're not attracted to them.

HOWEVER, if you see someone in whom you do have interest, it's an absolutely wonderful way for everyone to quickly see, in person, what everyone in the potential really looks like without clothes, without the outdated photos, without all of the other little tricks that folks use to try and lure you deceptively over the internet.

My wife and I met just such a couple there once while we both were actively swinging. That story I will now tell you in my next blog

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