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After hours - Part 3  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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6/16/2008 10:10 am

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9/11/2008 10:11 pm

After hours - Part 3

The look in your eyes is feral and makes my pulse quicken. I know that you won't take the teasing for much longer. With one more long lick of your cock from the balls to the tip, I slide my open mouth over and down your thick length.

Thick is the only way to describe your cock. It fills my mouth, and I can only breathe on the outstroke of my lips around you. I feel you twitch as I graze my teeth lightly over the head of your cock.

The beast within you is rising near to the surface. I can hear it in the little sounds you make, I can see it in the gleam of your eyes. When you fist your hands in my hair and thrust your cock deeper into my mouth I know I have you on your hair trigger.

Awareness makes me even wetter and I purr around your shaft as you thrust in and out of my mouth. That fine held control is wavering and I know that soon you will unleash all your pent up passions.

You slide from my mouth completely and I make a sound of disappointment. Pulling me up on the bed, you tell me to get on my hands and knees. I do so and wait shivering while you look me over. You are upset that you almost lost control, but I know that the upset is not about me.

I am unprepared for that first slap.I cry out and my asscheek stings from the feel of your hands quick descent. Tears pool in the corners of my eyes as you continue to spank me, turning my cheeks cherry red.

Looking at you in the mirror I see that gleam in your eyes. It tells me you are enjoying this play and the view of me accessable to you however you like. Our eyes connect in the reflection and you nod. Kneeling behind me, you begin to rub the sting from my cheeks and tease me with the head of your cock.

I am rocking back, trying to get you to slide deeper into me. When I can't take the tease anymore I ask you. I ask for you to slide into me, to let me feel the full length of you within me. I am beaten by the admission that I need your cock.

Lust left me bereft of my control and you are my conquerer. I am in a haze of pleasure and sensation, blindly I grope for something to hold onto as you take me even higher.

The feel of you sliding full into me is almost more than I can take. Meaningless sounds spill from my lips and I am rocking back to meet each of your thrusts. I hear your voice, words unclearly spoken as you pound into me. My muscles spasm as I cum forcefully, gushing out my pleasure and soaking the space beneath me.

You are still pounding into me, I am boneless in my aftermath of pleasure. Flipping me over you slide back into me, making me shiver with each thrust.

Thru barely open eyes, I am watching your face. Your features lit by candles, golden skin and shadow. I see you tense a bit and I know your getting close.

Something unspoken passes between us and you pull out just seconds before you cum. You spray my belly and tits with your load then collapse as your legs and back give out from the effort.

*eyes open* I'm still at my desk, the phone is ringing and people are milling about the mall. It was all a wonderful day dream. Perhaps I will share it with my muse... or perhaps I will keep it for another time and place.


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