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After hours - Part 3
Posted:Jun 16, 2008 10:10 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2008 10:11 pm
The look in your eyes is feral and makes my pulse quicken. I know that you won't take the teasing for much longer. With one more long lick of your cock from the balls to the tip, I slide my open mouth over and down your thick length.

Thick is the only way to describe your cock. It fills my mouth, and I can only breathe on the outstroke of my lips around you. I feel you twitch as I graze my teeth lightly over the head of your cock.

The beast within you is rising near to the surface. I can hear it in the little sounds you make, I can see it in the gleam of your eyes. When you fist your hands in my hair and thrust your cock deeper into my mouth I know I have you on your hair trigger.

Awareness makes me even wetter and I purr around your shaft as you thrust in and out of my mouth. That fine held control is wavering and I know that soon you will unleash all your pent up passions.

You slide from my mouth completely and I make a sound of disappointment. Pulling me up on the bed, you tell me to get on my hands and knees. I do so and wait shivering while you look me over. You are upset that you almost lost control, but I know that the upset is not about me.

I am unprepared for that first slap.I cry out and my asscheek stings from the feel of your hands quick descent. Tears pool in the corners of my eyes as you continue to spank me, turning my cheeks cherry red.

Looking at you in the mirror I see that gleam in your eyes. It tells me you are enjoying this play and the view of me accessable to you however you like. Our eyes connect in the reflection and you nod. Kneeling behind me, you begin to rub the sting from my cheeks and tease me with the head of your cock.

I am rocking back, trying to get you to slide deeper into me. When I can't take the tease anymore I ask you. I ask for you to slide into me, to let me feel the full length of you within me. I am beaten by the admission that I need your cock.

Lust left me bereft of my control and you are my conquerer. I am in a haze of pleasure and sensation, blindly I grope for something to hold onto as you take me even higher.

The feel of you sliding full into me is almost more than I can take. Meaningless sounds spill from my lips and I am rocking back to meet each of your thrusts. I hear your voice, words unclearly spoken as you pound into me. My muscles spasm as I cum forcefully, gushing out my pleasure and soaking the space beneath me.

You are still pounding into me, I am boneless in my aftermath of pleasure. Flipping me over you slide back into me, making me shiver with each thrust.

Thru barely open eyes, I am watching your face. Your features lit by candles, golden skin and shadow. I see you tense a bit and I know your getting close.

Something unspoken passes between us and you pull out just seconds before you cum. You spray my belly and tits with your load then collapse as your legs and back give out from the effort.

*eyes open* I'm still at my desk, the phone is ringing and people are milling about the mall. It was all a wonderful day dream. Perhaps I will share it with my muse... or perhaps I will keep it for another time and place.

After hours - Part 2
Posted:Jun 7, 2008 9:05 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:26 pm
Locking my arms around your neck, I lean into your warmth. I feel your hands sliding over my back and over my hips. I jump a bit when your hands cup my ass to pull me against you.

I marvel at the feel of you. Pressed so tightly to you, I can tell you want me. It amazes me to know that I turn you on. Breaking off the kiss you whisper in my ear, telling me to turn around. I turn in your arms and there is the mirror.

Standing in the circle of your arms, I watch as you run your hands over me. Shivering with sensation, I see my eyes darken with each pass of your fingers over my hardened nipples.

Time seems frozen as I stare into the glass reflection. A slight chill makes me shudder, and I realize you have unbuttoned my shirt. Now your hands roam over my flesh, igniting that inner fire that threatens to consume me.

I turn and begin to unbutton your shirt and slide it from your shoulders. I am enthralled by the planes of your chest and abdomen. Looking into your eyes I let my hands wander over your skin, touching you and reveling in the feel of you under my hands.

Quickly you remove my skirt and I unzip your slacks. There is a sense of urgency to be naked, to remove all the barriers between us. I scan my eyes over your body, nervously hoping I will not disappoint you. Unknowingly I am holding my breath as your eyes take in my body from head to toe.

When your hands claim me in their strong grip, the breath locked in my lungs escapes as a sigh. My fever for you is running high, I am impatient to feel your skin against mine. You push me slightly and the back of my knees bump the bed.

