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Responding to a Craigslist Interracial Ad
Posted:Sep 6, 2021 12:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2021 5:21 pm

This was a wild experience I can't believe I actually went through with. So at this point in my life I had only been with one man. I met him on the internet and would regularly visit his home for playdates. I would always give him head and he was gently breaking me into anal. He was a gentleman and fucked me a few times so I could experience it. I enjoyed it more and more each time. He had a perfect sized cock and it felt great. At this same time I began getting into watching alot of interracial port and seeing black men with these huge clocks banging white women. I would fantasize and jerk off to the idea of being that woman getting fucked by one of more huge black cocks. All fantasy, given I didn't know any black men, nonetheless any that were into white guys. Also at this time craigslist used to have the romantic encounter ads, and I would occasionally take a peak. One day while at work I was looking and saw and ad looking for a bottom white boy looking to get gangland. It was so absurd and out of left field, but I figured for shits and giggles I would respond. The guy got back to me, and said he had 4 guys looking to fuck. I though this is crazy, but kept emailing back and forth. I was getting so turned on from the conversation and then he just happened to be hosting at his house that was only 15 minutes away. I was nervous and horny and didn't think I would go through with it. But I got the address, left work, and went over to the place. I was down the street and called him ( we had exchanged numbers at this point). He said he would come out. I see him standing on the corner and I didn't approach him at first because I was really nervous about what I was getting myself into. Finally I just said fuck it and I get out of my car and walk up to him. We say hello to each other and then he says come with me... so I follow him into this house and soon as we get in. He closes the door behind me and locks it. He then tells me to walk in the back to the bedroom. Now I am super nervous expecting a room full of guys, like he had talked about in the ad and in emails. I walk into the room and to my surprise, there is no one there. Feeling a bit relieved, given how nervous I was, and feeling a bit disappointed I ask where is everyone. He said that they wanted to make sure I showed up first and began pulling down his pants. He said let's get you started, and he pulled out his cock. It was the first time I saw a black cock in person, it was beautiful looking. It was thick!!! And bigger then my 1st. I got right down and started sucking it. I was getting so horny and turned. I was making love to his cock, for felt like forever, and I looked up to see if he was pleased, and I realize he has his phone aimed down. He was taking pics and videos of me. I got so excited. He said he was sending them to the other guys that were coming. I was so horny and turned on, my inner freak began to come out and I told him I wanted him to fuck me with his big thick black cock. He grabbed me, pulled me up, and pushed me on the bed and said turn over slut. I flipped over and he told me to take off pants. I pulled them down, exposing my ass and kind of shaking and displaying it. I felt him climb onto the bed, and a cold sensation running down my ass. He squirted lube on my ass, and began rubbing his cock in it and then slide it between my ass cheeks. He started pushing the head on my asshole. And without any warning just stuck it in. He did not ease into like my I had experienced before with my regular friend that broke me in. He jammed his huge black cock right inside my tight white asshole. It hurt so bad that first pump. But I was feeling so slutty and dirty, and it turned me in so much. That my asshole began to loosen and welcome this thick cock I had fantasized about so many times. I got into it and told him how great his cock felt inside me, moaning louder and louder and exclaiming for him to fuck me.....harder and harder. He started to push my face into the bed and really pin me down. He asked if I liked it Bitch??? I was moaning, yes!! Yes!!. He was so hard, and was grabbing me and pumping his cock deep in my white ass until finally he got so deep. It was so painful and amazing at the same time. Then he let out a moan and I realized he was cumming inside me. He rolled off and I fell down onto the bed. I could feel the cum oozing out of my ass. I ran to the bathroom to clean up. As I was cleaning he asked if I was ready for his friends. I was so sore and worn out, I told him he was amazing and I could handle right now. I got dressed and told him I had to go. But we kept in touch and it became a regular thing.
