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Will Wonders....
Posted:Nov 4, 2007 3:18 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:7 pm
never cease?

Last night I worked an overnight shift at my Gas Station in "the ghetto" as a customer put it.


Sometimes I love my store and lots of times I hate it. There are laws, rules, and regs that have to be followed if I want to keep my job (most folks realize this) but yet there are that small few of the populace who like to push boundries and fuck with ya ( in a less than fun way ) to try and get ya to bend or break the rules, laws, etc. *le sigh*

Last night we did the time change... at 2a.m. it went back to 1a.m. which meant that even with the time change you still couldn't buy any more beer. So what am I having to do at the time shift? Take beer after beer away from people and they are cussing me out! ( I say if your gonna cuss me, you dont need anymore anyways.. LoL )

But onto better things. Here I am working at the store when a man comes in dressed nice in slacks and a button down shirt. He asked me for the phone book and started thumbing thru it. I noticed he was having trouble finding what he was looking for, so I asked him where he was trying to find.

Lo a behold, he was looking for adult oriented type stores (ADult Video, Megaplex, etc) So I told him that chances were he wouldnt find anything in the books with CC being so conservative... and I gave him directions and reviews of the 2 of 3 places I have been to.

I asked him if he was not from around here, which he wasnt. Then asked if he was here on business... no thats not it. He and his wife were down from H town and celebrating their 10 year anniversary. (In CC with porn? Hmmm works for me)
He wasnt what you call Model hot, but I liked his personality... and I found myself flirting with him as I gave him directions.

Now I'd like to check out his wife, who was in the car. He certainly walked into the right store last night. Most folks wouldnt of been able to tell him anything... guess it was kissmet?

That and what is it with all the ppl wanting condoms at 4 in the morning? Short notice thing or is that the normal booty call hours?
LoL at least they are taking precautions. I about fell down laughing the other night, a guy wanted change... and this lil older lady dressed kinda severe like gave him quarters. He thanked her, then ran to the mens room to buy a single condom out of the machine. The lady was concerned, but I told her not to be. Then she started blushing, she realized what he wanted change for..

hmm thats enough witty commentary for now...
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Random Thoughts... Again and Again
Posted:Nov 3, 2007 8:09 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2007 2:28 pm
(Random pic for a random post! its my ass behind a pineapple! Now thats art!)

Those of you who have met me or have been reading this bloggy thing of ours for a while should know by now that Randomness is next to hornyness ;P
(at least where I am concerned)

Halloween was nice, I had to work (boo!!!) but work made up for itself as I had tons of sexy scantily clad eye candy walking itself into and out of my store all night.

The surf club has been a good place to meet and greet so far, maybe next time more people will show and mingle.

I dont know how last night, but I got onto the subject of vulgarity and how ones own personal mores sways the lines which some folks will not cross.

Like take me (please! )at work for instance. When I am at work, I will flirt and be somewhat silly. This is a given as its my nature. But if I see a truly conservative person, (Especially around or elderly/ bitter looking ppl) I am friendly and polite with no flirtation. I dont want to offend and have them call my main supervisor and create drama.

Same situation, but a coworker instead of me. She flirts with every man that comes thru and she has a worse mouth than sailors are reputed to have. At one point, she asked a guy, "so are you gonna lay back and let me hop up on it?" And there were and other customers in the store.

When I work with her I blush alot... hmmm guess I need to wear more makeup those days to hide the red cheeks.

Its not that I dont have those thoughts, I just leave them in my brain and try not to let them slip out. Granted, someone said that Porn was the only movies to hold thier attention and my mind must of stopped functioning... cuz I said "Nah if its porn, put the camera on me." *blush* OMG, so cant believe I did that.

I am mixed feelings on this overnight shift. I worry that I will get robbed, but at the same time we are pretty busy so it probably wont happen. Also I get so easily distracted that I have to work harder than some to focus on watching customers who are suspicious. Had a walk out with potato chip bags shoved down his pants. But he was stupid, cuz his girl was parked right in front. I got make, model, license plate, descriptions and everything.

*sigh* Random! I'm craving steak and shrimp and heck crab n lobster n scallops too... (I has expensive tastes)

Got an invite to a party on Nov 16th. I can bring up to 40 ppl but the thing is its black tie. Not many folks I know like to dress up. I do on occassion, but I have no clue what to wear. Still I wanna go. Do you? Let me know your thoughts.

