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Fucked in my Office (fiction)  

BruceWayne983 36M  
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7/30/2020 5:21 pm
Fucked in my Office (fiction)

I'm sitting at my desk in my office, getting ready for an important zoom meeting with the bosses. We've returned the office on a reduced staffing level temporarily, due current global situation. Our office is a small part of the company anyway, and there are only around employees in today. My office is one of several separate one person office rooms that sits just off the main open plan part of the office, where a few people are working away. I've noticed Gemma is in today, which is always a bit of a distraction, particularly recently. She's around 5'6'', straight blonde hair, a slim body but nice C-cup size boobs, perky ass that has a bit of a wobble to it. Today she's wearing a tight black skirt, white blouse, and black heels - no tights today though. She's also wearing glasses, which for some reason seem to suit her perfectly, and make her look even sexier to me.

We had a one night stand a few months back, before the lockdown happened. We were at a party and had a few too many drinks, a little bit of bump and grind on the dance floor, and we ended up back at my place so for a drunken, but satisfying fuck. But we're both in relationships, so we agreed the next day it was a mistake and we wouldn't be repeating it. That doesn't stop my hormones from reminding me of that night at every opportunity though, so now every time I watch her cross the office in one of her tight-fitting skirts or dresses, I get a little pang of desire to have her again.

But I don't have time for daydreaming today. I have an important Zoom meeting with six senior personnel at the company including my immediate boss, board members, and the CEO. We're running virtual meetings most of the time now due to Coronavirus restrictions, so I haven't seen any of those people in person for months. I have to give an update on my biggest project, and given that I should be up for promotion soon I am very keen on it all going smoothly. As I'm making my last minute preparations there's a knock at my door, then Gemma sticks her head in the door.

"Do you have a minute?", she asks.
"Yeah sure if it's a quick one" I reply. But i have my meeting in minutes so don't have long.
"Ok", she says, as she comes in and closes the door behind her.

She also turns the cord close the blinds, which makes me raise an eyebrow, but I don't put too much thought into it as she moves to the chair opposite my desk and takes a seat. She starts asking me about some project she's working on, which I have a passing knowledge of, and I respond to her questions, although they don't seem a pressing concern. We're at the same level career-wise, so it's not unusual for us to discuss our work, although usually we only do so if we want to discuss something specific or we're just making small talk when we cross paths in the office. I'm glancing at my watch, kind of eager to get on with my prep so I'm not flicking through notes at the start of the meeting. As she finishes her line of questioning she changes her tone suddenly.

"So, the other day I was thinking about that night in January", she says suggestively.

I feel an immediate twinge of desire in my dick, an involuntary reaction to the memory.

"Uh, ok", I reply uncertainly.
"Well, I broke up with my boyfriend right before lockdown so I've kind of been climbing the walls for the last few months", she says with a little smile.
"Oh...sorry to hear that", I tell her, unconvincingly. I'm really tempted by the direction this is going but now is really not the time to talk about it.

She gets up from her chair and starts lazily walking round to my side of the desk, trailing her fingers on the desk theatrically.

"You still with your girlfriend?", she asks innocently.
"Well yeah, we're still together", I tell her truthfully. Although I don't add that we've been going through a bit of a lull recently in the sexual department. Actually can't remember the last time we had sex... three weeks at least i reckon. When did i even last knock one out, I think to myself, as I feel how readily the blood is flowing to my cock at the mere mention of sex right now.

"Guess that didn't stop you last time, did it?" she teases, as she saunters over to stand by me in my chair.
"Uh, i think we agreed that was a mistake though yeah?", I answer. But i hate how little conviction i hear in my voice.
"I see the way you look at me", she says playfully. "I know you want to fuck me again."

