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The Plumber on Hilton Head #3  

BountyShared 55M/53F  
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4/15/2020 12:32 pm
The Plumber on Hilton Head #3

Seeing my hubby through the driver side window, surprising all of men, triggered both the Plumber’s and the clerk’s orgasms. Like the furtive fuckers they were, they didn’t want be denied their release just because they had been caught in the act. Their cocks erupted simultaneously, spurting thick ribbons of jism, down my throat and deeply into my sloppy pussy.

With my lungs burning for air, the Plumber released the back of my head, and my head popped up from his lap, his softening penis slithering out of my throat like a retreating snake. I gulped for life sustaining air, sputtering the remnants of his goo in my spittle. Most of which was deposited in my belly, except for the milky glaze coating my tongue, my lower lip, and the corners of my mouth.

The clerk enjoyed his view of my ribs expanded as I inhaled and exhaled deeply, form his vantage point. Now long finished filling my vaginal cavity, he remained buried to hilt in my pussy, corking my opening, his fingers digging deeply into my hips, thrusting his hips forward, screwing his cock inward, keeping his spew from spilling out. He seeming intent on impregnation. My pussy, twitched and convulsed, clamping down in diminishing cycles, wringing every last drop from his waning wand.

The splatter of reproductive cream on the driver’s side window announced my hubby’s satisfaction with the performance he just witnessed. Everyone expelled a deep breath, content for the moment.

Relieved that I was safely home and from emptying his balls on the side of the Plumber’s truck, my hubby seemed very at ease with my new friends and invited them in for a beverage.

The Plumber knew the layout of the rental well as did the clerk, like they owned the place, which it turns out, he did. What a coincidence. Or not.
Hubby arranged for the rental and I didn’t question him much about it. I was happy for the weekend escape.

Sitting in chaise lounge chair on the veranda with my knees tented up, naked except for the new cocktail in my hand, my uncorked pussy, was finally free to spill its contents, flooding the cushion with a widening, darkening circle.

The men reappeared from within the house with handfuls of thick braided cords and a choker collar, the kind with the spikes facing inward, I believe it’s called a training collar. Since I was the only bitch in heat around, I must need training too.

Their refractory periods had evidently passed so it was time for round . Looking up from my seat surrounded by rigid one-eyed serpents, bobbing and weaving with every throbbing pulse, was another clue that there would be much more cum.

With the collar securely encircling my neck, even the slightest tug on the leash cinched the spikes into my tender skin, forcing immediate compliance. I was led around the house from room to room for my first training session. At first, I was permitted to walk upright but as my training progressed, I was quickly forced down to crawl on my hands and knees, wagging my ass up high for my masters’ delight. It was incredibly arousing.

I hadn’t done anything wrong, I was being totally compliant, but without warning, the spikes pierced me, tattooing a circle of bloody dots around my neck, I squealed in pain and fear. Frozen, my subservience unwavering, I was expecting commands and relief.

The leash pulled my head further backward, contorting my body, thrusting my boobs outward and my ass upward.

Looking backward over my shoulder, I saw my tormentor, the Plumber, lowering down to a squat behind me. His swollen cock, leaking pre-cum, tracing the crack of my ass, from the small of back, downward parting my ass cheeks.

Covered in sweat and oozing cum, my holes were already too slick to offer any resistance.

His purple pulsing head found my asshole, rutting into my crease as it passed, like a tire bottoming out in a pothole. I gasped.

Before descending too far into my ass, it popped out, and found my pussy hole instead. With a forceful thrust combined with a sharp tug on the leash, he buried himself deeply into my quivering pussy. I whimpered.

The tension on the leash was released and I breathed a sigh of relief and gratitude. I pushed back into him, my pussy swallowing his cock as deeply as it could possibly go anatomically.

He pushed my face downward to the filthy carpeting, my shoulders stopping my descent. If you’re familiar with it, I was literally in the downward facing yoga pose: Ass high, head down.

I knew what was likely cumming next.

With his cock implanted in my pussy, the Plumber roughly grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing my asshole. He stabbed at it with his thumb, plunging it, testing its elasticity.

He spit a glob onto my puckered anus adding to the lubricants coating my skin.
Pulling his cock from my pussy, dredging up a mixture of my own self-lube and the clerk’s first load of cum from deep within my sloppy well-used slit, he painted my asshole with slippery goo in broad<b> strokes </font></b>using his cock as his brush. He fancied himself as quite the artist.

Satisfied with my preparation for his anal invader, he positioned himself above the indentation of my asshole, and abruptly dropped his full weight on his spear. The delicate folds of my asshole parted instantly unable to resist the pressure of his runaway train.

Once his cock head passed my anal ring, there was nothing to stop his onslaught until the root of his shaft bounced on my parted ass cheeks.
Then the thrusting began in earnest . . .

To be continued?

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4/23/2020 5:04 am

MMMMM...its like your reading my mind......Very hot...I give it 5 loads
Keep it going.....

BountyShared replies on 4/23/2020 9:15 am:
So what are you enjoying the most: Dominance (aka choke chain)? DP? Cuckcold? Anal? Is there anything else, you'd like me to add?

PanacheWay 50M
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4/27/2020 4:57 am

Very nice to neighbor...greetings Mt P checking in.

BountyShared replies on 4/27/2020 6:41 am:
Thank you for your impromptu morning show. Evidently, you enjoyed my story and much as I enjoyed watching you cum for me, on command, which I must admit is a huge turn-on...\8. I'll do my best to keep you cumming back for more. ...\8

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