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The man I look for in real time opportunity only.  

BreedingSlave 60M
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6/22/2020 1:54 am
The man I look for in real time opportunity only.

He is someone that never follow the public set "Taboo" restrictions ever. He is someone who is within the (10 +/-) range of 60 yrs. of age and non switch TOP MASCULINE MALE who demands full time control and will never accept anything less of himself.

He is someone that is safe, sane, clean and not noticeably over weight nor obese. Also, he is never shy about being assertive on how he wishes to exploit me for filling his perverse kinky desires with.


1) No fem types of either gender around nor included ever.
2) No switching roles ever.
3) No bazaar nor extreme dangerous play times ever.
4) No alcohol nor drugs ever used.
5) No public play time ever.


1) Force me to be kept naked while locked into a collar, restraints and other devices of choice.

2) He always dress in fetish gear and attire from head to feet if possible. (most desired btw.)

It takes a real kinky and perverted unrestricted man to do it right.

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