She puts her hand on my shoulder and starts to stroke my lightly through my shirt, then to my surprise she sits down across my lap, with her legs off to one side, hooking her arms behind my head as she does. She's inches away from my face now, as we look into each other's eyes. Her big, blue eyes behind black rimmed glasses, her full lips slightly parted as she assess my reaction. As much as i try to keep a poker face, unfortunately I know she can feel my reaction, because my cock is swelling fast under the pressure of her weight. Her perfume is intoxicating too - i think it's the same light, flowery scent she was wearing the night she came back to my place, which only helps make my memories come to me even more vividly. She smiles and leans in to kiss me, and I'm helpless to resist her. I kiss her back deeply, exploring her mouth with my tongue, her taste in my mouth and scent in my nostrils puts my senses into overload. I reach a hand round her side to stroke her thighs, while she wriggles slightly in my lap, teasing my hard-on which is now straining against my trousers.

I want her right now. I want to fuck her so bad it literally hurts. She slides round on me, so that she's facing away, then gets off me briefly to hitch her skirt up, revealing some small lacy black panties: definitely not standard work wear I think - she had this planned the horny bitch! I'm licking my lips as she sits down on me hard, grinding her ass into my crotch and letting out little moans under her breath. I put my hands on her waist and pull her back into me, until she turns her head to the side so we can kiss again. I'm losing my fucking mind now, she's driving me crazy. She reaches behind her with both hands and somehow manages to unbutton and unzip my trousers, but my cock is still trapped under my boxers and pointing down my trouser leg. I reach around her front, and slide my fingers down, inside her skirt and panties, and down further to touch her pussy. She's so wet down there already, and she sighs into me as I start to gently rub her pussy and then louder as I stroke up to tease her clit.

She starts tugging my boxers and trousers down, and I lift my hips up to help her, until they're far enough that my cock can spring free, only rising far enough to push against her pussy through the thin material of her panties. She murmurs and giggles as it does, telling me how hard it feels against her. Her pussy is so hot and wet already, I'm on the verge of just sliding her panties to the side and thrusting myself inside her. Suddenly, i gather my senses and remember where we are.

"Fuck. We can't. Not here.", I breath, while she continues grinding back and forth on me, teasing my rock hard cock with her pussy.
"Sure we can. You're almost inside me already. I want you to fuck me now" she whispers in a breathy voice.
"What if someone comes in?", I ask, nodding towards the door. Then suddenly I remember - "Oh fuck! The meeting!"

I glance at the clock - two minutes till the meeting starts. Fuck. I'm breathless, face flushed, and I've got a raging hard-on - not exactly how I planned on starting this very important call.

"You have to go", I say as authoritatively as I can. "Come on, get off me." I tell her, as I lift her to her feet in front of me.
She turns to face me, her skirt still bunched up around her waist - "Skip your meeting. Wouldn't you rather fuck me?" she asks seductively, while pulling her panties to the side and revealing her smoothy shaven, tight pussy, already gleaming in her juices. I stare at her pussy with unconcealed lust, licking my lips and trying my utmost to think with my brain and not my aching, throbbing cock.
"I...I can't, i gotta take this or I'm totally fucked."

She looks at me for a second, considering.
"Ok, your call", she says brightly, with a smile. But then she again does something unexpected - she goes down onto her knees, and positions herself in the footwell of the desk. Then she beckons me to come closer into my normal sitting position behind my desk.
"What the hell are you doing?, I ask incredulously.
"You can take the call", she says. "They can't see me if I'm down here, right?"
"You gotta be fucking with me", I say in disbelief.

I'm about to object more but then my Zoom incoming call notification comes on. Fuck!! I pull my chair in, hastily check the camera position - making sure it's aimed at my chest and upwards to ensure Gemma's head doesn't come into shot at any point when she starts doing what I know she's going to do. I wipe away the sweat that has formed on my forehead, then straighten up my shirt and tie. Fuck it - I answer the call. Everyone else starts popping up on the screen, and I see my own slightly dishevelled face appear on my feed.

I clear my throat, and try to greet everyone with confidence - "Hi, looks like we're all here."

Just as I do however, Gemma leans in closer, and I can feel her hair falling across my thighs and her breath on my cock, while her hands very carefully cup my balls and take a firm grip of the base of my shaft. I gasp involuntarily, before clearing my throat to cover, while I try to continue on.

