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Lesbian/Bi Tit Worship
Posted:Mar 12, 2018 4:56 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2018 4:18 am
Recently a friend had a few drinks too many as we were hanging out al. We found ourselves talking about things we had never talked about in the past.

She's Bi-sexual. Hmmmm...I can't say I was entirely shocked.

She was embarrassed to admit it at first. But when I told her I was as well, she loosened up. A LOT.

She is also a BBW. She's a little taller than me, long chestnut hair, amber eyes, full lips, big naturals...beautiful.

We had a few more drinks.

More confessions.

She talked about how she was really aroused by full, natural tits. She said she wished she could find a large breasted Bi or Lesbian girlfriend who was into Tit Worship.

I'm not sure when we began kissing...or when our shirts came open...or when the teasing and caressing started...

But I remember us both trembling a few times as we came together.

She called me the next morning, completely freaked out. She apologized and apologized for being so forward. She asked me not to tell her husband. I told her it was all good. She was very relieved.

We chatted for a while and decided she and I may make these Lesbian Tit Worship Sessions happen a few more times.

How many of you have had these types of surprise sexual connections with a friend?
The Business Dinner
Posted:Feb 9, 2018 1:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2018 1:11 pm
I knew you were up to something when you said you had a special gift for me.

You were grinning ear to ear as I opened it.

What is THIS?

A remote control vibrator.

Here I was dressed very nice to impress your business acquaintances at dinner...and you give me a remote controlled vibrator?


But you insisted I use it.

I sat on your dining room table and opened my legs for you. You gently rubbed my clit enough to make me wet and slide the vibrator in my pussy.

I must admit I was afraid it would accidentally slip out if I became too aroused.

I never wear panties and was wearing a dress that nite.

That smile of yours though...I can never resist that mihievous smile. So I was game.

I was on guard as soon as we got to the restaurant....never knowing when you were going to activate it.

I nervously shook hands and made polite introductions....waiting....

The anticipation of the first vibration was almost too much!

You waited until I was shaking hands with your biggest .

You jerk!

That vibe hit me suddenly...and HARD. I had to catch myself from gasping.

Then you stopped.

I looked across the room and you and THAT SMILE...lol....

A few minutes later I was standing about 2 feet away from you having a polite and boring conversation with a very vanilla wife of of your ....you hit the vibe again...

But this time....you didn't stop...

I was standing there with my clit pulsing.....my pussy getting wetter and wetter....trying to control my facial expressions and breathing as you ed with the settings....going from pulse to vibrate and alternating....

I was clinching my pussy muscles and very grateful for Kegel exercises I learned in my 20's...

It was brutal.

She talked on and on about nonsense and all I could think about was how close I was to cumming and trying not to make it obvious...

And you...standing in arm's distance....with THAT SMILE....

I've never cum so quietly and discreetly in my life.

I had pussy juices running down my thighs and was grateful I was wearing a long dress.

I excused myself to the bathroom to clean up.....stopping as I went past you to give you a "Look"....

"Stop smiling!"


I thought you were d with me. But you had more torture for me through the evening.

It would come out of nowhere...

Placing my order...I had to gasp a second as the vibe started while I was in mid sentence with the waiter....

Brief little shots of vibration and pulsing....

A friend of yours made a joke about you eating raw oysters as an appetizer....the pulsing started again...

How's a girl supposed to eat her Sops Maitre D'Hotel with her pussy pulsing?

I was so happy you stopped before I came again.....

I was a wreck the rest of the dinner....waiting...anticipating....but you remained behaved...until...


As if the cheesecake wasn't decadent enough...you felt the need to make me cum again?

You are EVIL!

I couldn't wait for dinner to be over so I could fuck the hell out of you.



Come here so I can suck your dick.....lol

Don't EVER do that to me again!
My Second Most Asked Question
Posted:Feb 7, 2018 8:08 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2018 8:17 am
I get asked two questions very frequently on this site. So I'm going to answer the second most asked question today.

What size are your tits?

Well, sizing is tough. Most of the time it depends on bra manufacturers. Some run large....some run small.

Professionally measured, I am a 44J. Good luck finding a 44J on a rack in a store my friends. IF you can find one it's usually way too expensive for this single Mommy. So, I squeeze The Girls into a 44DDD...WHEN I can find one of them I can afford and fits.

Bra shopping at my size is torture. I'd rather have anal sex with a cactus than go bra shopping.

There's a Part Two to this frequently asked question as well. That question is:

Can you suck your own tits?

The answer is...Yes, of course. Don't be silly. But I do prefer to have someone else suck them instead.

I hope this answers those sweet Titty questions I get sent constantly.

I will answer the Number One most Asked Question at a later date....

Sex Troll Twads
Posted:Feb 1, 2018 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2018 6:28 pm
Sex Troll Twads. It kinda sounds like a cool toy with weird hair from the 1970's right?

