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Mmf story for a friend on here (fiction)  

BruceWayne983 36M  
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6/28/2020 5:16 am
Mmf story for a friend on here (fiction)

We set a meeting AdultFriendFinder. I'll be in your city this weekend and after chatting for a while we agree meet . However, as usual you're feeling greedy, and there is another guy you also wanted meet this weekend - a good looking, slim black guy called Brian with a neatly trimmed beard who is visiting from the US. After some discussion we decide the of us will meet and see where the night takes us. What you don't realise yet, is that the two of us have already agreed what we want do you tonight. You've packed your lingerie for the evening, which you plan to wear if the evening goes well.

I have a room at the Hilton booked for the night. The of us meet in town for a few drinks to make sure we get along. It's fairly relaxed, and we seem have a good laugh together. You feel excited for what might happen later. After a while we agree to go back to the hotel, there is no use wasting time when we're clearly interested. The two of us wait down in the hotel bar, having another round, while i give you the keys go my room prepare. The room is large with a king sized bed, with wooden pillars at the either end. You freshen then start get changed into you lingerie, long thigh length black stockings, and black lacy underwear. You start to feel the anticipation build as you dress. Once you are prepared, the wait is painstaking, you really hope we don't leave you hanging for long. Soon enough, you hear our voices down the corridor as we approach, and feel your heart flutter just a touch in excitement. You put some music on for atmosphere, then lie back on the bed and spread yourself out.

We enter the room and approach, our voices falling silent. As we come into view we stop to take you in, admiring your body from head to toe, your slim figure accentuated by your lingerie. "Wow, well looks like you're ready for us", I say, before moving round the side of the bed. We are wasting no time, and as we move round either side of you we are both unbuttoning our shirts and removing belts. After removing shirts and jeans we lie down on the bed on either side of you. You can see our cocks bulging in our underwear already. I start to kiss you as my hands glide over your body, caressing your legs, stomach and breasts. Brian moves in and kisses your neck before sliding your bra down and taking a breast in his mouth, sucking hard on your nipple. Your hands move down on each side and you start rubbing our hard cocks through the fabric of our briefs.

You bra is unhooked and thrown to the side, giving us both full access to you breasts. As we kiss and caress you we each slide our briefs down, letting our cocks spring free. You look down and see a large, thick cock on either side, and feel yourself getting wetter in anticipation as you take one in each hand and start to<b> stroke </font></b>us and down. Our hands move down your body reciproc rubbing your pussy through the lacy material of your panties, before sliding underneath slip our fingers inside you. You are already moaning with pleasure, enjoying the feel of hands, mouths and tongues exploring your body, and you can tell from the hardness of our cocks that we are equally turned on.

Suddenly, we each take hold of a wrist and pull your arms above your head, and before you have time to react you feel something metallic being placed around each wrist. You look see handcuffs being slapped onto you on both sides, your arms then pulled wide before the other end of the cuffs are attached to the bed pillars. You didn't know this was in the script, but it seems the two of us had this planned. Brian pulls some other things out from below the bed, some ropes and a blindfold. He puts the blindfold across your eyes, tying it firmly, before the two of us start to tie your legs. You are breathing deeply now, unsure what to expect next, as you feel your legs being spread apart and tied off on the posts at the bottom of the bed. You are completely spread-eagled on the bed now, totally at our mercy.

One of us climbs between your legs - from the position he came from you think it's Brian but without your sight you aren't entirely sure. You're still wearing your panties as you feel his thighs on the inside of yours, and his thick cock resting on top of your pussy. The other man moves towards your head (you assume it is me), straddling over your right arm as my hands go to the back our your head, turning you towards me. You feel my cock against your lips, which you part to take me in your mouth. I sigh as you suck me, and I start to move my hips back and forth, slowly fucking your mouth. Meanwhile you feel hands pulling on your panties, and you hear them rip as they are pulled from underneath you, before you hear them land on the floor as they are tossed aside.

Brian's hands go under your hips, lifting you so that your thighs rest slightly top of his. You moan into my cock as you feel Brian's dick against your already soaking pussy - you really need to feel someone inside you now. He pauses for a second, then thrusts straight into you, all the way to the hilt. You squirm against him as he starts to fuck you, with long deliberate strokes, using the full length of his cock. He builds the pace, starting shorten his strokes slightly as he fucks you harder and faster. You lose track of time as he continues pound you, and you feel him start drip sweat onto you and hear him breathing louder. Finally he starts to slow, and slides himself out of you, before lowering your hips back onto the bed.

I also withdraw from your mouth, allowing you to breath more easily. You hear both of us adjusting your restraints, the handcuffs are unclipped from the bedposts and the ropes are untied from your ankles. You are suddenly flipped onto your front. Your left arm is grabbed and pulled across to the right, before you hear the handcuff lock around the bedpost. Then your right arm is pulled to the left, and locked in place so that your arms are now crossed in front of you, restricting your movement further. You are in a kneeling position, bent over with your ass pointing slightly upwards. You have no range of movement in your upper body from this position. You sense the two of us shifting positions, one moving behind and the other in front of your face.

