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A year with no live music
Posted:Sep 30, 2020 1:40 am
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2020 1:57 pm

missing out on dancing has hurt this year, but it do remember days where we could go out and let our hair down.. like Stuttgart in 2009. i never knew her name but she looked like the perfect girl next door. like Heidi from the mountains with a makeover.

As the beat of the music is felt in your chest my hand falls the bottom of your back, supporting you body as a pull you closer, feeling the strength of you thigh against mine..
The beat kept going.

I can smell your perfume and sweet smell of the cocktail on your breath, my large strong hand opens up across the small of your back, pushing firmly… assertively.. the heat from my palm starts to warm your spine causing tingles to fire up your spine, across your shoulders and into the base of your skull.

Your shoulder blades loosen and start to fall down as you arms glide gently next to your sides, your head drops gently to one side and rolls back and forth, pushing down your neck muscles, the warmth from your back travels through your hips and your legs start to feel light.. loose… open

The beat keeps going
Quickening as we glide closer to one another, that moment where our hips find sync and we are on a path to a deeper grove... under your curly blonde hair i see your soft red lips falling open, begging to be kissed as you feel the music take over.

the beat..

I move close and gently bite your ear, sending your neck into a gentle warm spasm, i can feel the hairs stand up against my cheek... your body rolls and thighs squeeze mine, my hand slides down to fully cup that gently rocking bottom, it fits perfectly in my hand, as I start to control your rhythm. Guiding you gently from side to side

Keeps going.

our hips finding more complex movements, subtle twists added to the gentle rocking. Moving closer I hold your body close to mine and start to nibble and suck your slender neck, as I rock you backwards my hand slides under the curve of your bum, supporting your weight, my fingers glide past the bottom of your light summers dress and I feel the warmth of sun kissed thighs, heated by the gin cocktails and long summer days, toned by the controlled movement, driven by the bass that is now encapsulating your long summer day

I feel the beat.

I feel your sharp intake of breath, I leave my hand where it is, and with the other wrap it around your back…. You slowly breath out.. it takes forever as your body relaxes muscle by muscle.. I can feel your thighs twitch as every cell in you anticipates what I am about to do next… we are discreet.. everybody is enjoying the music, friends, drinks..
and there is the beat

I trace my fingers back over those same inviting curves, occasionally softly, at times pushing my whole palm in, easing the muscles underneath that summer dress, I see your body change shape, with every trace of my fingers I can hear your breath deepen, limbs lengthen, almost hypnotic…. You begin to let yourself down on my thigh and your legs fall slightly apart.. i can feel your inner thighs now gripping my leg, getting noticeably hotter than any part I have touched, pausing… I carry on. Eager to move your body so I can explore.. but I am patient.. I want to tease you until you beg me to stop..

I feel the beat.

The tip of my finger rounds the inside of your left bum cheek, I slide it slowly down cupping the underneath of your muscular thigh, the trim of your silk knickers has ridden past the point I can feel, greeted with just soft naked skin I push and pull to the rhythm of the music, fingers digging deep and pulling your skin towards my body. Your hips rolling in sync. Your stomach muscles tense as you arch back..what I would give to explore further but I feel content,

I can feel the music in my chest
You run your nails down my torso. The fire in you is now visible in your eyes as they darken, your gaze locked to mine as we let our imaginations do what they need to.

and there is the beat...

With every change in speed and pressure I feel your pulse quicken. Your knees start bend more and I see your legs move ever slower now working to every other beat.. Our speed.
You throw your arm around my neck pulling me close, I lower my head to kiss your ear and nuzzle your cheek, your skin sticky with sweat as your hair clings to your angelic face, i feel your fingers run down the side of my face, still holding my gaze your finger tips follow the outline of my lips, coating them with a soft sticky liquid, I lean in and let your fingers slip into my mouth, sucking your sweet scent from each slender digit..

