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Shower Fantasy Part 1  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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5/13/2008 12:10 am
Shower Fantasy Part 1

You stand under the near scalding hot spray of the shower head, letting it knead the knots from your sore muscles. Workout was brutal today. You know you need to soap up and rinse down, but it just seems your arms wont function yet.

You feel a cold burst of air as the shower curtain moves. Warm soft hands slide over your back and around you to your chest. Large breasts press against your back as those soft hands roam your chest and then move lower to caress your cock and balls.

The slick fall of water between our bodies creates an erotic sensation. Skin to skin, I grab the soap and begin to rub you down.Once you are scrubbed and rinsed, I begin to tease you with the soft touches from before.

All is quiet in the room, except for the sounds of our heavy breathing. I can tell you want me, and I am slick with a need to feel you fill me. No words are needed, we are on the same page as you turn and take me into your arms. I sigh, your name lost on my lips as you kiss me into insensibility.

Pressing me up against the wall of the shower, I feel you hard against me. Moaning into the kiss, I press back towards you. Grinding just a bit against you with my hips, trying to let you know what I want.

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