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After hours - Part 2  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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6/7/2008 9:05 pm
After hours - Part 2

Locking my arms around your neck, I lean into your warmth. I feel your hands sliding over my back and over my hips. I jump a bit when your hands cup my ass to pull me against you.

I marvel at the feel of you. Pressed so tightly to you, I can tell you want me. It amazes me to know that I turn you on. Breaking off the kiss you whisper in my ear, telling me to turn around. I turn in your arms and there is the mirror.

Standing in the circle of your arms, I watch as you run your hands over me. Shivering with sensation, I see my eyes darken with each pass of your fingers over my hardened nipples.

Time seems frozen as I stare into the glass reflection. A slight chill makes me shudder, and I realize you have unbuttoned my shirt. Now your hands roam over my flesh, igniting that inner fire that threatens to consume me.

I turn and begin to unbutton your shirt and slide it from your shoulders. I am enthralled by the planes of your chest and abdomen. Looking into your eyes I let my hands wander over your skin, touching you and reveling in the feel of you under my hands.

Quickly you remove my skirt and I unzip your slacks. There is a sense of urgency to be naked, to remove all the barriers between us. I scan my eyes over your body, nervously hoping I will not disappoint you. Unknowingly I am holding my breath as your eyes take in my body from head to toe.

When your hands claim me in their strong grip, the breath locked in my lungs escapes as a sigh. My fever for you is running high, I am impatient to feel your skin against mine. You push me slightly and the back of my knees bump the bed.

Plopping down, I sink into the thick blankets covering the bed. I have no time to think before your leaning over me, pressing your body to mine as your lips strip away all my defenses. I am reeling with pleasure. All that matters is that I need to feel you. I have tunnel vision, all I see and hear is you.

You start to stand up and I give a questioning mewl of sound. Gesturing for me to wait a moment, I pause as you lean in and begin to kiss me. Starting at my lips you work your way down my body. My back is arching, hands are clenched in the blankets as you move lower and lower.

When your lips touch my thigh, I feel as if I have floated to heaven. Sounds are pouring from my mouth and I know not what I am saying. That first swipe of your tongue sets me on fire. I erupt like a long dormant volcano come to life.
This is pleasure almost to pain, and its so very sweet to the senses.

As I float back to earth, you lay beside me with that satisfied smile on your face. With one look at you, I can still tell that you are in need of attention. I sit up, and push you down. Kneeling over you, I lean in and lick at your wonderful cock.

Up close it seems quite large and hard. The feel of it against my tongue is like silk clad steel. I open my mouth and breath against the shaft, watching it twitch as I play my mouth over and against it. I hear your heavy and labored breathing. I know you want me to wrap my lips around your shaft. I see your hips bucking slightly as I tease the head of your cock a bit.

(to be cont- yes you know where this is going dont you?)

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