Went out last night to Katz 21 Spirits... they have gorgeous interior design. Makes me wanna take pics there. (I doubt it would happen but I can wish) I have this vision of a kind of roaring 20s Speakeasy set. Do my hair and outfit like the girls during prohibition and take pics that way. I think it would rock. But the clothes would have to be appropriate. I could spend a fortune just for that set of pics alone.

Well I told ya it was random... really random. Suckage I gotta get dressed for work
Executive Surf Club Meet n Greet
Posted:Oct 29, 2007 10:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2008 9:46 am
OCTOBER 30th, 2007
Thats a Tuesday for those who are wondering!

Check out the band Mike Guerra and Trisum
(I think the names appropriate!)
About 8:00p.m. til Bar Close

Playing is off premise, meaning if you wanna hook up beyond flirting and teasing, do it away from the bar.

Come welcome Den2Fish back home to Texas and meet his lovely friend! (She is a blast to dance with!)

I know its midweek-ish and some folks cant stay late, so just come for a bit if you can. (Have a beer or some tea and just chill for a few!) They serve a great menu folks so if you missed lunch that day, you can remedy it!

Hope to see yall there
Contact us here or at (Do1)yum-0wtf

~Nina and Cowboy
Halloween Meet n Greet
Posted:Oct 13, 2007 11:14 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2007 3:32 am
Everyone who has not had a chance to let me know, leave a message here and I will get the invitation out to ya!

Party on the 20th at Christy Estates starting at SEVEN p.m. We are collecting donations starting now... so let us know what you can kick in if your gonna attend. We can do reciepts if you think you might not be able to attend this time around. If you miss this one and have kicked in, we give ya a pass to the next event.

You can always contact us here or at


Can you read it?

Hugs n Stuff
Back in the "Swing" of things
Posted:Sep 23, 2007 3:48 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:7 pm
Whooo! Time flies when your working your ass off eh? But all is handleable in Cowboy and Nina land. We no longer do papers... Long story.
Cowboy is in the process of obtaining a position with Wells Fargo... we hope it will take off here soon. If so, we will probably have to be more subtle in our "actions".
As for me, I know work back at Stripes. Only this one is in town. Sadly it has a kitchen, so you often find me in the kitchen making tacos.

We attended the last party (last night)... wow my body is sore! But its a combo of too much work followed by too much play I am sure!

We had a good turn out, even if not everyone could stay and play. Hopefully the next party whereever we have it will be just as much fun.

Hugs yall
Blog ya laters
Been a While
Posted:Jul 18, 2007 8:52 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2007 3:41 pm
And I didnt want you folks to think I forgot ya, so I thought I would drop a line or two on the page for ya.

Life has just been crazy lately. Nothing more than work,eat and sleep in all honesty.

Been meaning to take some pictures, but it just hasn't happened. Strawberryblonde_tart and I did a set a while back, still need to download and send them up to our galleries. Maybe you will get to see them soon, they are very hot!

Much huggles and scritchies to you all, we will hopefully have lots more interesting to post on here soon!

Peep Show
Posted:Jun 29, 2007 9:26 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2007 6:22 pm
Hey folks

I'm just dropping a line to say hey and share a lil story with ya real quick. I got an eyefull on the way back to Corpus last night.

I have always flirted with a galpal of mines hubby but I never thought I would actually get a look at what he was blessed with.

Apparently to keep from falling asleep on long drives it helps him to play with himself. No shy factor here at all, just whips it out and starts strokin. He kept glancing at my tits and strokin a lil faster from time to time, which I found amusing!

Oh well they are gone as of today... moving out of state but it was a funny ending to our last day hanging out together.

Off to bed for me.... I is sleepy!

Playtime in the Park...
Posted:Jun 26, 2007 9:06 am
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2007 3:51 pm
Before the sun came up!!!!

Cowboy took me after work to the park near home and we walked out on the pier, got naked and played!

It was awesome looking up at the sky (when my eyes were not rolling back in my head) and feeling his hands on me and body against mine.

I think I left a hefty wet spot on the bench we were on... LOL

Oh well it did rain earlier today so that should cover our sneaky business!

