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In da Club 4
Posted:May 31, 2007 3:58 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2008 10:49 pm
When last we left off ( Surprising yourself with your cockyness, you respond "How would you like to be fucked Mistress?" She pauses to think and then says "I want you in every way possible." Then she stands and bends in front of you giving you full acess to her ass and pussy. "You pick where first, surprise me." Her voice is husky and her breathing is deep. You can tell she wants you to fuck her good. But where should you put that cock first? )

You decide to go for the tease. Wanting to make her writhe for your hard shaft, you rub the head of your cock against her wet slit. Far too soft a touch to do more than tantalise, she moans and thrusts her hips back trying to slide you into her. Grabbing your cock in one hand, you angle higher and tease the crack of her ass with soft rubbings of firm flesh.

Her back arches and she digs her fingers into the padding of the chair. Panting with desire, her body is on auto pilot straining to feel you within her. Sliding back down to her pussy, you let her have just the head of your cock inside. Her sigh of relief echoes in the otherwise silent room. Moonlight streams in the window and highlights the line of her back and seems absorbed by the inky color of her hair. Looking down on her, you drink in the sight of this ethereal goddess before you.

You hold still, making sure to only leave the head of your cock inside. Her muscles are constricting, she is trying to pull you deeper into her. Still you hold fast, waiting for the right moment to take her further into pleasures grasp. She moans, realizing you will make her wait to reach that plateau of orgasmic bliss.

While enjoying the tease you are giving her, you recall something she might enjoy in the nightstand drawer. Your ex left it behind and it could make for an interesting sensation. Pulling out of her pussy, she moans in protest. With a hand you stop her from moving and she stays silently still awaiting your next move. The only sounds are her breathy sighs and the opening of your nightstand drawer.

The sound of wood scraping makes her jump, her nerves are on a razors edge. Walking back to her you soothe her with one hand while holding the narrow wand in your other hand. Its flexible and it vibrates, you know its meant for anal stimulation, which is just what will make for an interesting experiment. You slide the narrow wand into her pussy to lube it up, then pull it out quickly.

As you pull out the wand, you slide your cock into her fully and she gasps as she gets the full length of you. Spreading her asscheeks you begin to tease her with the lubed up toy. Once you have it in a few inches, you turn the vibration on low. Her sighs turn to a low moan as she begins to thrust back against you with more force.

You work the toy into her some more. Then when its firmly in place, you begin to slide your cock in and out of her. Her thighs are shaking and you can feel her wetness almost raining out of her. Grabbing her hips you begin to roughly pound her pussy, giving her a deep fucking. She is lost to the pleasure, begging you for more. She wants it as hard as you can give.

You slide a hand around her and grab her left tit. Squeezing it hard until she cries out. Your right hand slides up into the inky fall of her hair and grabs a fistfull. Tugging it back so that as you ride her, you use the handfull of hair as the reigns. She loves it, and thrusts back against you again and again.

For one second you slide your left hand back and turn up the speed of the vibe in her ass. She comes unglued. Her movements are so swift you cannot see them clearly. The pressure in your balls and on your shaft is so intense that you know your going to cum quickly. With a keening moan she explodes and squirts hard. Her cum sets you off and you spray her twitching cunt full of cum. Exhausted the two of you collapse, content to lay on the floor until your breath catches.
Feeling the after effects...
Posted:May 28, 2007 8:53 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2007 11:22 am
of strong drink!

Hubby and I got out to Wiseguys for some BBQ and it was tasty!!!! The karaoke rocked too!

Yesterday was my birthday and some great folks came out to help me celebrate! We tried to post a notice about where we would be, but I think we were not early enough in our announcement. Thus, the only folks who were able to make it were the ones I talk to outside of this forum.

StrawaberryBlondeTart and her hubby were there, so was Evilmonkey!!!! I also had some non swinger friends at the bar and we had a blast eating BBQ and singing karaoke!!!

Everyone was amazing, and even though its not my birthday this coming Sun afternoon... we are gonna go do the BBQ thing again around 1p.m. at Wiseguys!

To those who dropped me a line or left messages- THANK YOU!!! My birthday was made great by you wonderful folks!