"Ok...uhm...let's get started then" I tell them, struggling to remember my meeting plan. I desperately scramble through the papers on my desk, trying to find everything that I should have already had laid out before the meeting started. Gemma starts slowly licking up and down the length of my shaft, placing her lips just above the tip as if to take me in her mouth, but then just licking or kissing it lightly, before working her way back down again. My cock twitches as she does so, and I stifle another groan - why the fuck to I have to be so turned on right now? I'm so desperate for her to take me in her mouth and suck me hard, but also praying that she won't.

"Ah right, here we are" I say in a strained voice, as I try to compose myself again. Everyone brings up my project progression chart, and I start to talk them through our progress, haltingly and with many strange interruptions where I grunt or groan in response to Gemma's touch. She's working me a little firmer now, using her hands to stroke me up and down, while licking and sucking my balls with her mouth. I feel her drooling on my cock to lube it up a bit, to help her hands glide smoother as she strokes me. I take frequent gulps of water to try and cool myself down, but I can feel my face is flushed red and shining with sweat. The bosses must think I'm nervous as fuck, but hopefully have no idea of the real reason for my discomfort.

As I have a temporary break from speaking, while the others discuss a detail, Gemma spits on me, covering me with saliva again, then strokes me up and down a few times, hard and fast. It feels amazing, but not only does it make me gasp, but it also makes a rapid squelching noise as she rubs me, making my microphone light up even though I'm not speaking.

"Is your microphone ok there? We're getting a bit of feedback", my boss says.
"Oh...ah, ok", I say, clearing my throat again as Gemma continues to stroke me. "I'll try and uh...sort that out", I reply unconvincingly.

I puff out my cheeks, then reach down to grab Gemma's wrist and stop her working me. I risk a glance down - hopefully to the meeting it looks like I'm just checking some notes. Gemma looks up at me with a beaming smile, her eyes sparkling behind her glasses - she's clearly fucking loving this I realise, as I squirm uncomfortably under her control. She maintains eye contact as she moves her mouth forward, her lips opening up as she hovers over the tip of my cock. I can't watch any more - I look up and realise everyone on the call has gone quiet.

"Uh, sorry what was that?" I ask. "I think my connection lagged there", I say, covering for myself. The CEO repeats his question. Of course it was him that I look like I'm ignoring, that's just my fucking luck. While he's speaking, I can still feel Gemma's warm breath on the tip of my cock, her hand gently stroking me. She's making me throb in her hands, I'm so fucking hard for her I can't focus on what I'm doing. I start to answer the question...and as I do, I finally feel Gemma's mouth close firmly around my swollen bellend, and start to slide down my shaft. I gasp mid-sentence, then immediately start coughing to cover it again, trying my best to ignore the feeling of Gemma's mouth,<b> tongue </font></b>and hand sliding up and down my shaft while I pause my answer to gulp down some water.

"Ahem, excuse me" I apologise, before clearing my throat again. "As I was saying..."

I'm explaining a really crucial part of my project now, and I'm stuttering and coughing my way through it, looking like an absolute amateur. Gemma is taking no prisoners now, and after teasing me for so long she's working me hard, alternating between sucking my cock, and giving me little breathers where she moves her mouth down to lick and suck my balls, while continuing to stroke me with her hand. Despite trying to focus on my work, I can feel myself edging closer to orgasm. She knows it too, and when she senses my intensity building too fast she eases up just a little, intent on bringing me to the point of orgasm as painstakingly slowly as she can.

I apologise awkwardly for my repeated coughing, trying to make a weak joke about it not being Covid, which doesn't really hit the mark. I get into the meat of my presentation, going over the boring details of progress, milestones, schedules and targets. But try as I might most of my attention is focussed on the soft lips and warm, wet mouth that is pleasuring every inch of my aching hard member. As I'm making a slightly long-winded explanation of something suitably mundane, Gemma goes on me a bit harder, sucking me for longer and squeezing me tighter than before. She brings me right to the edge this time, and I suck in a sharp breath as I get ready to cum in her mouth. But just at the last moment, she takes her mouth off me, and with her fingers squeezes me tightly at the base of my shaft only. I gasp and stutter, trying to get the words out again as I feel the cum rising inside me. I say some gibberish that makes no sense, while my orgasm eventually fades away before it can fully take hold. I feel a little precum squirt out of the tip of my dick, but otherwise I hold myself back.

