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For Merideth2007  

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3/16/2007 11:15 pm

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3/19/2007 2:41 pm

For Merideth2007

A recent viewer posted a question to me and I figured I would answer it in Blog...

BTW CCLord yes again but its ok I bitched so now I am moving on!


My husband and I have been swinging it seems for a while now. Almost from the begining of the relatoionship there was an openness that was required since I am bisexual. I pretty much point blank told him he could put up with me picking up gals for the occassional fun and such or he could join in and enjoy the experience.

He is a smart fellow, it didn't take him long to decide.

We meet alot of folks, some we click with and some we don't. Schedules play a huge role since we work every night and some folks work almost every day or are gone alot. Also alot of people have and we have just made it a habit now to keep a meeting purely social if the are home at all.

(I just don't want to be responsible for some of the questions will ask when they might hear or maybe even see things.. ya know!?!?!)

The lifestyle itself can be alot of fun, just be sure your ground rules are set.. once you figure out your level of comfort then you are all set.

Some people are Flirt and Tease only with light foreplay (touching but stay clothed) and then go home with their partner to play. Some people go further and its up to you where you draw the line for yourself. All I can suggest is remember that a pushy person who doesn't respect your limits is not a good person to play with. Usually you can read a person if you go out for a drink or dinner... thats how we like to find out if we click with another couple or single.

I am very lucky to have such an understanding partner. While he often points out random females for me to look over, he knows that if I shake my head with an emphatic NO, that I probably have my reasons even if I am unable to voice them properly. Sometimes its just that womans intuition.. LOL

Merideth2007 I hope you do try the lifestyle and see if you like it. You can make some wonderful friends and have some great adventures!

Hugs and Smoocherooos all around

rm_CCLordDamien 44M/42F
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3/17/2007 11:00 pm

Merideth, i'd like to add a few things to nina's post, which, btw, i totally agree with. Ground rules are the basis, you NEED them and you NEED to discuss them with your partner, so you BOTH know what's going on. and you have to ask yourself (both of you) "how would i feel about seeing my partner with Fred, from across the street, or Betty the Barmaid from the club. give the person a face, and if you can't handle it, you need to figure out why.

As a for instance, my baby and i have a pretty open relationship. I don't play outside it much mostly becuse there are few people i want to play with. But she does fairly frequently. Some guys are a better lay than i am, some make me cum harder, etc. I don't have a problem with it. I'm just glad she's GETTING that sort of pleasure. The important thing for us is that it's MY bed she gets in at the end of the night, and ME she comes home with, no matter how used and abused she may have been during playtime. She loves me, no matter who she has sex with, and vice versus.

See? do some thinking on things, and consider how you'd feel if things go that rout. make sure you're improving a good thing, not screwing it up.

That having been said, i join Nina in wishing you your best in the lifestyle, and hope you all the luck.

Oh, as for getting things started, don't try. just be honest, relaxed, and flirt a bit. either things will progress, or they won't. if they havn't, that's because either you or your playmates arn't comfortable with it.


Red_Maiden 61F  
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3/18/2007 8:58 am

I agree with what was said above the most important thing to me is communication between you both . if you keep that open and honest , this lifestyle can work for you. I will admit it was hard for me when we first started in it , but he always told it was just enjoying something different and that I was the one he loved.. We have been in the lifestyle for about 7yrs now. We believe that quality is more important then quanity.

enjoy and good luck .


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