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More Postal Fantasy
Posted:May 2, 2008 1:26 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2008 4:22 pm
You stand transfixed by the lush body clad in satin before you. Her hands run along her thighs, smoothing non existant wrinkles from her nylons. As if compelled by some bewitchment, your eyes follow those hands as they slide over the curves of her body.

Her lips twitch in a smile watching your face caught in rapt attention to the wondering hands. The glass of tea she gave you is ignored in your hands, it seems your interest is elsewhere.
No words are needed as you wait to see how far she will go. Absently you wonder if your dreaming, but then shrug it off. This woman seems too real to be a figment of your subconciousness.

You set down your mailbag and the glass of tea. Walking closer to her you reach out a hand and touch her knee. She smiles at you as she slides her hands up over her breasts, making her nipples harden so you can see them thru the fabric of her clothing.

Looking pointedly at you, she reaches out and slides a hand up your leg just lightly brushing your hardon with soft fingers. Feeling how hard you are makes her smile even more. Deftly she undoes your belt and unzips the shorts you are wearing. Reaching into the open front of your shorts she wraps her soft hand around you and pulls you free of your boxers and shorts.

There is a slight breeze from the open front door and the AC kicking in as she strokes your shaft while looking into your eyes. A slight wicked expression crosses her face a moment before she leans into you and licks the head of your cock.
Her soft tongue teases and slides over and around the hard smooth shaft making you bite back a groan of pleasure.

You look down and she is looking up at you with your cock head sliding into her open mouth. The eyes say it all, she is loving the taste of you. You reach down a fist a handfull of hair, guiding her to suck at your cock more forcefully. She purrs around your shaft and begins to suck you more enthusiastically.

Her top has come open, giving you a great view of her big pale boobs. You begin to think for a moment of what it would be like to tit fuck this lusty lady. As if reading your mind, she stops and gestures for you to help her stand. Once she is standing she bids you to sit and be comfortable.

You sit down and watch as she walks over to her desk and grabs a bottle of lotion. Turning she slides out of her bit of red satin and stands before you clad in stockings, garters and heels. Her heavy breasts sway as she walks, making your cock twitch at the sight.

Coming to stand before you she smiles and kneels before you. Opening the lotion bottle she squeezes a liberal amount over her boobs and between them. Leaning forward she wraps them around your shaft and whispers a husky "Fuck my tits" that you barely hear in a lust filled haze.
You thrust between those huge tits til you get an idea. Some shifting is required, but you place her on her back in the chaise. Standing over her, you fuck her tits with more force.

The rough treatment is getting her so wet. She slides her hands down and spreads her wet pussy. Sliding a finger in she moans and her hips buck. You can see she is dripping wet and ready for a good fucking. Reaching under the cushion she pulls out a black vibe and slides it into her pussy. In and out she fucks herself with the toy as you use her tits. She is purring with her enjoyment of the moment.

You pull off of her a moment, and she gives a disappointed meow and looks up at you questioningly. You smile and gesture to her to wait a moment. Pulling out your wallet, you find a condom and slide it on. Her smile gets even bigger and she scrambles up onto her knees and offers you a view from behind. She wants you to fuck her good and hard.

As you stand behind her, she reaches back and guides your cock into her waiting pussy. She sighs as you slide balls deep into her. You bite back a groan when you feel her muscles clamping down on your cock. The first tremors of her orgasm hit and she purrs in a way that makes you think of wildcats.

Now she is begging, demanding you to fuck her hard. She wants a rough and tumble fucking. She wants it to hurt. You fist her hair like reins and start to pound her hard. Every slam has her begging for more. She is gushing wet now. Her arousal drips off of her with a steady flow. The sting of your hand on her ass makes her buck.

Taking her vibe she turns it on high and puts it on her clit. The hard fucking your giving her has got her flying high. She tells you to keep pounding her so she can squirt and cum hard for you. You stop a moment and throw her down on the chaise. Pulling her legs up in the air you begin to slam her as hard as you can.

Her back arching as she climbs towards that peak of almost painful pleasure. She is looking into your eyes, sound caught in her throat. A split seconds warning is all you get, her eyes darken and she half cries out as she erupts and sprays you with her squirting cum. Her hips are bucking with the force of it as you pull out, removing the condom in one swift move and spray a hot load over her tits and belly.

Collapsing back on the lounger, you rest and recover. Funny you came in to cool off, but ya got a workout instead.