The only thing I need to remember is next time take a towel so I dont hurt my knees or back...

Splinters could have presented a major issue for both of us!

Just wanted to share...

Hugs n Stuff
Posted:Jun 26, 2007 4:19 am
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2008 11:45 pm
Just a lil bit!!! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me!!!

I feel compelled to talk about Respect. There has been a lack of it lately.

We are swingers and we love to play. Just because we will play solo doesnt mean that single guys have the free reign to come up and grab on me or talk suggestively to me without Cowboys permission.

Oh I am my own woman, and I do what I please... but have the courtesy to clear what you want to do with me or to me with my husband.

Ladies I am comfortable with you playing with my man as long as you dont hurt him to where I cant have my way with him afterwards. Follow our rules and everyone can have a good time.

Condoms, no Secrets, No dramatic "But I love them" crap

We dont do , animals, or potty play but otherwise its all good!

I personally do not like hard biting anywhere on my body..... so please dont do it or I will kick you in your head.

(Yes I am a short bloodthirsty bitch when I feel the need to repay someone)

So guys, you wanna get to know me thats fine we can chat. You wanna play... you gotta respect Cowboy and talk with him about it too.

Ladies you have my free statement that you can contact and chat with Cowboy anytime you like if you wanna give him a go... I love knowing he gets to play.

Couples we want to meet up and get to know you... so lets do it!

Hugs and Stuff
I feel better having vented!
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Sore but Happy!!!!
Posted:Jun 23, 2007 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2008 11:46 pm
That is the best way to describe me.

Got an early start on tonights party!!! Thanks to all those involved! It was great! Fantabulous!!!!!

Tasty pussy and wonderful tongues!!! Add in my wonderful Cowboys cock and it was a morning worth losing sleep over and then some!

I'm sore, my back wont cooperate but it was Fan-fucking-tastic!

Making her mad....
Posted:Jun 21, 2007 7:22 am
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2007 11:42 pm
(felt like writing something that matched my odd mood!)

Josh sat in the living room and mused over his options. Donna was due home any moment, and he wanted some action. But he didnt want plain ol' vanilla sex this time. He wanted to spice it up with some rough play.

Thinking of Donna, Josh adjusts his crotch and wonders just how to bring this rough stuff into their evening. Being Irish, she has a temper... that could be interesting. Rough MAD sex is always great, but would it be worth the arguement? Josh smiles. "Of course its worth it, she is like molten rock when she is pissed at me." He stands and goes about making preparations to bring his plan to fruition.

Donna slams the door of her SUV and stalks up the drive towards the house. It seems dark and she wonders if Josh has come home yet. Opening the door, she calls out "Josh, you home?" Silence stretches out and she drops her bag in the hall. "Hmmm no lights on, no dinner ready. He must still be out." she mutters.

Making her way down the hall to the kitchen, Donna kicks off her shoes and slowly loses the uncomfortable parts of her work uniform. Detouring, she heads toward the bedroom to change, wanting to be totally comfortable after a day on her feet. The bedroom is dark, but she knows her way around it and doesn't bother to turn on the lights. Grabbing a long button down shirt and panties, she shrugs out of her work clothes and slides into the others.

A sound disturbs the silence of the house. Turning she sticks her head out of the room and calls "Josh?" No one answers. Donna shrugs. She heads to the kitchen and opens a bottle of wine. Pouring a glass she sips and sighs, the days aggrevations starting to recede. Checking the messages, she notices that Josh has not called. "I wonder where he is" she muses aloud.

Just then the phone rings. Checking the caller ID she sees its an Unknown Number. Not bothering to pickup she lets it go to the machine. A breathy voice coughs once then says "Josh... I know you said not to call... but I need..." *click*

Donna realizes that some girl has just called and she must be seeing Josh for some reason. "It has to be sex", she thinks. Seething with fury, she storms back into the bedroom and flips on the lights. Heading into the closet, she begins to hurl rejected clothing onto the floor.

Just then Josh strolls into the room, knowing she is going to be furious with him. He paid the neighbor down the street fifty dollars to make the call and she had almost chickened out. Hopefully she knew that it was just a joke and that he wasnt trying to dump Donna or anything.
"Donna what are you doing, your making a mess in that closet?" he purrs. Stalking out of the closet in her panties and button down Donna looks ready to spit fire at Josh. "Don't you start with me Josh, I know your secret! Tell me, is she one of your co-workers? Who are you fucking around on me with? I'll ruin her after I take care of you!"