No. It's my name for the people here on AdultFriendFinder that TROLL profiles of people they have no interest in....in order to post rude comments. Miserable human beings with too much free time in their life...and think it's fun to hide behind a computer screen and anonymously trash and insult other people.

I read it all the time when I flip thru profiles. It's pathetic....cowardly....

So let's just say:

IF you are Homophobe who hates Gays....don't troll gay guy's pics and vids and post insults that make YOU look like a Twad.

IF you are a Gay man who doesn't like women...don't troll women's pics and vids and post insults that make you look like a Twad.

IF you are Gay woman that doesn't like men....don't troll men's pics and vids and post insults that make YOU look like a Twad.

IF you are a racist and don't like interracial couples....don't troll interracial couple pics and vids and post insults that make YOU look like a Twad.

IF you are a guy/woman who hates skinny people...don't troll skinny
people's pics and vids and post insults that make YOU look like a Twad.

IF you are a guy/woman who hates plus size people....don't troll plus size people's pics and vids and post insults that make YOU look like a Twad.

Do you think it makes you a better person? Do you think it makes you look smart? Do you think degrading strangers is cool?

It actually makes you look like a Twad. A Sex Troll Twad. Pathetic, small minded creature that is best left under a bridge...alone...which is what you probably are...Forever Alone. Adopt 30 more pets and live in your parents' basement until you are 50.....leave other people alone. You are pathetic.

And to all you beautiful, wonderful, diverse, open-minded people on AdultFriendFinder...Rock On!!!!! Don't let the Trolls discourage you from doing your thang!
Posted:Jan 15, 2018 2:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2018 1:25 pm

As a woman, why are we Sluts if we enjoy sex?

A man is "just being a man" if he likes sex.

But a woman who likes sex is a a Slut.


As a woman, I can fuck random, horny men all day IF I was a Slut. But I don't. I am extremely selective.

I do find the word SLUT sexy though, in the right circumstances...if I am having sex with you. Pull my hair, slap my face with your dick, and call me your Little Slut then.

Afterwards I will mount your face and shove my sweet, wet pussy in your mouth as I call YOU my Filthy Man .

It's an even exchange I think.

It's just sex. Relax. Calm the fuck down.

We all crave it. That's why we are on this site.

Call me a Slut cause I love sex. You are JUST as SLUTTY as me, aren't you? If not, why are you here?
Fuck Friends
Posted:Jan 11, 2018 6:39 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2018 1:38 pm

Fuck Friends.

We all have them.

We give them different names.

Friends With Benefits in the most frequent term. I hate the name. It sounds pretentious to me. I feel like I should write a Thank You card after sex:

Dear Friend With Benefits,

Thank you for attending the Opening Of My Legs last evening. It was a pleasure having you.

Sincerely, Moi.



I prefer the term Lover. Don't get me wrong. I don't associate love with sex. I just think Lover sums it up better and clearer than FWB.


I'm rambling. I love to ramble.

How many of us have a Fuck Friend we really don't like?

Fess up?

That person we fuck because they are available and the sex is great...but we don't even like them as a person.

You have absolutely nothing in common with him or her but damn the sex is good. So you keep hitting it.

There's something freeing about having sex with some you don't really like.

You don't have to hold back anything. You can be as nasty as you want to be....cause you don't care if you freak them out or offend them.

They are just your Fuck Friend.
The Sounds Of Sex
Posted:Jan 6, 2018 1:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2018 8:32 am
Is it just me?

Who else is intensely turned on by the sounds of sex?

To me sex is about much more than penetration and orgasms.

Whisper dirty thoughts into my ear before you even touch me...

When you kiss me I enjoy the sounds of lips and little sighs as tongues meet...

I want to hear you suck my nipples....

I want to hear you moan as I suck your dick...

Groan as I lick and suck your balls...

The sound of myself gagging as you fuck my throat...

And oh how wet I get when a man GROWLS when he cums. That primal, deep GROWL of pleasure as you unload in me or on me...

Then there is the oh so alluring sound of wet pussy. Is there any better sound?

A lover that eats and sucks pussy...loud...slurping...sucking....holding nothing back as their tongue slides in and around my pussy and asshole....

That sound alone can almost make me cum.

When a female lover starts gasping to catch her breath as I'm making her cum...

The sound of bodies, sweaty, slapping against each other...

Sex screams of rough pleasure.

Asses being slapped.

I love them all!

I sometimes turn on porn, close my eyes, and only listen to the sounds as I rub my clit, finger my pussy, or give myself anal pleasures.....dripping wet.

Who else gets off from the Sounds of Sex?
Let Me Watch
Posted:Dec 22, 2017 4:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2018 8:31 am

I got home earlier today than anticipated. I kicked off my heels at the door and walked down the hallway to see where you were.