Plopping down, I sink into the thick blankets covering the bed. I have no time to think before your leaning over me, pressing your body to mine as your lips strip away all my defenses. I am reeling with pleasure. All that matters is that I need to feel you. I have tunnel vision, all I see and hear is you.

You start to stand up and I give a questioning mewl of sound. Gesturing for me to wait a moment, I pause as you lean in and begin to kiss me. Starting at my lips you work your way down my body. My back is arching, hands are clenched in the blankets as you move lower and lower.

When your lips touch my thigh, I feel as if I have floated to heaven. Sounds are pouring from my mouth and I know not what I am saying. That first swipe of your tongue sets me on fire. I erupt like a long dormant volcano come to life.
This is pleasure almost to pain, and its so very sweet to the senses.

As I float back to earth, you lay beside me with that satisfied smile on your face. With one look at you, I can still tell that you are in need of attention. I sit up, and push you down. Kneeling over you, I lean in and lick at your wonderful cock.

Up close it seems quite large and hard. The feel of it against my tongue is like silk clad steel. I open my mouth and breath against the shaft, watching it twitch as I play my mouth over and against it. I hear your heavy and labored breathing. I know you want me to wrap my lips around your shaft. I see your hips bucking slightly as I tease the head of your cock a bit.

(to be cont- yes you know where this is going dont you?)
After hours - the introduction
Posted:Jun 5, 2008 10:44 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:26 pm
(A fantasy story for your enjoyment)

The lights are dimmed in the corridor. In the distance the sounds of people heading for the exits can be heard. Doors slam shut and muted voices can be heard beyond the entrance way.

The time clock ticks another minute. We have already clocked out, but still we sit here in this dingy break room. The bench seats are worn from the countless butts that have sat in them over the years. We sit and we wait, our ears straining to hear beyond our heartbeats.

I can't look at you, my nerves are twanging at the thought of what we have planned. I could lose my job if we are caught. The temptation between us has been ongoing for months. I'm half scared to go on with our rendezvous.

Shyly I look up at you. You seem lost in thought, or trying to listen for any late leaving employees. With you distracted, I can look at you. I love to look at you. Your dark hair falls over your face a bit, making you look rough around the edges. The contrast of your sapphire blue button down shirt against your lightly tanned skin makes my temperature rise.

Tonight is the night. Tonight I will give in to temptation. I focus my gaze on your lips, as if willing you to turn and kiss me. Watching your face I lean in as if to capture your lips with mine.

You put your finger on my lips and whisper that you have a place ready for us. Taking my hand, we walk down the hallway and into one of the closed storefronts. You must of bribed a store clerk because the alarm is not on. I smile as you lead me to a display with a king size bed.

On the dresser there is a plate with several candles. Taking out your lighter, you light them and our little nest glows with their light. Now you take me in your arms. I melt with a sigh as your lips touch mine.

My hand rests on your chest, feeling the warmth of you under your shirt. I feel your hands in my hair, holding me fast as your mouth ravishes mine. That hazy feeling of languor washes over me. I am putty in your hands. All my fears and worries fade as your mouth plays over mine.

(to be continued)
I AM A BBW, Deal with It
Posted:Jun 2, 2008 8:54 pm
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2010 1:26 pm
For those of you who are in the dark as to what BBW stands for, it means BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

There are all kinds of BBWs out there from the slightly chubby to what some call the SSBBW (Super Sized BBW). I know everyone has their own tastes and preferences. To each their own, as they say.

I have to declare that I am a bit steamed to have read a recent posting on a BBW forum where the men talked about being ashamed. These men are confessing that they are ashamed to be seen with a thicker woman.

*insert outraged expression here*

So basically we are ok to fuck, but when the chips are down and your buddies are around we are there for you to talk trash about.

I am a BBW, I stand 5'4 and currently weigh in at 240 pounds. I have a 40ddd bra size and a 54 inch hip measurement. If you cant tell, thats a lot of boobs and ass!

I know I am a big gal. I love my curves! Hell I probably play with my tits more often than Cowboy does. I think I am attractive. I carry myself with confidence and can be a horrid flirt. When I go to parties, there are several who pay attention to me and give me every hint they would love to play with me and more.