You assume it is now me kneeling behind you, as you feel my hands on your hips and my cock being positioned against your wet, engorged pussy. Brian kneels in front of you, puts his hands on your neck and lifts your head upwards. You open you mouth again to accept his long thick cock in your mouth, tasting your pussy on him. You groan as I start to penetrate you from behind, filling and stretching your pussy once more. Wet as you are I slide in with no difficulty, and within moments you can feel my whole 8 inches inside you, my hips coming to rest against your ass I go balls deep on the first thrust. I quickly find a rhythm, and start to fuck you with long, hard strokes. From here you have to stay relatively still, doing what you can with your mouth and tongue to give Brian head, while you get pounded from behind. You love getting spit-roasted like this, and feel like you want it to last forever.

You were already turned on from Brian's fucking earlier, but now you feel a warm glow around your pussy, growing more intense with each thrust. I seem to sense your reaction, as I increase the pace even more until i'm fucking you with all you've got, my hips and balls slapping against your ass with each powerful thrust. You are moaning loudly now, the noises muffled by the big cock in your mouth, as you feel your orgasm getting closer. It seems to build for an eternity, the pressure becoming unbearable, until finally it overcomes you. Your entire body goes rigid as your pussy explodes in orgasm, convulsing hard around my thrusting cock. I don't relent, continuing to thrust deep inside you as you cum all over me. You gasp for air as your body shakes and shudders, before finally your orgasm starts to subside.

As you start to recover I slow my pace, before sliding my cock out of you. Brian also pulls back from your mouth, and you feel your handcuffs being removed. Once you are free, you take off your blindfold. All of us are covered in sweat. You have no idea how long we've been fucking but you are impressed neither nor Brian has cum yet. Brian lies down his back, big black cock pointing upwards. You happily swing your leg over his hips as you mount him, then quickly start ride him at a good pace, putting your hands his chest as you grind forwards and backwards his cock. I lie the side, happy let you focus him as I catch my breath, and you take my wet, hard cock in your hands and jerk as I wait my turn. You grind for a long time, before deciding the ante and get onto your feet in a squat position, and start to bounce and down his dick.

You can tell he's enjoying this as he starts gasp with pleasure. Then he tells you turn around so he can watch your ass while you ride. You are happy oblige and you spin round, before continuing ride in a reverse cowgirl, squat position. I reposition myself too, kneeling in front of you. You need one hand for balance but the other is free to continue stroking , and you lean forward from time time suck my cock, while continuing bounce and down. You hear Brian's breathing getting deeper as you sense he is getting close cumming, and start focus your attention on him once more. Your free hand goes down caress his smooth, hairless balls as your pussy continues working and down his shaft. He is moaning loudly now and you feel your own excitement when you know he can't take much more. Suddenly, you see his legs twitching and hear him grunting behind you, as he starts cumming hard in your pussy. You feel him shooting hot cum inside you, his cock throbbing as he fills your pussy, until it starts overflowing back onto him. You continue riding him, maintaining the intensity until his is finally spent. You sit back down on him, catching your breath.

You lift your leg around and get off his dick, feeling more cum spilling out of you as you do. You kiss him as he gives a satisfied chuckle, sighing as he gets off the bed. Then you return your attention , I must be desperate cum now too, you think. I tell you to lie back, and you do, spreading your legs for . You wonder if i'm bothered by the cum still trickling out of your pussy, but I seem undeterred, as I position my cock against your pussy. Without hesitating I thrust into you, making you gasp as you feel more cum being expelled from inside you. I don't take any time to build pace, seemingly starting off where I left it when I was fucking you from behind. You lock your legs around my back, urging deeper into you with each thrust. I fuck you in missionary for a few minutes, more sweat dripping onto you from the effort. Your pussy feels like it's on fire, and you feel another orgasm building inside you.

Suddenly, I pull out, and flip you onto your front. I push you down flat, force your legs together and straddle you, sitting just behind your ass with my sweaty thighs enveloping yours. I slide my dick between your thighs, positioning myself, then thrust deep back inside your pussy in one flowing movement. You gasp as you feel me stretching you again, my cock feels so big and thick in this position. You remember now me telling you this was my favourite, so it's no surprise I would want to finish like this. I start to pound you immediately, my whole weight on you as I grip your waist with my hands and I work my hips back and forth. From my intensity you realise I won't last long like this - but you won't either - you feel a second orgasm coming closer and closer with each thrust. You take some long deep breaths, your hands clawing at the sheets, burying your head in the pillows, until finally you can't take any more, and you cum hard again, your body tensing while your pussy contracts around my thick, throbbing dick. Your mind goes blank as the pleasure overtakes you, but after a few seconds you also feel me thrusting more urgently, your reaction setting me off, as I groan hard and shoot my load inside you. I grip your hips firmly, as I ram my cock into you several more times, my cock throbbing as I fill your pussy again with hot, salty cum. The sensation of me cumming inside you reignites your own orgasm, and you gasp and squirm with each thrust of my pulsing, hard cock.

After what seems like forever, we're both finally spent, and I collapse down on top of you, the two of us breathing heavily and covered in sweat. I pull my still hard cock out of you and roll onto my back, and you feel more cum spilling out and down your inner thighs as I do. The of us spend a few minutes recovering, grabbing towels to clean off at least some of the mess and drinks to rehydrate. You feel completely and utterly satisfied, it was way better than you could have imagined. As the two of you get showered and dressed, we don't speak much, there's not much to say after that. However, before we go our separate ways the one thing we agree is we have do this again next time we have the chance.

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