As I walked down the hallway towards the office I heard my own voice coming from the room....I heard myself moaning.

I quietly opened the office door...

You were sitting in the office chair with your back to me...

On the computer screen was a sex video we made a few nights ago....You were fucking me deep in my ass as I moaned on the screen.

I said your name and you JUMPED, spinning around in the chair and grabbing a towel from the desk top to cover your lap...

That is when I realized you were jerking off.

Why would you hide that from me?

Why would you feel guilty pleasuring yourself to a video of us?

I will never understand why people feel they should hide masturbation from their Lovers. We are sexual creatures after all...

I sat down in the floor in front of you....on my knees...about 2 feet away....

I batted my eyelashes, trying to be cute and sexy....

Blue eyes looking up at you...

"Take the towel off. Let me watch? I will not interrupt you. I will not touch you. Show me what you do when you think of me..."

You take the towel off....erection standing strong....and you start cautiously stroking yourself...for some reason other women have made you feel shameful about pleasuring yourself.

I smile...carefully watching every stroke and taking mental notes as I notice you special attention to certain areas of your dick and balls. Every time from this point on that I suck your dick or balls I will make sure to also special attention to those areas.

As you become more comfortable you stroke more intensely.

I watch every stroke. My pussy is getting so wet. I am finding it very hard not to crawl forward and take you in my mouth.

But I did promise not to touch or interrupt you...so I stay in my spot....watching your hands cup your balls and stroke your cock.

...looking up into your eyes...."Tell me want you are thinking about doing to me?"

You tell me your thoughts...how you are thinking about that time we had sex on the deck at Harpoon Hannas with people walking around us and no realizing you were inside me....

I want to with myself so bad.

I am so turned on watching you and by what you are saying.

I want to slip my fingers up inside my dripping pussy....but I behave...

"I may have promised I won't touch you or interrupt.....but I didn't promise you that I won't lick your cum off your hand and dick when you are d..."

You moan.....

You shoot a thick load...

I smile.


I so enjoy watching a man cum.

"May I clean that up for you...please?"

Your breath is raspy...."Come here and lick this off me."

I crawl forward and do as I am told.

Every drop devoured.

Don't ever hide from me again Baby. Always let me watch. Always tell me your desires.

There's no shame in pleasuring yourself.

Let me watch....
Lunch Counter Girl
Posted:Dec 6, 2017 4:25 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2018 8:33 am

I had this dream...a fantasy I guess.

A female friend talked me into being a "Lunch Counter Girl" for her sex club.

I showed up and was dressed in a cute nightie.

I was blindfolded and led to another room.

I was seated gently on a table something like a gynecologic table.

I was gently, blindly laid back. My arms were secured to the table side with some sorta binding. My legs were each placed in the stirrups and secured by the same soft bindings.

I lay there with my legs open and no idea what was happening.

She began to speak:

"Ladies and Gentleman, today's Lunch Special. No penetration. Just tongues and mouths. Just a taste. Her pussy and ass are both available...as are her breasts..."

I felt hands pull my nightie down exposing my breasts.


Then I felt the first tongue on me. A sweet, delicate lick....followed by mouths and tongues on my nipples.

I laid there unable to touch anyone or see anyone....wiggling around under the talented mouths on me...moaning.

Around me I could hear all the sounds of sex. There were people fucking. I could hear the wet pussies being pounded and smell the sex in the air.

I squirted again and again as each new person took my clit in their mouths.

Someone lifted me carefully to the edge of the table...a tongue started sliding into my ass pucker from below as my pussy was being skillfully licked from above and both tits were being sucked.

More squirting as my whole body trembled.

It went on and on for what seemed like forever. One orgasm after another and I couldn't see anything or get away...

Then...it stopped.

No noise except what sounded like the shuffling of feet around me in the darkness.

He leaned in to whisper in my ear "Don't resist."

I could smell pussy on his breath.

I felt the thickest cock enter my pussy.

I gasped because I didn't expect it since I couldn't see anything...taken by surprise....but enjoying each deep thrust.

I could hear other voices commenting in the background, "Give it to her....fill her up!"

The thrusting stopped....and he filled me with a huge load...gently pulling out and leaving cum running out of my pussy.

He whispered to me, "I am unbinding your hands. Don't take your blindfold off yet."

Hands unbound...he removed the binds on my legs and removed each leg from the stirrups...reached forward, took my hands, and lifted me to a sitting position.

"Stay here."


He was gone.

I heard my girlfriend's voice beside me.

"I'm taking off your blindfold."

I had to blink because the light was bright.

I opened my eyes and saw about a dozen men and women standing in the room with me...naked.

They applauded.

She took my hand and walked me away to another room where a bath tub was filled with fragrant bubbles.

I immersed myself in the bubble bath and she gave me a glass of white wine.

"Master is very pleased with you. Thank you."

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