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Two Nights in a Row? WOW
Posted:Jun 6, 2005 4:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm
Jen came by Sat night and kept us company while Rob was at work. We had been talking in the living room earlier and the topic of being vocal in bed came up. She said she normally is very quiet in bed and hardly makes noise. She dragged me (hmm eager are we?) to the bedroom and we got down to some serious pussy licking. Now I love to lick pussy, and got a bit creative with some ice cubes in various spots. Cowboy was here and not one content to sit on the sidelines, he got into the game and Jen sucked and licked on him for a good long while. (Such a trooper, he kept control so well!) We traded places back n forth, even teased her ass a bit with my fingers covered in her pussy juice. My attentions got moans and sighs out of her, which was a good start towards that vocal reaction we were looking for.
The sad truth about a tongue though is that it eventually gets tired- and numb. So Cowboy switched places with me and started in on her little pussy while I played with her nipples and kissed her, letting our tongues caress eachothers lips and breasts. Softly I encouraged her to speak out so Cowboy could know he was doing a good job. Cowboy gripped her thighs and spread her legs farther and got aggressive with his tongue homing in on her oversensitized clit. The volume button was found that night as she got lounder and a bit more vocal encouraging Cowboy to keep on licking that pussy. Her thighs were shaking so hard when she finally came hard holding onto me as I pinched her nipples, and giving me little kisses between gasps as he feasted on her cumming pussy. When she had calmed down, we looked at the clock- it was quarter to 6 in the morning and we started around 1a.m. Damn time flys! Although we wanted to continue, she needed to go home and get some sleep since her hubby would be home shortly and would want to cuddle until they fell asleep. We got dressed and gave hugs- then made plans to get together real soon! I think we have some new very close friends.
Our Latest Couple Swap
Posted:Jun 4, 2005 3:55 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm
Top O da Mornin to ya Lad n Lasses!

Last night was one of the best nights we have had to date. We found a couple who was curious about swapping, but had never gotten comfortable enough to actually do anything with another couple before.
The past few days we have gotten together and hung out, talking about family and pets and trucks and video games- whatever we happened to ramble on about. We all wanted to play together, but I wasn't gonna be pushy since she was a little nervous about trying something with another woman.
Ladies and Gents, we reached the comfy point and tonight was the night.
Cowboy and I went to their apt, and Rob had not gotten home yet, so we sat with Jen in the living room and talked- annoying the kitten in the process.
When Rob got home, I decided to see if Jen was ready to play and offered her a massage. She thought massage was a great idea, so we headed to the bedroom and left the guys behind in the living room (LO. Closing the door, Jen locked it quietly and we started with her massage waiting for the guys to try the door. After about 5 minutes, Rob tried it and said "Damn, they locked it!" We just giggled and I kept on rubbing her legs and back with some massage lotion. She was in shorts and no top, I had on lace panties and a bra. She pouted til I lost the top and when I stole her shorts I went ahead and got naked. Jen is shaved like me, a brunette like me. But she has maybe a B cup where I have DD. After rubbing her down with my hands I started using my lips and made my way down between her thighs. I spread her legs and took a tenative lick- she sighed and arched her back. (A good sign in my book) For the longest time I ran a hand over her chest and her stomach and just licked up and down her slit. When she grabbed my hair I knew I could get a bit more forceful and I started fingering her a bit harder as I sucked her clit. Finally she asked to let the guys in since they probably wanted to see what was going on. We let them in, and told them to get naked. Rob was having some concerns about then. He was afraid we would look down on him because he was not as endowed as Cowboy. (Hey not all Texas transplants get the Upsizing when they move I guess!) I told him to get his ass naked and on the bed so Jen and I could both suck his cock. Us girls wanted to tag team him, and for a while we did take turns licking his cock. Cowboy of course was naked and ready, so when I got him up on the bed, I had to lick on his shaft and get the mood pumped some more. Jen and I switched back and forth between guys, sucking and licking- then would tweak a nipple on eachother or grope or kiss one another in between blowjobs. Rob seemed content to just watch his wife get fucked to kingdom cum.
Finally Cowboy laid Jen back on the bed and started eating her pussy. (He is soooooo good at that!) Rob was watching so I took him in my mouth and using all my slutty tricks endeavored to get him to blow a load in my mouth. I dont usually go for that, but I wanted to see him cum.
Time passed, and he was valiantly trying to keep from popping when Cowboy mentioned we did bring condoms. (Safety first!) Rob said "Think we need to use em- where are they!?" He grabbed em and gave one to Jen and put another on him and decided he was gonna pump that pussy of mine, which was hott as can be and needed a good cum.
Cowboy had help putting on his condom, (Jen wanted to roll it on- which is sexy) and he started slow, making each thrust last until she whispered that he could get rougher. (Cowboy can really pound a pussy! OMG!) Rob popped and pulled out of me, I was still primed to cum, so I rolled and watched Jen and Cowboy fuckin away. I played with her tits and slapped Cowboys ass. (He likes to be hit- if you do hit him he will ask for another!) When he started slamming her faster I reached over and tweaked one of his nipples (a sure cum blaster when he is poundin a twat real hard) and he growled out his cum with her clenching on him and making small pleased sounds. Afterwards, we laid on their bed and us girls played and rubbed and kissed while we talked with the guys and thought about round 2. Rob was tired though and work for me was gonna be an early day- sadly I agreed to call it a night.
When we got home, I told Cowboy that I needed a hard ride. He obliged me with an hour long session of pussy sucking and then pounding. I cum so hard when he attacks my clit with that tongue of his. Screaming like a banshee is a good way to describe it. Then he hardly waited to slide his cock into me- I was still buzzing from his master tongueing. When he fucks me, he brings out the in me. I start talking nasty and begging him to pound me. He loves it.
Tonight though, he kept talking to me about Jen and would I like to see him fuck her while playing with myself- it drove me through the roof I was ramming myself back onto his cock and begging him to make me cum. It was awesome. Here I sit in the afterglow and type it all down before I forget the details. I had to share it all with you wonderful perverted souls in Blogville. Glad u could cum! Hope you were mentally stimulated and can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