But it has come to my attention, that there are some "closet" chubby chasers around. These are the guys who will come to a party or even just hook up for a night with a big gal then talk shit behind the girls back after the fact. Sadly we may have some of those here in Corpus.

Has the media finally brainwashed Americans? Did the repetition of skeletons with skin pulled taught over their frames finally replace what in the past was considered the epitome of art?
When I can count a girls ribs from across the room, all I can think is "Get that woman a steak, some fries and a shake!"

For our closet Chubby chasers, go ahead and keep dreaming. When you can wake up and be a mature person who does not let society and the media form your opinions for you... then we will talk.

To me a BBW is generally more vibrant, more sexually open, more pleasure oriented, witty, feminine, just more everything. And to me More is always Better. Granted I can also say, there is a line I wont cross. I have told Cowboy that if I ever get to where I cannot function in my daily life due to my size, he is to put me out of my misery.

I have a challenge for you all. Talk to a BBW and make her smile. I garauntee you will love how her face lights up. To all my BBW who read this, know you are beautiful and any man, woman, whoever should be THRILLED to have you by their side.

Playing Catchup
Posted:May 28, 2008 12:44 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2008 4:01 pm
Well just to let you know.. I didnt win the contest.... But thats ok. It was for a good cause and I did have fun.

The Beach Party was a nice evening event, and I am glad we went out and had some fun socializing with everyone.

(The next day however I was creaking and acheing like I was in my 90's instead of about to be 30 )

We did our Anniversary party at Christy Estates, and only had to deal with a small amount of drama over it. (We couldnt get a fantasy themed room because our credit card is associated with the bank we use instead of a major credit company *does the whoopty doo sign* )

It was fun, and thanks to those who came out to commemorate 5 years of redneckish bliss!

Last night was my birthday... we went to Paradise and I got molested by the lesbian waitress whom I have a bit of a crush on. She is so cute. Gotta love her attitude and personality! I would eat pussy til I passed out if she would let me.

Cowboy was awesome! I know he was tired from work but he put on his party face and we went out to have a good time. All in all it was a nice little group that came out and partied!!!

As for the postal flirtation, thats on the back burner since the Postman hottie is on vacation. A week til he gets back, then I will start leaving the door open again so he can peek in at my tits and ass.


Ok this is random and I am hearing the bathtub calling me for a bubble bath. So I am gonna sign on here for now.. but yall have a great night/day!

I'm a bundle of nerves
Posted:May 17, 2008 10:36 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:26 pm
Today I compete at Springfest in a karaoke competition, and I am nervous!!!

I picked songs I know, but in the past I have cracked under the pressure and a small bit of stage fright.

Still this is a great opportunity, who knows I might even get a recording deal out of it. (Last years winner is now a recorded artist)

Either way, after the strains of competition we are heading to the beach.. so See you THERE!!!!

Gropes n Nibbles and all that good teasing stuff!
Shower Fantasy Part 3
Posted:May 14, 2008 8:57 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2008 12:00 pm
I feel your strong arms wrap around me and lift me. You must have shut off the water and pulled the curtain back, but I dont recall you doing so. I am lost in the lingering pleasure high you've given me.

Carrying me, you sit me gently on the counter. The feel of cold tile makes me flinch then sigh.Opening my eyes, I look up and quietly ask you to fuck me. I want your cock badly. My pussy is wet with need, ready for you.

The moment I feel you press against me, my body explodes with sensation. Little chills than lead to bursts of pleasure thats almost too painful to endure. My muscles grip your shaft as you slide into me, as if helping to pull you deeper into me.

You have me writhing and gasping at the feel of you. My hips are bucking to feel the movement of you sliding in and out of me. I'm at my shatterpoint and you know it. Kicking it up a notch, you begin to pound my pussy hard, making me cry out with the force of it.

I am chanting your name and purring as you slam your cock into me repeatedly. My juices are raining from me and dripping off my thighs. My tits are bouncing with each thrust you make.

The sounds of flesh meeting flesh and heavy breathing are the only ones breaking the silence of this steamy shower room. You pause and I groan, wanting to feel you using my pussy for your pleasure.

Pulling me up from the tile counter, you make me stand and turn around. Bending me over the counter top, you tell me to spread my legs. I am looking in the steam streaked mirror at you as you slide slowly into me, filling me with your velvety smooth cock.