Much love to all
Today is a special day!
Posted:May 24, 2007 12:41 am
Last Updated:May 1, 2008 10:53 pm
Four years ago today, Cowboy and I stood in front of family and friends and made our vows. While we have been together alot longer, 5/24/03 was the day we became legally man and wife.

Four years later, I am amazed to find I am still as crazy about him as I was the first time he kissed me.

I hunger for him to be close to me as much if not more than when I first felt his response to me, or caught him staring down my top. (LOL he thought he was smooth, but I wore those tops on purpose... so the trap was set!)

I am blessed with a wonderful, caring, loving, fabulous man who takes care of me and loves me no matter what! (Its a good thing too, cuz I can be quite difficult sometimes!)

Cowboy honey.. I LOVE YOU!!! More today than ever before. If I could hire a pilot to write it in the sky, I would annouce it to the entire city just how deep my love is for you. I dont know any other way to show you just how I feel.

Although I sometimes am bitchy and generally act dissatisfied with life, I hope you understand that no matter what you are mine and I will always be yours.

Much love Beloved
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THis is funny to me
Posted:May 20, 2007 12:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2007 7:31 pm
It seems I write some of my raunchiest sexy stuff on Sundays... Supposedly a Holy day eh? Well I guess my sex drive goes up on Holy Days... LOL

I just find it funny!

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In da Club 3
Posted:May 20, 2007 12:48 pm
Last Updated:May 31, 2007 3:14 pm
Slowly as if dazed you crawl towards the lovely spread pussy before you. She holds her folds open as if directing your attention to the spot most in need. A small lick of her center, reveals she tastes sweet, almost like strawberries and cream or something close to it. You can't seem to think coherently. All that matters is pleasing this dark mistress.

Putting yourself fully to the task of pleasuring her, she begins to writhe as you bury your face into her wet mound. A small moan breaks past her lips as she arches her back, trying to get your tongue deeper into her. A shudder gives you a taste of her cum, still sweet but with a slight salt bite to it. Muttering from the aftermath of her cum, she looks into your eyes and softly commands you. "Fuck Me! I need your cock in me now!"

Surprising yourself with your cockyness, you respond "How would you like to be fucked Mistress?" She pauses to think and then says "I want you in every way possible." Then she stands and bends in front of you giving you full acess to her ass and pussy. "You pick where first, surprise me." Her voice is husky and her breathing is deep. You can tell she wants you to fuck her good. But where should you put that cock first?

(Readers choice... does she get fucked in the pussy or does she get some anal? Vote and I will decide which way to take this!)
Its a miracle!!!
Posted:May 19, 2007 9:16 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:1 pm

I can SEE... er wait thats not right!
I can walk! It still hurts badly but I can get thru it for tonight. I just cant let Cowboy go to work by himself.

Just letting you know the updates as they come along!

Hugs n Stuff

Posted:May 19, 2007 12:00 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2007 11:08 am

I just hate being unable to go and do for myself... this sucks!!!

I stepped in a fire ant bed last week and now I am dealing with the allergic reaction.

I have one rather bruised looking swollen right foot and it SUCKS!!! The worst part is since I am unable to stand on it, that means I cant work... so poor Cowboy is stuck doing papers all by himself.

I am about to go stir crazy sitting on my ass waiting for my foot to go back down to normal size so I can walk on my own again instead of crawling around on my knees to move from room to room.

(Yeah I know visual image, you dont have to say it! Its already been said!)

In all the hustle and bustle we also have a new puppy. Cowboy spotted her in the middle of the street on our paper route one night. She is tiny, a black fluffball and we have named her Munchkin. She certainly has an appetite, but I think we need to get her to a vet to check her over. She was so sad looking when we got her, the fleas were so bad on her it took 5 baths back to back just to slow them down.

Well at least here she has plenty of love and such. Right now she is asleep in the bathroom, where we blocked off the doorway with a section of cardboard.

When it rains it pours eh?
Thats the update on life and times in our neck of the woods... I really wish my foot would heal and I could just go on about my normal routine.

I better stop before I talk your ears off (or is it write til your eyes fail?)
I think I am done for now...
No story today, but a request
Posted:May 11, 2007 4:06 am
Last Updated:May 12, 2007 4:31 pm
I notice that folks like to lurk... well guess what I can read that you visited, so dang it SAY HELLO!!!!

