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Club bathroom fuck (fiction)  

BruceWayne983 37M  
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6/30/2020 6:28 pm
Club bathroom fuck (fiction)

I’m out in a club with a bunch of mates, more than a couple of drinks in. We’re a little older than most of the crowd, but fuck it, we’re just out to get some drinks in and have a good time. It’s busy, but not mobbed, so there’s still room to move around, and we can see across the room from our place at the bar. I see a girl on the far side of the dance floor. She catches my eye for a couple of reasons; her figure hugging red dress stands out from the rest, and the way she moves as she dances - confident, fluid, and sexy as hell. Watching her for a few moments, I feel a stirring in my groin, and my mind starts wandering to what she’d look like bouncing on my dick. Damn, guess I’m in a horny mood tonight, been a while since I knocked one out, let alone got laid.

As I’m watching her, she glances in our direction and our eyes meet. She holds my gaze for more than a moment, before flicking her hair, facing away and crouching down, pushing her ass out as she rises back up. That was definitely a “fuck me” move, I think to myself, feeling another pang of desire in my crotch, and start wondering if I could actually fuck this girl. She glances again at me, and I allow myself a slight grin (hopefully not creepy), to let her know I’m interested. I’m feeling impatient - if I’m gonna take my shot it might aswell be now. So I down the rest of my drink, make my excuses to my friends, then head over in her direction.

The dance floor is getting busier now, so I have to push my way through the throng to get close to her. I dance close to her, until we’re back to back, then ‘accidentally’ make contact. She glances round and smiles, which is enough encouragement for me. We dance together, and I allow myself to admire her body, along with her moves. She is petite, barely over 5 feet, and has long dark hair going down past her shoulders, that flows out as she throws her head around. She has a slim, lithe body, but with hips that curve out nicely, and small, pert breasts. Her dress clings to her figure, and comes down just past her ass, showing off her legs while accentuating the rest of her body. She’s younger than me, probably early 20s, and a face that I would describe more as ‘cute’ than outright beautiful.

She dances much better than me, but she doesn’t seem bothered. Within minutes she’s grinding her ass up against my crotch, running her hands through her hair seductively while I place my hands firmly on her waist as she writhes against me. I’m getting uncomfortably hard already, and there’s no way she can’t feel it through my jeans and the thin material of her dress. She turns back towards me and we kiss, then she backs off and we continue our bump and grind for a moment. I’m going crazy, I really need to fuck this girl now, so I try my luck once more. I take her by the hand and start to pull her off the dance floor, and thankfully she follows unquestioningly.

The club is across three floors, and while the ground floor where we are is always busy at this time, the upper floor is often deserted. I take her upstairs, and right enough, there’s very few people milling about here, having migrated to the main club dance floor downstairs. I look for the ladies toilets at the back, listening to see if anyone is inside. I look at the girl, and she’s biting her lip behind a little smile, probably full well knowing what I have in mind. When I’m sure it’s clear, I take her inside the ladies room, and sure enough there’s no one in. We go to the cubicle at the back, attached to the tiled wall on one side, and I pull her inside.

We start making out again, more vigorously this time, while my hands are all over her. I really love her tight little body, and my cock is straining under my jeans, desperate to escape. I slide her dress up over her hips, exposing her matching red panties, before moving my hands up to fold the top of her dress down, revealing her cute little bra and tits. After fondling them a bit through the material, i unhook the bra and throw it to the side, exposing her pert little tits themselves. I can’t resist taking a breast in my mouth, sucking hard on her nipple while I rub the opposite with my thumb, before switching, until both nipples are nice and hard. Meanwhile, my other hand is touching between her legs, feeling her through her panties, before slipping my fingers inside them and feeling her wetness directly. She’s shaved most of her hair down there, leaving just a little patch of trimmed hair above her pussy. I love the moans she’s making, and feeling her wetness I know she’s ready and eager for my cock.

Between the two of use we unbuckle my belt and jeans, pushing my jeans and boxers down and finally letting my cock spring free. I push her back against the tiled wall, making her gasp against the cold, while I move in towards her. Her dress is bunched around her waist now, and I bend and hook an arm under each of her legs, before lifting and holding her against the wall. She looks pretty not pinned to the wall like this, legs spread wide, four inch heels still on her feet. She pulls her panties aside with one hand, while the other takes hold my my cock and guides it towards her pussy. I feel the wetness of her pussy on the tip of my cock, before gently pushing inside, enjoying her facial expressions as she gasps. I tease her for just a moment, making small probing thrusts into her, before readjusting my feet, and thrusting hard into her, all the way to the hilt.

I groan as I feel the hot, wet pussy gripping me fully, but I love the little scream that escapes from her as I drive myself home. I start to fuck her steadily now, my arms holding her in place while I use my legs and hips to thrust into her. It’s quite hard work physically, which I’m grateful for because I realise from how good she feels and how long it’s been for me, that I might struggle to hold my nut, so I’m thankful for the distraction. She pulls at my back, my hips and my ass as I fuck her, always urging me to go faster, deeper, harder. Between her moans and our movements, we’re making quite a bit of noise, and when I hear a couple of girls enter the toilets I pause momentarily, considering whether I should wait. I look at the girl, her cheeks now flushed red, and don’t take long to decide I don’t care if the other girls hear. So I start to move again, and immensely enjoy watching her try, but fail, to stifle her moans in an attempt to stay quiet.