I gather myself and try to take another gulp of water, only to realise my glass is empty. Fuck, I feel so thirsty. My throat is dry and I'm sweating more obviously now. I glance down as Gemma playfully sucks the precum off my bulging bellend, making a show of looking up at me as she swallows it down. God she's so fucking adorable I think, wanting nothing more right now than to shoot my load in her mouth and be done with this. But it seems she doesn't want me to finish yet - I fear she's going to drag this out for the entire meeting, making sure to both maximise my suffering and prevent me from concentrating like I need to. I momentarily compose myself and continue speaking, trying my best not to rush myself, despite every fibre of my being urging me to do exactly that. Gemma doesn't give me much of a break before she goes back to work, and whether intentionally or not, she's starting to suck me more sloppily now, the noise of which is showing up on the call transmission. Between gasps I try to cover the noise, starting to type in a word file to pretend I'm taking some notes, hoping that the keyboard noises overshadow what Gemma is doing. I put a hand down on her head to try and slow her, but she doesn't oblige - she continues on as she was, seemingly ambivalent to my request. I need at least one free hand to progress through slides and bring up new documents to share, so with no way to stop her I am resigned to the fact that I'm at her mercy.

It doesn't take her long to get me to the point of orgasm again, but once more at the last possible moment she backs off and leaves me impotently sucking in breath in my desperation for her to finish me. My cock twitches and throbs, with more precum spilling out, but she still won't give me my orgasm. I start rubbing my face in frustration, and I'm almost certainly making more mistakes in my explanations as I try to continue, though I can't be sure because I can barely remember what I'm saying from one minute to the next. She keeps me in a permanent state of pre-orgasm tension around my cock and balls, which makes it impossible to concentrate on anything else.

As I get into the final stretch of the meeting, Gemma continues to edge me with her mouth and hands, to the point where I'm so close to cumming it physically hurts - again and again and again. One time I'm sure she's overdone it, and after she takes her mouth off I feel the cum rushing up my shaft, and have to grab my dick in one hand and point myself towards Gemma's face, to prevent me from shooting straight up in full view of the camera... that would be a sight for the board on the video call I guess. But despite squirting a couple more spurts of precum, I manage to hold my orgasm, puffing my cheeks out and coughing once more to cover. I glance down at Gemma again, my frustration and desperation obvious, and she's still beaming up at me from down there, absolutely loving the predicament she's put me in. She goes back to work almost immediately, offering me no respite, but treating me gently to make sure I don't explode immediately.

We get to the concluding of our meeting. I've done my best field the board's questions, despite my apparent physical distress and Gemma's obvious distractions. I just need sum up the final few and outline what our next steps will be going forward. But Gemma knows it too, and I have a horrible feeling I know what she's going to do to me. Gemma very slowly and deliberately builds me up again, hands, mouth and<b> tongue </font></b>working in harmony, until my balls are tightening and my cock is twitching pre-emptively once more. I start to rush my final couple of , the urgency and strain in my voice becoming obvious. As I reach the point of climax, Gemma lifts her head off as usual, again leaving me hanging at the final moment.

"Uhm, ah".. I hesitate, losing my train of thought. Gemma taps on my thigh with her hand, trying get my attention. Stupidly, I take the bait and look down at her. She mouths some words up at me, but I can tell exactly what she's saying. She mouths "Cum for me now.", and then bows her head and starts suck and stroke me as hard and fast as she can. Holy fuck! I'm gonna cum now - what the fuck do I do? I look up and I'm staring straight at the faces of 6 senior company members, waiting expectantly for my conclusion. I do the only thing I can think of - I start faking a massive coughing fit... Right as I start coughing and spluttering, the pressure around my cock becomes unbearable, my mind going completely blank for a moment, and then I feel my cock throb as I explode in Gemma's mouth. She gags a little as stream after stream spurts out of me, filling her mouth almost instantly as she continues vigorously jerk and suck me off. She takes her mouth off me only momentarily, swallow my cum down, during which time I shoot a couple more shots into her face before she manages to wrap her lips around me again to take the rest back in her mouth.

