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sub in training  

BrwnEyedLady58 58F  
6 posts
5/7/2020 9:55 pm
sub in training

So I have a Dob/sub training relationship (virtual online texting) I wanted to tell you about my experience tonight.
First my Dom instructed me to dress in a sexy tight T-shirt so that my<b> nipples </font></b>showed through so I took a picture and sent it to him and then I put nipple clamps on over the T-shirt and took a picture and sent it to him. Of course he gave me permission to do that.
Then he instructs me to pull the chain on the nipple clamps and stretch out my<b> nipples </font></b>which I lovingly did. I love having my<b> nipples </font></b>stretched and bitten so as I was doing that he had me walk to the kitchen and get a bowl full of ice.
I went there and I got it and it came back and he had me get my vibrator .
he instructed me to put a cube of ice on each nipple where the nipple clamps were in. the nipple clamps kind of held it in place.
Then he instructed me to put three pieces of ice deep inside my cunt.
it hurts so bad at first and then he had me turn my vibrator on low.
I had to keep my legs crossed to keep the ice in me and the vibrator felt like it was running right against the ice and all of a sudden I could just feel the water melting out of my pussy. Gushing at times!
heHad me turn my vibrator up to high and I came within three seconds.
As I continued to pack my cunt full of ice and turn the vibrator on and I have three more orgasms for him and that was the end of my training session with instructions to sleep in my wet T-shirt and keep the nipple clamps on XX

ghostriderinfla 58M  
126 posts
5/7/2020 11:47 pm

/8 =8 \8

apollonaire 46M
15 posts
5/8/2020 1:24 am

Mmmmm I like ur pics....made me throb...if interested check my profile...we’re not that far

pilotastro 50M
99 posts
5/8/2020 4:23 am

hello beauty !! put many pics i like mature like you

alterego10000 60M  
258 posts
5/8/2020 5:57 am

Very hot. Just reading got my cock hard.

one4wilder2 60M
34 posts
5/8/2020 7:23 am

so so hot and erotic....wanna cum in your iced pussy.

elf123 69M  
96 posts
5/31/2020 5:05 pm


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