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Responding to a Craigslist Interracial Ad  

Bubble4top 38M
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9/6/2021 12:17 pm
Responding to a Craigslist Interracial Ad

This was a wild experience I can't believe I actually went through with. So at this point in my life I had only been with one man. I met him on the internet and would regularly visit his home for playdates. I would always give him head and he was gently breaking me into anal. He was a gentleman and fucked me a few times so I could experience it. I enjoyed it more and more each time. He had a perfect sized cock and it felt great. At this same time I began getting into watching alot of interracial port and seeing black men with these huge clocks banging white women. I would fantasize and jerk off to the idea of being that woman getting fucked by one of more huge black cocks. All fantasy, given I didn't know any black men, nonetheless any that were into white guys. Also at this time craigslist used to have the romantic encounter ads, and I would occasionally take a peak. One day while at work I was looking and saw and ad looking for a bottom white boy looking to get gangland. It was so absurd and out of left field, but I figured for shits and giggles I would respond. The guy got back to me, and said he had 4 guys looking to fuck. I though this is crazy, but kept emailing back and forth. I was getting so turned on from the conversation and then he just happened to be hosting at his house that was only 15 minutes away. I was nervous and horny and didn't think I would go through with it. But I got the address, left work, and went over to the place. I was down the street and called him ( we had exchanged numbers at this point). He said he would come out. I see him standing on the corner and I didn't approach him at first because I was really nervous about what I was getting myself into. Finally I just said fuck it and I get out of my car and walk up to him. We say hello to each other and then he says come with me... so I follow him into this house and soon as we get in. He closes the door behind me and locks it. He then tells me to walk in the back to the bedroom. Now I am super nervous expecting a room full of guys, like he had talked about in the ad and in emails. I walk into the room and to my surprise, there is no one there. Feeling a bit relieved, given how nervous I was, and feeling a bit disappointed I ask where is everyone. He said that they wanted to make sure I showed up first and began pulling down his pants. He said let's get you started, and he pulled out his cock. It was the first time I saw a black cock in person, it was beautiful looking. It was thick!!! And bigger then my 1st. I got right down and started sucking it. I was getting so horny and turned. I was making love to his cock, for felt like forever, and I looked up to see if he was pleased, and I realize he has his phone aimed down. He was taking pics and videos of me. I got so excited. He said he was sending them to the other guys that were coming. I was so horny and turned on, my inner<b> freak </font></b>began to come out and I told him I wanted him to fuck me with his big thick black cock. He grabbed me, pulled me up, and pushed me on the bed and said turn over slut. I flipped over and he told me to take off pants. I pulled them down, exposing my ass and kind of shaking and displaying it. I felt him climb onto the bed, and a cold sensation running down my ass. He squirted lube on my ass, and began rubbing his cock in it and then slide it between my ass cheeks. He started pushing the head on my asshole. And without any warning just stuck it in. He did not ease into like my I had experienced before with my regular friend that broke me in. He jammed his huge black cock right inside my tight white asshole. It hurt so bad that first pump. But I was feeling so slutty and dirty, and it turned me in so much. That my asshole began to loosen and welcome this thick cock I had fantasized about so many times. I got into it and told him how great his cock felt inside me, moaning louder and louder and exclaiming for him to fuck me.....harder and harder. He started to push my face into the bed and really pin me down. He asked if I liked it Bitch??? I was moaning, yes!! Yes!!. He was so hard, and was grabbing me and pumping his cock deep in my white ass until finally he got so deep. It was so painful and amazing at the same time. Then he let out a moan and I realized he was cumming inside me. He rolled off and I fell down onto the bed. I could feel the cum oozing out of my ass. I ran to the bathroom to clean up. As I was cleaning he asked if I was ready for his friends. I was so sore and worn out, I told him he was amazing and I could handle right now. I got dressed and told him I had to go. But we kept in touch and it became a regular thing.

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9/6/2021 5:28 pm


Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
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wob4wt2 58M  
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9/7/2021 8:00 am

Hope you got to enjoy his friends, it would be quite enjoyable!!!

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