(Writers question.. would you complain? lol)
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Posted:May 1, 2008 5:15 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2008 12:28 pm


That line from the classic song just seemed appropriate for what I am going to blog about. (Please note that the story to follow is fantasy for the moment. I highly doubt I would act on the impulse, I just happen to find the Post Man who drops our mail off to be quite cute. He flusters easy which makes me giggle. )

We have a mail drop on our front door, unless there is a package to drop off nobody need knock on the door. Most days I have the door open just a bit so the can run in and out. Sometimes I just forget to close it all the way.. lol

The mailman now knocks when the door is closed to see if I am going to answer the door in something thats a bit revealing. We have exchanged greetings and had one brief converstaion regarding the status of the apt next door. (Its empty last I noticed) I am such a tease!

I get a kick out of hearing him knock on the door because it makes me feel like I still "got it"! That special something that makes men smile and forget they are driving or walking, etc. So here is a little tease inspired fantasy for you to enjoy....

It is midday and the sun is beating down on you, making you sweat with the humidity. Silently you wish for a breeze to take some of the bite out of the heat. As if in answer, you feel the soft hint of a cool breeze off the water. Pulling up to the end of the block you pause and ferverently wish they would make a postal vehicle with AC.

Shutting down the car, you pull your mailbag out and sling it over your shoulder. Its time to earn your keep and drop all this junk mail and bills into the respective boxes and mailslots.

About halfway down the block you start up the steps of a home and realize the door is slightly ajar. This isn't that odd as many folks choose to leave doors and windows open in this neighborhood. Thinking nothing of it, you drop the mail just inside the open door when your eyes fall upon high heel shod feet in sheer black nylons. As your eyes glide up the legs, you see red satin flowing over a lush curvy body. Tracking your eyes further up you see cherry red lips curved in a welcoming smile that makes your mind reel. A cloud of auburn hair waves over shoulders and part way down her back.

She stands there looking at you as if in expectation. Visions flicker through your mind as to what things you would do if you had the time. A soft laugh leaves her mouth and then you notice the ice cold glass of tea she is holding. "I thought you might be hot and in need of cooling off", she tells you with a soft sexy drawl. Handing you the glass, she gestures for you to come in and she sits on the sofa crossing her legs to give you a brief but excellent view up her dress.

"It is quite ok for you to come in, I promise I don't bite.. much" she drawls with a laugh. "I just thought you might want a closer look at what you got a distant view of the past few days. If I was wrong, then perhaps I misunderstood..." Her voice tapers off in what is an unasked question of "Do you like what you see?".

(Part 2 will be cont later tonight or tomorrow)
My sexy man
Posted:Apr 29, 2008 6:28 am
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2008 5:55 pm
He walks into the room, time seems to cease its onward march. My heart flip flops in my chest making my breath catch in my throat.
Those wonderful blue eyes make me smile as I lose all I am in them. That light blue that makes one recall crystal waters refracting the suns blinding shine of rays.

The strength of his back and shoulders make me weak with need for him. It is the strength within him that makes me feel petite and delicate. That male-ness that I crave. He is the only one who can truly give me my addiction.

My hands reach almost involuntarily towards him, with a need to touch the flesh of him. I need that tactile connection, that reassurance that he is in fact mine.

Like a petulant refuses to give up a favored toy, I tightly hold the heart of my beloved. Far more treasured than a toy loved for a time and forgotten, this heart I hold is worth more than any treasure named in stories and fables of old.

The world today measures worth in cosmetic beauty and trim body. But the heart measures it in so many other ways. Sometimes I forget these things. Often I forget to say what my heart cannot say loud enough.

My man is my man. He is my choice and always will be. Thru the lean times and the party times, the mad and sad times. Naught will change my heart.


You make me stop and stare when you walk in the room. I wonder how I got so lucky to have a man like you.

While I bitch at you and take you to task when you do the dangerous (read pyro) things you do, its only because if you were to do something that would seperate you from me I would not be long for this world.

You are my half to the whole and without you life is not near as worthwhile. I think of you as my sexy hunky man. If I was a truly jealous creature I would never be able to share your body.

I know I can never share your heart with anyone. That alone is all mine, and I give all of me to you in return. My love you are, My love you will always be.

~Your wife
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Slap my ass "Daddy"
Posted:Apr 12, 2008 11:34 pm
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2008 2:35 pm
(I want to thank my wonderful photographer for todays shots. He was a true gentleman and I appreciate him even more for that! You know who you are!)

Ooh I was in a mood today! And Cowboy got the brunt of it when he got home.