If your shy about leaving a public comment, then go ahead and leave an email for me... I dont mind private messages!

As far as This weekend, We desperatly need help Saturday night!!!!!! Its a free paper for one of our areas and there are over a 1000 papers to throw.

If you can help us out, I would greatly appreciate it! The time frame would be 9p.m. til you get too tired. We usually find ourselves done with all the papers about 6a.m. (normal start time is 12:30a.m. so we have an early start since they are throwing extra papers)

If you can handle staying out with us all night, sweet! If not we understand, as much help as we can get is greatly appreciated!

Hugs n Gropes
Cheri's Story Continued
Posted:May 9, 2007 10:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2007 1:44 pm
(When we left off, she was watching the couple in the drive in/parking lot and playing with her pussy)

Watching the dark haired girls big tits bouncing as she rode her mans cock was getting to Cheri. Her wet pussy was begging for attention that fingers just cant give. Lamenting not having a toy handy, she looks up in time to see a tall dark haired guy exiting the building.

Not pausing to think things thru, Cheri gets up and hurries over to him. Pushing him up against the wall she looks into his eyes and says, "I really need a good fucking, and you are gonna give it to me!!" Shocked into silence, all he can do is nod as she works to get his belt undone.

Once his belt is open, next she pulls out his shirttail and begins unzipping the jeans he is wearing. Rationalization dawns and he stammers"B-b-but I d-d-don't even k-k-know your n-n-name?" Looking up to him with a smoldering stare, she replies "Its Cheri, and I am in need of cock. You are going to fuck me, right?" He nods. "Good boy!" she coos. Reaching into his open fly she wraps her hand around his thick shaft.

He likes her attitude. It turns him on, that aggressive slut has got him hard a ready to slide into her. But first she looks to be ready to inhale him. Sliding her tongue around the tip of him, she teases a moan from his lips. This teasing play makes her feel powerful and sexy as hell. Her lips part and he slides the head of his cock into her mouth. Its hot and wet, and her lips conform tight to his shaft.

She can tell he is close to blowing his load, so she drags him to a table nearby. Leaning back onto it, she points at her nearly bald pussy and says "Lick me and make me cum, then fuck it good and hard!" He drops to his knees eagerly and buries his face into her dripping pussy. Cheri moans with each lick of his tongue. The pleasure builds and with a blinding force she cums, gushing all over his face and chanting "Fuck Me" over and over.

He gets up and slides his cock into her dripping gash. She feels like velvet to him, gripping his dick with her muscle control. Each thrust gets harder, and she keeps begging for more. Finally he slams into her and stays still, spraying his cum all inside her. As he pulls out, cum starts to drip down her ass and thighs onto the table.

(more later)
Some Cheese Please!
Posted:May 7, 2007 4:24 am
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2007 12:15 pm
To go with my whine!

Dang truck is acting up again. We have gone into debt trying to fix the power steering leak but still no go.


I know I know, Cowboy is the mechanic and general repair monkey so why isnt he the one bitching about the truck??? Because its my female right to bitch about whatever, whenever.


Actually just listening to him almost the whole night while working was enough to put me in the mood to vent.

Maybe I should write an angry sex scene. That could prove quite interesting!

Hmm..... lets see

"It was a dark and stormy night...."

Nah, thats too cliche. Oh well I'll figure it out in due time. Meanwhile I am thinking dinner and bed. Its a huge King size, we got room for a couple more folks... *scoots Cowboy over*
You know you wanna *sings* "Come on over, come on over baby!"

Hmm heres an idea

Cheri was just finished locking the doors to the club. Work was done for another night. Turning to walk to her car, she stretches her lithe frame and runs a hand thru her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. The parking lot is dark, and Cheri scans the distance between her and the car. Hefting her backpack over her shoulder she hurrys to the vehicle. Once to the car she unlocks the back and sets her backpack inside. Bending over she feels a breeze on her ass as her skirt rides up. "Damn uniform!" she mutters.

A noise breaks the stillness. Cheri whirls around. "Whos there?" she challenges into the dark. Holding her keys in her fist she prepares to do battle. There is no answer to her challenge, only the wind blowing thru the trees. Stepping around the car and into the drivers seat, Cheri starts the car and heads down the road.