~I'll be walking funny tomorrow- but damn its wonderful tonight~

Hugs and Gropes to A/all
Here is to whatever gets it up! Cheers!
Seperate Fun
Posted:Jun 2, 2005 10:18 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm

Hey yall in blog land! The Cowboy and I are at different places and I have the opportunity to post about it. LOL
Earlier today I was smacked upside the head by one of my worse migraine headaches. All I wanted was a nice dark, cool place to lay my head so I could recover, but it wasnt to be as Cowboy and Pistol Pete (roomie) were fighting over the Xbox and a game called Need4Speed. *sigh* Whats a girl gotta do for some peace and quiet? Apparently she has to run to a friends house to be able to relax. LOL seriously folks, I just couldnt get comfortable at home. So now I am here at a friends and the migraine meds are kickin in.

These people are some of the best friends I could ever have. We get along real well. (I have written about them before.) Debbie and Erin take the best care of me when I am here. My ultimate goal is to get Debbie so comfortable around me that she would let me pleasure her. She is so tiny, like a little doll (the opposite of me) and I would be in heaven if she would just let me spread her legs and lick her pussy. She is shaved, and watching her suck a cock would make any horny person, male or female ready to cum.

We are planning a vacation together, just the 4 of us. Going to Kemah, TX and renting a hotel with a private 6 person hottub on the patio.I cant wait since Erin is talking about taking video of the weekend. If any of its good, I will put clips on our albums.

To get ready for the vacation though I have been thinking about investing in some toys for two. If anything happens between the two of us chicas, I want to be prepared.

I can just imagine getting her ass in the air, on her knees while I slowly pushed into her with a strap on cock, or using a double ended dildo so we could fuck eachother. I would love to lick her pussy lips while I fucked her with my fingers or put a vibrator to her clit.

They are laying down behind me currently, and its hard to behave. Oh well, time to let this post cum to its end. I will write again and tell yall more fantasies
You deserve a break today....
Posted:Jun 1, 2005 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm

Anybody remember that McDonalds slogan? I do. But of course things change, and of course I get no break.

Since 6:15 this morning I have been under the golden arches and by 3p.m. I was ready to choke Ronald McDonald. I was one toy short of a happy meal man! I need some TLC and a baseball bat, so I can bunt the fry guys into outer space.