Lately in the afternoons I start getting unbelieveably horny... not quite sure what kicks it off but damn I am wearing out my battery operated friend to keep contained til hubby gets home.

"Daddy" is like a magic word. Same as "Sir" or "Ma'am" evokes certain images in my head.

My fat ass was rosy red from his hand slapping it. And I loved every minute of it. Sometimes a girl like me just needs a good spanking.

I climbed up on his cock and rode him for a bit til I was almost melted from the fucking. Then he put me on my side and pounded my pussy that way.

OMG!!!! I went off like a rocket on July 4th! Once I pop I dont want to stop and my mouth was in gear the whole time.

Wanna hear me talk like a sailor... or worse??? Make me wait for cock when I want it, then when you give it to me I'm quite verbal about it!

Oh well I'm sated for the moment (I think) but more thoughts will come to you via blogland soon.

~Yours in Erotic Emotion
Lifes little changes
Posted:Mar 5, 2008 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2008 11:25 pm
(Gratuitous Finger Nibbling Shot!)

Howdy folks

First off NO I am not Pregnant, but the title above seems appropriate still.

I lost my grandfather recently. He was 85 and the last of his generation. As a result, the entire family it seems came out of the woodwork to pay respects and I got to meet and for the first time truly appreciate having the ties of family bonding.

It was while talking with my Uncle G and Cousin that I realized what I was missing out of life.

Its time to go back to school, and get my degree. Its time I went back to performing in a musical ensemble (chorale) and enjoying music as I used to.

They say as you get older, you start to look back in retrospect and "revamp" your life. This year will be my 30th.... and the time is now to make my changes.

I'm not ready to put away my toys however, so expect me and Cowboy to still run around at the playgrounds we call Meet n Greets. It just means we will be busier than ever with the other aspects of our life.

Wish me luck
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A hit yet a miss
Posted:Jan 9, 2008 8:37 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2008 4:16 pm

Talk about crazy. I listened to the pipedream and got smoke blown up where I shouldnt of. The job offer was there but the money promised wasnt. Turns out the guy was just rambling and the actual numbers he showed us were for routes not available anymore.

Ya would think he would have his ducks in a row, yes? So now I am looking for something to do. I left my job for this opportunity. Cowboy is working and so is our roomie tho so things are ok for now.

Guess yall will be seeing me at the party.. lol
New Year, New Life
Posted:Jan 8, 2008 5:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2008 2:57 pm

(My gal pal and I at the beach.. shes a cutie)

Talk about whirlwind. We are going thru Changes!
I have been offered a job and I am taking it up in San Antonio. Of course I am sad to be leaving the wonderful folks down here, but we will only be a hop, skip and jump away so we can still try to be involved in some of the party events n such.

Also I hope to renovate the family owned place since the majority of it is unused and create a party place of our own.

For the first few weeks Cowboy will still be here in Corpus, so ladies plz take good care of him.

San Antonio ppl I will be up there, but adjusting to a new job and schedule. I also will have a girlfriend there who isnt in the lifestyle... yet. If you wanna meet for drinks, chances are she will be with me since I am limited on transport til further notice. Drop a line on here, I will check in and get back to ya.

Hugs n Gropes n Stuff
Happy Nude Year!
Posted:Jan 3, 2008 9:42 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:16 pm
(lol I thought it was funny, so stop looking at me like that!)

Hey Hey Bloggers!!! Its a brand spankin new year!!! ( he he he I said Spank! )
Welcome 2008, goodbye 2007!!!

I spent my New Years Eve at work, but its all good. I got to see some drunk half dressed gals running amuck. Ah I sometimes "love" my job.

(No you cant quote me on that! I plead the 5th!)

Anyways, I am looking forward to the next party... which I believe is in February. The sooner I get information the better. Lots of my co workers want off that month too...

I didnt make any resolutions this year. I figured why should I make a promise I wont keep? Weight? eh I go up and down the scale all the time... I dont exercise unless you count the bedroom olympics. I do a mean Hibernation marathon

I quit smoking a while back, so thats not an issue. I just plain cant think of anything I would really make as a change.

What about yall? Any resolutions you want to share? Gotta admit I am curious as to how the New Year was celbrated by those who read my thoughts. (I'm naturally curious and sometimes it gets the best of me!!)

I am looking forward to more naughty times with our friends and lots of naughty pics.

Hugs to ya
Its Kwismasss!!!!!!!!
Posted:Dec 24, 2007 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2008 9:05 am
Yesterday we went to see Alvin, Simon and Theodore at the theaters and since then I have had Chipmunk Christmas in my head, so please bear with me if I slide into *lil * speak/type!!!

