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Shower Fantasy Part 3  

CCcouple25m27f 40M/40F
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5/14/2008 8:57 pm

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5/16/2008 12:00 pm

Shower Fantasy Part 3

I feel your strong arms wrap around me and lift me. You must have shut off the water and pulled the curtain back, but I dont recall you doing so. I am lost in the lingering pleasure high you've given me.

Carrying me, you sit me gently on the counter. The feel of cold tile makes me flinch then sigh.Opening my eyes, I look up and quietly ask you to fuck me. I want your cock badly. My pussy is wet with need, ready for you.

The moment I feel you press against me, my body explodes with sensation. Little chills than lead to bursts of pleasure thats almost too painful to endure. My muscles grip your shaft as you slide into me, as if helping to pull you deeper into me.

You have me writhing and gasping at the feel of you. My hips are bucking to feel the movement of you sliding in and out of me. I'm at my shatterpoint and you know it. Kicking it up a notch, you begin to pound my pussy hard, making me cry out with the force of it.

I am chanting your name and purring as you slam your cock into me repeatedly. My juices are raining from me and dripping off my thighs. My tits are bouncing with each thrust you make.

The sounds of flesh meeting flesh and heavy breathing are the only ones breaking the silence of this steamy shower room. You pause and I groan, wanting to feel you using my pussy for your pleasure.

Pulling me up from the tile counter, you make me stand and turn around. Bending me over the counter top, you tell me to spread my legs. I am looking in the steam streaked mirror at you as you slide slowly into me, filling me with your velvety smooth cock.

I love that full feeling. Your entire length shoved all the way into me is the best pleasure there is. I can feel your balls against my clit. If I grind against you, I will have the best of both worlds.

Keeping my eyes locked on yours in the mirror, I begin to move on your shaft, making my clit graze up against your balls. You can see the pleasure in my eyes, a haze forming in them that means soon all my composure will be gone.

Something clicks within me, and I stand up making you slide out of me. Turning around I push your back to the tile wall and drop to my knees. I want to taste you covered in the taste of me.

I lick at the tip of your cock, teasing just a second before I wrap my lips around you. I gag a bit from your length but I wont quit. You fist a hand in my hair and encourage me to suck more of you into my mouth. When I feel your other hand in my hair I know your ready to fuck my mouth.

I stay quite still, letting you slide your shaft in deep hitting the back of my throat. This is something just for you and yet my pussy is twitching as I look up at your face. Keeping my eyes on yours as I suck your cock, I am watching your reactions.

I love that primal look on your face. You are conquering me, but perhaps it is I who has conquered you? We may never know as need washes over you and I can feel the thickening in your shaft that signals you are going to blow.

Purring around your shaft I prepare, knowing the load is going to be a big one. You slide your cock from my lips and stroke a few times before you cum. Closing my eyes, I feel hot splashes on my cheeks and dripping down my chin.

I open my eyes, your there on the tile floor with me. A towel in your hand for me to clean up. Wiping my face I lean over and kiss you. Now we can move on with the day.

cccouple43som69 47M/46F
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5/15/2008 1:26 pm

you leave me light headed and throbbing... excellent work of fiction, the reality must be sublime

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