Last night I hopped into the Texas Chat here at AdultFriendFinder and popped the cam up. Now I don't do this often, but I am curious as to the demand for flesh cams. In a way it felt very powerful knowing I could influence others through a small electronic device hooked to my computer. I admit i am a tease and a flirt. I have a marker at the ready since its hard to just send a general message to the people watching unless you want to play charades. LOL

The balance of single men to women/couples is way off. At one point I had 106 people watching me and I am sure 3/4 of them were single men. I dont mind them watching me, its actually a turn on in a way. But some of these guys were quite demanding or demeaning. And why when they page you do they have to shout? (Some of the pages were nothing but CAPS type) Its crazy the questions they ask. Maybe I'm not used to camming, which is true, but some respect goes a lot further than just saying "Hey baby, show me that ass".

There were some ladies who paged me though. When I tried to message them back, they wouldnt answer me in the private chat for the webcams. Thats truly sad, because I was looking for a woman to share with my husband and all my friends are mostly male. Those ladies... they were creative. Caught my attention immediately and held it. As a matter of fact, I cant wait to hear from some of these lovely ladies.
OK laters all
Holiday Weekend with Friends
Posted:May 30, 2005 2:15 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm
Gotta love this pic. The artist rocks!

Ahhh its a bit crowded over here this weekend. (yawn) Some good friends came over to spend time with us, and between my work shifts we have been able to go and do as we please. We had wanted to do a beach burn last night, but sadly the stormy weather put a damper on our plans. (LO

Debbie is probably one of my bestest friends. (yes bestest is a word, I made it up just now LO Although she and I have not done anything sexually together, we are very close. (We can be real big teases!!!!) Erin, her fiance and my husband are close buddies as well. (No they have not tried anything together, despite Erin being bi)

We all cohabitate extremely well together, even in small spaces. Having those friends you are comfy with is the best. I have no qualms going naked around either of them and there is no pressure for sexual interaction.

Looking at the two of them though (Debbie and Erin) you would think them the ultimate odd couple. Erin is very tall (6'5) and Debbie is petite (4'9). The running joke is Erin can get away with having a little girl fetish, his fiance in pigtails looks 12.

Debbie is my dress up doll, I absolutly love to find clothes for her and put her in cute little outfits. Erin doesnt mind, since he reaps the benefits of any teasing done by others.

Currently, we have a plan to go to a resort near Galveston for a long weekend to play. I am hoping that some swapping fun might happen on the trip, but I wont hold my breath. I am really looking forward to the trip though.

Oh well, until next time! *hugs and gropes*
The Cowboy arrives
Posted:May 28, 2005 2:35 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm
Well, as she has said. I am finally adding to the blog. I'm sitting here @ 430am saturday morning unable to sleep. Even AFTER trying since about 1230am. we both are sitting here with our longtime friend who can't sleep either watching the tube. Even though i'm used to animals in bed, sleeping, having 2 of them once again is sometimes a trial. My oldest one isn't much of a problem, she listens really well. But her younger sibling is another matter. He's still adjusting to being at the top of the pecking list instead of at the bottom of it with 15 other dogs that my dad has. In case she hasn't stated it. I'm a pretty good mechanic and craftsman. My old 4x4 is proff itself. I replaced the engine in it last summer and now i'm debating whether or not to swap this engine out for a turbo diesel. My ultimate goal is to one day own/run a truck performace shop for both street and offroad here in the coastal bend. But now that i've finally done a bit o venting, i think i'll once again try for sleep.
And on this day in the year 1978
Posted:May 27, 2005 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm
Its my birthday, and now that I am done with Big Macs and Fries for today, I can get back to the rest of my life. Tonight me, Cowboy and the "rents" are goin to dinner to celebrate.

What sucks is that all day long the slave drivers I work for have been up my ass (not in a good way either!) to get things done, but to me we were just too busy getting the food out to get the secondary stuff done immediately. I had this image of the bosses neck between my hands and me squeezing and shaking him bodily. At one point I was smiling and didnt know it, he wanted to know what was so amusing... Maybe I should have told him my imaginings. LOL ok so it was a bad day, I'm moving on now.

Cowboy for some reason didnt know about my having started this Blog until the other night, so get ready! Coming soon to this very Blog will be posts by Cowboy (I save a every night, baby!) He will be here as long as the powers above allow, so be sure and check us out and tip your waitress.( oh wait, wrong line LOL )

I went out last night, sang some songs and had a drink. Kareyoke is so much fun! At least it is to me. At first it was just me and the girlies I hang with. With a token guy along as the Designated Driver (WEG). Slowly though our little group expanded and we added Cowboy and our buddy Tex.

