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More Postal Fantasy  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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5/2/2008 1:26 pm

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5/12/2008 4:22 pm

More Postal Fantasy

You stand transfixed by the lush body clad in satin before you. Her hands run along her thighs, smoothing non existant wrinkles from her nylons. As if compelled by some bewitchment, your eyes follow those hands as they slide over the curves of her body.

Her lips twitch in a smile watching your face caught in rapt attention to the wondering hands. The glass of tea she gave you is ignored in your hands, it seems your interest is elsewhere.
No words are needed as you wait to see how far she will go. Absently you wonder if your dreaming, but then shrug it off. This woman seems too real to be a figment of your subconciousness.

You set down your mailbag and the glass of tea. Walking closer to her you reach out a hand and touch her knee. She smiles at you as she slides her hands up over her breasts, making her nipples harden so you can see them thru the fabric of her clothing.

Looking pointedly at you, she reaches out and slides a hand up your leg just lightly brushing your hardon with soft fingers. Feeling how hard you are makes her smile even more. Deftly she undoes your belt and unzips the shorts you are wearing. Reaching into the open front of your shorts she wraps her soft hand around you and pulls you free of your boxers and shorts.

There is a slight breeze from the open front door and the AC kicking in as she strokes your shaft while looking into your eyes. A slight wicked expression crosses her face a moment before she leans into you and licks the head of your cock.
Her soft tongue teases and slides over and around the hard smooth shaft making you bite back a groan of pleasure.

You look down and she is looking up at you with your cock head sliding into her open mouth. The eyes say it all, she is loving the taste of you. You reach down a fist a handfull of hair, guiding her to suck at your cock more forcefully. She purrs around your shaft and begins to suck you more enthusiastically.

Her top has come open, giving you a great view of her big pale boobs. You begin to think for a moment of what it would be like to tit fuck this lusty lady. As if reading your mind, she stops and gestures for you to help her stand. Once she is standing she bids you to sit and be comfortable.

You sit down and watch as she walks over to her desk and grabs a bottle of lotion. Turning she slides out of her bit of red satin and stands before you clad in stockings, garters and heels. Her heavy breasts sway as she walks, making your cock twitch at the sight.

Coming to stand before you she smiles and kneels before you. Opening the lotion bottle she squeezes a liberal amount over her boobs and between them. Leaning forward she wraps them around your shaft and whispers a husky "Fuck my tits" that you barely hear in a lust filled haze.
You thrust between those huge tits til you get an idea. Some shifting is required, but you place her on her back in the chaise. Standing over her, you fuck her tits with more force.

The rough treatment is getting her so wet. She slides her hands down and spreads her wet pussy. Sliding a finger in she moans and her hips buck. You can see she is dripping wet and ready for a good fucking. Reaching under the cushion she pulls out a black vibe and slides it into her pussy. In and out she fucks herself with the toy as you use her tits. She is purring with her enjoyment of the moment.

You pull off of her a moment, and she gives a disappointed meow and looks up at you questioningly. You smile and gesture to her to wait a moment. Pulling out your wallet, you find a condom and slide it on. Her smile gets even bigger and she scrambles up onto her knees and offers you a view from behind. She wants you to fuck her good and hard.

As you stand behind her, she reaches back and guides your cock into her waiting pussy. She sighs as you slide balls deep into her. You bite back a groan when you feel her muscles clamping down on your cock. The first tremors of her orgasm hit and she purrs in a way that makes you think of wildcats.

Now she is begging, demanding you to fuck her hard. She wants a rough and tumble fucking. She wants it to hurt. You fist her hair like reins and start to pound her hard. Every slam has her begging for more. She is gushing wet now. Her arousal drips off of her with a steady flow. The sting of your hand on her ass makes her buck.

Taking her vibe she turns it on high and puts it on her clit. The hard fucking your giving her has got her flying high. She tells you to keep pounding her so she can squirt and cum hard for you. You stop a moment and throw her down on the chaise. Pulling her legs up in the air you begin to slam her as hard as you can.

Her back arching as she climbs towards that peak of almost painful pleasure. She is looking into your eyes, sound caught in her throat. A split seconds warning is all you get, her eyes darken and she half cries out as she erupts and sprays you with her squirting cum. Her hips are bucking with the force of it as you pull out, removing the condom in one swift move and spray a hot load over her tits and belly.

Collapsing back on the lounger, you rest and recover. Funny you came in to cool off, but ya got a workout instead.

(Writers question.. would you complain? lol)

cccouple43som69 47M/47F
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5/2/2008 3:32 pm

that left a significant amount of lower extremity inflammation... do you have a remedy for that?

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