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Bells and Whistles  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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7/19/2005 1:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bells and Whistles

((((( Pic is Random Hottness!!!!! Gotta love it!))))))

In life there are just too many bells and whistles. I was happily sleeping on the couch - having lulled off listening to Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. (Sounds cozy eh?)

All of a sudden there is a ringing sound by my head. No its not the phone, not an alarm, not a 3 ring circus- but the neighbor. Yes the neighbor! She was sitting on the porch of our duplex housing setup and her cellular phone went off! It sounded like frickin neuclear bomb warning for cryin out loud!

Ah well, I guess she can always find her phone (its glued to her head but ya never know she might actually put it down for more than 5 seconds)

Either way- now I sit here kind of half awake but not able to sleep. Smacked the twice to keep him away from the pizza box.

Woo Hoo such an exciting time eh?
You are probably thinking where is the sex and partyin? Here let me give yall a tidbit since it actually happened today.

Cowboy and I are trying to break our bed! LOL
Today I helped him shave. I was so afraid I was gonna cut him,but no lasting damage was done.

We talked about fantasies. And I told him that mine was to see a man suck him until he pops his load. After a few moments he said he would do it, blindfolded though so he could just enjoy the sensory experience it without sight giving him a hangup.

I think I can agree to that- so now its just finding someone he is comfortable enough with to try this fantasy of mine.

We are still working on finding his fantasy- or at least he hasnt told me what his is.

So two rounds from this afternoon til now- with lots of company and out for pizza tonight since then- sometimes we have too many distractions.

Okies everyone!!!!
I am gonna attempt sleep
See u all later


txGuy4u69 45M  
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7/18/2020 12:42 am

I'm in SA often visiting family....... msg me if still looking

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