I missed that slight movement of your hand, I missed the rising of your dress. But I saw the look in your eye X and I felt the beat.
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A lesson from an older woman
Posted:Sep 29, 2020 4:25 am
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2020 3:37 pm

I hadn’t attended a wedding as a single man for a long time, the past had been friends myself and my now ex both knew, we were heavily engaged in the wedding party, planning and organising. For once I could just drift in, drift out and not care.

be honest that suited just fine, work had been getting top of and the 5 months since and my ex had separated, I had not really gotten out much. Work, Gym and reading was about all I was .

The venue was grand but far away so I booked a room in the main hotel. For the extra expense it meant I could stumble the stairs and not faf about with Taxis. It was also a grand old place, the kind that has more gold than a Vegas hotel but delivered with taste, the carpets you just wanted walk bear footed, once into the impressive vestibule I made my way the huge curved oak staircase, the landing led off the far west corner, as I made my way the far end of the hallway I noticed a long athletic leg wrapped around a partially opened door, the bright red high-heel shoe was sat atop a small pile of clothes. As I got closer the door opened and elegant arm stretched out reached for the items scattered on the carpet. I crouched down and past them into her hand. “” she gasped from behind door, caught off guard by my charitable act. “you looked like you needed a hand” i uttered, admiring her leg from closer . “, one day i will get around fixing the catch this case” she spoke with an elegance and air that cried out good stock, the door opened further as she brought herself her full height, a 6 foot clothes , early 50s but strong features. Her eyes flickered as they met my now startled gaze. She has probably had that effect on many men throughout her life. I tried imagine her in her youth.. She would have been a sight behold

“Hey, sometimes these old suitcase have a sentimental value, they just need careful handling” I replied holding her gaze..

“don’t they just” the lightness in her voice made aware of how loaded my sentence was! Before I had chance reply a voice came from inside the room.

“Is that room service Molly?”

“No dear just a friendly passer by” she replied with a smile, before raising her hand reveal the items the floor contained a pair of black silk la perla knickers which were now draped suggestively off her index finger..

“enjoy your evening” I politely made my way my room, my mind still picturing her curved leg against the dark wood door.

The wedding was the standard affair, people were happy, they had cake. The vicar took the opportunity to sell religion to what was probably the biggest audience he had that year. You get to a point in life where weddings are just an opportunity to compare events at other weddings. Best favours? First dance? I felt the stress of the last few months leave my body as the free flowing champagne went in. But at the back of my head I could still picture Molly, those rosebud lips, slender legs and crystal cut voice.. Don’t get wrong there were some pretty girls in the shop window as with any wedding, full of the idea of romance. But what would a women nearly 20 years older than me be like? For once would i be taken charge of?? Maybe that’s the reset I needed..

As the night past I made my way the lounge bar, the music had delved into the 80s and I can’t do wham! I ordered myself the best whiskey I could find and decided to collect my thoughts. I was feeling to far gone, the night was catching and I decided call it a night before I ruined tomorrow.

Then a voice came out of nowhere

“drinking alone?”

I glanced around and saw the wavy brown hair and slender figure of Molly, lit softly by the reading lamp. Her dinner dress hugged her body and came part way down her thigh showing the full length of those legs.

“it’s been a long one, enjoyable but I am not in the mood dance. Besides who doesn’t like a good nightcap” I could feel myself slightly losing my words. I wasn’t sober enough be good company so I needed retire before I made a tit of myself

“indeed" she replied “something warm the insides before you settle for the night” damn she was a diplomat.

“that is the plan” I said “these beds look far comfy be denied my presence” I took a large gulp to finish my whiskey and nodded to the barman. “You drinking alone?” I asked as I stood from the stool

“My husband only stayed for dinner. He has to fly tomorrow so took the car to a hotel nearer the airport”

“That’s a shame” I replied “but I hope the dinner was good, are you finished? I can you if you’d like” I have no idea why i said that but I felt the gentlemanly thing do..

Molly rose from the chair and smiled sweetly “how gentlemanly of you” ah I was right.

“Madam” I said as I held out my arm, she chuckled and shook her head before wrapping her arm around mine and walking with towards the main staircase.

