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A haunting fantasy to desire for real.  

BreedingSlave 60M
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8/2/2020 6:20 am
A haunting fantasy to desire for real.

Lately I find myself in almost a comatose state in life caused by the humdrum boring routine so, I decide to do something different. I decide to research locations that had been abandoned for centuries and predominately long forgotten. After spending the day of looking around in archives of the nearby library, I come across an article about a supposed haunted ghost town in which was established back in the ancient days of gladiators and mythical gods.

So, I travel to a nearby small village setting and take a room in a restored story bed and breakfast. The manager of the place was kind enough to provide with all the information about the area and gave directions too. So, I rent a small truck because, cars can't make it through the rugged terrain there.

After about a roughly hours drive an narrow graveled dirt road, I finally reach my destination. It is totally isolated and it was everything I learned about in the library to the tee. It is strange on how the structures remain standing this long and not really in bad shape either. Any way, I drive into the main area that appeared to be the center of town where I park the truck and begin my tour of the area on foot.

After walking for about yards or so, I notice a structure that appears be an house so, I go inside look around for a bit. Well, it is small and in a comfortable state stay. I go back the truck and drive it closer the house and take my things inside. I use the place for shelter during my stay there. At bed time, I lay my small mattress down on the bedroom floor and prepaire it for rest. I cover and fall asleep surprisingly fast.

The next morning I wake feeling unusually sluggish due subtle small strange noises in which frequently wakens from my slumber. As I begin dress for my day of exploration, I notice light abrasions on my body but only brushing it off as nothing at the time. After eating breakfast, I begin my stroll through the town and entered as many structures that I could when I stumble into one in which is, well, unusual to say in the least. There were metal and steel items lying around in which appeared be parts of weapons and strep metal from armor suits.Storage site, maybe? well. I proceed exploring inside.

As I wonder along through a long and narrow passage way, I take a seat for a rest and some water where I lean back against the wall. All of a sudden, portion of the wall opens behind with a long dark stairwell inside. As I stand their with my adrenaline rising with the surprising experience, I am suddenly elevated from my feet and carried down the long stair well. I am floating downward into a huge room made from stone. No windows, no anything in it.

I am carried by unseen forces of some kind to the center of the room when the stair well entrance slides heavily in sound until it closes shut. Now, I'm trapped with no way out. Next, huge panels opened along each of the walls where huge marble statues of gladiators with bodies of muscular gods all around me. As I take a closer inspection of each, I notice large openings between their huge muscular thighs.

While examining the structures, I hear a portion of the wall open behind at at the far end of the room. I turn around only see a large sized strange shaped structure moving the center of the room where I was lifted and placed upon once it stopped moving. After standing there for about a minute or , I see large mesh gauntlets appear around each side of me and each grabbed my wrists and ankles.

Next, a few more gauntlets appear and proceed tearing my clothes and foot wear from my body until there was nothing but thread of each left insight. The gauntlets laid me down on this structure facing upward and locked chained metal bands onto my waist, neck, wrists and ankles in which were locked on my by large locks that used skeleton keys to open them with.

Once firmly tethered in place, the structure changed to where it perffectly formed to my body leaving no sides at . The gauntlets release their firm grip from my body and move away from about feet when long round things began slivering out from the openings between the statue legs. There were at least maybe seven of them. of them slowly glides my body from sides where the wrap themselves around my limbs and mouth.

The one over my mouth raises like a snake and forces my lips open where it could enter my mouth. As it begins fucking my mouth, I could fill it open the top where my<b> tongue </font></b>is forced all the way into it. It begins throbbing and pulsating as though it was breathing. Next, a new long round thing moved deep into my ass all the way, the head of it shrank and pushed it's way into my intestine area and returned to it's normal size stretching the opening there. It also began throbbing and profusely proceeded in fucking as well. The rest of them wrapped themselves around while waiting on their turn for relief.

It takes a real kinky and perverted unrestricted man to do it right.

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