Merry Christmas folks!!!!!
This is just a quick posting to wish everyone a great, wonderful and safe Holiday!!!!!
Much love and joy to you all this season and into the New Year.. OMG... 2008 is just around the corner. Its kinda hard to believe the year has passed so fast!

For those whom we have met this year, we love ya all!!!! Thanks for being our pals and helping us to have some great times this year.. lets do it again!!!! For those we have yet to meet, Merry Christmas and lets get together and have some fun real soon!!!

This is a time for family and friends, I will your holday full of them!
Blessed Be! Merry Meet! Peace!!!!!

Its time to
Posted:Dec 15, 2007 12:37 pm
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2007 12:55 pm

(Pic is me and my fluffer from a Beach party back in the day!!! I miss goldengirl... she is a great fluffer!!! )

This is just a shortie post to letcha know that tonight is the night to all get together @ Rods place!!!

Its gonna be a blast!

If you dont know folks yet, come meet em! If you do, come back I wanna hang out and chill tonight!

Looking forward to it all!
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Do I have.....
Posted:Dec 7, 2007 8:32 am
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2007 12:56 pm
Hit on me written on my forehead????

During my last 3 shifts I have had multiple people decide to try and pick me up. I'm not complaining, but its mostly guys whom I know nothing about and when I tell them I am married.... they say "And your point is?"

Is marriage that unimportant? Do most single guys just not care if the lady they find attractive is attatched or not?

I know I am a swinger, and Cowboy and I play with others. That not withstanding, still I find it awkward when men hit on me at work.

My employer does not need to know what I do in my spare time with others. Thats just how I feel. Also, other gals at work who take from the men that come thru have a less than stellar reputation with the boss lady.

Do I take a chance on some fun and lose the points I've earned as a good worker? Or do I just laugh it off and ignore the that are left for me by my "admirers"?

The world may never know the answer to my questions. I think I have exhausted myself mentally, its time for me to sleep.

Blog atcha soon
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I'm home ....
Posted:Nov 27, 2007 7:05 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2007 8:21 am
(pic isnt me, but she is a total hottie! Wish I knew her!)

From the hospital!

I was admitted on Turkey day, they let me out Sunday. Now it is Tuesday and I am up to posting a blog.

I had an infection in my leg that caused it to turn red and swell up
(It really sucked!)

Either way, bruised arms from all the needling I got is my souvenir from my recent stay at "Club Meds"

Thanks to all who sent well wishes thru Cowboy and the few who could make it out to visit me during my stay. With the holidays I know its hard to make time to go and do when you have so much on your plate.

It sucks that I missed the party, I hope that folks enjoyed themselves and had a blast. Rod is throwing the next event, and we need to do our part to make this upcoming fun time the best it can be.

We may look into something along the lines of this months party again come the new year so be on the lookout!

Thats about all I have for ya today, enjoy and have a great time! Blog to ya soon!
2 Requests
Posted:Nov 7, 2007 10:40 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:16 pm
(Hmmm clothed or naked?)

Folks I have a couple of requests!!!!!

Help me out here! This involves no money (well no loans anyways )

One of my gal pals got the nerve to get up on the Open Mic stage at Crazy Times Comedy Club tonight. She was a hit, and they want her to come back again next week. WEDNESDAY NIGHT.. I know its midweek and alot of folks have to work, but we could really use the support.

I am trying to build her a booby brigade! I need as many sexy A F F ladies to come out as they can and dress in your sexy cleavage showing tops! This is NOV 14th and DOORS open at 9p.m. They have some Improv from the Comedians who run the Open Mic then the Amateurs get up and do their sets. We were done by 11p.m. this time around, so thats seems to be the average! Guys you are welcome to come out too... come meet some folks and have a good time!


Friday Nov 16th, 2007 a BLACK TIE Event!!!!!
I need to know if folks want to go with me to Katz 21 Spirits for the BLACK CAT party... Ladies its After 6 attire (cocktail party type stuff or formal wear) Men its black tie, no Jeans, sneakers, caps, etc. You have to wear a tie. My gal pal wants to go. Cowboy says he wont go because he wont dress up. So this is gonna be me and my gal pal and whomever else wishes to attend! I am looking forward to dressing up and spending the evening rubbing elbows.

Let me know... I want to be able to give a head count beforehand to the doorman. Have a good one! ~Nina

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