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After hours - the introduction  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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6/5/2008 10:44 pm
After hours - the introduction

(A fantasy story for your enjoyment)

The lights are dimmed in the corridor. In the distance the sounds of people heading for the exits can be heard. Doors slam shut and muted voices can be heard beyond the entrance way.

The time clock ticks another minute. We have already clocked out, but still we sit here in this dingy break room. The bench seats are worn from the countless butts that have sat in them over the years. We sit and we wait, our ears straining to hear beyond our heartbeats.

I can't look at you, my nerves are twanging at the thought of what we have planned. I could lose my job if we are caught. The temptation between us has been ongoing for months. I'm half scared to go on with our rendezvous.

Shyly I look up at you. You seem lost in thought, or trying to listen for any late leaving employees. With you distracted, I can look at you. I love to look at you. Your dark hair falls over your face a bit, making you look rough around the edges. The contrast of your sapphire blue button down shirt against your lightly tanned skin makes my temperature rise.

Tonight is the night. Tonight I will give in to temptation. I focus my gaze on your lips, as if willing you to turn and kiss me. Watching your face I lean in as if to capture your lips with mine.

You put your finger on my lips and whisper that you have a place ready for us. Taking my hand, we walk down the hallway and into one of the closed storefronts. You must of bribed a store clerk because the alarm is not on. I smile as you lead me to a display with a king size bed.

On the dresser there is a plate with several candles. Taking out your lighter, you light them and our little nest glows with their light. Now you take me in your arms. I melt with a sigh as your lips touch mine.

My hand rests on your chest, feeling the warmth of you under your shirt. I feel your hands in my hair, holding me fast as your mouth ravishes mine. That hazy feeling of languor washes over me. I am putty in your hands. All my fears and worries fade as your mouth plays over mine.

(to be continued)

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