We walked in silence and I could feel the warmth in her hands and the scent of her perfume. She didn’t speak but I could see from the corner of my eye her lips pursing and flexing as she processed the thoughts in her head.

“this is your door madam” I stepped back and presented her large oak bedroom door,

“could you help me with it please my dear, I had terrible troubles earlier”

I held out my hand for the key, as she passed it her fingers brushed against mine, the door was stuck, i didn’t want to appear to bullish so carefully tweaked and pushed until it finally gave way. Catching the back of my hand in the process

“Shit” as i pushed through the door catch had taken a considerable chunk out of my hand. The sharp pain made my head spin, combined with the alcohol I could feel my legs weaken.

“oh that looks bad, sit here and I will dress that for you”
I sat on the bed and held my hand over a towel, trying to concentrate on the waves of sickness traversing my body, I had to lay back to steady my head..

I was woken by the sun coming through the crack in the curtains, feeling startled I looked around to get my bearings. My head felt remarkably clear and the dressing on my hand felt tight, I glanced to my right and could see the curly brown hair of Molly and a snippet of her tanned back. The rest of her naked body under the covers. I got out the bed and walked to the bathroom, I was just in my boxershorts! I freshened and returned the bedroom. Molly was now awake and leaning . I could see her small and beautifully pert breasts sneaking out from the top of the covers.

“thanks for this” I said as I raised my hand

“it looked painful, but it’s no problem. I hope you feel better after the sleep, I'll be honest I wasn’t expecting to undress a man and put him to bed last night”

“I am so sorry about that, I hope you didn’t mind” I said as I sat on the bed

“ it was no trouble” she said as she leant over in my direction, her fingers curling around my shoulder pulling my upper body back onto the bed “I didn’t want to abuse my position and take advantage of an injured man” her voice was loaded with menace and I was filled with the sweet intoxicating smell of her soft sweat and perfume as she crawled over my body. Pushing my arms flat to the bed behind my head she proceeded to climb over me, pinning my arms down with her legs. Her fingers ran down my torso and traced the outline of my cock through my pants.

I couldn’t move, her shins on my hands and knees pressing hard on my arms, painful enough to be pleasurable.. Her groomed vagina now sat inches from my face, just too far for me to crane my neck to reach it, for her age her skin was remarkably soft and her vagina was tidy and about a perfect mouthful

“I was intrigued as to what you keep in here” she said as she dug her nails into the end of my cock.

“I couldn't help but notice how snug it looked in these pants” her voice purred with delight and menace as she run her fingernails down my inner thigh

I was stuck, pinned down by a woman 20 years older. She knew what she wanted and I felt utterly vulnerable. I stretched my neck up trying to place my lips over her vagina.. Her shins pushed down and I was pinned back to the bed.
“not yet my eager little man... you will know when”

of a sudden I felt her warm lips kiss my hips and work their way a long the line of my underwear. Her hands slowly pulling them down, I could feel cock swell , i had keep some control or this would be over in no time, her lips stopped as the waistband of my underwear edged past the tip of my cock, finally setting it free. It flicked and fell against my upper thigh and belly button with a reassuringly heavy smack.

“ my” her voice contained a genuine note of shock “this could take some time” her fingers traced along the length from the tip the balls, gripping them tight in her hands she pulled them hard and down towards to mattress. My cock lurched towards her forearm as I could feel blood pump into the base, she did it again, this time with more force.

I could hear her little moans of delight as she watched my semi erect cock flop around, she supported the weight of it in her hand, caressing it like a valuable object, gently pulling back the foreskin and again pulling hard my balls, observing where the blood slowly filled it. I tilted my head the side and began gently kissing her thighs, lightly at first then sucking her flesh gently into my mouth

“there is something wonderful about watching a cock grow” she said as she gripped it firmly at the base, her other hand travelling and the down the length, pulling blood into the end.

“it makes a women feel attractive. The harder it gets the more you must find me attractive”

“with your touch madam, i can’t see any man able to resist”

Out of nowhere she gripped the base of my cock as hard forcing blood into the main shaft before slapping it firmly with her other hand. the sound was heavy and sharp, the pain shot and down my cock making my balls tighten. I heard her giggle in delight..

