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Tight In Indianapolis  

BulldogGuy13 45M
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5/12/2018 7:20 pm
Tight In Indianapolis

I was on a trip several years ago and found myself bored and horny one night the hotel. I had been checking the bar scene around the area and, although there were many women and about, none seemed really want sex.

I hopped online and found myself on Craigslist. A bunch of the NSA requests seemed fake or obviously we're if you know what I mean. I did run into one for a BBW woman that seemed real and like she wanted sex right then.

I sent her an email and within minutes we were on chatting. She was a pretty bbw with huge boobs but what looked be a very tight shaved pussy. We were just masterbating for each other when she said she wanted be fucked right away and asked if I could get condoms but said she might think about sucking my cock without one.

I grabbed a quick shower, through on some jeans and bought basically a $10 pack of three rubbers in the hotel lobby. We chatted as I walked her hotel.

My heart was pounding as I went up her floor and knocked. A very short couple of seconds passed and I heard a woman's voice ask who was there. I told her and the door opened.

She was larger than I expected both height and weight but had a pretty smile and she extended her hand to take mine and lightly pull into the room. She told sit on the couch as she locked the door. She walked over and asked see the condoms. I handed them her and she told that I was not take it off during sex because of safe sex and she wasn't on the pill. I saw her<b> wedding </font></b>ring and she explained that they were trying have a baby so she wasn't on the pill and she needed lots of sex

She asked if she could sit with and I said yes and that she could remove her robe if she wanted . She smiled and her robe slid off. She had on a pretty bra and panties. She sat beside and we started chatting until I suggested she kiss . We began kissing lightly which turned deep french kissing followed by our hands beginning explore.

She asked remove my shirt which I did. She had unsnapped her bra and I removed it. Her boobs we're least a DDD with large brown nipples. She moaned as I began suck them. Her hand slid my croch and I asked if she wanted see my cock.

She nodded and I told her to pull it . Her hands shook as she opened my belt, unbuttoned my pants and slid my cock of my boxers. She said, "oh good I want it" when it came . She explained that her husband had a narrow cock and I would fill her.

I pulled my pants off and she got on her knees asking if she could blow . I said yes but that I would like cum inside her mouth. She didn't say anything but instead enveloped my mock in her wet mouth. She told stand and spread my legs a little. She began licking and sucking on my balls as she stroked and then pushed my cock inside her mouth. She was sucking very hard and then I felt her left hand on my ass and her middle finger slide inside my ass massage my prostate. I knew I would cum and told her. She pushed a second finger inside my ass and really started bobbing up and down as I shot my load. She caught all of it in her mouth and then spit it out onto the floor.

She smiled and told get in bed. She wanted brush her teeth. She returned and I told her I would return the favor but she said she didn't want oral. She wanted fuck her. Sh started stroking as I fingered her. She was Soo wet and moaning already. I was hard in about 20 minutes and she put a condom on . I had her go the edge of the bed and pull her legs up as I stood the bed and slid inside. I was taking my time and she was absolutely dripping wet. Her sheets were soaked. She asked me get on her and I got into bed and we kissed again as she slid in. I started pound her and could feel her juice all over . She came hard and I knew she squirted everywhere. I kept fucking her and she moaned even more but pushed me back. She was breathing hard and I knew could cum more. She looked down see my condom on and pushed on my back. She asked again if I were clean and I said yes. I was starting say something when she leaned in and passionately kissed me. Her hand was stroking me and then she got on me. I hadn't felt her remove the condom but knew it was off when my cock slid inside her pussy. She gripped tight and road me gently. I told her I was close to cumming and found her tongue down my throat. She had no intention of letting me pull . I shot my load and she smiled knowing I came inside her.

We laid in bed and chatted a couple minutes until she told me that I probably needed to go since she had a flight soon. I only heard from her once after that telling me she didn't get knocked up that month and thanked me for a fun evening.

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