Having reached a close enough distance to him, she strikes out trying to slap his face. He grabs her hand and holds it away from himself. This infuriates her and she takes her other hand to slap at him. Grabbing the other hand, he has her neatly where he wants her. Well almost. Walking her back towards the bed, he positions her to fall on it just right. Once the back of her knees hit the bed, she falls and he is on her before she knows whats happening.

Josh gets up and stands over her. She is bound to the bed and stuck at his mercy. She bites her lip and awaits to see what is next. "Now if you listen and listen goood, I just might tell you whats going on wench. But for the moment I most displeased that you would seek to strike me. I wonder should I show you how it feels to be struck?" He ponders that while she pales at the thought. "No" he decides, "But you must be punished! I think a spanking is in order!"

Flipping her over, he spreads her legs and secures them to the edge of the four poster bed.
Now she is face down on the bedspread and cool air is touching her cheeks where he has ripped her panties. Holding her breath she waits for the first spank. A light caress catches her off guard. She isnt prepared when the whip lands across the meat of her ass. Gasping she jumps at the feel of it. Shock fades, replaced by arousal and rage. She is fighting her bonds now, and he is almost ready to let her free.

(to be continued)
Pressed Up against a Tree..
Posted:Jun 20, 2007 5:44 am
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2007 9:06 am
I was having naughty thoughts this morning on the paper route! I kept imagineing getting fucked while being pressed up against a tree out on the route somewhere.... it was quite distracting.

I made mistakes in throwing papers because of it!

Oh well someday I will be confident enough to let it happen! LOL

Just thought I would drop a line to let ya know I am still alive and kicking!

Hugs and Gropes for all!!!!

"Real Women"
Posted:Jun 6, 2007 5:07 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2008 6:59 pm

Someone in the local group had the audacity to ask "Where are all the real women at? The ones who want to have fun and not tease?"

Last I checked I wasnt a figment of Cowboys imagination, but lets check again.

*pinches self*

Ouch DAMMIT! That hurt, that means I AM A REAL WOMAN!

Why do some guys (not all) go into jerk mode the minute they dont get immediate responses to their A F F ads? If you take a look at the statistics of men to women, there are easily 10+ guys to every 1 woman. That means that the ladies are inundated with requests and emails. Also there are couples out there sending them emails too... so guys, its just harder... you gotta be patient.

As for the pics on your profile... FOR GOSH SAKE, please put up something besides your penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every guy has one, some are different shapes and sizes.. yes we know. BUT most women want to know more than you have a penis.... As a matter of fact they are hoping you have one, because if you dont why are you networking on a sex site unless you just like to torment yourself by watching.

I read the post mentioned above, regarding the real woman.... and it pissed me off. So women who are cautious and flirt extendedly online are nothing but teases it seems. This world sadly is a dangerous place. There are preadators all over the internet, and I am sure despite precautions they exist here on this site.

They are of both genders, I will not say that women cannot be preadators... for that would be foolish to claim. I have met a few female preadators who use couples and single males for what they can get financially out of them thru this site. I am sad to say, my mind once thought that way... but I woke up before it was too late.

Either way I am too nice, I cant just demand money or presents the way some women do.

You want to meet folks, make the effort to come out to the local gatherings... show up and actually join the group... introduce yourself! Hiding behind a computer terminal will never truly provide any social interaction.. unless you count rosy and her five sisters... (I dont count them)

We have monthly parties for social and playtime interaction, they are awesome. We have Sunday afternoons at WISEGUYS where you can bring a dish and share in the BBQ and get to meet folks.

There are opportunities.... you just have to reach out and take a hold of them. Don't sit at home on the computer whining that folks don't meet, because thats not true! I am so tired of seeing folks cry but never pick up the gage and do something about it.

If your just gonna run your mouth then SHUT UP! Take some damn action and turn things around. Folks will show up to parties if you host them. Everyone wants to go to the beach, so throw a bonfire... or just have folks come together for a camping weekend or something... whatever it takes to get yourself out there.

OK I feel better, I vented
*beware the hormonal gimping NINA*

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