“ I say, we have got some growth” with both hands sliding down the shaft and settling firmly the base i felt the warm sensation of her mouth gently sucking the very tip. Waves of pleasure passed through my whole body, I had shut my eyes as my chest heaved taking in large breaths, each one felt like it was fueling my heart which pumped and thrusted more and more blood into my now aching cock.

I could feel the vibration in her lips as she hummed softly, lowering her mouth further onto my now fully swollen cock, gently she tightened and loosened the grip on the base with her hands, skillfully pumping more blood into my thick cock, I could feel by heart beat along the full length of it now, my balls tightened with each beat. Then her left hand slid down, gripping my balls tight she twisted them drawing my cock away from my body, her soft warm lips turned to a firm bite.

With that, the heat that traversed my body caused my thighs to tense and legs to fall open. She purred with delight, she had me where she wanted, but I could sense she was losing her control. I felt utterly helpless but I could see her vagina start to glisten, her lips were slowly parting as her body rocked and rolled allowing her to take full control of my cock.

I hunched my shoulders and in one move pushed my arms away from my body and my head , forcing her lower onto the bed and bringing my mouth , directly onto her inner thigh. She rolled her hips in a teasing action but settled them back down pushing her wet vagina squarely onto my mouth. She knew what she was doing and I was going to make damn sure I was going to give a good account of myself.

I rolled my tongue around her entire labia and nestled it under her clitoris. With a gentle sucking motion I drew her clitoris into my mouth, gently at first, teasing the blood in, feeling it fill. She responded by sucking hard on the top of my cock, her hand following her lips and spreading the moisture form her mouth along the full length of my shaft, it took several goes before my entire cock was wet. She then sat back pushing my head back on the bed, gyrating her hips riding my face.

Her hand grasped on the base of my cock while the other wrapped around, fingers barely touching as she slid it skillfully along the length. The light touch sent over the edge, I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing, it felt like she was drawing blood into the very tip. My cock felt hot and heavy, putting both hands on the base she gently pushed and pulled causing by tumultuous cock to sway like some kind of flesh club. Hard and harder she pushed as it now violently swung and down. The top was fire as blood rushed the end...

Then slap! Her hand caught it square across the side. She giggled with delight as I felt a gush of warm fluid release from her vagina my lips. My body shuddered, I had no idea what was coming next but i couldn’t be this hard for much longer, I could feel it pulse in my head. She was just toying with .. But I liked it!

I worked my hands free and grasped hold of her arse with each hand, pulling them apart I finally had her in my control, I sucked and kissed her groin, letting my togue chase the lines of her upper thigh, lower arse and anus. She was soaking, her hands moved to the bed as she steadied her body, i sucked harder allowing her swollen labia to pull against my teeth. She tasted amazing, sweet and thick, sucking and biting her thighs I moved my hands around so my fingers rested on her outer lips. Holding her steady I carefully ran the tip of my tongue around her outer lips with the deftest of touches. She shuddered gently, trying to push herself onto my mouth, I pushed back. It was my turn.

Tracing her ever more lightly I picked up all the wet spots and applied it with my tongue to the rest of her groin, her thighs were as wet and sensitive as vagina. She responded my falling onto my cock, taking it in her mouth and sucking hard and drawing her head down with each stroke.

We were in total symphony with each other, as my legs twitched I felt her labia grow, over and over we probed and sucked.. And then it came.. my body went rigid as I fought with every bit of strength to keep running my tongue over her now engorged clitoris, with a wave of warm sticky liquid her legs went straight out, her body tense, I needed all my strength to keep her legs apart so I could carry on.. She was going to have more than one! i came hard and she violently jerked my cock past the orgasm until shook with pleasure. She let out a long deep groan as I pulled her hips down on to me and sucked hard on her soaked cunt, her whole body letting out waves of pleasure until finally she slumped on top of me. Giving off little whimpers she rested her hand on my semi erect cock

..”Room service?” she was effortlessly classy. How could I resist..

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