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Random Stuff- Once Again  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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12/2/2006 7:17 am

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12/24/2006 7:23 pm

Random Stuff- Once Again

Ok folks....

Just me here and I am kinda on the tired side LOL~
I did go take more pics yesterday, we did a Christmas set and my avatar today is from the set we took yesterday. So thats 2 sets down and 3 to go!

I have found a very enthusiastic female photographer, she is a sweetheart! Part of the payment for her services is helping her build her portfolio of pics. I'm gonna have alot of fun helping her out!

OMG its like 9a.m. and Justin and I are just back from having to run a replacement paper out to a subscriber. FYI- it costs the newspaper carrier in your area like 3 bucks if a paper goes missing and the subscriber calls the regular customer service for replacement... so if you get a paper, learn who your carrier is and always get them to replace your paper! Its better for the carrier and then you know exactly whos on your property in the wee hours of morning!

Speaking of papers, I didn't go throw them last night it was All Justin with help from a friend. I was supposed to go have some fun with a friend of a friend but it fell thru at the last moment... One of my gal pals decided to take me to dinner and then we went to karaoke.

I met some interesting folks at karaoke tho... And I earned a new nickname! (well not that new but its the first time I have really heard someone call me by that name) LOL I got called "Boobies" by this guy at the karaoke bar! I was about to leave and he said "Bye Boobies"!! I guess he was sad to see em go, even though they were not that much on display. LOL

Hmmm Garage Sale
I need to get my butt organized (as if that would happen) and seriously organize and start pricing items. Anyone who wants to help??? Feel free to drop a line either here or on email. I appreciate folks who have offered stuff to donate... I had planned to do a garage sale at my mothers (apt complexes frown on doing yard sales) but recent health developments for my step donkey ( the mans an ass ) have me wanting to spare her the mental anguish of people swarmning her home for a good deal. I would love to find somewhere else to do the garage sale and save my mother the headaches that would surely occur if we were over there.

Well I think I have rambled long enough... More pics will be forthcoming as they are sooooooo much fun to take!


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