At midnight they rang in my birthday, and this guy came over to talk to my blondie (a friend from work) and he bought her drinks. (I mean like 2 at a time drinks.) This guy was totally bombed, telling us every few minutes that he was looking into buying a hotel her in Corpus and reminding us of his name because he forgot he told us already. 5 minutes after he sits down with us, he grabs Blondies boob. She was livid about it and I agreed. You just dont do that with a person u just met. *Sigh*

Anyways, then he bums a smoke from her, flirts with me and asks me about my cup size, and tries to get another girl from across the room to come over so he can talk and buy her a drink. She declines as her date is with her and he turns back to Blondie. At some point I go sing and talk to some people, when I come back Blondies just returning from her song, and my drink is not where I left it. Apparently, he thought my drink was hers, (Crown and Coke looks like Rum and Coke sometimes)& he moved my drink. I wasnt gonna drink it after him, or if he put something in it. (Damn it I am a horny enough bitch, dont need any help there!)

Blondie pulled me aside because she was pissed off, this guy tried to grab her crotch without permission. its like he thought since he paid for the drinks, that he should get some in return. We go back and sit down for a bit, and he tries it again. So I tell him in my sternest "bitch" tone that he needs to stop it cuz my friends not his sex doll. He got upset and tried to stand up and leave abruptly, but he was so drunk that he almost fell on Blondie. Luckily, shes stronger than she looks. Muttering a "If you change your mind, heres my room number." he left the bar. Man what a night, there are some real assholes going to these places.

Let it be a lesson fellas, buying the drinks doesnt gaurantee the pussy. If that guy had been a gentleman with Blondie, she would have gotten a contact number for him and he would be goin out again, but no he was an ass and he left alone!

Cowboy was looking to put him in his place when he found out, but I like having Cowboy around and him going to jail just doesnt sound pleasing.

Sounds like I had an interesting night eh? It was fun 98% of the time anyways! I was even going to meet a friend from a chat there, but apparently I got stood up (I could cry!)
Ah well thats how the cookie crumbles.

Just gotta sing!!!!!!!

One Day til Birthday!!!!
Posted:May 26, 2005 5:44 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:27 pm
I have had NO sleep, been a wired insomniac all night long!!! (U can do it!!!) My fast food job went 24 hours and I guess my internal clock went cuckoo or something! Currently Cowboy has banged several times on the wall trying to convince me that sleep might be at hand, but he will have to rise and shine soon enough! I am on the countdown to midnight when I can ring in my birthday at the local kareyoke place I love! Probably gonna sing some Hanky Panky and other songs I luv.
Someone asked about sexual roleplays. We occasionally go for the whole Dom/Sub thing. At one point I was a good lil subbie, but I (Nina) just have too much attitude to put it to good use. We are interested in sexual roleplay, just have not had a real opportunity to explore it. Perhaps thats where we will go first when we find the right person or couple to play with.
I've been writing erotic fiction lately. Its posted in the magazine section for erotic stories, check it out and please tell me what you think. I'm hoping to make it a regular hobby for me. *YAWN* ok now I am feeling the lack of sleep. i'm outie for now.
As my kareyoke lady luvs to say!
Heres to whatever gets it up! U sexy bitch! LOL
A day away from cheeseburgers
Posted:May 24, 2005 1:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2007 5:28 am
Hey yall!
Its my day off from the fast food rat race and so I thought it would be cool to start this here blog. Now I can update yall on our life and times. My husband "Cowboy" as people call him, is currently sitting in front of the Xbox playing a race game, happy that I finally told him what all the Xmatch fuss was all about!
MissChief, the resident spoiled brat puppy is looking at me like I'm crazy because she cant sit in my lap while I type! Its a normal day here at home. Computers and Xbox and a curious nature as to who can we find to play with.
We are gamers. For those who dont understand the term 'gamer', it means we play role playing games such as Dungeons n Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, Shadowrun, etc. We are also interested in sexual roleplays. I'm into lingerie and my husband is into 4x4 offroad! LOL we are as different as can be!

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