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Running in the rain, aftermath.  

BountyShared 56M/54F  
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8/23/2021 3:17 pm
Running in the rain, aftermath.

A grimace of annoyance contorted my face as the futility of being locked out of my own house set in. Nonetheless, I aggressively twisted the door knob with both hands, dropping an F-bomb or two to punctuate my frustration.

Despite the heavy rain, my neighbor’s watched with delight as my naked titties jiggled as tried to force entry in my house. Seeing my keys on the kitchen counter through the window made it all the worse.

Defeated, I sat on the back steps, pulled my knees into my chest, and let the warm humid rain pelt my nudity, while contemplating what to do next.

My neighbor waved goodbye and hauled his wet hound back toward his house. His backdoor was wide open, taunting me.

It would hours before my hubby arrived home and there was no way I was gonna sit naked on this stoop that long.

I considered breaking a window. But then I imagined the horror of being arrested for breaking and entering and public nudity, at my own house.

Closing my eyes and resting my forehead on my knees, I hugged myself, hoping a solution would reveal itself.

I felt a presence that startled me. Cautiously, I lifted my head to see.

It was my neighbor, his blond curls matted to his forehead in the rain. He presented me with a towel to cover myself, quite the young gentlemen, and asked how he could help.

When I stood the wrap myself with the towel, I was standing a step or two above him, his eyes roamed all over my body, until my trimmed pussy held his focus.

I deliberately paused a moment longer than necessary so he could fully enjoy his view before unfurling the towel.

He brought me a hand towel, barely (pun intended) large enough to fully encircle my waist, leaving an ample gap in the curtain, allowing my pussy to peak through. His smirk revealed that his selection was not a mistake.

He asked if needed to use a phone.


It was next door.


He was wet to the bone, so to speak, his erection proudly on display through his soaked shorts. Evidently, sans underwear.

He asked if I needed, or wanted, anything else.

I asked who else was home next door besides his wet hound.

Home alone was his response, with a wink.

I could feel my nipples crinkle into pencil erasers as my pussy began salivating for this youthful hunk of prime beefcake.

I discarded the totally useless hand towel and we bounded across the yard to his kitchen.

Naked under the bright lights, I was concerned how I looked. Good enough to eat, I hoped.

My hubby laughed through phone. And made me describe in detail my situation. Totally naked except my running shoes. He laughed again. Be kind is all he said and hung up.

I turned to my host and explained I had an hour to kill before the cavalry arrived.

He offered me another towel. But this one was in bathroom off his bedroom.

He motioned for me to follow.

I guess this is the game they play in<b> college </font></b>these days.

He pulled off his dripping t-shirt as he went, dropping it casually midstride, revealing a very muscular back.

Next, he stepped out of his shorts, after shimmying them over his hard ass and down his legs. He kicked them aside as he turned to face me.

Facing each other, our eyes met first, my titties rising and falling on my heaving chest drew his attention, my gaze dropped too to his hard glistening pecks, stacked on top of his sculpted abs, like a ladder down to his pulsing cock.

I gasped. He was so big. And his body was so strong.

My knees were next to hit the floor, kneeling before his manhood, my hands clasping his cheeks, my nails digging in to his firm glutes, pulling him toward my open mouth.

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phiemicol 59M/59F  
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8/23/2021 6:57 pm


boobwhisperer69 58M  
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8/23/2021 9:39 pm

Well well well!!!! I'm all ears! With a lil stiffy cumming on!

GhostofH 62M
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8/24/2021 3:46 am

'Bravo'! *clapping*

mc_justmc 61M  
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8/24/2021 4:09 am

This is great!

CHSguyNextDoor 57M  
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8/24/2021 4:43 am

good girl

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