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Wake me up?  

CCW7 55M  
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9/9/2020 10:07 am
Wake me up?

You were home alone for the night, and knowing that I was too, you walked over to my garage where I was working out, lustfully ogling me, your pulse quicken, but right now was not the time nor place…..maybe I wasn’t interested, but with a smile you had slipped into something slightly modest from a distance but close nearly see through. Catching my eye with a sexy smile, you let see how your eyes were caressing my nearly naked sweaty muscular body. You wondered if I could be a good neighbor, you had get early, would I text you early before dawn and make sure you were awake? Your appearance and words made my muscles surge and I agreed be a good neighbor and text you and we exchanged private number, standing so close your breath quicken inhaling my masculine scent while my shorts nearly tented out, I nearly pulling you close for a ‘neighborly’ and more, but both of us were cautious, gauging each other’s interest………it was later that night when you texted , after a few exchanges you explained how you could not sleep, I offered come over and give you a special pill that would relax you and help you fall asleep…….with a grin you asked me yes, please cum over, but leave the pill and just bring my naked muscular body…..soon you were opening the front door, letting slip in, dressed only in a robe you pulled close and we kissed passionately, our hands and fingers caressed each other, quickly your robe was piled around your feet and I was kissed down your neck, as I fondled your now naked body….when I worked lower, ravishing your breasts with my mouth, licking past your belly button and finally<b> giving </font></b>your clit a french kiss that nearly made your knees buckled, you cried out…….barely has the man entered your house and already he is licking your pussy! He truly is the ‘hungry man’ you’ve dreamed of…….waking you in the dark and later helping you fall asleep, and than waking you again early in the morning for an intimate passionate start tomorrow, he may be gone by dawn, but before then you will drain him dry while he makes your body explode repeatedly like the passionate firecracker you truly are, especially in the arms of a ‘hungry man’ 😊

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