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Let him fuck you babe....let him fuck you....I wish i was saying that  

CCK7673 48M/45F  
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8/24/2021 7:29 pm
Let him fuck you babe....let him fuck you....I wish i was saying that

So this is like the 3 time I have gotten on AdultFriendFinder. Each time has been more comfortable really and I am actually talking to people this time who say they are real and ready to fuck my wife. But are they? Really? My desire is for me and him to meet and go over details like how drunk she will be and how annoying it can get. And then come up with a way to 'meet' while she is drinking. Im thinking at an airbnb where I have my motorcycle out for sale while we are there. The lucky guy will stop to check out the bike when my wife is halfway to happy time, about 7pm, then we will make some small talk with her and the guy can compliment her then be on his way. 2 hours later he will call and say he didnt make it far and wants to come check the bike out again. At this point my wife will be loaded and we can sit and talk and<b> smoke </font></b>some and make sure has a drink in her hand and the lucky guy can offer to pay to stay on the couch. When the time is right i will make a move and it would all fall into place and we will fuck her all night.

So I told her tonight I was going to search for a guy friend or 2 but I havent shown her this account. She knows and is ready for something. Now I am a little freaked out. The first guy asked to go for a bike ride and i froze up. Isnt that what I am saying I want to do? Somehow I am ashamed and I dont want to be. I guess I should tell her instead of deceive her? But the deception is such a huge part of the turn on for me and her drinking to blackout and having sex has been a thing for 20 years on her own before she met me. She likes it. One of the reasons I love her was the thought of her being fucked while drunk before I ever met her and how many times it must have happened. Its how we met.

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