The other girls are giggling and whispering to each other now, clearly aware of what’s going on. I ignore them from now on, continuing to fuck the cute little brunette I have pinned against the wall until I’m sweating and breathing quite heavily. At some point the girls have left and we’re alone again. I withdraw from her and lower her feet to the floor, before turning her round to face away from me. She submissively bends over at the hips, revealing her sweet little bubble butt, still partially covered by her panties. I feel the excitement building in me again, as I position myself, slide her panties aside, and guide my cock between her ass cheeks and back into her tight, wet pussy.

I grab her hips and start to fuck her again. It feels so good in this position, able to penetrate her more deeply and more easily than before. Again I start regretting that I didn’t knock one out earlier, because I don’t know how long I can hold myself back, but I’m going to enjoy every moment nonetheless. She arcs her back up towards me, turning her head so we can kiss, while i move my hands up and massage her breasts, tweaking and pulling her nipples again and making her moan. When I break off the kiss I love the little breathy moans she gives as I continue fucking her and playing with her nipples. After a while I place a hand behind her neck and push her back down again, to get a better angle for fucking her, and also so I can admire her little bubble butt bouncing against me with each thrust. I feel myself stirring and know I need to cum soon, but I have no desire to slow or stop to control myself.

She seems to read my mind, as she turns her head to the side and calls back breathlessly “don’t cum in me.” I pause for a second, idly thinking to myself that’s the first words either of us have said to each other. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear though, because I was really looking forward to unloading in her hot little pussy.
“I’ll pull out when I’m ready”, I reply - hoping she’ll have the decency to finish me off afterwards. I take a deep breath, hold onto her hips and start fucking her again, hard as I can this time with loud slapping noises echoing out as my hips smack against her ass with each thrust. I enjoy digging my fingers into her ass while I give her everything I’ve got, all the while feeling my balls tightening and the pressure around my cock building as I get closer and closer to orgasm. She seems to enjoy the increased speed and intensity, and a series of little gasps and whelps escape from her mouth as I continue pounding her from behind.

It takes all my willpower, and I leave it to the last possible moment, right before I’m about to explode, but I manage to pull myself out before I nut inside her. I cut it close though, and I need a moment to control myself as I feel a little pre-cum escape from my rock hard cock. The brunette turns round, and immediately drops to her knees in front of me, smiling smuttily as she sees the precum on my dick. She cups my balls in one hand, grips the base of my shaft in the other, then playfully licks the precum from me, making my dick twitch hard.

I’m still right on the edge, ready to nut as soon as she puts her mouth around me... and she knows it. She looks me in the eye, purses her lips, and blows gently on my dick. The fucking literal cock teaser! I think to myself, giving her a look which I hope says “don’t even fucking think about teasing me right now”, but in my current state is probably more a look of desperation. She smiles, then start licking up and down the side of my shaft, moving her hand slowly and gently around, enough to keep me at the edge but not enough to bring me off. I’m gasping as she tortures me, my eyes wide as I watch her, but I refuse to beg for her to make me cum.

She teases me for what feels like an age, but is probably two minutes max, before backing off again and looking up at me. “Ok, cum for me now”, she says. The words alone are nearly enough, but then with one hand still cupping my balls, the other at the base of my shaft, she envelopes my throbbing cock in her mouth. She works me hard, hand gripping tightly and mouth locked firmly around my bellend while she slides both up and down in unison, as hard and fast as she can. I feel my cum rising immediately, just having time for a couple of short, deep breaths, and sucking in a final gasp of air, before my cock erupts in her mouth, shooting streams of cum hard and fast down her throat. She closes her eyes and gags, but stays locked on and continues to milk me, taking shot after shot of spunk in her mouth. When she finally comes back for air, she gets another couple of shots across her nose and mouth, before she envelopes me once more and continues to suck me off.

I cum so hard my vision starts to black out, but finally the stream of cum slows and she gently squeezes and sucks the last drops from me. When she pulls back and looks up at me, she runs a finger over the cum still running down her face, and sucks it straight off her finger. Then unbelievably, she goes back to me and starts sucking my still twitching cock again - seemingly she can’t get enough! It’s nice for a few seconds, but then my cock goes sensitive in it’s post-nut state, and I flinch under her touch before actually being forced to pull her off me.

She rises to her feet, giggling slightly, and leans in for a kiss. Unlike some guys, I don’t mind kissing after nutting in a girl’s mouth, so I kiss her back, not caring at all that she tastes of salty cum. When we break off, she looks around for her bra, puts it back on and starts to rearrange her now slightly crumpled dress. I’m breathing heavier than her, after my massive orgasm, but pull my boxers and jeans back up, getting ready to go. When I’m dressed again, I sit back on the closed toilet to catch my breath. My brunette fuck-toy, after getting herself decent, exits the cubicle and goes across to the mirror by the sinks opposite. I enjoy watching her ass as she slinks away, then again as she leans over to get close to the mirror. When she’s finished, she looks back at me with a smile, blows me a kiss, then heads back out.

As I head out of the toilets after I run the night through in my head, right up to the point she walked out. I think to myself neither of us got a name, or a number, just a quick, intense fuck and some awesome memories of the night, which apparently is exactly what we both needed.

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