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In da Club  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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4/14/2007 3:43 pm

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5/2/2007 9:33 pm

In da Club

You walk into the darkness of the club and sigh in relief. The days sun was blinding and the humidity made your knees weak from being out in it. As your eyes adjust you see several small tables with candles and rolling chairs setup around them. The music is playing a thumping bass beat that you can grind to, but the club is almost erie in its lack of paytrons.

What seems like hours goes by. More people have come in and taken seats while looking about at the other customers. While you have nothing to hide, you sit in your corner table and keep to yourself. Socializing isnt high on your list, at least not with just anyone.

The music shifts to an ethereal sound with a soft but fast paced beat to it. Fog machines spray forth smoke across the main stage and runway where the entertainers have been boring you with their lack of imagination. You sit up straighter in your chair, expectantly although you are not sure why. Something will be different this time you think.

The DJ calls out, "All right gents, lets have a warm welcome for the newest pretty face out here. Its her first time on stage tonight...Give it up for... Syn".
The men around the stage clap and hoot at the form stalking through the smokyness on the stage.

Your breath catches as you lock eyes from your seat with this exotic beauty. Slowly she begins to move, fluid as water sliding over the rocks. Its as if you could almost feel her flesh gliding over you, around you.

Raven hair falls down past her hips with a slight wave. Her skin is pale as moonlight, and somehow she seems to glow. Her face is angelic and yet you sense something dark and erotic within her. Her lips are painted a deep almost blood red, making you focus on them and imagine feeling them slide over you from head to toe.

You move without awareness. Standing you head towards her and she smiles slightly. Waiting at the stage with a tip in your hand, she shows you just a hint of what she could do to you. Closer she comes to you and you start to shiver as she locks eyes with you again and slides hands and body against you.

Your cock is hard. None of the girls here have ever been worth a hardon, yet this one got you instantly worked up. You stand there entranced by her as she dances for the others who have come up to tip and get a closer look. You know you have to have a private dance. It simply must be done. She is under your skin and you are restless to get her in the back and let her slide over and against you.

Her stage time finishes and she is walking into the crowd of people. You raise your arm to her and ask her for a dance. "Impatient, honey?" she asks. Her voice is soft, very precise yet teasing. Almost British in accent but that soft twang that comes from living here so long is evident.

You wonder idly why you have never seen her before if she has been around here for a while. As you walk to the back room, she brushes against you and its like electric shock. You sit down on the couch as the next song starts. She slides onto your lap and you can feel her breasts pressing against you as she writhes over you.

She is grinding her pussy against your hard cock, watching you with her dark eyes to guage your response. Just from being pressed against her, you can tell she has muscle control that would drive you wild. While she is sitting in your lap, you see her untie the halter of her dress and pull it over her head. Sitting on your lap in only her T-back, you have a closeup of her tits and can see almost every inch of her body.

The crotch of her T-back is damp and you can see the outline of her pussy lips when she stands and bends over in front of you. She reaches between her legs and slides a hand over your thigh. Turning around, she knees between your legs and rubs her tits against you. Your cock twitches at the blatant tease its recieving.

Looking up you see a glint of mischieviousness in her eyes. She slides her hands up your legs and reaches your belt. Slowly she undoes the belt and unzips you. Her hands slide into your pants and pull out your hard cock. Its fully erect and ready for some attention.

Licking her lips she sighs in appreciation for the size and hardness of your cock. Slowly she lowers her head and touches her lips to it, licking around the head slowly before sliding taut lips around the shaft. She works your cock over good. Licking then sucking and taking it all the way down. Her hands hold it steady as she slurps away on it.

Your head is thrown back lost in the enjoyment of the moment. You feel the pressure of her sucking on you and the slight use of teeth that lightly graze your cock. It feels so good, you just kick back to enjoy it. She has her hand on your balls and she slides up and down with her mouth wrapped around you. This gal is too good though, she sucks like a pro. As you start to blow your load you feel a small pricking sensation towards the base of your cock and it sends you convulsing from the pleasure flooding your brain and body.

(to be continued)

evilmonkey 53M
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4/16/2007 7:48 am

damm someone knows how to turn me on and you know who u r

evilmonkey 53M
138 posts
4/20/2007 2:49 pm

i'll buy that book and i want it autographed too

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