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Crazy fun  

BummLuver2 65M
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7/16/2021 5:51 pm
Crazy fun

I was going to mow the lawn a last summer and had a randy thought, why not spice it up. I had recently bought a combination Cock ring / prostate vibrator; why not wear it while I mowed the lawn, so a little anal-eze and a tight pair of jeans, and I was good to go.
I started the mower before hitting the button on the vibrator, and then started to mow the back yard. The vibration of the mower seemed to accentuate the vibrations going on in my bum, and when I bent over to pick something up, oh yeah. I was really enjoying it and went to cut the front yard. It was then I noticed my neighbor across the street had two men working on his roof, and was also standing front. I almost ducked back through the fence, but found I was aroused even more the thought of them not knowing what was going on in my bum.
As I was mowing my neighbor stepped over and<b> engaged </font></b>in a brief conversation as I was dumping the grass bag. I was probably grinning, if he knew, but I kept it together and got back to work.
The guys working on his roof had my attention though, the one was around twenty, but the other one was maybe thirty or so, and he looked good, shirtless, all sweaty up there on the roof. I consider myself a top, but enjoy playing with my ass, and I must admit he had thinking other thoughts. Maybe it was just the sensation in my ass, I was feelin’ extremely good, and very horny.
I could feel my cock pressing against my jeans, tugging on the vibrator as I walked when it suddenly popped . I quickly stopped to empty the bag and then ducked inside the fence to push it back in. After re-adjusting it I went back front to finish the little bit left, wanting to hurry up so I could go in and provide the relief I was craving.
I had just gotten started, when I heard a voice say “You really stride when you mow” and turning around to see the guy I’d been thinking about, working on something behind his truck in the street behind me. I’m sure I looked surprised, I hadn’t seen him there, however I was hoping he couldn’t see how aroused I was, and managed to answer, “Gets it done faster”. He looked even hotter up close his sweaty hard chest, abs, and muscular arms, and I thought I’d when he answered, “More time for play” and winked before walking back over to the ladder.
I acted as if I was picking something up, squatting as I watched him go back up the ladder, intensifying the sensations from the vibrator. It took a few minutes to finish the yard, and I almost sprinted to get the mower back into the back yard so I could go inside.
Even though I would have enjoyed some company, I settled for Rosie, and had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve had in a long while. I also had one hell of a dream that night and quite a few there after, I have wondered many times if his cock is really as big as it was in my dreams.

I had that dream last night, now thinking about wearing it while i take a bike ride!

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