I love that full feeling. Your entire length shoved all the way into me is the best pleasure there is. I can feel your balls against my clit. If I grind against you, I will have the best of both worlds.

Keeping my eyes locked on yours in the mirror, I begin to move on your shaft, making my clit graze up against your balls. You can see the pleasure in my eyes, a haze forming in them that means soon all my composure will be gone.

Something clicks within me, and I stand up making you slide out of me. Turning around I push your back to the tile wall and drop to my knees. I want to taste you covered in the taste of me.

I lick at the tip of your cock, teasing just a second before I wrap my lips around you. I gag a bit from your length but I wont quit. You fist a hand in my hair and encourage me to suck more of you into my mouth. When I feel your other hand in my hair I know your ready to fuck my mouth.

I stay quite still, letting you slide your shaft in deep hitting the back of my throat. This is something just for you and yet my pussy is twitching as I look up at your face. Keeping my eyes on yours as I suck your cock, I am watching your reactions.

I love that primal look on your face. You are conquering me, but perhaps it is I who has conquered you? We may never know as need washes over you and I can feel the thickening in your shaft that signals you are going to blow.

Purring around your shaft I prepare, knowing the load is going to be a big one. You slide your cock from my lips and stroke a few times before you cum. Closing my eyes, I feel hot splashes on my cheeks and dripping down my chin.

I open my eyes, your there on the tile floor with me. A towel in your hand for me to clean up. Wiping my face I lean over and kiss you. Now we can move on with the day.
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Shower Fantasy Part 2
Posted:May 14, 2008 12:13 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2008 5:22 pm
It would be so easy for you to just take me and sate your present need, but that is not your way. Some part of you requires that tantalising bit of torture that is bringing me to pleasures peak and keeping me at the brink before crashing in a flood of sensation that is so good it almost hurts.

You fist a hand in my hair, dragging my head back so you can assault my throat and neck with your mouth. I love the roughened stubble grazing my skin, and I beg you to take me. I'm wanting you to fuck me. Looking into my eyes you see the haze of pleasure. I am lost to it.

I am trapped, a willing victim to your hands and mouth. I feel your other hand slide between my thighs and part my wet pussy lips.
Shivering I purr as you slide a finger into me, then pull it out and play with my clit. My legs are spread as wide as I can go, my thighs shaking from the intensity of your attentions.

Looking up at you, I am staring deep into your eyes. My need for you is plain on my face. With a hoarse whisper I beg you for your cock. I see you smile and I know that I must wait til you decide I am ready for it.

Even so I am not prepared when you shove three fingers into me and begin to give me a hard finger fucking. My hips are bucking, I am dripping wet. You sink your teeth into my shoulder, and a scream an animalistic yell of abandon as my cum drenches your fingers and cupped hand.

I would collapse if you didnt have me pressed to the tile wall of the shower, and now that I am limp from enjoyment of your attentions is when you decide I am ready for your cock.
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Shower Fantasy Part 1
Posted:May 13, 2008 12:10 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:26 pm

You stand under the near scalding hot spray of the shower head, letting it knead the knots from your sore muscles. Workout was brutal today. You know you need to soap up and rinse down, but it just seems your arms wont function yet.

You feel a cold burst of air as the shower curtain moves. Warm soft hands slide over your back and around you to your chest. Large breasts press against your back as those soft hands roam your chest and then move lower to caress your cock and balls.

The slick fall of water between our bodies creates an erotic sensation. Skin to skin, I grab the soap and begin to rub you down.Once you are scrubbed and rinsed, I begin to tease you with the soft touches from before.

All is quiet in the room, except for the sounds of our heavy breathing. I can tell you want me, and I am slick with a need to feel you fill me. No words are needed, we are on the same page as you turn and take me into your arms. I sigh, your name lost on my lips as you kiss me into insensibility.

Pressing me up against the wall of the shower, I feel you hard against me. Moaning into the kiss, I press back towards you. Grinding just a bit against you with my hips, trying to let you know what I want.
Let me see you stripped!!
Posted:May 8, 2008 9:45 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2008 3:59 pm
OK it was awesome last night.