On her way home, she stops at the all night diner to pick up some take out. While she is waiting,she is enthralled by a couple in the car next to her making out. Her last boyfriend had been gone for a month now and sex was a distant thing of the past. "Working in the club pays the bills but damn I get horny watching the girls all night" she mutters to herself. "And now these two next to me are acting out a porn show in the parking lot!"

Still it was pretty hot. Cheri's hands caress her body and before you know it her hands are up her skirt playing with her pussy.

(Thats a good start, will work on it some more later)

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In da Club 2
Posted:May 3, 2007 6:22 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2007 12:36 pm
You are standing with your keys in hand outside the club. Night breezes caress your skin drying the sweat from your body. Its like you were dreaming the earlier interaction and your time sense is skewed. You sit in the drivers seat and let your head drop back on the headrest, you feel light headed, almost intoxicated yet you know that you have not had that much to drink.

The bar security should have kicked you out. They dont allow for , yet she didnt ask you for more money when she dropped to her knees. There was a chemistry between you and the pale skinned amazon that had given you such pleasure. Your minds eye recalls the perfect full breasts and the way she writhed over your body as if lost in esctatic pleasure. Looking down, you find yourself hard again. Its a shock that you would respond to just the memory.

Ignoring your need for the moment, you put the car in drive and head home. Once inside your loft apartment, fatigue propels you to your bed. Laying there you allow the nights happenings to replay and slowly you stroke your firm cock. As you jerk off you imagine her lips wrapped around you and the feel of her pussy grinding against you. With a harsh growl you cum, spraying a load over your chest and stomach. Wiping off with a towel by the bed, you roll over and fall asleep.

You wonder if you are dreaming, standing before you is your pale goddess. She is naked and her hair spills down almost to her ass in ripples of midnight silk. You reah out but she shakes her head and points to the ground before her. You kneel on shaky limbs and assume the proper position before her. You glance up at her and notice a glow in her eyes that was not there before. She smiles and now you notice her fangs.

Your heart beats faster and things are clicking into place. The beauty at the club was new to you because she would not be out in daylight. The club was not your usual hang out, more of a periodic stop on the way home from work when you wanted to break up the monotany. Still beautiful yet you fear her. She chuckles as if reading your thoughts. "Yes, Vampire... you are correct." she murmurs. So she can read your thoughts it seems, you shudder. Chills of fear and of anticipation. "Relax" she says, "I'm not here to kill you. You bring too much pleasure to be killed."

You visibly relax. "You were very good at the club, I wish to play more with you. Are you amenable?" She steps back to a large chair and sits in it, spreading her legs over the arms. "I am in need of a good licking and fucking. Come!"

(to be continued)
Posted:Apr 30, 2007 8:34 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 8:1 pm

will take some time.

I am worn out and I really didnt play all that much this weekend. The condo party that Goldengirl and Rodster threw was a blast!!!!

Cowboy got to do me in a new position. (for us anyways) I was bent in half while sitting on the edge of the bathroom counter... it was amazing!

We met new folks, got to spend time with old friends, and generally just had fun.

Checkout today was fairly painless... (for me if not Golden) I even got checked out by the groundskeepers as we put stuff away.

I'm so tired, so I will make this brief.
I did take pics, but Golden has to send them to me... I will post some soon as I can.

Glad I got to meet new folks.. . Talk to ya more.... laters!!!!!

Happy Birthday to...
Posted:Apr 21, 2007 8:22 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2007 5:22 am

Today was his birthday! Twenty seven years ago, his mother blessed the world with him. And I thank the powers above daily that he is with me.

I am truly blessed to have this man I call husband in my life. He is my rock to keep me grounded when my airheaded-ness would have me floating away.

Not every marriage has passion, love, joy, spice, contentment, and peace. He gives me all of those things. A perfect fit if you will. That is my Cowboy.

Soon he will be taking over the computer and will come read this, and Honey I have to say this.

You are my sun and my moon. Your all the stars in my sky. Without you, life would be dark and lonely. I would never smile.

You are my passion. You give me equal measures of pleasure and pain. You push me to expand my horizons when I would hide from a new adventure.

You are my all, and I love you.

Never forget you are my Beloved.
And its with pride I call you Husband.

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