I continue my coughing charade, as Gemma milks me hard while I shoot stream after stream into her, the intensity slowly dissipating as my orgasm starts to subside. Impressively, she manages to swallow the rest down without having to take her mouth off my throbbing, pulsing dick. It feels amazing to finally unload in her mouth like that after so much teasing and edging. The ecstasy of the release of tension and pressure making it one of the most powerful orgasms I can remember. But as the torrent of cum finally slows to a stop I start to regain my sense of awareness, and remember where I am. I start to collect myself, coughing a few final times and then attempting to clear my throat, while Gemma sucks the last drops of cum straight from my still twitching cock.

"Uh, ah. Excuse me. Sorry about that" I say to the meeting in a strained voice, before glancing at my notes to try to recover my place. I run through my final comments as quickly and professionally as I can, though continuing to wince and squirm as Gemma continues to suck on my now 'post-orgasm sensitive' dick. When I'm finished my review, I thank everyone for attending, and apologise again for my coughing episodes. As they are thanking me and saying their goodbyes, they all ask me to get myself checked out - their reactions a mixture of genuine concern and bewilderment . My display must have seemed very bizarre to them I think, and I wonder if any of them have any suspicion of what really happened.

The ends and I finally take a huge sigh of relief - leaning back in my chair and staring up at the ceiling, raising my hands run my fingers through my hair. Gemma finally releases her hold on my now softening cock, and I look down at her. She smiles her sweet smile back up at me, looking even more adorable now she has a couple of splodges of cum across her nose and cheeks, and a little more at the corners of her mouth.

"You are a fucking nightmare", I tell her, as she playfully runs her finger across the splattering of cum on her face, and hungrily sucks it off her fingers.
"Hmmm", she says. "I think you coped with that pretty well, all things considered."
"It was a fucking disaster, and you know it" I say.
"Aw come on. You loved it", she teases me.

She's kind of right - I was incredibly turned on; she edged me perfectly for so long, and it felt amazing when I finally came - but damned if I'm gonna admit that her. I slide my chair back, letting her out from underneath the desk as she gets her feet. Her skirt is still riding up on her hips, giving me another good look at her little black panties, which I notice some satisfaction are looking pretty soaked through now that I see them, before she rearranges herself and pulls the skirt back down. I'm definitely gonna fuck her again I think myself now - she deserves payback for this stunt. I start pulling my boxers and trousers back up, awkwardly putting away my now semi-erect dick and then fastening my trousers up.

"Well, this was fun but I guess I should get back work", she tells me, flashing me another smile.
"Yeah I reckon so. People will be wondering where you've been."

She leans down towards me, and kisses me deeply. I kiss her back, noting that I can still taste my cum on her, but not caring in the slightest. I take the opportunity to reach my hand round to feel her ass at the same time, giving it a goodbye squeeze before she leaves. Absurdly, I feel another twinge of desire in my dick, as if it's almost ready to go again. But she breaks off and straightens herself up, then with a final smile she turns and heads towards the door.

"Hey", I her, just before she leaves. "You've got a with the board coming up too right?"
"Hmm, sure I have one next week actually."
"Well, maybe I'll see if I can help you through that one then", I say with a grin.
"Ahh", she laughs back. "Yeah maybe I'd like some 'help' with that" she replies, with another flirty glance.

With that she turns and leaves my office. Holy shit, I think as I'm finally left alone. I wonder how the hell I'm going to run damage limitation after that shitshow of a meeting. But I can't deny, even if it all goes to hell and I somehow lose my job over this, at least I've got a hell of a memory to console myself with.

BruceWayne983 36M  
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7/30/2020 5:54 pm

Pic added

Giveitago1269 35M
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7/30/2020 6:10 pm

Damn good story. Thanks.

booby_01 50M/47F
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7/30/2020 8:11 pm

very exciting. mmmm

author51 57F  
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7/30/2020 11:35 pm

That was well written and quite erotic..Well done as it was a pleasure to read.

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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