The guys from HARDBODIES really brought us a show last night.

We had Cowboys, Gothic Monk Doms, Polynesian Fire Eaters, a wannabe punk in pink, and a guy who made us laugh about bad phone sex. ( He had a bionic butt! The booty shake was quite interesting to watch! )

I was glad my girls who went with me had a good time. We will have to do it again! (and again and again, lol )

The whole Gothic Monk Dom set really did a number on me tho. I spent the whole time chanting "its not about me tonight!!!" I know these guys do this for the cash, and I know we are as shallow as guys can be. If I had of had the money, I would of spent it. Perhaps we can go back another week and I will enjoy myself then.

Anyways... The scene was a chair in the middle of the floor with 4 candles around it. I wanted to be the girl in the middle of the dance floor so badly. The guy came out in a Monks robe and pants w/ a mask on and carrying a flogger.

I guess it suited my mood at the time because the scene involved him tying the girls wrists and bending her over the chair, teasing her from behind while grabbing a fistfull of hair. Then she was laid out on the floor and he poured candle wax on her arms and made her pour the wax down his chest. *shivers*

I'm in a mood now...

Cya laters
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Lock up your men, its LADIES NIGHT!
Posted:May 7, 2008 6:06 pm
Last Updated:May 7, 2008 6:07 pm
Thats right all you folks in BLOGLAND!!!!

*sings* Oh yes its ladies night, and the feelings right. Oh yes its ladies night, what a night!

Tonight at CLUB TOXIC, the San Antonio HARDBODIES are putting on a fine show and us gals are gonna go drool and stare as well as raise a lil bit of hell!

If your a local lady, you should go and check things out sometime! Just get ahold of me, I can get your tickets to save you the cover cost.

Sorry boys, its gals only til after the show.

More to blog laters!!!
A start to a busy week
Posted:May 6, 2008 9:58 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2008 4:49 pm
Apparently I am gonna have some busy nights. LOL

Last night Mindy and I went to Paradise, we had a few drinks and I sang some karaoke. (It really is fun!!! Trust Me!)

The place got kinda packed as it was College Night, I didn't mind. There were lots of young bits of eye candy to check out.

Tonight we can do it all over, but this time it will be military and govt eye candy to check out. (Unless its you coming by to stare and my boobs LOL!)

Wednesday I plan to go to Belly dancing classes and then to HARDBODIES of SA @ Club Toxic.

Ladies hit me up and leave a message if your local and want to go see the guys dance. I can get tickets for free cover if you like.

Its cheap drinks and hot guys. Hot seats are 5 bucks, private dances are 20 and I still say its unfair we get to touch so much and men don't when they go to similar clubs.

Ah well off to wake up some more and get myself ready for tonight.

A night of....
Posted:May 4, 2008 1:56 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2008 10:11 am
Beautiful women, expensive drinks, and fabulous company!!!!

That is the only way I can describe my night tonight. Me and Mindy went out with Vhornymale here from the site and went to club Cheetahs.

I have been there before, and I have my favorite girls there. Our was on his best behaviour and made for charming company tonight.

( Thank you honey for making our night a total success!!! Maybe next time someone will show you the pierced boobage! )

Upon entering the club, we realized that the fight was on. So we sat and waited our turn until the dancing started. Mindy and I sat back and watched the girls trying to decide which ones we liked best, I think she found a real good favorite tonight!

As it is, we may have one of the girls in attendance at our party, although I wont hold my breath until I see her walk her pretty ass in the door. (I love fantasy guys but reality is a better world to live in)

Its a great thing to be a woman patron in a strip club. I went up to tip some of the girls and they were grabbing my tits out of my top. I got bit once by a fiesty one. (Damn she had an ass and boy could she work the poll)

I ended the evening with a dance from one of my favorites. Mahlani is a good looking girl, but I guess she is tired of stripping. ( That does happen now and again ) She needs a vacation or a carreer change, and her complaining about her job kinda killed the mood for my lapdance.

Still I am just glad that Mindy had fun. I wanted to introduce her to Corpus Christi strip clubs and Club Cheetah is the way to go!

So now I am broke but happy... well worked up just a bit, so its time to go pounce on Cowboy

Have a Naughty Night y'all

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