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The Plumber on Hilton Head Part 2  

BountyShared 55M/53F  
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4/1/2020 3:49 pm
The Plumber on Hilton Head Part 2

Hubby woke alone.

Groggy, he looked over from his lounge chair see my cell phone sitting next my empty cocktail glass. He went from room room in the small beach house searching for , his concern growing, finding himself in the open front doorway, staring at our car in the driveway.

Circling back the veranda, scan the beach for , hoping find skinny-dipping in the surf, he found my pocketbook the kitchen counter. Now he was worried. Where could I be? And where would he go next search for ?

The last place he would expect find would be in the shampoo isle, standing naked between two fully clothed men, one chewing on my distended nipple and the other jamming his finger knuckle-deep into my tight asshole.

The scene was so erotic I was dripping wet and desperate for orgasm. My inclination was to throw caution to the wind, and let these two studs ravage me any way they pleased, right here in aisle (-way).

Biting my bottom lip, convulsing and writhing in pleasure and pain, I whispered hoarsely between shudders for them to take somewhere more private.

The Plumber said he knew a place not from far here, a vacant house under repair. He instructed the clerk lock- and meet us at his truck. He complied eagerly, hobbling away in obvious discomfort from the erection straining against his jeans.

The Plumber snatched my dress from the floor and grabbed my hand yanking me forward, almost dragging me the ground, my boobies slapping around wildly, as we went. My alcohol buzz fading, I suggested that we grab some liquor the way out.

Bumping along, down the roadway, naked between two men on the bench seat of the pick-, my tits bouncing and down with every pot-hole, a bottle of Tequila in my lap, I was in disbelief about my situation. But it was from my own choosing.

After prying the clerk’s hands off my boobies, I thrust the Tequila bottle at him. Reflexively, he clasped it tightly around its neck with both hands. For a moment, I expected him start stroking it. We were so aroused that everything was sexual, even the act of holding a bottle.

His reward followed immediately as I unzipped his jeans and fished out his stiff cock, its swollen head purple and shiny, the sensitive helmet taut and smooth. I pumped his shaft a few times, cupping my hands over it like a cap and then sliding downward its root, hidden under a thatch of thick curly pubic hair.

With each stroke, he leaned his head back against the rear window in the cab and moaned loudly.

The Plumber watched with envy and burning desire. When I turned him, he had already unleashed his serpent, rising out from behind his zipper like a rattler responding a snake charmer’s flute. He was massive, thick and long, like most jocks I’ve been with, they have big hands, big feet, and BIG cocks.

I unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his jeans, exposing his abs, but I wanted more so I tried to pull down his pants as he wriggled between the seat and steering wheel. With the help of his free, the other on the steering wheel, we managed to push his pants down to his upper thighs.

Sans underwear, his giant balls squirmed independently in his hairless scrotum. I was mesmerized by the sight of this monster impregnator.

Growing impatient with being ignored, the clerk reached around from behind me, under my armpits, cupping my boobies, and began tweaking my nipples, twisting and tugging them. The surprise broke my trance and I shoved him back and leaned back against the seat, grabbing both cocks, encircling their girth with my outstretched fingers.

I really needed two hands for the Plumber’s thick trunk. The clerk would have been impressive by any measure, except by this comparison.

With each<b> stroke </font></b>of these engorged poles, they grew hotter and harder, the heads more bulbous, pre-cum bubbling up from their swelling balls. I was becoming increasingly concerned if I would be able to handle their size, especially if they had any intention of sharing me at once.

Excitedly, my pussy convulsed rhythmically, wringing out a slippery paste of self-lube, glazing my openings and pussy lips with viscous goo, probably inspired by an instinctive need for self-defense against these oversized one-eyed invaders, painting a stripe of slickness on the seat beneath me, inviting all cummers.

The sight of pre-cum dribbling down the Plumber’s shaft compelled me to taste its pungent goodness. I delicately dabbed at his pee-hole with my pointed tongue while increasing my pumping cadence to increase his flow.

The moment my head dipped into his lap, tickling his shaft and cock head with my tongue, it was as if a tap was turned on. Abandoning the clerk to focus both hands on the Plumber's cock and balls, I tried urgently to open my mouth wide enough to accept his pulsing purple head, and not waste a drop of his precious lube.

Turning away from the clerk, bending over into the Plumber’s lap, only exposed my slick crease to him. He needed no further invitation and wasted no time. His thumb slipped into my pussy at the same moment his index finger penetrated my asshole. I gasped in surprise. He pulled me up onto my knees, as casually as picking up a pack.

As I licked his cock from tip to base and back again, bathing him with warm saliva, I didn’t notice that we arrived at “the place.”

The truck’s brakes squeaked us to a stop in the driveway. But my attention remained focused on heightening the Plumber’s pleasure. With the truck now parked, the Plumber pushed down on the back of my head with both hands, forcing his cock more deeply down my throat. He began masterbating himself with my open mouth, bouncing my head off his lap.

Pinned to his cock, unable to lift my head, my arms flailing, the clerk mounted from behind, thrusting roughly into my pussy. Each thrust jammed my mouth down lower on the Plumber’s cock, like an unbalanced teeter-totter. I gagged, my protests going unheard, except for an unintelligible gurgle.

The clerk’s pace began increasing, loud squishing and slapping sounds filling the cab. He was nearing climax. I pushed my hips back to meet his thrusting hips, driving him even deeper into me.

I was determined to bring the Plumber to orgasm at the same time as the clerk, and began pumping his shaft and squeezing his balls. He was close and getting closer with every<b> stroke </font></b>to filling my mouth.

Then the tap at the window surprised us all.

My hubby peered in through the fogged window, his pants around his ankles, pumping himself vigorously.

To be continued?

realldeall57 62M  
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4/2/2020 4:34 am

oh yes, please do. The visuals are absolutely amazing! Thanks you.


4/15/2020 4:32 am

WOW...you seem like a very lucky girl getting so much attention, and you love it. Please continue....

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