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Naughty girl  

Bucketmaker579 55M
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6/7/2018 6:35 am
Naughty girl

She sat on the hard chair, fiddling with her nails, swinging her sensible shoe clad feet backwards and forwards , listening to the clock ticking and straining to hear what was going on behind the closed door.
She could only hear one side of the conversation (on the phone obviously) but he didn’t sound happy, there was a tinge of sadness in his voice. It went quiet, the conversation had finished, she heard the chair protesting as he leaned back into it.
“I bet he’s got his hands behind his head” she thought “he always does that when he’s thinking”.
She got an metallic iron taste in her mouth “stop chewing your lip girl” her mother’s voice rang through her memory. She smiled to herself at the thought, the male teachers (and a couple of female ones come to that) always lost their words when she bit her lip, they would stop, stare then have to regain their composure before they carried on talking. It was something she’d learnt awhile back, she was a bit confused as to why it had the effect it did on people but if it stopped them waffling on then it was fine by her.
The clock kept ticking loudly, she heard the chairs wheels squeak as it was moved, “ok he’s coming” she thought, she smoothed her tie and blouse “come on girls do your thing” she stifled another giggle, her hands moved to her plaid, school required knee length skirt and folded the waistband up a couple more times “let’s see what he does now” yet another wicked thought jumped through her brain, she stood and waited for the door to open.
He opened the door, the image before him made him stop in his tracks, tousled blonde hair, blue piercing eyes seething with intelligence, her bottom lip held loosely between her white teeth, blouse covered chest pushed slightly forward, skirt a good 3 inches above the stipulated length, tanned legs disappearing into ankle socks, then into slightly pigeon toed shoes.
He looked her straight in the eyes “I don’t know why you did, I don’t know if you got some kind of kick out if, but if you do it again I’ll have no choice but to give you the cane. I’ve talked to your parents and to be honest they don’t know what to do with you, they feel<b> caning </font></b>might be the answer, but not today. Now go back and apologise to Mr Newtons class and get on with the work I’m paying you for”
He turned and closed the door, a small bead of sweat trickled down his back. “Every year there’s always one” he thought.
She looked at the closed door “oh arse” she thought “what have i got to do to get a good caning?”.

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