That First Time You Finally Get To Taste Cock
Posted:Aug 31, 2021 5:55 pm
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2021 11:59 am

Growing up as a you never think about your sexuality. Looking back I can remember the different milestones of my sexuality growing up though. I guess I wouldn't call them milestones, as much as things you remember that peaked your interest in sex. We all have that moment when we get our first election and it feels weird, but really kind of good, or even amazing, although wasn't ever really sure what to do with it. I do remember being at a birthday party sleep over as a , can't really remember the age, but the one thing that does stick out, aside from fucking with people that fell asleep, was when one of the sat on the couch pulled down his pants, and started Jerking off. This was total new for nerdy little me. I mean not only is it the first time I have seen another cock, but I am learning what to do with it. That was the epiphany and beginning of many a days spent in my bedroom jerking off and shooting load after load. Then came the days of finding the fuzzy channels on cable that were the spice channel and something else, and once in a blue moon you might actually see a tit and then you had spank material for weeks. Like most, I was really turned on by women and always thought about them. Eventually you get to kiss, finger, eat out, get blown and have sex. As much as it turned me on, I always noticed that I was really into eating pussy, and really didn't like being blown. I just thought it was me and something my body just preferred. I do remember as a (maybe 15-16 years old) I shared a room with my brother and when he was asleep. I would be up and jerk off and you always imagine things if you have nothing to watch or look at. My mind would wonder, and I would begin to think about what it would be like to suck a cock. I would even toy with the idea of pulling down my brother's pants to look at his cock and maybe taste it while he slept. I was so confused why this turned me on and thought maybe it was a phase. Thankfully, I was so scared that my brother would wake up or even worse run and tell my parents or someone else and I would be labeled "gay" that I never went through with anything. And Thank God, because he was a few years younger, and it would have been awful to basically molest him. So that was just something I would fantasize about for awhile. I had girlfriends as I got older and never really thought about things. But as the internet evolved and I would come home drunk or maybe after smoking some weed I would surf the internet and found I could see anything. Back then I came across a site that I think may have been related to this called outpersonals, and started talking to other men and really getting turned on by talking to other guys about fantasies and wanting to suck cock. It became almost a nightly thing. I would hide in the basement on the computer and talk to guys, and jerk off, and then try to suck my own dick, and position myself so I could cum in my own face and mouth. This went on for maybe a year or two. In that time I had a guy that I talked to almost regularly. He lived about 40 minutes away, and he really was a down to earth guy. To me this was all fantasy, and once again, as much as this turned me on and I got horny for it, I didn't want to go through with it and people find out I am gay. So I moved out of my parents place and moved into a house with some good friends. House was a party place and girls coming and going and buddies and everything. Then I remembered the site and the guy and I felt more free living on my own and my buddies didn't really get involved too much into personal stuff. I also realized that the guy I had been talking to was 40 minutes away and nobody I know lives there and I kind of built some trust with him, so maybe??? Well I went on the computer right after all these thoughts and I told the guy I wanted to come visit. He was shocked and guess I was full of shit. Back then I had to mapquest the instructions, and then got in my car and started driving as it got dark...because it feels even more risky doing something like this in the dark, lol. I drove the 40 minutes, and the entire time I am rubbing my cock and fantasizing what will happen. Still amazed I didn't cum in my pants during the drive. I get to the house and call while waiting in the car outside. He comes out and meets me at the car and then invited me in. I was so nervous I barely could say anything. I was afraid I put myself in a bad situation. But the guy was so nice and chill that it started to go away and I realized I am in the middle of nowhere in some strangers house. Nobody knows where I am, which was fantastic, and nobody will question me. The guy asked if I wanted a beer and I said yes. He got one came back in and sat on the couch next to me, but not super close. He brought up some stuff we had talked about it the past. I began to guzzle the beer and this feeling of relaxation came over me and I thought to myself, I have been fantasizing and Jenkins off to a situation like this since I was a . I put the beer down, and the guy was wearing like basketball short type pants. I looked at him and just reached over and began to grab at his cock. He said "oh my". I couldn't believe I was touching another man's cock. I got so turned on, and wanted to really feel it, so I put my hand up the bottom of his shorts. Expecting to hit underwear, I was suddenly reaching up and there it was, his cock. He had no underwear on, and now I instantly got to feel another's man's cock free of clothing. I was so insanely horny, I just kept rubbing and stroking and could feel him go from soft, to thicker, to semi-hard. At this point I let myself just go for it and pulled up the pants so his cock was exposed. I stared at it for maybe not even 5 seconds, and I went right down and started licking and tasting it. The more he moaned the more excited and into it I was. I began sucking it, like all the porno movies I ever watched seeing women suck dick like a champion. I wanted to be even better. It finally hit me. I am sucking a man's cock, and not only is he enjoying what I am doing. But this moment is absolutely amazing. All the fantasies I ever had did not prepare me for how it finally felt to do. The guy told me to come into the bedroom with him. I followed him in. He took off my clothes and began kissing my body. He took off his clothes and in the middle of him kissing my chest I just grabbed his cock, and forced my way down and all I wanted to do was suck his cock. He allowed to and he laid on the bed with me making love to his beautiful hard cock. He touched and felt me, but all I wanted was to suck him like a port star until he came. I sucked and sucked, trying my best, until I heard him moaning louder and louder and then it suddenly happened. He grabbed my head and I could feel his cock throbbed and little pumps and then I could taste a salty extra wetness, and holy shit......he was cumming in my mouth. I was so freaking happy and turned on and excited, that I just kept sucking and sucking, swallowing and sucking, until he finally had to tell me to stop because his tip was so sensitive. I couldn't believe it. I just sucked my first cock and he came in my mouth, and I swallowed his cum. And it was absolutely amazing. I loved it. Literally that night I realized I love sucking cock. And I would have to do it again
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