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Men vs Women : No, we really don't want to see yer Willy  

Branduelle 53F  
102 posts
9/14/2016 4:30 pm
Men vs Women : No, we really don't want to see yer Willy

Link below goes to a great article about this topic. I think most
are aware of the exhibition aspect, tit for tat expectations and
internet anonymity being reasons for dick/cock pics. And no,
you're not all porn stars because you're on the net. Lol...

Did you know that biology might play a part as well? Male primate sexual
behavior often shows sexual prowess by showing off their schlong to
impress not only the females but rival males as well. The article mentions
they might even wiggle or flick it to make sure its seen.

Now, guys...if you don't know me and are not my partner...yeah, that's my
first impression of you... Random primate 😜

For guys who post "normal" pics of you... Thank you for being evolved !!



91019fan 33M  
320 posts
9/20/2016 6:17 pm

<< beats on his chest...

Will Friedle, as Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World: "Life's rough, wear a helmet".

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